I showed my cock to Emma at Nats party
My brothers son ( Ben) had a party for his birthday, That was the first time Emma saw my cock and I saw her little pussy

I met Emma again at the school when collecting Ben as it was Nat’s (my wife) birthday and she was having a small family party that evening with a big party at the weekend.
Emma told me that she had been thinking about what happened at the BBQ and when could she see me again? She moved closer to me and grabbed my cock and said that she wanted to suck my cock till I came in her mouth. I removed her hand as we were at the school and said there were too many people around. Fuck! I am going to have to be careful with this girl she is going to get us in to trouble if she was so public with her actions. I asked her how she was getting home. She told me as she only lived around the corner she normally walked. Just then my nephew came out of school and joined us. He said Hi! and asked what Emma was doing? She said that her parents would not be home till 6pm and she was going to just go home get some tea and watch cartoons. (I was surprised that her parents let her be at home alone.) Ben said why didn’t she come home with us so she could join us at Nat’s party and have tea at my house. I got her to phone her mother to confirm that this was OK with her. Emma’s mum said it was OK but she had to be back by 8pm to go to bed. We walked to my house Ben and Emma running in front of me laughing and joking. Emma looked so sexy in her school uniform.
We got home and Ben and Emma went down to the den to watch the TV. I joined Nat to prepare the food. I told her about meeting Emma at the school and brought her back to play with Ben (and me??)
After about half an hour Emma came up to us and asked if she could have a shower. Nat said OK and told me to go to Ben’s room and find some clean clothes of his for her to wear to get out of her school uniform for the party.
I showed Emma to the bathroom where she immediately stripped off her uniform and stood there naked asking me how the shower worked. My cock was now very hard looking at her body, her tits had just started to form and had nipples the size of small cherries. Emma locked the door and came over to me. She looked up at me and with a big smile on her face, undid my belt and top button then unzipped my fly and pulled my trousers and underpants down to release my cock from them. she immediately kissed the end on my cock and proceeded to take it into her mouth. I was so turned on I knew that it would not take long for me to unload my balls into her mouth.
Emma sucked me till my cock reached the back of her mouth and found the entrance of her throat. I put my hands behind her head and pulled her to me, my cock entered her throat and her nose rested on my belly. I held her there till she gagged, I released her head allowing my cock to come out of her mouth, “Fuck, that was sooo good” Emma said and immediately took me back in to her mouth and down her throat. I fucked her throat a couple of times and came with a great gush straight down into her stomach. Emma pulled away and took the last of my cum into her mouth. After Emma had cleaned my cock I reached down and kissed her tasting my cum on her lips. I asked her if she had done that before? She said she had been practicing deepthroating her mothers dildo but didn’t know if she could do it to a real cock. I told her she was fantastic but she must shower and get some new clothes on. I left the bathroom and got some of Bens clothes, a T shirt and a pair of sweats.
I returned to the kitchen, Nat asked me if Emma was OK, I said she would be out soon, I found some clothes for her, Nat kissed me and looked at me saying “why could she taste cum on my lips” I had to tell her about the fantastic blow job Emma had just given me. Nat grabbed my cock and kissed me hard her tongue entering my mouth. “I love the thought of my hubbys cock in her young mouth and cumming down her throat” she said.
Emma came into the kitchen and Nat said “well young lady how did my husband taste?” Emma went red faced dropping her head, finally she looked up at Nat and said I was tasty and she hoped it was OK? Nat kissed her on the lips and said it was OK. I went out to the garden to light the BBQ and set up the drinks table.
The BBQ was almost ready to cook on when Nat and Emma came out to join me, Emma and Nat were now wearing Indian style wraparounds looking like mother and daughter, they both looked so good. Nat kissed me and said that the T shirt and sweats were not suitable for a party and they had been to change. Nat told me while they were in the bedroom they had fingered each other and that Emma was still a virgin. I could see Nat and Emma were going to be good friends,
Emma’s parents had joined us and we invited them to the party the next weekend. They said that they had to go to see his father who was ill. I said we were having a sleep over for the children and if Emma wanted to stay the weekend with us it was OK with us.

That was the weekend we fucked Emma………………

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