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My true experiences!
I am getting older and feeling older with it; and not in a good way. Aches, pains and medical problems are natures way to force me to face that I am not the same woman I was a mere 10 years ago.

I was never the most beautiful or the ugliest woman but I got my fair share of attention from men. I have never had a toned body, sometimes I was just plain fat, other times I was well overweight. Still men wanted me and I was happy for that.

Ten years ago my long term, off/on partner suggested swinging. I was in my 30's with a brood of kids, not entirely satisfied with the hum drum sex my fella gave me. Don't get me wrong, with an 8 inch cock he hit the spot but he was selfish. I know now in hindsight that he was only interested in his own needs and wants. At that stage in my life I had slept with 6 men including the man I was currently with, who I will call Jack.

I looked on the internet to find out what swinging entailed and it turned me on. I told Jack I was willing to try it. Inside, I wondered what it would be like having sex with him watching me. Jack quickly found a single guy willing to meet us.

Lee was in his early 20's and was an engineer of some kind at an RAF base. Jack met him in a bar near our home to check him out then brought him home to me. We spent a little time chatting and drinking then I found myself sitting on my sofa between them both.

My t-shirt was lifted and the cups of my bra were lowered to give them access to my tits. I laid my head back and closed my eyes as first hands then tongues explored my flesh. Jack unfastened my jeans and encouraged Lee to explore inside.

Having two men feeling my body greatly turned me on and I knew I was wet. As Lee slowly rubbed my clit I told Jack to remove my jeans and panties. Jack did this then dipped his head between my legs to taste me for a few minutes before asking Lee if he wanted to have a go. Lee was pretty good, he slipped fingers inside me as he licked and sucked on my clit. I was writhing and getting really excited by a strange mouth on my pussy when Jack gave Lee a condom.

Lee wasted no time and popped out his 6 inches of fat cock, sheathed it and slid it deliciously into my wet pussy. I wanked Jack as Lee fucked me slowly. Soon Jack knelt beside me and offered his thin cock to my mouth which I eagerly accepted.

Neither one wanted to come too soon and Lee suggested a position change and said he wanted to try my mouth. He sat on the sofa and I knelt before him, his cock was unsheathed and I licked the tip as I gripped his base. As I took his length into my mouth, Jack knelt behind me and easily entered me. His cock was long and rigid with a slight curve to it and doggy style was always my favourite with him. Lee's cock still had some pliability to it and I paid attention to the differences as Lee's was the only other cock I had had in my mouth. It felt more pleasant than Jack's to suck on, in that there was more flesh.

Jack began to slam into me and I knew he would cum soon as he never lasted long in that position. I pulled on Lee's cock as I ran my tongue around his shaft, I was pleased to hear him groan in pleasure. Jack muttered an expletive and I felt his semen heat my insides even more as he came. I was quickly repositioned to lay on the floor and Lee lay on top and fucked me quick and hard.

I can't say Lee was any great shakes at sex, he got to live out his fantasy of fucking another man's woman while he watched. I was turned on a lot by having 2 men, even if I never got to orgasm. Jack loved the whole thing so arranged on two more occasions for single guys to visit. They were pretty much the same as with Lee, very pleasant but not fantastic.

After a couple of months, a couple we had been chatting to online invited us to come stay with them for a weekend and we could go to our first swinging party. After making the arrangements for the kids we went.

The couple were large people and were soft swingers, meaning we could do oral but not penetrative sex. I was not attracted to the guy in any way so was quite pleased with this outcome. The first night we were settling into bed when they came into the room and asked if we wanted to play.

I can't remember exactly how we got to where we did, but I was laid on the bed with Michelle bending over me as her husband fucked her from behind. Jack knelt beside me and played with her tits as Michelle began to lick one of my nipples. This was a new experience for me and it felt so good. Michelle moved further down my body and her husband released her so she could get good access to my pussy. Jack moved and I saw his hand go between Michelle's legs and I knew he was finger fucking her. I turned my head to check on Gary and saw his 4 inch cock inches from me. I glanced up at him in question and in answer he thrust his hips forward for me to give him a blow job.

Michelle was very experienced at muff diving and very soon I felt my excitement build to where it seldom went and as Gary shot his load into my mouth I came for the first time because of another woman.

The next evening we went to the party. I felt very self conscious and just stayed downstairs for the first couple of hours but eventually a young couple asked us if we would like to go upstairs and play. Jamie took my hand and led me to the bedroom as Claire and Jack followed.

Everything happened quickly, I was laid on my back on the bed and Jaimie pushed up my top so Claire could suck on my nipples. He then lifted my skirt to my waist and proceeded to move my thong aside and I was quickly squirming as his tongue ran circles around my clit. He entered me with two fingers and I turned to see if Jack was ok. He was more than okay, Claire was on her side suckling on my tits as Jack fucked her.

I was really enjoying Jamie's ministrations when I felt a weight on the bed on my other side, I turned to see another couple had joined us. The woman leaned towards me and seized my free nipple in her mouth, it was an amazing feeling. I saw Gary and Michelle enter the room and as Gary knelt down to work on this woman's pussy, Michelle lay on the end of the bed and took the other mans cock in her mouth.

Jaimie saw what was going on and laughed. He put on a condom and slid his very nice cock into me as he leaned over and played with Michelle's pussy. This was not ideal for me as he really had to reach but the whole thing was so horny. I began to feel I was at sea, rocking and rolling so turned to see why. I found Claire now on top of Jack and they were fucking very hard as Claire now massaged my tit. I decided to repay the favour and tentatively played with her breasts.

