I showed Emma my cock
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My brothers son had a party for his 10th birthday, we held the party at our house as we had a large garden. We invited a few friends from the area to join us. We had set up a BBQ and drinks table, cola and orange juice for the kids, beer and spirits for the adults.

The kids were playing together while we adults got in to the booze.

I went down the garden to check on the children, they were playing in the trees swinging on a swing I had hung from the bough of a large oak. On of the girls Emma was swinging on her own while the other children were playing tag. I noticed as she swung back and forward she had her legs apart and as she swung her summer dress blew up to show that she did not have any panties on. I could see between her legs right up to little pussy.
Emma smiled at me and said “Thank you Uncle for a great party. Will you push me from behind so I can go higher?” I went behind her and pushed her quite bottom till she was screaming and told me “More!”
I pushed her till she said “enough, I am going so high I will reach the sky” I continued to push her gently. She said “OK just let me swing on my own” this gave me the opportunity to go around the front of her to view her front and her sweet pussy again.
As she was swinging I said to her 'Here's a naughty little girl with no panties on“ She said that she often went without them as she could show her pussy to boys when she was sitting cross legs.
I said I was not a boy and she was old enough to be my daughter (that I did not have). She laughed and said that is OK sometimes she would open her legs and let men see her pussy. I asked her why she did this? Emma replied that she got excited and her pussy tingled when she could see the erections of their big cocks in their trousers. She had seen her 11 year old brother when he got out of the shower and seen his little cock and wanted to see a grown mans cock out of their trousers, would I show her mine.
We were disturbed by the other children who came up to us wanted to play cowboys and Indians. The boys went around the garden chasing the girls till they caught Emma one of the boys said OK tie her to a tree, They found some rope and preceded to tie Emma to a tree. The children whooped and cheered while running around the tree, they had tied her hands behind the tree and wrapped the rope around her body leaving her legs free, she was incapable to get free.
As the wind blew it allowed the light material of her dress fly up and show the bottom half of her naked body, The children did not notice they were too busy running around the tree. My brother shouted to us that the food was ready and those who wanted burgers to “come and get them” Emma said to untie her but they said she was their prisoner and left her tied to the tree. One of them said they would bring some food and drink to her.
When they left, Emma said “You enjoy seeing me tied to the tree, don’t you? I can see that your cock is hard and tenting your trousers!” I replied that she was a very beautiful girl and the idea that she was tie up with the wind blowing her dress up to show me her bald pussy excited me which made my cock hard and point at her.
Emma said that I could play with her pussy If I showed her my cock. She said she played with her pussy when she was in bed and it made her feel good but she had never had anyone else play with it and she wanted me to be the first one. I asked her “Why” she replied that she thought I was sexy and I obviously liked her as my cock got hard looking at her naked pussy.
I had to admit her little body and the way she spread her legs was to entice me and it worked I thought of her naked and tied up. And then my cock got really hard. Emma said again looking at my crutch would I show her my cock and I could play with her pussy, she promised she would not to tell anyone.
I looked up the garden and we were out of view of the food tables and the others at the party, I lifted her dress and got her to hold it up with her mouth. There she was her pussy in full view, I unzipped my fly and just pulled my hard cock out (like Emma, I did not have any undies on). Emma gasped and looked at my 8” cock sticking straight out. I moved closer to Emma and put my fingers between her legs. Emma’s pussy was wet and she moaned saying If I released her arms she could touch my cock., The children were coming back to us so I put my cock back into my pants and zipped up my zip. Emma let her dress fall and said to me we will finish this later, I said “OK, if you want to?”
I went to the food and thankfully my cock lost its erection on the way.

I was sitting down and had finished eating when the children all came back to join us adults. Emma sat on my lap and lifted her dress so her naked bottom was right on top of my lap, I of course started to get an erection pushing up at her nakedness. Every body was busy talking to each other and not taking notice of us as Emma wriggled on my lap making my cock really hard. I lifted her small body up and hidden by Emma’s dress up zipped my fly and released my cock from my trousers and let her down till her naked pussy sat right on top of my hard cock and the head between her legs lifting her dress up so I moved her forward while spreading her bum cheeks so her puffy pussy lips wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Oh my God what a wonderful feeling. Emma gently moved her bum back and forward her pussy wanking my hard cock. I told her I was going to cum unless she stopped, she did not, I came, squirting my baby cream out and onto the ground in front of my chair. Emma must have felt me cum and looked between my legs to see the white gooey liquid on the grass. She turned round and kissed me right on my mouth and said that was great and it made her cum too. Thankfully no one noticed my cum before I put my foot on it and rubbed it in to the ground.
My cock went down enough for me to wipe the end of my cock on the underside of her dress and put it back in my trousers and did my zip up just in time before Emma got up and went to play with the other children. I decided after that I needed to fuck her.
As the day went on and evening approached most of the party goers left to go to their own homes which left my brother, his wife and his son, Emma and her parents, Nat and myself.
We went inside as it was getting colder and we had an nice big log fire on the go. And prepared for an evening meal. The two children went to the den and watched cartoons while we adults chatted.
I called the kids for the evening meal and we all sat down to eat. Emma sat beside me while we ate. During the desert course Emma was feeling my cock through my trousers. I decided to see if she had put any panties on. Feeling up her legs and true to form I arrived at her naked pussy. Emma whispered to me to put my finger inside her cunt. This was the first time she had called her pussy a cunt and this along with her wrapping her small hand around my cock made me get a real hard on. I slid my finger inside her wet cunt using my thumb to massage her clit. Till she came. I removed my finger from her cunt and put it into my mouth, The taste of her juices was enough to make me cum also. Emma used one of her hands to palm the head of my cock to collect my cum, she then brought her hand up and without anyone seeing dribbled my cum on to her ice cream scraping it off her hand with her spoon and preceded to eat her ice cream my cum and all. She whispered to me she wanted to get it direct from the source next time.
The meal ended and everyone went home leaving Nat and I alone. I fucked her so hard she asked me what got into me. Maybe one day I will tell her, I know she likes to eat my cum from Abi‘s pussy after I had fucked it, would she be willing to eat Emma’s little hole after I had fucked it?. .

If you want to hear what happened at Nat’s birthday party, tell me.


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