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The necromancer mouth-rapes Lisa
The Necromancer and Lisa

Lisa is actually based on a semi-real character. On another erotic stories website, I had become a fan of an erotic author, who was also into lots of blowjobs. He retired due to ill health, and I was contacted using his account by his girlfriend Lisa, who said she was really into being facefucked and mouth-raped. For a few months, Lisa and I were in close email contact, but I never met her, and in the end it turned out that she was in fact an ugly woman who wanted to fantasise that she was a hot young woman. This story was originally written for Lisa.

I had two female zombies escort Lisa into my lair. The zombies weren’t much to look at, as they were slowly rotting, and the stink was horrible. But Lisa was a recent captive, and I had decided to make better use of her than turning her into a zombie. She had long brown hair, a mouth that I knew would feel great around my cock, and a great set of tits that were barely hidden beneath her peasant dress. She looked about 20.

I told the female zombies to go, and they did, shutting the door behind them, so that Lisa was left alone with me. “All right, bitch,” I said, “you’ve got two choices. Zombies are very hard to kill given they’re already dead, and so they make excellent soldiers. But they do have limits, and one of those limits is that they’re no good in bed. So either you strip off and please my cock like a good little cock-slut , or I can zombify you.”

Lisa looked at me in horror, and her mouth opened wide to scream “Nooo!!” But I raised my hand, and pretended to start the incantation that would turn her into a zombie, and her will broke. She quickly lost her peasant dress and underthings, revealing her great tits to my hungry eyes. I quickly tore off my own black robe, and she gasped at the sight of my hard 8-inch cock.

“Come on, bitch, on your hands and knees, crawl to this chair like the slut you are,” I growled. Lisa’s face flushed red with humiliation, but she had no will to resist anymore, and crawled towards me. When she was within reach, I grabbed her by the hair, and forced her mouth against my balls. “Lick them, you little slut,” I said. “If you bite, I’ll have you fed to my zombies, so you’d better NOT bite.”

It felt great to have Lisa’s hot mouth licking at my balls, while I kept one hand in her hair, while using my other hand to slap her ass a few times. The end of my cock was level with her forehead, while she was licking at my balls, and I dick-slapped the slut’s face a few times. But eventually, I had had enough of the ball licking, and was ready for the main action.

I adjusted Lisa so she was kneeling in front of me with her tits easy to access, then told her, “Open wide, bitch, you’re about to service my cock in the way that all women should learn to: on their knees, with a cock in their mouth! In fact, it is my firm belief that women should use their mouths for sucking cock much more than for talking!”

For a moment, I saw a hint of defiance in Lisa’s eyes at my extreme anti-woman rant, and she started to open her mouth presumably to yell something at me. But as she opened her mouth, I took the opportunity to ram it down on my cock by pulling her hair, and that shut her up well! The first six inches of my cock slid in easily enough, but I had to pull her hair down with both hands to get the last two inches home. It was very pleasant to feel my cock in the bitch’s throat, as her throat kept convulsing around it. I kept the slut balls-deep on my cock for about 20 seconds, making her squirm delightfully, before letting her up for a breath. As she came up, a great deal of saliva also came out of her mouth with my cock, messing up her face.

As soon as she had taken one deep breath, I rammed Lisa down again, and started to facefuck her in earnest. With one hand, I held her hair and kept her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock, while I used the other hand to squeeze, pinch and slap her big tits. “Wrap your lips around my cock, whore,” I yelled. “And lick the underside with your tongue. And keep looking at me; I want to see the humiliation in your eyes, cunt.”

And for the next ten minutes, there was no sound except the great squelching sounds of a big cock thrusting over and over into a slut’s mouth, punctuated occasionally by the sound of a tit being slapped. Making a bitch suck cock truly is a great way to shut her up. I loved watching the humiliation in her eyes as I made her deep throat my cock. She clearly hated it, but she still slurped away like a good little cock-slut, her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft and her tongue licking the underside.

Enentually, I felt my balls tensing, and knew I was ready to cum. I pulled out so that just the tip of my cock was in Lisa’s abused mouth, then flooded her tongue with my cum. She grimaced at the taste, but I kept my cock in her mouth until she was forced to swallow.

“That’s a good little cumbucket,” I said. “Swallow it like the whore you are. No cum dodging or spitting here, bitch; swallow if it’s in your mouth. Now clean my cock with your tongue until it’s hard again.”

And I watched her delightful tongue work up and down my cock for the next 20 minutes, while I leaned back, relaxing in the chair, just occasionally reaching down to grope a boob. My cock was rock hard again by the end of those 20 minutes, but I wanted to take her in a slightly different way this time, so I picked her up and threw her on my bed. She landed on her back, and I then dragged her by the hair until her head was hanging off the end of the bed. This presented a great angle for my cock, and I told her to open up and be gagged properly like a good little slut.

Lisa tried to keep her mouth closed, but I simply pinched her nose until she had to breathe with her mouth. As soon as her mouth opened, I rammed my cock in, not stopping until I felt her nose pressed against my balls. “Yeah, bitch, smell those balls,” I growled as I held my cock deep in her convulsing throat while I used both hands to maul her great tits.

I withdrew my cock until just the tip was in her mouth, then I started to thrust in and out, slowly at first, but picking up steam. With each downward thrust, Lisa got to smell my sweaty balls, while my hands were busy roaming over her boobs, squeezing, shaking, pinching and slapping like there was no tomorrow. Because I had just cum a fairly short time ago, I was able to facefuck the slut for about 20 minutes before I felt my balls tensing up again. This time I pulled my cock out, and ejaculated all across Lisa’s forehead, trying to get as much cum in her eyes as I could. I looked down at her with a huge leer on my face; her face was covered in cum and saliva, which had also gone into her long brown hair. She really looked a picture now!

I offered her mouth my softening cock to clean, and she obediently began to lick it. “All right, slut,” I said. “I think you’ve avoided being turned into a zombie for now. As long as you continue to please me, you can be my cock-slut, and so can sleep in my bed. But your tits and mouth must always be available for me to play with any time I like. And maybe the next time my armies capture a pretty maiden alive, we can have a cocksucking competition between you and she. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Lisa clearly hated my words, but she had no choice but to try to satisfy me if she wanted to remain truly alive. And so she continued to clean my cock and balls until I withdrew them. After all, I couldn’t have sex all the time if I wanted to dominate the world with my undead legions.
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