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In the Mind of Estelle:

Once again I lay beside Matthew, only this time in my own bed; a grand king sized canopy bed with black silk sheets and many pillows strewn about. The sun was just beginning to rise as I watched his peaceful face while he slept. He had no clothing on under the sheets and I could already see his morning erection bulging from beneath them. I smiled at this and chuckled quietly under my breath as I silently slipped out from underneath the sheets and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I too was completely nude, so the cool morning breeze blowing in from my windows made my nipples stand erect as I reached my arms up and stretched. I then scooted off the bed and my bare feet hit the wood floors with a dull thud. I turned my head back to glance at him to see if I had disturbed him, and surely I hadn’t. He slept more deeply than I ever have and I’m actually dead. I chuckled again at the thought and then made my way to my powder room. I stood at the sink for a while just staring at my reflection in the mirror. My long and normally straight blonde hair was fuzzy and sticking out in all directions from making love with Matthew. I frowned and tried running my fingers through it, and to no avail. It was no use; I needed a shower to fix this mess.

I turned and walked to the bath and pushed the glass door aside to turn on the water. The water gushed out of the faucet and I turned it to as hot as it would go because I loved how it would warm my insides, and remind me of what it was to be human; to be alive. I decided a bath would be nice instead of a shower so I plugged up the drain and waited patiently as the large round tub filled up. I sat on the toilet seat cover and stared through the bathroom doorway into the bedroom where Matthew lay, still unconscious. I watched him for a good long while until I remembered the bath water and quickly stood and reached to turn it off. I leaned over and dipped the tips of the fingers of my right hand into the steaming water and a wonderful chill ran through my body. I then slowly put my right foot in the bath, and then the left, just taking my time and enjoying the feeling when suddenly I heard the tossing of sheets and two bare feet padding quietly over to the bathroom. I heard him lean against the door jam and I could feel his eyes gliding over my naked body. I spoke without turning to face him, “So are you going to join me in here or would you prefer to just stand there?”

As I finished speaking I finally sank my entire body into the water, my head was the last to submerge and the air escaped my lungs in a long drawn out sigh of relaxation and I opened my eyes beneath the water to watch the little bubbles escape my lips. I only stayed under the water for a short moment before I rose up and stared at Matthew, blinking the water away from my eyes and off of my lashes. He didn’t say a word in response to my sarcastic question. He just slowly came and got into the tub with me. He crawled over to me on all fours and just smirked, before swiftly laying against my body and he rested his head face first against my perky breasts. I laughed at him and then just wound my arms around him, resting them against his back and broad shoulders. I ran my fingers through his thick black hair and pressed his face harder against my breasts; teasing him. It worked, because he then turned his face and sucked my right nipple into his warm and inviting mouth. He licked and nibbled at my breasts for a long time, each of us not saying a word until finally I wanted more. I pushed him away from me and made him sit up on his knees in front of me. He watched me reach for the lavender scented body wash and then his lips spread into a smile when I said, “I want you to bathe me Matthew.” I handed him the soap as I also got on my knees in front of him. He flipped open the cap and then slowly squirted the soap all over my breasts and I watched as the purple soap dripped over my tits and down my toned stomach. He then squirted a handful of the soap into his right hand and then put the soap down. With that same hand he reached down and gently cupped my pussy and began to massage the soap between my cunt lips. A soft moan escaped my mouth and I scooted closer to him and rested my hands on his shoulders as he started to finger my pussy; thoroughly washing me inside.

Once he was done washing my pussy he glided his hands slowly up my stomach to my breasts and he grabbed hold of each one, giving them a firm squeeze before scrubbing them with his bare hands and I watched as the soap began to foam up over my breasts. He kneaded my tits roughly with his fingers, making me bight my lip and dig my nails into the tops of his shoulders. I closed my eyes and moaned quietly as I felt him pinch and twist my sensitive nipples. Finally his hands slowly wandered down to my midsection to eventually rest on each of my voluptuous hips. He gently but forcefully made me turn around and bend over in the tub; pushing down on my lower back to make me arch and further push my ass out. I turned my head back to glance at his face and I smiled and winked at him as I watched him admire my body in this position. He picked up the lavender scented body wash once more and turned it upside down in his right hand and squirted the soap out onto both of my firm ass cheeks. I playfully wiggled and swayed my hips as he did this and I winced and moaned loudly when I suddenly felt him land a smack on my ass. I turned my head back to look at him again, “Oh I’m going to get you back for that one… you don’t even know.” I smirked and chuckled under my breath and he just smiled and put the soap down before he grabbed hold of both my ass cheeks and began to squeeze and massage them gently. He teased my ass hole by rubbing his thumb in little circles over it and it sent shivers up my spine.

