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There is a little bit of sexy stuff for you horn dogs out there in this chapter it won’t get too good but it’s all you got for a chapter or 2 due to the plot of the story not being conducive to any play time for a bit after this please do enjoy and as always RATE POSITIVE 
Also authors not here last chapter I made a reference of “little bag sister” for those of you who know they are twins this may be confusing however the sister is a minute earlier however now she is smaller than her big brother who is freakishly tall and big now compared to her


As we entered this beautiful house that apparently her mom had really taken and put in a lot of time she led me directly upstairs to the end of a large hall with a large double door that opened into a completely dark room. As I walked into the room my heart started to race as I remembered that dark night from my childhood and felt my heart racing.

Questioningly I asked “hey, umm, what's in here? Where are...?” as I heard the click of the lights I cut myself off as I truly saw the room for the first time.

The space was a large media room that was dimly lit for Movie Theater like viewing and a large LED 90’ of the wall, however as I looked at the walls I saw a cornucopia of Mel brooks related memorabilia and movie posters. I was taken back at how amazing the site before me was in regards to the overall theatrical vibe her father had worked to create in the space. Then I saw IT on the left side of the wall opposite the Mel brooks memorabilia was boxing gloves and a lot of them in a large 5 by 5 case. they were all legends gloves there was a pair from Frazier, Ali ,Tyson, De La Hoya, Pacquiao, both sugar ray’s, even foreman, and the one and only Rocky Marciano(for those of you who don't know the only fighter to ever go undefeated and untied over his entire career). There were others but it would just make you and I feel both like poop to keep reeling them off.

“Oh my GOD, look at these its all of them I mean everybody who was an anybody ever in boxing”
I realized I should probably stop drooling because that may mess up Shelly’s feelings about me, and currently I was under the assumption they were still half way decent because I hadn't had time to mess everything up yet.

“Yeah my dad gets pretty big in the britches anytime he gets to show that off so when you meet him for the first time you will have to act like that all over again or he might get suspicious about your reaction.”

“Well I didn't know I was already on the fast track to meet him Bart and I just became friends in the last few days so I didn't expect to meet the family any time soon”

”Well what am I then chop liver?” she chortled in sarcasm.

“Umm well uh I uh you’re uh”

“It’s okay I’m just messing with you I don't know what you and I are yet either, so what do you wanna do? wanna watch a brooks movie?”

“haha uh yeah that sounds great.” I gasped, so much for coming out of your shell you big oaf I chided to myself what if she thinks you’re super lame for being that excited what if she thinks you’re not macho enough for her act cool you can do this you can be desirable sure you can come on look at you oh shit I need to check my fly whew okay why do i have such a long crazy ass inner monologue going on oh poop she’s speaking and you’re not paying attention you didn’t hear her oh crap you’re a klutz...”

“.. eh hemmm as I was trying to say do you want to watch space balls or robin hood men in tights?”

‘oh poop what if this is a test to see if I’m not straight or something both of the titles are mistakable for gay innuendos what if she thinks I'm gross damn’ all the while I was really saying gumm uh ah maybe um while switching the movie I was pointing at really fast.’

“Hey big boy relax hahaha I’ll pick if you like...?”

“Oh yess I mean yeah sure umm (cough) (now in my deep voice) urg um sure sounds great.”

“alrighty then...” as she cocks an eyebrow and smirks.

I screwed up oh no what the hell am I gonna do, she thinks I’m weird

“How about we watch Men in Tights cause I’m always up for that?”

As she guides me to her two favorite seats the ones far enough back to see the whole screen at once but also centered enough both people next to each other can see perfectly.

As she put in the movie i got settled and she got up from putting it in to go turn down the lights and it starts to get really dark until the movie starts up

“What do you think of my choice?”

