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This is my first attempt of writing a story so please help my adding a comment telling me how I could change. I often make my plots lame so please give me ideas if you want to. Is often make a lot of mistakes so please don't mind and I'm also looking for an is you want to be my editor please PM me
This first story is a little short but if it turns out good then i will post them longer.


The streets were deserted and cars were parked randomly on the road. A lone boy in his teens ran about through the mess . His house had been destroyed and his family had been either eaten or infected. I am this boy and this is my story.

It was nearly mid day and i have survived another night. I still haven't found any other survivors and i feel like i will never find another either.

As i walked through the debris that was once my home until the zombies have destroyed it last night i hear a soft rustling sound nearby. I remember my lesson from yesterday on how i shouldn't go to places that might hide zombies. However, curiosity drew me in and i slowly walk towards the collapsed building.

I kneel down and dig into the bricks hoping to find a survivor. for it had been 2 days since i had seen any life form besides zombies which don't quite count. As i dig my fingers into the bricks a hole comes into view. As i peek in my heart suddenly stops a beat.

What I see in through the hole gives me a shock. 2 people were tied to a rope and and just besides them was a man being eaten by 2 zombies. The other people were probably going to be next. I didn't want my first survivors in days to be eaten so i had a closer look to see if any o f the survivors were infected. But after inspecting i found that they were alive but definitely not healthy.

After planing my escape route i jump into the hole with my old wooden base ball bat. I quickly ran to one of the zombies and practically hit its brains out. As the second zombie tried to claw at my feet i kick it in the eyes and hit it with my base ball bat at full speed. This resulted it the zombies head flying of it's shoulders and exploding when receiving the impact from the wall.

I stared at the corpse of the dead man before jogging to the survivors that were tied up. Upon releasing them they cried and moaned about their dead father. This was util they finally noticed that someone had saved them. They stared up at me with those crystal clear eyes and stood up slowly this was when i noticed that the survivors were actually females that were about my age.

The way back out was harder than getting in so i decided to stay in the building for the night. Then i turn to face the girls

To my surprise instead if thanking me the huddled against each other and cried. " why are you crying" i asked.
" Do whatever you want to me but please leave my sister alone." the older one shouted.
"What do you mean ?" I asked
" I mean please don't rape my sister!" She replied.
"Why would i do that" I said as i chuckled.
"The man on the ground that got eaten wanted to rape us!" She exclaimed.
"Why would he do that, you two are like one of the past survivors left!"I said
"He said we were hot chicks and wanted to have sex with us but we didn't want to so he tied us up" she said still having tears dripping down her eyes.

Now looking the two girls i notice they actually do look like hot chicks, they had a slim body a nice c cup and look stunning if you don't count the dirt stains on their face.

So lets forget that i say as i hand them a tin of canned food that i manage to take from the local shop. They stare at the tuna like hungry wolves and they gobble the whole tin down in a few minutes.

Covering the hole in the top with bricks i start a small fire as we sit there talking to each other.i soon find out that the girls names are Kaitlyn and Wendy(Kaitlyn is the older sister). And without warning we drift off into our dreams.

I open my eyes and feel someone lying next to me it was Kaitlyn. As i look at her she looks back and sits up. It wasn't until then had i noticed that both of us were naked. She shuffled on her knees until her wet pussy was just above my rock hard cock at that moment my heart was going to explode.
"This is my first time" said Kaitlyn nervously
"Me too "i said as my heart was pounding so fast that it was nearly visible.

Then suddenly without warning she impaled her soaking wet pussy upon my cock as i penetrated her taking her virginity. She moan in both pain and pleasure causing me to nearly ejaculate, also some blood had now flown down my shaft and onto my balls meaning she really was a virgin. Kaitlyn recovered and started slowly moving up and down on my shaft moaning and attempting to fit the whole length of my monster cock into her. Inch by inch she finally fit in the whole 10 inches of my enormous cock and started to lift her body a bit until letting go and falling on my cock this drove her to new heights as she orgasmed. My cock felt so good inside her tight pussy as it milked my cock.

Suddenly i couldn't hold it anymore and cummed into her pussy filling her up. Kaitlyn took herself off my dick and laid next to me again. I went so suck on her leaking pussy and closed my eyes.

Upon opening them i find myself looking in mid air. Then i look at my pants and curse"damn not another fucking wet dream!"

I look at the girls finding them still fast asleep. Then i hear the bang of bricks the moan of zombies remembering that it was still dawn mean that... Zombie could move freely.

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2013-07-19 07:34:32
I didn't really get into it you should like the other guy said make your dick abit smaller to a realistic 6/7 inches

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-02 20:07:50
Bad grammar and spelling, nothing original in a very stereotypical plot with no background.


2013-06-01 11:25:20
Thank you guys for those who love reading my story. chapter two will be out right after i proof read it. Hope you keep on read:)

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-31 09:19:01
I gave you a positive rating, although you should have proof read your story before posting it. I found numerous gramatical errors that should have been caught by proof reading. I am not into the zombie fad but you did a credible job of putting them into your story. Next time I suggest you put a bit more graphic details into zombie mealtime and especially the sex. Overall, you have written a nice story. With a little more age, English education, and real life sexual experience you can become a decent porn writer. I suggest a part two in which you loose the ten inch cock in favor of a more realistic six to seven inches, and use it to take the virginity of both girls. That is after you save them another time or two. Good luck.
Lucky Mann

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2013-05-31 01:06:12
Didn't love it but as far as i can tell it is above par for original stories on this site. Good job on the little twist of having a wet dream instead of just jumping into the sex scenes. The opening was bland and remember just cause you have a story set in a zombie apocalypse doesn't mean its automatically good, the setting dose not equal plot. That's where a lot of zombie stories go wrong. You did good but you have a lot you could improve on.

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