I don�t believe in anything taboo I think society made it up!! im 40 years old and recently divorced with two teenagers that call me dad when they need money,jejeje, my daughter just turned 12 and since i moved out and live on my own she has on her own taken the role little by little of the lady of the house. i don�t know what to do, when my kids come over on the weekends she sleeps with me cause she hates to sleep alone, i haven�t done anything, i really have not, but i have caught her touching me, placing her privates on top of my hand and rubbing herself, jerking me even sucking me until i cum, and i pretend im asleep, she has gone as far as getting on top of me saying she�s cold i pretend to fall asleep again and she puts my member inside her panties and places the head right in the entrance of herself and rubs my member on her clit, i honestly don�t know what to do she is my daughter!

I sleep with boxers the real lose ones, the other night we had a power black out and she got a little scared she snuggled real close in the fetal position her back towards me, I noticed she had only a very lose nighty and white panties, I could see her perky nipples that were hard and I could see the underwear ridding up her crotch, that made me hard, as I turned off the flashlight she grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest like she has done a thousand times but this time she placed it right on her titie, my hard on was growing even more as she wiggled her ass towards me to get comfortable, I know she had to feel my hard on and she knew I was still not asleep, my dick was right between her ass cheeks, I was ready to explode, she turned and said good night daddy and gave me a kiss, as she turned around again all of her wiggling moved my boxers and my dick came out I know she felt it again right on her crack she shifted again raised her leg a little and now my dick was right in between her ass and pussy, I pretended to have fallen asleep she kept on wiggling and then I felt a warm sensation she had moved her panties and now my dick was rubbing her ass and pussy lips as she wiggled and kept pushing back.

I didn�t know what to do so I pumped my dick forward like if I was just moving she arched her back and I felt my head right at the entrance of her ass, she pushed back some more and since I was hard as a rock my head entered her ass and she stopped to see if I had wakened up. Her ass was so tight that I almost exploded, she had never done this before and I could tell she was in pain but liked it. She started to move back slowly taking more of me inside each time, by now the sheets had moved and I could see my swollen dick going in and out of her tight ass, she started to tremble and moan so I knew she was about to have an orgasm so I pumped forward as if I was just adjusting and my dick went in all the way hard she let go of a loud moan and her little body started shaking wildly the more she shock the more I pumped forward hard, she didn�t noticed what I was doing, and my dick was so swollen each movement of hers gave her more.

Thank god she stopped because I couldn�t take it any more she wiggled her self out she looked at me to see if I was still asleep. A few minutes went by and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tittie and started to rub her nipple with my finger, my dick was even more swollen and throbbing for release, she started wiggling again and pushing back until I felt my dick in the entrance of her pussy I could not take it any more so I thrusted forward and my dick went so far in that her hymen popped she let out a scream and a moan all in the same she stopped looked back to see and I still pretended I was asleep, she started to buck wildly again but this time I acted like I was adjusting my self and I placed my leg over hers and at the same time rested my dick and leg weight right on top of her.

my dick went to the end of her tunnel and she couldn�t wiggle out, the more she moved the more it pumped her I finally had to release myself so I shifted and came out and immediately she went down on me took my dick in her mouth as far as she could and just sucked it as she stroked it slowly until I exploded I came so much she tried to swallow all of it but gagged. The next morning she acted like if nothing had happened when I got up to take a shower she changed the sheets like if nothing, as I came out of the shower she noticed my semi hard dick and I caught her looking at it she asked me daddy I had a dream last night about sex I told her me too sweetie!!!!!

as i'm drying myself i acted like if nothing and asked her what she had dreamed about she looked at me all embarrassed and started to tell me well dad i don't remember much but it started like if i was scared i don't remember why but i was, i had just gotten into bed and i remember i was cold so i snuggled up with my pillow i remember somebody was behind me but couldn't make out there face but i felt safe, by now im putting on my underwear and my dick is hard i caught her glancing at it but payed no mind, daddy i started to get comfortable and then i felt something going inside mu bootie i asked do you remember how that felt she paused for a minute and looked at me kinda off like wondering if i had been awake i immediately shifted the question with an answer and told her well mi dream was with you she looked at me all blushing and i said just kidding, but my dick showed otherwise, i finished getting ready for work, she asked me daddy its Saturday do you think we can go to the movies later i said sure ask your brother what movie you guys want to watch and will go, that was done on purpose because i know my son is into action and she is into horror, when i got back from work they were arguing about what movie she was wearing her cheerleading shorts and a tank top i could tell she didn't have any undies on cause her shorts had given her a nice camel toe my son said il be outback call me when we are leaving, i asked her have you showered and she said no dad i was practicing my splits and squats i said ok, she asked me daddy do your muscles hurt when you stretch before you run i said of course but then it feels better, she sat on th floor and proceeded to do split she asked me dad when i do my split this muscle hurts i looked at her and said i cant see what you are talking about she said come down here she grabbed my hand and placed it right outside her lips and pressed in you feel that its like a rope and i said no my love thats your tendon that attaches to your groin area she grabbed my hand again and placed inside her shorts through the side and pressed in by whole hand was inside my daughters shorts my ring finger was massaging the tendon and my pointing finger with my middle finger fallowed the motion i felt her small clit, of course put more pressure on the ring finger that was on her tendon but also pressed in on my middle finger, i was massaging and rubbing her clit she looked at me and said daddy that feels so good and let out a sigh, my dick was ready to explode, then she noticed she had said that out load and said wow my muscle feels better it hurts less daddy, but my muscle was in a lot of pain, she said maybe i should wait for you, and i said why wait inside my head, from now on ill ask you to massage my muscles first before i stretch and after if they hurt ok daddy? i looked up and said sure my love she said OK going to take a shower, i asked my self how much torture can i withstand before i go nuts, as she walked inside the bathroom shirt off and bent over taking shorts off i walk in saying sorry i gotta piss she said go dad as she jumped inside, you all know how hard it is to piss when your hard, so i waited until my hard dick got semi i started to piss as i see of the corner of my eye my daughter starring at my dick, my dick to be continued....

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