“Urg umm yeah its fine sure” (grunted in my macho voice)

She started laughing and we just kept quiet for a few minutes while watching the movie then she gets close to me by raising the shared arm rest and cuddles up on my chest and whispers into my ear,” quit trying so hard it makes you look fucking hilarious when you’re trying to act macho I already know you’re not really that kind of guy and I’m actually excited by that fact.”

“Really?!” I squeal like a 10 year old schoolgirl, “it makes you excited?”

“Oh yes big boy yess it does” she rasps

At this my ‘excitement’ perks up as well.

Unfortunately in my case what they say about big hands and feet is an understatement so once I found out the concept of measuring my genitalia I could not be cause the ruler was too small, I would put it at about 13 inches give or take half an inch. So here I was in my stupid athletic shorts and my concealment of him is nonexistent and what’s worse is my Willie in its infinite breadth of wisdom thought it would be a good idea to uncoil towards her side of my shorts.

Oh damn I thought quick think of a way to prevent it from being noticed you can d this.
fuck its getting closer oh god what do I … and then it hit me the sudden urge to sneeze a free pass to get out of the room for a second and readjust for concealment.

“ahh...ahhhhh... ahh..ahh ahhh chooooooooo”, and I sneezed so hard that I whiffed my hands and hit the front of the seat in front of me hard with my forehead.

“bless you oh my goodness are you okay.”

“yeah yeah I'm fine let me just step outside for a second”

“oh okay you need me to hit the lights” she clamered

“no no its okay,” I yelp in fear as she gets close to the light switch “it’s okay you can leave them off its fine go sit down and watch the movie it’s all good.”

“hahaha why are you so frightened of the light big guy what’s wrong? Are you covered in snot hahaha.”

“Umm yes actually and I don’t want you to see me like that right now so let me go wash my face. Where the bathroom?”

“It’s down the hall and two doors down to the left.”

“alright thanks sorry" I apologized as I exited with a small amount of light showing through towards my dick as I left I heard a small gasp as the door closed behind me.

Crap I hope she didn’t actually see anything I thought as I sprinted down the hall to the bathroom. I walked in and immediately locked the door behind me I then proceeded to turn on the water and splash my face a few times trying to calm down, when that didn’t work I went to the toilet and had to try and release some of the tension if you know what I mean that only took about a minute and a half as I was extremely aroused by this gorgeous girl, unfortunately that did nothing to quench my arousal and only further aggravated my predicament , then I took a few minutes adjusting so that the length of my rod was hidden by my loose fitting shirt and pressed into my body.

As I walked out I accidentally bumped the door into her as she must have been out listening by the door

'Oh no' busted I thought.

"Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I just thought I saw... umm... I heard noises and wanted to check and see if you were okay."

Ah poop I thought I’d been pretty quiet, now she knows

She did a check of the pants and a quick look and back and must not have seen anything so she said “she was sorry, my bad, oh umm I paused the movie so we could finish together.”

“Oh hahah alright sounds good umm well lets go,” whew close one I thought.

As we walked back I felt a slight movement in my shorts and my dick had decided to start his dirty tricks again and started flopping around and moving from his cover.

I readjusted real quickly and when I did I caught Shelly peeking back and I thought she noticed my actions but she proceeded onward and in no time at all we were back to our previous cuddling position.

As we got farther into the movie the behind the curtain sword scene was coming up and I thought oh no how horrible would it be if that happened to me right now, but wouldn’t you know my butt faced little penis took that as a stage direction to become a full blown erection and I could feel the elastic in my shorts slowly giving way ever so slightly. Of course my heart started racing even faster which of course furthered my condition at an accelerated rate.

To my horror shelly looked over at me at the outset of the scene and said this is one of my favorite parts in the ….” her voice caught as she saw right on cue with the scene my member tenting out and finally broke loose from containment and out of my shorts. Although still masked by my shirt that didn't leave much to the imagination.

“Oh my god that’s a huge fucking cock!!! Wow is that fucking real? I mean are you kidding me right now?” she was yelling at the top of her lungs.

