New story consisting of gay chubby people having sex. Hope ya enjoy. if it starts well, then chapters will be made. Also, im trying MUCH harder on spelling on grammar. So sorry if its still bad! ENJOY!!!
It had been a while since I hooked up with anyone, since not everyone likes
being with chubby guys. I started to notice one of my neighbors, a college
student who was pretty heavy. He looked like he was about 5'8 and 280
pounds. He had dark blond hair. He was about 18. I often saw him outside,
but never with friends. I was always pleasant with him, but just usually a
hi how your doing. One day I was taking my laundry to the laundry room,
and he was going in at the same time. I started chatting with him. He
looked pretty down.

I asked him how he was doing, and he gave the obligatory answer of fine. I
said, if he didnt mind me saying, he looked pretty unhappy. He told me he
was ok, just lonely. He told me he didn't have too many friends, and just
wished he had someone to hang out with. I asked him if he tried dating, and
he said no one was interested in him. I felt really bad for him, and told
him if he wanted to hang out with me sometime, he was always welcome to come
over. He smiled and seemed to relax. We went up to my apartment, and I got
him a coke while we waited for our laundry to get done.

I told him that when I was younger, I was lonely a lot too. I told him that
most people are uncomfortable with chubby guys, because we are not built
like them, and we probably scare them, because they could gain weight
themselves. He told me he hated himself because he was chubby. I told him
I felt that way too when I was his age, until I discovered the Fellowship of
Chubs. He asked what that was, and I explained that the Fellowship of Chubs
is made up of chubby guys and those who love us. We know how to show each
other affection and how to make our bodies feel good. We give pleasure to
one another, and learn to love our bodies.

He repeated to me that he hated his body, and I told him I thought he had a
great body, and he would learn to like it too if he could learn to unlock
the pleasure he could have. I asked if he wanted me to show him how he
could like his body. He was hesitant but said ok. I asked if I could take
his shirt off. He nodded, and I unbuttoned his shirt, and looked at his
smooth chest, and nice round breasts. I sat in front of him, and started to
gently caress his chest, circling his nipples with my fingertips, watching
them get hard. He purred as I played with his breasts and rubbed his
stomach with the palms of my hands. He took his shirt off, and put his
hands behind his head, exposing his armpits, which had sweaty blond hair. I
sniffed under his arms, and ran my fingertips along his pits and started
licking them. He moaned softly as i started to suck his nipples and play
with his pit hair. I moved down and licked his navel, and felt the trail of
hair that went down from his navel and disappeared into his pants. I
noticed his cock was hard and pressing against his jeans. I started to rub
it, and he unzipped his pants and let me pull them down. I pulled them
down and felt his cock through his cum stained breifs. I told him I thought
he was hot. I asked if he had ever been touched like this before, and he
said he hadn't. Then I asked him if he minded me doing this with him, and
he said he never felt this good.

I started gently massaging his thighs, which he had spread wide. I ran my
fingers up and down his inner thighs, as he rubbed his cock through his
breifs. I moved up to his crotch, and felt his cock throbbing. He had a
really big cock for a chubby guy. I pulled down his breifs and took them
off. I sniffed them, and they had a strong crotch scent, like he wore them
for more than a day. I put them aside, and started to lick and then suck
his balls. He moaned loudly as I licked from his balls to his ass. I
squeezed his hard cock, and licked the head, tasting his leaking precum. I
told him I was doing this because I think he is hot, and his body is
exciting to me. I swirled my tongue around his head, and took his cock in
my mouth. I started to move up and down his shaft, as i gently pulled on
his balls. He started to thrust his cock into my mouth, and I could feel
his pubes tickling my nose. He held my head and thrust his cock in and out
of my mouth. I was rubbing my cock through my pants as he face fucked me
harder and faster. I felt his cock throb and expand in my mouth and he shot
rope after rope of cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

When he was done, I kissed him passionately as our toungues explored
eachother's mouths. I told him how hot he was and how much I loved his sexy
body. He asked me if I would do that for him again sometime. I said we are
in Chub Fellowship, and I would do anything he wanted to please him. He
said "anything?" and I said I would. He told me he wanted to see me naked,
and he started to pull off my shirt. I stood up and let him undress me
completely. He felt me all over, and wrapped his hand around my hard cock.
He started stroking me as his other hand explored my balls and ass. His cock
got hard again as he handled me all over, He asked if I would let him handle
my body whenever he wanted, and I told him I would. He asked me if i had
ever been fucked, and I said that I had. He asked if i liked it and I told
him I did. He said he would like to fuck me but wasnt sure how. I lay back
on the bed on my back, and he started to stroke my cock harder. I told him
to go faster so he would make me cum. My cock was smaller than his, so he
handled it more easily. I started to throb, and he watched as I shot my
load on my chest. He licked some of it and said it was good.

I told him to scoop the cum off my chest and rub it on his cock. He made a
moaning sound as he lubed his cock with my cum. I pulled my legs on my
chest, and had him line his hard cock agaisnt my hole. He pushed in slowly
as his cock slid into me. I told him how good his cock felt inside me. I
loved feeling his cock slide in and out of my ass. He leaned his face in
and kissed me as he fucked me. I moaned loudly as he thrust into me harder
and faster. I played with his nipples as he fucked me. I told him how much
I loved him fucking me. He said he loved fucking me and wanted to do it
again and again. I clamped my ass down on his cock, and he started to shoot
his second load into me. He thrust his cock into my ass to the hilt, I
wrapped my legs around him.

He pulled his cock out of me and I surprised him by sucking his cock clean.
I told him how much I loved being with him and we could do this anytime he
wanted. He said he would be back tomorrow.

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2016-04-15 01:22:00
So hot hot hot hot hot

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2016-04-12 19:55:09
Suprising to hear about what I have learned along time ago that the chubby guys are forlorn as they think the wrong way, I find that the chubby boys like there cocks sucked just as well as skinny ones, and it seems like the chubby ones eat cum much better as my friend is chubby and he loves to eat my cum.

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2016-01-11 01:27:26
i had a neighbor boy about 16 who was on the chubby side and was very lonely I asked him why he said nobody wants anything to do with him, I suggested he come over and play dominos witih me he did and after a few sessions we talked about sex and he ended up sucking my cock and liked it and I did his as well sucking his.

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2015-03-18 05:37:13
More please it is v exciting

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2013-07-15 02:57:11
loved it so much! but i would put more details in the sex parts,not to be negtive just sayin ^-^

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