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Mom comes home early from work
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Prior: Happy Mother’S Day
Prior: Happy Mother’S Day-1

“Clean off that mess from you boys cock. Lick off the shit and the cum.”
“No No I can’t. Don’t make me do that, no more, please.”
Maribel only raised her hand and Mom quickly grabbed my dick
and started to suck it clean. “Lick those balls too.” We all watched laughing as the pig
was licking my balls clean. The cum and crap hung from her mouth.

As she was done I let go with a steady stream of piss on her
head dripping through her hair into the toilet bowl.

Mom hung her head down, the piss running over her as she cried.


Maribel stood over her from behind and pissed on head.


Dean took my place, pulled up her head . “OPEN YOUR MOUTH COW.”
Mom looked up at him with her mouth open.


Sonia straddled right over her head and pulled her face up to her piss hole with the leash.

Sonia pissed into Mom’s open mouth, some piss swallowed the rest dripping down her tits.

Mirabel had taken some phone photos and texted her Gang Brother, Juan.

“Hey, Got Bob’s Pig Mom here, come over for some fun.
NO Can, got the Gang here, Bring Mrs. Slut over for a PARTY
“Ok, On the way.”

Mirabel kicked Mom. Get up on your feet, we got to go.
Wait, I need some clothes.
You don’t need no clothes for the party you are going to.
Sonia Yanked her with the Dog leash.
“Get that MOM ass going Bitch.”
Mirabel slapped her ass. “Faster Slut”



This had gotten out of control. It was crazy but the more we messed with Mom, the more
I wanted. There was a frenzy that fed on itself. Mom was just fuck pig. I wanted to
take her to Juan’s. I could not turn back. I wanted to see her fucked like the pig she is.

Sonia pushed Mom over to the shower.
“This PIG is filthy, ha.”
“Got to wash up your sorry ass before we party.”
“Lay down Bitch.” “Why what are you going to do?”
“Lay the fuck down on your stomach.”
“No Please, what is going to happen.” Mom was afraid but was more afraid what would
happen if she didn’t lay down. Sonia knelt on her back and took the dog leash from her neck
and tied up her wrists behind her back. With Mirabel helping they tied her ankles with the
other end of the leash pulling arms and legs together. Too late Mom tried to pull away.
“Wait, what. what is happening?”

HOGTIED. The rolled her into the shower stall and turned on the water. “Hot enough yet Bitch.”
The water pounded down on Mom.
“Hot enough Now.”
“Its too hot, stop, no more.”

They kept turning up the temperature.
“Wash all the filth from you.” Higher the temperature went.
“You are burning me, it is too hot.” The left the water on high as we watched her twisting
trying to get away from the hot water. We could see her skin redden as steam
filled the shower.

“What the old bitch too hot?” “Please stop, AHHHHHH.”
Sonia cranked the water to the full cold setting. The cold water pelted down on the screaming
bitch. We let it run and run. It was pretty funny watching her roll around.

The water off we looked at her laying the shower shivering.
“Not so hot now. “ Everyone laughed. We pulled her out of the shower where she
struggled like a fish out of water. She squirmed around on the floor.

“Time for you to party. “ Laughed Sonia. “My brother and his friends are gonna
throw a gangbang part for you.”

“OH GOD NO.” “Please stop them Bob. I’ll do everything you want.”
“Sonia, you don’t have to do this.” I’ll fuck for all you, anything, please.”
I laughed in her face. “You are going to the party.”

The pathetic cow was begging. Bob, get that rod. There was a 6 foot piece of conduit
laying against the wall. Sonia grabbed Mom by the head. Back home we roast
goats on a spit. We run a rod through their ass and out their mouth and roast them
On a spit, maybe that is what we should do to you.

How about that Bob, Mom could be our fucking dinner. Mom was frantic now.
Sonia wasn’t serious or so I hoped but the stupid bitch didn’t know.

“Please Please. “ “Shut the fuck up.” Sonia took a rag and stuffed in
the crying bitches mouth and tied a rope around her head.
I looked her eye. I could only hear her muffled cries but I could see
the fear.

We slid the rod through the leash that hogtied her carrying her out like a
an animal. We dumped her in the van and took the rod with us.

Juan’s place is dumpy old store front. We parked in the back and carried
the very hysterical woman into the old store.

Hey, Sis, what we got here. I was all excited and you bring me this pig.
Mom hung from the conduit, hogtied while Juan and his gang members crowded around.
They threw a couple of ropes over the rafters and hung the conduit about shoulder height.

Juan took off her gag. She started screaming. “Help. Help. Help.
Nobody gonna hear you, fucking hag. Scream Bitch. Beg.
The gangbangers were laughing.

Juan took off her blindfold. When she saw all the brute around her she became
hysterical. They wore their gang colors, tat’s crazy hair cuts. They just looked
the look, bad ass MF’s.

I was so fucking hot.
I know its crazy but I always had these fantasies about Mom, but this was beyond
my wildest dreams or hopes. Sonia was kissing me while my Mom hung hogtied,
surrounded by her brothers gang. I could see she was raw where she was tied by the leash.
She struggled to keep her head up. I could her look around desperately for help.

“Bob, help Me. Please.” I was making out with Sonia and we laughed as we heard her beg.
She hung there totally exposed. Her tits hung down. I thought how much it
must hurt being trussed up. Her back was arched in awful position as her body pulled down.
I could see the tension in her thighs and butt.

Sonia leaned over rubbed my cock. Bob, they are going to terrorize her. Then they want
you to fuck her first. I was so excited I didn’t know if I could wait.

Juan blindfolded her again so she couldn’t see them. Her head twisted wildly as hands
reached out to grab her.
They walked around her. Yelled in her face. Screamed at her. Were gonna cut you bitch.
Whip that bitch ass.

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She turns out to love it and become a whore to her son, his gf, the gang, and throw a female three some in there, while all the guy jerk all over them

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