“Umm hey I’m sorry umm please calm down your being really loud. What if someone hears you please don’t tell on me and call me a freak I’m sorry I can’t control it it’s just that you’re so sexy and I can’t”

“Stop, stop yourself right there ‘“she smirked,” this is nothing to be ashamed of in any way.... shape.... or form.” she gasped as she licked her lips.

“I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful and look like such a goddess I can’t control it.” I whined not really noticing her previous comment.

“Calm down it’s not a ‘bad thing’ at all it’s a very very... very big thing but it’s not a bad thing in any way. You shouldn’t disrespect it like that by saying such harsh things about it.”

I’m hyperventilating now from pure fear that she is going to tell on me and I’m going to be shunned from high school and sports and everything I’d just started to enjoy.

“Hey, hey ,hey , calm down. Hey I have a deal for you if you accept it I will not tell anybody.” She lied as I did not ever see that her fingers were crossed but she would go on in the future to tell me they were. It would have made me not accept the deal if I had seen it then but now I look back and realize it was probably to my benefit eventually that it did and I would never speak ill willed of any of her decisions now.

“Umm uh okay, what umm do you want me to do? I’ll do anything I’ll do your homework for the rest of your high school career. I promise I’ll help you cheat on test I’ll do anything!”


“Yes, anything I swear. I promise I will. Just don’t tell anyone!” I groveled at her feet.

“Come back up here, it’s okay I have a deal for you, and since you said anything I guess that means you will have to do it.”

“Yes! I’ll do whatever it is.”

“Okay, Joe well first I want you to....”she paused and smirked at me, “take me on a date tomorrow. I want to see a movie with you then I want you to take me to lunch or dinner depending on when the movie is.”

“Really?.. umm okay well umm I mean I umm”

“Oh do you have someone? That would be pretty awkward for me to get in the middle of that.”

“Oh umm no, I don’t have anybody I just..”

“Okay, well don’t answer yet I’m not done.”

“Oh okay, I’m sorry continue.”

“I also want you to promise to take me on a second date to the mall so I can help you pick up some supplies you’re gonna need for hanging around the ‘cool kids’.”

“Umm alright but I don’t know what you think I need to buy but I don’t really...”

“It’s okay” she cut me off,” I will pay for all of it don’t worry about the money.”

“That’s not what I was gonna say but I just wanted to tell you...”

“Nope I’m still not done yet. Hold on!”

“Oh sorry okay I apologize for interrupting.”

“I also have one finally demand and you can choose to accept or deny it, but regardless we will still have to figure something out about this.” she said as she pointed towards my cock still on edge.

“Oh yeah I’m sorry I can just try and hide him in my-”

“Oh no you misunderstood my real question isn’t that you to have you conceal him it’s can I get rid of (she winked) that need to hide him?”

“Umm what do you mean I’m sorry I don’t understand?”

“Oh my God do I have to spell it out for you?”

I nodded my head yes

She laughed a heartwarming chuckle that said don’t worry about anything I’m here to be your angel.
“Oh you’re gonna be so much fun I can’t wait this should be a pretty crazy adventure I’m about to get myself in, okay smarty pants here it is I want … to take... that large... pink... long... strong... thick... tree trunk cock.... into my mouth (while she made an open mouth gesture) … and give you(she pointed at me)... a blow job.”

Oh my god she had just said something so sultry and endearing at the same time that I could hardly keep my dick from ruining the moment too early.

“Umm wow uh I mean I uh”

“Have you ever had one before?!” she gasped as her eyes went wide.

“Um I uh not um no not really.”

“Oh lover boy you are in for such a treat you won’t know if I’m good or bad either which makes this even more (lick of the lips) enticing for me.”

“Oh umm, well then uh”

“Just nod your head yes or no to the deal.”

I feveranlty shook my head up and down.