After a while I decided it was my turn and I pulled away from him; abruptly ending his massage on my ass cheeks. I turned around to face him and I watched his face as I reached for the soap. I picked it up and immediately took his cock in my left hand and started to squirt the soap all over the shaft and his balls. I put the soap down and then started to jerk his cock with my right hand and roughly squeeze and pinch at his balls with my left. He didn’t try to stop me what so ever, even when I leaned forward and took his left nipple in my mouth and sucked and nibbled at it… not so gently. I suddenly began to wonder just how far I could push him. You see I have long been interested in the culture of BDSM; especially because of all the dominant men I would surround myself with, but only recently did I wonder what it must be like to be the dominator for once rather than the submitter. I had already decided that night at the club that I would make this man into my, for lack of a better word, sex slave. Though only now I could tell that he would become more than that; in fact he was already becoming my lover.

I drew my mouth away from his nipple and started planting kissed over his chest and up his throat, until finally I reached his warm, moist lips. I breathed my icy breath over his mouth for a moment, just staring into his eyes as I began to jerk his cock harder and faster; my assault on his tender balls growing more intense. I just kept squeezing and pinching at them again and again and the whole time his facial expression didn’t budge an inch. I was realizing he had quite a high pain tolerance; which would only mean more fun for me. I smirked at the thought and then roughly smashed my lips against his, forcing my tongue into his mouth and twirling it around inside. He gladly accepted my kiss and he took my face in both his hands forcefully, and grabbed fistfuls of my long hair. As I kissed him I felt heard his heart beat begin to beat faster and I felt the large vein along his shaft begin to pulsate. Knowing that he was getting close I chose to stop massaging his cock because I wanted him to give me his load inside of my cunt. I stood up from my knees and out of the bath water and I gestured for him to do the same. Once we were both standing I pushed past him and bent over to unplug the drain. Of course he took advantage of the angle at which I now was bent over and he plunged two fingers deep into my pussy.

The breath caught in my throat as I felt him curl his fingers downward to rub at my G-Spot. I stood up straight quickly and turned to smack his hand away teasingly saying, “Mm, naughty boy.” He laughed at this and stepped closer behind me, pressing his throbbing hard cock into my ass cheeks as I turned the shower on. The hot spray came down on both of us and began to wash the soap away from both our bodies. I smoothed my hands over my breasts and down my stomach to my pussy to help wash away the soap and then I stepped out of the way so he could do the same. Once completely clean and free of soap he turned back to me and tried to spin me around. I assumed he wanted to take control and bend me over in the shower and take me from behind, but I wasn’t having that. I roughly pushed him up against the tile wall of the shower and his back hit it with a thud. I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around his throat gently and he looked at me with a puzzled expression. I then kept my grasp on his throat and made him walk over to the corner of the tub where there was a large triangular bench to sit on, and I made him do just that. Once he sat down on the bench I used my own legs to quickly push his knees farther apart. Finally I turned my back to him and began to slowly lower my ass down on his groin, with my hands resting on the tops of his knees. I decided to tease him even further and I began to just grind and rub my ass cheeks up and down over his cock. I heard him groan impatiently and I drug my nails from his knees, all the way up his thighs, leaving long welted lines in their wake and all the while still teasing his cock by rubbing my ass against it. Then once I decided he had had enough, I reached between my legs and positioned the head of his cock at my entrance and without pausing I sat all the way down in his lap, impaling my cunt on his throbbing member. He grunted loudly and leaned his head back, closing his eyes.

In the Mind of Matthew:

At last my cock was buried deep inside her velvety soft cunt and the cold temperature of her body gave me chills, but none the less turned me on even more. I snapped open my eyes to watch as I felt her begin to raise her ass up slowly and only to come crashing back down on my cock with such force, that each time I grunted loudly. She did this repeatedly, except slowly but surely she increased the speed and she rode me harder and harder. My mouth hung open as I breathed faster and I could feel my heart beat increasing. Once in a while she would turn that beautiful face back to look at me and each time I looked into her eyes and saw the expression of pleasure on her face, I thought I would bust my load right then but I held on, wanting this morning fuck to last as long as possible.
She suddenly leaned back against my body completely, the back of her head resting on my left shoulder as her body began to tremble and I felt the distinctive feeling of her pussy spasm and grip my cock tightly and I knew she was cumming; by the look on her face it must feel fucking great too. She continued to grind her hips against my groin as she came, with my cock buried inside her to the hilt and that’s all it took for me to explode. I reached around in front of her and grabbed hold of each of her tits roughly as my cock released jet after jet of my hot load deep inside of her cunt. I thrust my hips forward to get inside her even deeper and she lot out a moan and once again dug her nails in my thighs but the pain only increased my orgasm. Once both our orgasms subsided she slowly stood up, and I watched as her pussy lips glided off of my now softening cock and as she stood in front of me I saw my cum start to ooze out of her well fucked pussy and out onto the insides of her thighs.

