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Chapter 2
Norma’s secret life
By edmondl

Chapter 2

Norma's love for her dog grew stronger and stronger. The love she’d had for her husband died. The dog was more than her pet, he was her lover. She had learned how to control her pelvic and vaginal muscles. She was able to tighten her pussy muscles around the dog's hard cock to keep him inside her pussy longer. All Stan ever did was to roll on top of her, push his small cock unceremoniously into her pussy. After a few quick thrusts he would finish, pull his flaccid cock out and roll over and go to sleep. Stan’s cock was so small that she couldn’t hold him inside her pussy after he had finished. The result was that Stan always left her sexually frustrated and unfulfilled.
The result was always the same, leaving her with a craving for orgasmic release. The only way was to wait until she heard Stan snoring. She’d quietly slip out of bed and creep to the laundry, open the back door and let Toby in. Sex with Toby always left her sexually satisfied if it hadn’t been for that fateful afternoon she would have continued in an unfulfilled married life. Sex with Toby was to be very different on this particular night.
When Toby entered the laundry he immediately pushed his nose up between Norma’s thighs, Norma shuddered as he pushed his cold wet nose against her hot slit, and started licking seconds he forced the tip of his tongue between the lips of her cunt; his rough tongue was driving her toward her orgasm every time his tongue made contact with her sensitive clit. He was licking and slurping at remnants of Stan’s cum. Norma spread her legs even wider. She couldn't hold back any longer, she climaxed her harder than ever before. Her legs went all rubbery; it took all the strength she could muster to remain on her feet. After settling down she quickly pulled her nightdress up and discarded it
The whole time Toby kept licking at her pussy, his rough tongue was going deeper into her open pussy; it was as if he was softening her up like he would a bitch, before mounting her. Her vagina was dripping with her juices and his saliva as he kept lapping at her pussy.
Realising that Stan might awaken and find her completely naked with their, so she opened the door, let herself out and Toby quickly followed her out into the yard and they headed for a secluded spot in the far corner of the yard with Toby sniffing and licking her ass and pussy as she walked.
She had never attempted to have sex with Toby outside in the open before. Even though the night air was quite warm Norma shivered a little as if she were cold. In her excitement her arms and legs felt weak as she was sinking to her knees to assume the doggie position Toby was wrapping his legs around her waist, trying his best to get his lengthening cock into her. She hadn’t quite reached her hands and knees, when she felt the hot pointed tip of his cock probing between her ass cheeks. Leaning forward she dropped and supported her upper body with her hands planted firmly on the soft grass, in doing so she dislodged Toby’s hot cock from between her ass cheeks and it slid between her thighs and briefly brushed against the parted lips of her hot pussy.
Letting go of her, he slid off her back.
Dropping her head down lower, she spread her knees and poked her ass into the air. She knew her pussy lips were gaping open, in anticipation of him getting his cock into her. He quickly mounted her again, wrapping his forelegs tightly around her waist. There was just enough moonlight for Norma to look back between her swaying tits and see her swollen hairy mound nestled between her legs and his hard dripping cock as he mounted her again. She wasn’t sure if her pussy was at the right height for him as she watched him thrusting his thickening cock at her pussy. He pumped his hips back and forth as he sprayed her ass and pussy with precum. Several probing thrusts later, he found the entrance to her overheated pussy, with the pointed tip of his hot cock as the tip of his hot cock slid between her pussy lips; he gripped her waist tighter and shoved hard. She felt his long thickening cock savagely driven way up into her. She climaxed again.
She could feel his cum squirting into her as he pumped his thick cock in and out, driving it deeper into her vagina with every savage thrust. Then when she felt his knot pushing against her pussy lips it and she knew what it was, and as it grew bigger and harder with every thrust. She knew he was going to force his knot into her, and empty the rest of his cum laden testicles into her. He gripped her even tighter and savagely thrust his hind quarters forward and upwards again. His shove was so hard that half of his knot was forced through the outer opening to her soon to be ravished cunt. Pulling back slightly Toby tightened his grip around her waist, his sharp nails digging into her skin. And savagely thrust forward her cunt stretched around the growing knot, Norma had to bite her lip to stop from screaming her cunt closed tightly around it the knot in his cock expanded to an even greater size through the tight opening to her vaginal passage. They were now tied together.