She chuckled “I can shake my head up and down to and you’re gonna get to see me do it right...”she quickly whipped out her hand and grabbed my phallus like the hilt of a sword “about..... “ she bent her head down and got in between my legs on her knees in front of me....”now...” she said a she quickly flicked her tongue across the tip

“Oh god that felt amazing!”

“Well I hope you’re not too excited that’s nothing compared to what’s coming up next.” Then she stuck out her tongue and twirled it around my large bulbous head.

I had to start to clutch the arm rest and then realized she had stopped.

“Ah aha ah no handles unless they are me big boy” with that she lifted the armrests to remove them from my reach.

At that she slowly lowered her head while looking up into my eyes and she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started twirling her tongue inside of it. I could feel her hot saliva swirling around the head of my engorged penis.

I started to moan and grabbed onto her head with one hand and hair with the other.

Apparently this made her very hot because she started to slowly bob her head further and further down my cock while squeezing her eyes shut and really going to town on my sword. I kept trying to pull her off by her hair because I thought she might start to choke but she kept going farther and farther, harder and harder. She slowed down and started to slowly come up one last time and then she got to the head and she came off with a popping noise it felt so amazing that I almost came right there.

I said “Wow that was amazing it felt so good!”

“Oh I’m not done yet big boy don’t get too excited the fun isn’t even close to over.”

“Oh alright, I’m sorry hahaha.”

“It’s okay. That’s alright, by the way when you were trying to tug me free by the hair don’t do that big boy I can handle myself,” she winked “I know my abilities in this better than you so don’t worry you’re not going to kill me.”
“Oh okay I’m sorry did I hurt your head?”

“Oh hahaha ,no no it feels great just not too hard. Also I really like having my head forced down from the top so I liked where your right hand was on the top of my head.”

“Oh okay I can try and push you down a little it won’t hurt you though will it?”

“Oh big boy I hope it does just a little or this wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Oh alright.”

“Also one question for you okay?”

“Uh yeah sure. Ask away.”

“Umm does he have a name?”

“A name??? “

“Yeah, a name like a name you call him.”

“Umm no, I mean not really at all so...”

“Oh goody do you mind if I name him?” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Umm sure I guess, but I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well basically I want you two to have separate names so I can let him know I’m acknowledging him.”

“Oh uh sure I guess what I did you have in mind?”

“Oh well let me think it up to you if you want to let me name him you know what sure it sounds like it will be fun.”

“Yessssss!” she exalted like a kid winning an arcade game.

“Haha alright ,well think about it and tell me what you think.”

“Okay umm give me a second... “she sat there look at my cock just staring then she started moving and looking at it from different angles and sides, She started twisting it this way, bending it into different positions and stroking it , watching how the skin moved and rippled... “I got it wanna hear?”

“Sure go ahead, shoot.”

“Okay as long as you promise you won’t yet.”

“Hahaha alright what is it?”

“I have decided to name him... Charlie.” she stated confidently.

“Hahaha why Charlie? Where did you come up with that?”

“He just looked like a Charlie that’s all. I’m sorry you didn’t like it.”

“Oh no, I like it I really do and so does Charlie but I mean I just don’t really get how you came up with it ,that’s all.”

“Well that’s how. I just think he looks like a Charlie.”

“Alright haha I can live with that hahaha.”

“So now may I resume my activities?”

“Oh yes you may!” I exclaimed as Charlie rose up in her face.

“Eh hemm I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Charlie and asking his permission.”

“Oh haha sorry continue by all means then.”

She took me by the shaft and started stroking and then asked extremely seductively, “Is that what my big Charlie wants?”

“Yes! Yes!” I shouted.

“Okay then.” she lustfully smiled.

Then she took my cock and licked in single long licks all the way up and down my shaft on both sides of my rock hard cock. She looked deep into my eyes which I had noticed by now was something she really enjoyed doing or at least acted like it was. As she slowly bobbed her head down to about half my length my while working the lower half in a twisting pumping motion with her small little hands that didn’t even fit all the way around my cock.