In the Mind of Estelle:

I could feel his warm sperm running down the inside of my thigh and so I reached down and scooped it up into my right hand and then brought that same hand to my mouth. I paused, and watched his intensely handsome eyes as I darted my tongue out and licked up his cum; eventually licking my hand clean of it all. He smiled at me and stood up from the bench, quickly coming towards me and taking me in his arms. I could feel my hard nipples pressing into his chest as he embraced me and the feeling of his strong arms around me started to stir age old memories of Damianus. My mind flashed back to a different time and the picture of a naïve girl, wrapped in the embrace of an emotionless and manipulative creature invaded my mind. The girl pulled away slightly from the devilishly handsome creature and reached up on the tips of her toes to press her lips against his. She had no idea at the time, that his very saliva was working a spell over her. A spell that wouldn’t be broken until that creature betrayed her heart and left her to live this eternal life alone. It disgusts and will forever haunt me to know that girl was me. I abruptly pulled away from Matthew and threw open the sliding glass door of the shower. I stepped out of the tub quickly, ignoring Matthews words of protest and confusion as I snatched my red silk robe off its hook and walked out of the bathroom. I heard him sigh and turn the water off in the shower; then he got out of the shower and followed me into my bedroom. I had already put my robe on and I lay curled up in a ball on my side in the middle of my bed. He walked slowly over to the edge of my bed and just stopped and stood there, “What did I do wrong?” He asked.

I felt that familiar sting of non-existent tears and the anger welled up inside of me. “You didn’t do anything wrong; it’s me.” I said quietly. He rolled his eyes at me, “Oh you know what, you can save that shit, and I’ve heard that line. You don’t have to lie.” but I cut him off before he could even finish speaking; now propping myself up on my right elbow I screamed at him, not even caring or noticing that my robe fell open and exposed my breasts. ”Shut your fucking mouth Matthew. It really is me okay? I’ve lived and experienced and dealt with enough shit to last two hundred life times. So obviously, some of it I haven’t fully gotten over… I’m damaged goods Matthew; what can I say?” He just stood there, and watched my face, not even saying a word and it started to irritate me. Finally he spoke, “Alright… I can accept and understand that but if this is going to work-“ He paused and pointed at himself and then me repeatedly, “Whatever this is that we’ve got going on; then you’re going to have to open up to me Estelle.” He sat on the edge of the bed and just watched my face carefully, waiting for me to speak. “You’re right… I apologize.” I looked down at my black silk bed sheets and twiddled my thumbs, “Well, where do I begin?” I looked back up to his face and what I saw would have made my heart skip a beat, if it were still beating. His dark brown eyes, they were so sincere, so genuinely caring. “Start by telling me what happened to you; who was it that burned you?”

I bit my bottom lip and sighed before finally beginning. “Just remember, you asked for this… Well you know the portrait of the man above my fire place- that’s Damianus. If he’s still alive, then he is at least 300 years older than me… and you don’t want to know how old I must be. He came to my family’s farm one night, and said he needed a place to stay and food to eat- just one night he said. My father wasn’t the nicest man, so I don’t know how he persuaded him to allow him to stay. It must have been Damianus’ deviously charming personality. So one night turns into two, and eventually two night’s turns into two weeks and on the third week Damianus had officially stolen my heart. You see my father had arranged for me to marry the son of a very wealthy family- even then it was all about money. So I didn’t love this man that my father insisted that I marry and Damianus said he could take me away from all of it. He could save me. Oh what a liar he had been. I should have married that rich bastard and lived my normal dull little life, but no I wanted adventure and I wanted that happy ending so I eloped with Damianus. He took me away to a lovely Victorian mansion, which at the time I had no clue had been the extravagant home of the man my father wanted me to marry. So I pranced around their home feeling like a princess because I was after all just a farmer’s daughter- a very beautiful one at that. That’s why my father chose me and my beauty to sell to the highest bidder, out of all my four sisters he chose me. Even then my looks were a curse. Anyways, where was I?” Matthew stared at me intently with that intense gaze of his. “Ah yes, so I pranced around their house until finally I came to what must have been the parent’s courters. It was gorgeous with the biggest bed I had ever seen so of course I threw myself on it to see how comfortable it was- and then that’s when Damianus attacked.

