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Katy started kissing her mom fiercely
Katy suddenly started kissing Martha fiercely and passionately. Without thinking Martha’s hand circled round Katy’s head and pulled her even harder to her mouth. Katy’s tongue was wildly lingering inside Martha’s mouth, as Martha sucked like a baby on it. Katy opened her mother’s mouth using her tongue and spat a big glob of saliva inside the mouth. Without wasting any of it, Martha gulped the whole thing down her throat. “I have to make a confession mom.” Katy said. “Yes my love.” “I have a fantasy of fucking you wildly and do nasty things to you.” Katy confessed fearing what reaction it may bring. “For many a nights I have fingered and came thinking of you.” She said keeping her head low. Martha got hold of Katy’s chin, pulled her face up and pushed her tongue inside her daughter’s mouth. Katy started sucking hungrily on it. Martha said after breaking the kiss, “You are free to do anything. Remember we said, no secrets in the family. Its good that you are out with it, minimizing the frustration we were going through thinking about how to tell you, about our wild sex fantasies we wished to have with you.” “Oh mom I love………..” Martha cut her daughter in between, and said, “Keep that for the next three hours.” Martha stood up, and started going out, “Mom, where are you going???” Katy asked getting nervous, that her mom had changed her mind. “Going to inform your dad, that I am having quality time with his daughter, but leave the main job to him, and finish off the jobs so that I don’t have to worry about anything when we will………..” Martha stopped in between and went downstairs. Katy couldn’t believe her ears, her mom was going to tell her dad that they were having sex. Her mind was in a waving frenzy. She couldn’t understand what to do until her mom returns. She sat on her bed, took her tab, and started surfing incest porn on the net, in hope to know different ways to keep the sexual tension alive between the family lovers and all the stuff. Soon holding the tab, she drifted off to sleep, thinking of what she and her mother will do to each other today. She could feel her mother’s tongue moving in round circles on her belly. Suddenly she opened her eyes in a jerk. Martha was licking Katy’s navel spot seductively. “Good evening honey. You slept quite long. But you are sooooo tasty, I have been licking and tasting you for the past one hour.” Martha gave a seductive smile. Katy sat up, and pulled Martha up near her mouth. They broke into a hard kiss, licking each others face, not leaving out any corner, sucking on their noses, tongues and neck. Slowly Katy changed places with Martha and pushed her back on the bed. She kicked the blankets and pillows out of her bed, down on the floor.
Slowly and steadily Katy started licking down Martha’s voracious body, not wanting to leave any corner of her mother’s delicious body. Martha moaned as Katy licked on the nape of her neck. Moving her tongue in circles, Katy came down and started licking the awesome cleavage of her mother’s large tits. “Ohhh… honey, it feels soo good.” Martha moaned. Soon Katy’s hands were at work, as she pulled the only black bra her mom was wearing, revealing her mother’s huge boobs, which she had so many times fantasized about licking when she would see them swaying to the sides while Martha walked. The puffy brown nipples were standing like some small dicks on the tits. Katy slowly started licking from Martha’s underarms, moving in circles, and moved towards the right tit. She licked the whole boob, at one go first, taking in the beautiful smell and tasted of those big mature boobs. For some time, she circled around the erect nipples, as Martha moaned loudly, and finally taking the big standing nipple in her mouth, as both let out a big moan. “Oh Katy, you are the best daughter anyone can have, in this world. Cummon honey, get on with it, Mommy can’t take It anymore.” Pleaded Martha, half breathing, half talking from the exult feeling. This was the only cue Katy was waiting for. Her hands, automatically went at work as her mouth sucked and slurped her mother’s boobs with sheer wildness. It seems like she was hungry for this one thing for ages, as her left hand brutally pinched and pressed Martha’s left while her right hand was being sucked by a moaning Martha ad her mouth went on sucking the tits as if, they were ice-cream going to melt. As Katy was satisfied she went up near her mother’s mouth and kissed her hard, making Martha taste her own tits. “How do you like it my slutty mom?” Katy was trying to behave the way that girl in the porn movie was behaving. “I didn’t know that my tits will tasted like heaven on my whore daughter’s mouth and tongue.” Martha replied, as she was getting hotter with this dirty talking.