As she bobbed up and down I felt myself start to hit the back of her throat and got worried just then she came off slowly with another pop that sent my world on fire.

“Hey! Get ready for this I think you’re gonna like it, but just so you know don’t expect every girl to be able to do this right away.”

“What do you me..... Ahh awwww ahhhhhh!”

She swiftly had taken my cock down her mouth and was at the halfway point bobbing up and down extremely fast driving me wild. Then out of nowhere I feel her throat open up and she started to take more of me in her mouth. As I slowly watched probably about 8 inches of my cock disappeared down her throat ,I couldn’t believe my eyes as I started to see her throat expand and I watched as she kept taking in more and more of my cock until she got down to 9 and a half to maybe ten inches of my cock before she quickly started bobbing up and down but not passing that point and I was in heaven as I felt her clinching her throat muscles and making swallowing movements on my cock that just made me nearly blow my top. With that she slowly came up and once again ended with show stopping pop that had made me seeing stars.

“She was gasping for a few seconds before saying wow it’s so big I still couldn’t take all of it damn how big is it??!?!”

“I umm I think it’s about a foot.”

“Are you being modest? Charlie doesn’t like you being modest.” she said as she started working Charlie up and down as fast as she could because he was covered in her spit and saliva. She was working him at lightning speed.

“Umm okay he’s longer than a ruler so I don’t know how long he really is.”

“Oh my god! Charlie you’re such a big boy aren’t you? Just like my other big boy here. So how about I stop holding back and let you cum does that sound good?”

“Oh god yes! I mean you could go on forever if you want I wouldn’t complain I mean it’s all up to you.”
“Oh no don’t worry I’m pretty excited about trying you out.”

I didn’t get what she meant at that time but I would soon.

As she lowered her head I looked into her deep blue eyes and said “Please please don’t wait any longer! Please make me cum!”

“Oh baby I can do that for you! Hot stuff and thus she began a furious assault on my cock with her sexy lashing tongue all over the head of my cock and in the sensitive part right below it where the 2 different skins meet and it took her maybe 50 seconds before I even realized I don’t have anywhere to cum “I’m sorry I didn’t think about it.”

Then she came off with a pop and said “Don’t worry I got this.”

Then went back on to my cock bobbing as fast as her body would let her and I shouted “I’m cumming look out!”
With that I felt my cock start plastering the inside of her mouth and then I felt her swallowing my jizz as it came out spurt after spurt I got down to about the 5th spurt and was still cumming harder than I’d ever came before in my whole life. I was amazed at about the 8th spurt she stopped swallowing but kept sucking the cum straight out of my balls with determined force.

Then slowly she came off my cock with no pop keeping her lips together instead stopping at the very tip of the head and sucking a few last times making sure she’d drank every last ounce of my cum.

I looked at her and said “You’re amazing I can’t believe how great that felt are you okay? was it too much?”

She shook her head nope.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded furiously yes.

I said “Why aren’t you speaking?” then I noticed her cheeks were puffed out like she had bunch of air in her mouth pushing out her cheeks. then she winked and tilted her head back and opened her mouth to show me my creamy white seed overflowing and pooled in her mouth like a well then she started twirling her tongue around and letting me watch her stir it all around with her tongue then she closed her mouth and in one biggggg gulp she swallowed every last ounce. I was instantly blown away at how gratifying and endearing the final act of her showing and swallowing the last of my cum was.

“It wasn’t too much for you was it? It didn’t taste too bad, right?” I worried.

Sexily she whispered “Oh no big boy you actually tasted sweet it was extremely tasty.”

“Really ?!”

“Yeah,I know right not many guys are like that.”


“Yup, most of them are salty or just overall gross from what I hear.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is and its very much to your benefit because I really like how it tasted and may just have to come back for a second order.”

“Haha umm really uh that uh it sounds wonderful,”

“Shelly, I really enjoyed it that’s all you gotta say don’t worry.”