In a blindingly fast instant he was on top of me, ripping my clothes from my body and pinning my arms above my head. I just remember him going to my jugular and then it all went black and I thought I was going to die. When I awoke I was laying in the same bed in a puddle of my own blood except everything was different. If you’re ever tried cocaine Matthew, I’m sure that’s something slightly close to what I was feeling. Though I had no pulse, my body was buzzing, almost vibrating. I was on high alert and I could see, smell, and hear everything. I was a new kind of animal, and I had a burning ache in my throat that I did not yet understand. Damianus entered the room and came over to where I sat on the bed, but who he had trailing behind him shocked me beyond belief. It was the man I was meant to marry, his hands were bound behind his back and his eyes blindfolded. Damianus pulled a small blade from behind his back and grabbed the man and made a small cut on his throat- just enough to get the smell of his blood in the air- and then he shoved the man towards the bed and he fell to the ground beside it. He said one word to me, “Drink.” And do you know what I did Matthew? I lunged off of the bed and to the floor where the man lay paralyzed by fear, and I drove my teeth into his throat and drank his blood till his heart stopped. Then I was so horrified at what I had done. How I couldn’t even stop myself from ending that man’s life; so I turned on Damianus, shoving him out of my way and then I just made my escape out of the mansion.

The fucked up thing is, I don’t even think he tried to chase me. He just let me go, like manipulating women and ruining their lives, changing them into monsters, was all just an everyday thing for him. On to the next, I didn’t matter anymore. So long story short, I lived in the wild like a true animal until I learned how to control my urges, and then I slipped right back into society quite smoothly. Humans are so vain that when you’re this beautiful, they just let you right into their little circles. They provided shelter, clothes, and money. I did exactly what Damianus did with my family. I moved from place to place, using people and always hiding in the shadows what I really was. One day I came across an extremely talented artist whom I explained to what Damianus looked like, and he painted his portrait wonderfully…” I paused, letting it all sink into Matthews mind. “Why did you want his portrait painted Estelle; why is it hanging above your fire place if he treated you so terribly?” I looked Matthew in the eyes and simply said, “Because I never want to forget his face; if he is still alive after all these years, and I had nothing to remember him by, I’m sure he could walk right past me and I’d never have known. I have to remember his face, because I want my revenge.”
Matthew didn’t say a word; I assumed he was just absorbing all the information I had told him because he just closed his eyes and lay on my bed with his forehead scrunched up like he was thinking too hard. So I found myself in the powder room, combing the tangles out of my long shiny golden locks. I often brushed my hair when I was nervous, or when I needed to concentrate and think deeply about something. Now that I had “opened up” to Matthew like he wanted me too, I was pondering if I could take things into the next step without scaring him away. Granted he knows I’m damaged goods, but he has no idea how kinky and slightly twisted my mind has become after all these years; at least when it comes to sex. Coming into the 21st century I had discovered a clan of all female creatures like myself, and their leader, or their “alpha” as I remember them calling it, was a male. So I sort of fell into the world of BDSM once I joined his harem. We served his every want and need 24/7 until finally I realized I couldn’t always be submissive. I realized with all the power this curse had given me, I might as well be using it to the best of my advantage. That’s how I found myself at the club Diamond; I was looking for my very own sex slave. My slave had to be a man, because something about taking power away from a man turned me on in ways I cannot explain; and my slave had to be human, so I could feed off of him as I pleased instead of sucking blood out of those packets from blood banks like a God damned juice box.

So there I was staring into the mirror at my own reflection when I just decided I might as well open up 100% to Matthew and explain the sexual side of myself as well. I put the comb back down on the counter and walked quickly back into the room and over to my bed where he still lay. I climbed onto the bed and immediately straddled his groin and that made him snap open his eyes. He looked up at me and just watched as I slowly untied and pulled the robe off of my shoulders, exposing my entire body once again to him. I grabbed his hands and moved them onto my hips and then my own hands wandered slowly up my stomach to my breasts. I squeezed at them softly as I stared straight back at him and then I just blurted it out, “Matthew what do you think about domination and submission when it comes to sex?” I pinched both of my nipples and bit my bottom lip as I waited anxiously for him to respond and what came out of his mouth surprised me. “Oh I’m very familiar with BDSM, in fact I have been for a while… Didn’t you know the club Diamond has a literal underground dungeon for almost all things sexually taboo? If you have enough cash, you can rent your very own room for the night…” He told me this so nonchalantly and I stared at him blankly and then I thought back to when I eavesdropped in on the conversation of a young group of women at the coffee shop who had specifically said, and I quote, that Diamond was “fantastically sinful.” Now I know what they must have been talking about. A slow smile spread across my face as started getting devious ideas and Matthew chuckled and said, “I guess I know where you’re taking me tonight.”

-To Be Continued Soon-


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