Jaimie had a thing for large women so he abandoned me to go down on Michelle, for a second I wondered what to do. Just then another couple entered the room and seeing me without a playmate; the man, Ian came over and dipped between my legs. There was alot of giggling as people jostled around on the limited bed space and we changed partners a few times. There was a lot of fucking, fingering and licking. Really there were too many people and I never quite got to an orgasm. In the end I surrendered and closed my eyes and let what was going to happen happen. At one stage I had a mouth on each nipple a mouth on my pussy and a cock in my mouth and I loved it!

Some months later Jack was chatting to a guy online who was effectively cheating on his wife by swinging alone. Jack liked him and wanted us to meet. Now I must tell you at this stage that Jack was a cross dresser and I had allowed him to seek out a guy to satisfy his curiosity for having a cock himself. He was no longer bi-curious and this new guy; Richard; was bi too. I had never seen two guys together in the flesh so I agreed to meeting him.

Richard was very nervous when he arrived and eventually admitted he had had to stop his car on the way and have a wank because he was so turned on by what could happen. As he was driving we only drank coffee and we sat for a long time chatting about likes and dislikes. We found we had a lot in common and the evening became easier and I was soon stripped naked as Richard and Jack played with my body.

Richard lay me down and in his words, "I am heading south." He spent some time working out what worked on me and what didn't but eventually I was holding onto the arm of the settee having a fantastic orgasm, my first ever from oral. Jack was fascinated as he had spent many years trying to do just that. He spent the next 4 hours sitting across the room watching as Richard brought me to multiple orgasms.

My body was on fire, I had never been so turned on in my life. Richard was so in tune with my body it was as if we were one. We stopped after the 4 hours for a break and I actually went red when the men discussed my orgasms. After the coffee I decided it was time I returned the favour and Richard suggested we try a 69. I liked his cock very much, it was a lot thicker than Jacks but about the same length. i gripped his shaft midway and pulled the skin down gently till my hand was at the base and I took a firm grip and licked the tip. I felt Richard tense at the sensation so I slowly lowered my mouth for him to fill it as my tongue flicked and added pressure to his shaft. He had good control but was soon groaning my name as he brought me to more orgasms.

Jack asked Richard if he minded him fucking me while he was eating my pussy and Richard gave him the all clear. I had to wank Richard as I could not concentrate. I came much easier with Jack fucking me in doggies and as always Jack came quickly and we heard Richard choke slightly as Jacks semen flowed over his face. Recovering, Richard cleaned me up then asked to fuck me.

I rolled onto my back and Richard put on a condom. He was very gentle the first time, slowly he entered me and it felt so right. I squeezed my pussy muscles tightly and was rewarded with a hiss of breath. When he was fully in he lifted my right leg to hook over his shoulder and thrust further into me. I cried out and gripped his forearms tightly. He had waited so long to fuck me, he did not last long but it was really good sex. Not liking to leave a lady wanting he immediately slipped down between my legs again and bought me to an instant orgasm.

We were not finished, we only stopped for a smoke and coffee. We moved to the bedroom and Richard lay beside me sliding his fingers deep inside of me as Jack wanked him back to life. When he was ready, he lay on his back and asked me to be on top. I opened a condom for him to put on then I straddled him and slowly lowered myself on him. i assume his extra girth made this much more pleasurable for me than it did when with Jack. Richard pulled me down to kiss me and Jack moved between our legs and he too entered my pussy for my first; definitely not last; dp. I was stretched and full and in heaven. They fucked me like that for 15 minutes before Jack came. Richard said he was close so I told him I wanted to give him a blow job. Lifting off him I removed the condom and replaced it with my mouth. It only took seconds before he erupted and I swallowed his semen.

i kissed Jack so he could taste Richard and then we all lay recovering for a while. As both men lay on either side of me, Jack broke the silence first.

"How about we have a swingers party. More cock for you and more pussy for me and Richard can lick you out all he wants?

We discussed the logistics for a while and agreed on a party in 2 weeks time. Both men were now sporting hard ons again and I asked tongue in cheek what they proposed to do about them. Jack certainly knew what he wanted.

"Richard can fuck you without a condom as I want to clean his spunk out of you." He stated, "Then if Richard agrees, I will fuck him as you are both in a 69."

I was not too sure on this but Richard was willing so I agreed.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and Richard fucked me, he held my hips tightly as he plunged into me, taking my breath away. I was actually grunting at how far he managed to penetrate me and I came three times before he shot his load into me. Jack replaced him quickly to catch any leakage, I didn't orgasm but it was incredibly hot to have him clean up after another man. He tried his best to make me cum but it never happened and after 30 minutes he gave up. I lay on my back and Richard joined me for the proposed 69. As I took Richard n my mouth I heard Jack unwrap a condom then Richard grunted into my pussy as Jack applied lube to his ass then his own cock. I kept my eyes closed until I knew Jack was in and opening them I saw Jacks cock sliding in and out of Richards ass. I didn't expect to like it, instead I found it highly erotic. I came several times before I felt the tell tale twitch in Richard's cock that he would cum soon.

I knew from experience that if I tickled Jack's balls he would cum almost immediately so just as Richard was about to climax I reached round and fondled and tickled his balls. Both men came at almost the same time and I shuddered to another orgasm.

It had been an amazing night and it was now past dawn so we called it a night. Richard had to drive to work and said everyone would be wondering why he was grinning.

We arranged to meet again the following weekend and see if we could outdo ourselves. Meanwhile we would plan the party and make sure we had some well endowed guys, both straight and bi to have fun with.

We meet a really nice Irish man and a fireman at the party and have some very intense fun, maybe I will tell you more another time.

Hope you enjoyed!
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