“Oh whew you knew what I was saying, good I’m sorry I don’t uh umm have uh much confidence around women.”

“Really and you have this huge schlong hanging between your legs I mean seriously cum on your balls are like freaking pool balls.”

“Uh yeah I guess I mean I don’t really know how I stack up against other you know....”

“Oh Joe don’t worry you have nothing to worry about because I know and let me tell you there probably isn’t anything bigger out on the market.”

“Really well umm uh that’s good right?”

“Yesss! Big boy yes it is she seductively whispered.

“Alright well what time do you uh want to uh?”

Oh here’s my number she whipped out her phone and reached into my pocket and pulled out mine and put her number in and my number in hers in maybe a 10 second times gap.

“Well alright uh I’ll text you when I get home?” I questioningly asked

“Oh yes you will big boy.”

“Alrighty then.”

“Ooh let me walk you to the door. As we hurried down the steps, her skipping in every step, and me trying to keep up we reached the door and she said “Wait Joe? “

“Yes what’s....”

She began violently attacking my mouth with an entourage of sweet delectable kisses that had me on cloud nine.

“Don’t forget to text me!” she said finally after breaking our kiss.

“Okay Shelly I won’t.”

As I walked outside and she shut the door behind me I started jogging home and as I was getting close I noticed something was off about the area. It was smoky like someone was burning wood out; no it wasn’t just wood it was a lot of things. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but as I got closer to my house I started hearing sirens off in the distance. As I got about 10 blocks away I saw a big cloud of smoke emanating in the sky up ahead and quickly shot into overdrive and was rounding the final corner in less than 2 minutes. I had been hearing the sirens get louder and louder I realized they were fire trucks and they were in front of my house... I watched my burning house and I was starting to feel the heat flow off of it and saw the flames roaring and I stood there dumbfounded by what I was watching my house become engulfed by flames.....

(To be continued…? Please rate and comment and criticize all comments and concerns are reviewed by me. Comments on grammar and spelling will not be taken with head because I am not a professional writer. Also if anyone has any suggestions those are always taken into consideration especially now that I’m back to having to write more of the story cause I’m out of reserves to post as I go. Also I am currently under the weather so I may not able to finish another chapter for a little while guys but hey if you all RATE POSITIVELY my spirits may be lifted enough to push my production output harder. Rate Positively as always if you vote down please leave you reason why on the comments. I can’t get better if no one tells me what they don’t like.)

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really is deleting your account any better than being a coward?

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2013-05-30 21:31:08
My advice would be to not just blow off everything that I'm saying, either. You asked for criticism, so I'm giving it to you. I'm just pointing all of this out to help _you_ become a better author. Ultimately, though, it's up to you whether you want to actually listen or not.

You do have a good story here and I think that you can definitely attract a good fanbase with this. But if you keep going about your writing as you currently are, then you'll never reach that potential. The grammar issues especially will just turn off so many readers that they won't care how good the story is. They'll just simply refuse to read it.

That's really all I have to say about it.
Either become better or risk losing your own readers.

Also, begging for postive ratings won't help. If you really want positive ratings, then earn them.

(Part 2/2)

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I'm giving it a negative.

Even though your plot is pretty good, your horrendous grammar and spelling just make the story unbearably difficult to read. You may not be a professional author, as you said, but that is still no excuse to have such bad grammar. I'm really not exaggerating when I say that it's that bad.

Not only that, but the dialogue felt pretty forced at times as well. There was also the issue that it became a little difficult to tell who was saying what at times.

My advice would be to start proofreading your work seriously. Don't take the lazy way out and just make excuses all the time. Learn from some of the authors on this site. They're not professionals either, yet they constantly make professional level work. Take your creations seriously as well. Give them the attention they deserve and try to make them the best they can be.

If you really can't do that yourself, then try to find an editor who can help do it for you. There's plenty out there.

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