Katy was now slowly kissing her way down. She wanted to tease her mom a little more, but her mother started moaning, “Cummon darling, mommy can’t take it anymore, make mommy cum darling. please”. Katy could not help, but tried to arouse her mom a little more, as she started talking quite dirty even to her own standards. “So my dirty slut mom wants her daughter to lick her eh??” “Yess…” Martha was almost whimpering now. “The mom who gave birth to me now want me to visit my birthplace again, does she.” “hmmmhmm” “And my whore mom want me to suck, fuck and make her old mommy clit cum all over her own daughter’s face, does she??” Martha could not take anymore, as her body trembled, and shuddered as she reached the edge. “ soo sad, my slutty mom came even before I could see her cunt.” Even Katy was amazed at her voice and words. “Will my fucking bloody daughter, suck my clit, or does she want to be punished by me… eh” Martha raised her eyebrows, as it was now going beyond her limits. Katy could feel the heat, and soon her hands were at work.
Instead of teasing and going about slowly, there was a sudden urgency build up between them. Katy almost tore off her mom’s soaked panties, and sniffed at them. “mmmmmmmmm” she let out a moan. Showing off to her mother, she started licking and chewing the panty. “mmmmmmmm, you taste heaven mom. I wanna eat you bad.” Katy moaned. She threw away the panty and instead of doing any foreplay, placed her drooling mouth over her mother’s still heaving and unbelievably tasty as hell and hot and an oven; clit, and inserted her young tongue right at its stretch inside the cunt. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Screamed Martha, as her daughter’s hot tongue went inside her. Without playing much Katy started tongue fucking her mother, occasionally taking her tongue out. Martha held her daughter’s head in ecstasy, pulling her on her own cunt, and talking dirtier than she had ever done with her husband too. “Suck me. Tongue fuck your birthplace you little dirty mommy whore. Make your mommy cum inside your mouth, and you drink it you dirty little daughter of a bitch.” Martha screamed. “mmmm…mmmmm..mmmm..mmmm..mmmm” Moaned Katy as she went on wildly sucking and fucking her mom with her tongue and mouth. She brought her left hand from her mom’s ass support and spread the cunt wide open, “Wow… mom, your cunt is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Even better than those pornstars.” Katy said. “mmmmmm….. it seems that you like your slutty mom’s mature cunt eh?” Katy spat glob after glob of her saliva inside the burning cunt, it was like icebergs falling on a building on fire. This sensation brought Martha almost to the edge. Katy realized it and placed her mouth on her mom’s trembling clit and started tonguing as fast as her head would permit. “ohhhhhhh… ohhh. You bitch, oh honey….. oh you slut,, you gonna make your mommy cum badly in your mouth. Keep goinnnn… yeah…… right there…. Right there…….ohhhh” Martha kept on blabbering as Katy ate her pussy as a wild man eating a peach. “ohhhhhhhhh hon,,,,, I m cumming, I m cumminggggggggg …… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” with a tremendous shout Martha came wave after wave inside Katy’s mouth. And Katy drank as much as she can, but when she felt one wave after another she started storing it inside her mouth, as a little bit of it, started leaking on her tits. After some time, whilst almost her whole body was soaked in mommy cum, and her mouth was filled with it too, she felt the spasms stop. Slowly she went up, and kissed hard on the lips of her mother, letting her own cum flow inside her, through her tongue. “mmmmmm. Honey, my cum tastes far more tastier from my daughter’s mouth. You are amazing honey. I Love…………” Katy stopped her in between and said, “Save that for later, mom”………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Hey guys, nice to get a good response although not so good. But as I said this is my first time as a sex writer. Give me a little more space and I promise I will not let you down. I hope this one was good enough to prove that. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thing is that before starting any new story, I want to know how much I need to improve myself, thus I will be continuing this story for some more time, probably up to 3 more parts and then I will start another story. Thnx for reading. And if anyone (girls/women/guys/trans/bi) want to share any experience or want to chat with me they can mail me at:- ……. Everyone is welcome!!!!!!!!

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2013-05-28 14:00:14
Your doin great just need to make it a little longer and I agree with the other a family orgy is what it needs

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2013-05-28 12:21:57
Ur realy good just keep writing, use lot of dirty words get a gand bang for mom by her son

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