She felt the pointed tip of his cock was pushing hard against the tiny opening in her cervix. The pressure deep inside her cunt was for the first time turning towards pain, his cock thickened deep inside her. He was thrusting back and forth with short rapid strokes. Norma pushed back to meet his thrusts. With a final thrust the pointed tip of his hard cock found the tiny opening in the entrance to her womb. As the tiny entrance was invaded by Toby’s cock he pulled back slightly, gripping her waist tighter with his forelegs he thrust savagely forward again. Norma felt something deep inside her give and his cock painfully entered the neck of her womb. The painful thrust bought tears to her eyes again. Then she felt his hot cum squirting, deep inside her. As he continued to empty all of his sperm filled liquid deep inside her womb. She climaxed again. It was as if she were a bitch. Lifting his hind leg he turned on her and they were locked together like a bitch and a dog, his throbbing cock locked tightly inside her cunt.
The only thought going through her mind was, “Stan can’t do it, can you?” She knew what she wanted wasn't possible but she still wanted it to happen. “I wish you could knock me up, that would teach Stan,” she whispered to the dog.
Norma had always wanted to have a baby for as long as she could remember. She felt pressure building inside her as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled her womb and vaginal passage. When he tried pull out of her, but all he managed to do was painfully drag her with him. She tried to stand up without success. There was no way he could pull his swollen cock out of her. The knot locked inside her had almost doubled in size as his cock kept jerking shooting inside her. She climaxed again which was followed by another and then another.
Sometime later the knot in his cock began to decrease until he able to pull his cock came out of her cunt. His cock came out with a loud wet pop followed by doggie cum running freely from her ravished cunt to the ground. Toby turned and licked and cleaned Norma’s pussy his saliva bonding her pussy lips together sealing his puppy making cum inside her. She finally managed to stand up on shaky legs, Norma watched briefly as Toby lay down and licked and cleaned his blood engorged wet cock, and then she headed for the laundry to clean herself up, noticing that there was a little dog cum leaking from her cunt. She was satisfied for the time being. Although she knew that the satisfaction she felt wouldn't last for very long.
It was nearly 2 AM when Norma finally went into the guest room to get some sleep. Because her sexual hunger for Toby was growing she preferred to sleep in the guest room. As Stan was a heavy sleeper, but the thought of him waking up didn’t impress her at all. If Stan were to wake up he would want to fuck her with his puny little cock. She wouldn’t have been able to explain the amount of cum that was still in her pussy.

To be continued

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2017-01-26 02:03:44
One word great


2014-03-10 13:52:38
"Norma;s Secret Life Ch. 02:" - Norma and Stanley, and Toby (Housewife and Husband, and Family Dog)

I am totally in Norma's corner, in hope and fantasy, that her dog Toby could impregnate her!!!!! This story being fiction and fantasy, I'll use my imagination. Of course with her husand Stan's no-staying-power, scrawny, punny dick it is unlikely he could ever impregnate a piss-ant, much less his wife!

Hopefully the writer is of the same thought and further chapter(s) is/are forthcoming! Our horny, insatiable Norma hopes so too!!!

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2013-07-11 11:17:16
"Incest" is one of the tags ???? otherwise a good story.

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2013-06-25 11:31:16
Next time, please leave a space between paragraphs and proof-read before submitting. You omitted a word - you wrote "...naked with their, so she...". Good proof-reading should have caught this error.

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2013-05-30 13:29:26
All I can say is "WOW". What a great story and vivid diions. More-More-More !! (countrycadillac)

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