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VNorma’s secret life Ch. 4
By edmondl

Chapter 4

As far as she was concerned Stan was going to become nothing more than an image of incompetence, a failure as a husband and she would remember him as a man with a cock so small that satisfaction was impossible. Looking at Toby sitting in the passenger seat she knew that he could calm the raging fire in her stomach that left her yearning for a hot hard cock. Toby, since that first day had always been able to keep her satisfied. Norma had never known another man’s caresses. Stan had taken her virginity. She had never known that sex was a two way affair with a lot of give and take. All she knew was that Stan had always been all take and no give. His lovemaking had always been brief and unrewarding. Toby on the other hand was more than a lovable pet he was an excellent lover and one who could never tell anyone about their affair.
Norma came to the realisation that Stan had most likely guessed what was happening between Toby and herself. She had always been careful and her personal hygiene and her cleanliness were always above reproach. It was always the same after being fucked senseless by Toby that she had a doggy smell about her. It was the main reason that she always showered after sex with the dog.
As she drove she was thinking about the times she’d had with Toby and how it felt when the dog shoved his hot cock into her. The more she reminisced the hotter she got. Her panties were soaking wet, she could smell the odour of her own excitement. Then looking at Toby sitting in the passenger seat she saw that three or four inches of his cock was poking out. Sideway glances at Toby’s emerging cock only added fuel to the fire that was burning inside her pussy. She knew that if she could smell herself that Toby also smelt her arousal. The dog moved toward her but she pushed him away, saying “No! Toby.”
That was when Norma suddenly realised that she had turned off the road and was driving toward her parents; home, six miles from the main road. Toby started howling and jumping around. She stopped the car and let him out. He made his way to the nearest tree and urinated. Norma also realised the she needed to relieve herself as well. They were a mile off the main road and still a long way from the farm house. Norma lifted her short skirt, pushed her panties down and squatted to pee.
The dog had never watched her urinate before. He bounded over to Norma stuck his nose up between her legs and started licking her pussy through the stream of urine. After she finished urinating she stood up pulling her panties up and lowered her and smoothed skirt into place. Toby’s licking had left her so hot. Unlike all dogs Toby was more interested in his mistress’s pussy than in any canine bitch. By licking her pussy gave him the chance to get her really worked up and to get himself ready. As she walked back to the car Toby stuck his head up under her skirt, gripped her panties in his teeth and pulled, his attack on her panties was so swift that Norma wasn’t ready. With a quick jerk Toby ripped the crotch of her panties to shreds.
Reaching the car Norma took the blanket off the back seat and spread it on the ground. “I guess I am not being fair to you, Toby,” she whispered.
She had never had sex with Toby out in the open, it had always been when they were always either in the seclusion of the house or in amongst the shrubs and bushes in her garden. This was something different and it aroused her immensely. Norma undid her skirt, let it drop to the ground and stepped out of it. Pushing her torn panties down; she discarded them. Naked from her waist down she stepped onto the blanket and knelt down and leaned forward and supported her upper body with her arms and hands. Spreading her knees wider, she lowered her head and looked back beneath her body. Toby didn’t need any prompting pushed his nose against her pussy and started licking again. She knew that her pussy gaping open, the dog was forcing his rough tongue right up into her pussy and teasing her sensitive clit.
It was Toby who decided it was time to mount his white assed bitch. Jumping onto her back, gripping her slender waist tightly with his forelegs he nipped her on the back of the neck. He knew exactly where her hot pussy hole was, they'd had sex often enough. The moment the tip of his hard cock found her hot opening he squirted precum into her and with hard shove. He rammed his hard doggy cock all the way into her. She had never had sex with her dog in such an open area before and it excited her immensely. She felt more like a bitch than ever.
Toby forced his slightly swollen knot into her on the first shove; her hot cunt swallowed the swelling knot with ease; his knot instantly swell as pussy lips closed around it. His hot cum gushed into her, first a hot thin liquid followed by the thicker sperm laden cum. Norma climaxed uncontrollably. She could feel the pointed head of his cock pushing into the tiny opening of her cervix. They were locked together. She felt the pointed tip of his cock pushing hard against the tiny opening in her cervix. The pressure deep inside her cunt was turning towards pain, his cock lengthened and thickened deep inside her. Pulling back slightly he thrust savagely forward again, she pushed back to meet his thrust. Right at that moment the pointed tip of his hard cock found the tiny opening in her cervix. When he pushed it up into her she closed her legs and clamped down with her pussy muscles. As he filled her cunt with his cum, she felt a strange sensation deep within her abdomen, a feeling that she had never felt before.
Forty minutes later they parted, Norma retrieved her skirt dressed and getting back into the car and they continued their journey.
Norma’s pussy felt full and she could feel the dog’s cum oozing out of her. She felt a little pool growing in the crack that led to her arse. She was feeling uncomfortable mainly because she hadn’t bothered to put any panties on and her ass was sticking to the leather upholstered driver’s seat. The feeling she had deep in her stomach was something new to her. She knew that Toby couldn’t get her pregnant. Norma was scared as she was thinking, “What if Mum finds out what I’ve been doing with Toby. What will she say or more to the point what will she do about it.”

To be continued

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2014-03-10 14:41:14
"Norma's Secret Life Ch. 04" - Norma, and Toby - (Seperated Wife, and Her Dog)

Maybe that queasy, uneasy feeling she has deep in her sexual cavities it somehow, someway the probablitiy that she might have the ability to be impregnated by her lover dog Toby!!

Now that her weiner-dick husband being gone his separate way, and Norma is now in "love" with her dog, she still has a problem to solve as to her having additional children!! Maybe she and her father will consummate a daughter and father love, and he will sire several children with her!

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2013-05-30 19:55:12
I liked this a lot , Thanks

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2013-05-30 07:32:23
Let mom be raped by toby and dad watch

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2013-05-30 01:50:23
Wow amazing just what i was looking for if there is incest make it mum and daughter no dad or brother just lesbian incest with bestiality

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