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I become my teacher's sex slave
"Max stay behind," Miss Anderson said. I rolled my eyes but hid it. After the class had filed out I reluctantly shuffled to the teachers desk.

"Don't worry you're not in trouble," she said. I sighed with relief. She put her papers to one side and crossed her legs. I tried to stop myself from looking at her perfect, tanned legs. Everything about her oozed sexiness. Her dark brown eyes, that seemed to draw me in. Her blonde hair falling down her back. And her breasts and ass. Woah, those bad boys were itching to get out of the uniform. 

"Now Ma I have a proposition for you," she said. "Sit down," she pointed to the chair by her desk. I gulped and sat down at the desk, putting my hands on my lap.

"Now Max I've noticed that you stare at me quite a lot in class," she said.

"What? No I don't!" I protested untruthfully.

She raised an eyebrow. Okay it was true. I couldn't resist when I thought she wasn't looking.

"Are you going to admit it?" She said. "Cause I know it's true and I've got all day."

"Okay yes it is," I sighed.

"Good. Now have you ever heard of bdsm?" She asked.

"Um I err haven't," I lied again.

"You really are a bad liar Max. Now are you going to tell me the truth?" She asked.

"Okay fine I've heard of it."

"Do you like it?" She asked, drawing me into those dark eyes. I could uncomfortably feel a boner rising in my pants. I shuffled around to hide it.

"Yes," I admitted.

"Does it turn you on?" She asked.

I nodded and she smiled widely, "well today is your lucky day. Because I am offering you the chance to be my slave."

My jaw dropped, "wait what?"

"To be my sex slave. For me to be your mistress. I've had my eye on your for a long time Max. So what do you say?"

"Of course," I said breathlessly.

"Good then grab your bags we're going to my house," she said, getting off the chair and slinging her bag over her shoulder. I grabbed my bag and hurried behind her to the car park. She opened the car door and I rode shotgun beside her. 

We drove in silence to the house. I didn't say anything in case I said the wrong thing and she sent me home. We arrived at her house and she led me upstairs to her room. 

She motioned for her to sit on the bed and I obliged immediately.

"Okay Max I'm going to go through some questions and rules okay?"

I nodded eagerly.

"Rule one you always refer to me as mistress unless we're at school in the presence of others."

"Yes mistress."

"Rule two, you do everything I say. We'll go through boundaries in a minute."

"Yes mistress."

"Rule three, if you disobey or displease me I will punish you."

"Yes mistress."

"Now some questions. Are you a virgin?"

"Yes mistress."

"Do you watch porn?"

"Yes a lot."

"Well from now on you don't. If I catch you you'll be punished."

"Yes mistress."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" 

"No mistress," my face burned a little.

"Do you understand hard limits slave?" She asked.

"Yeah it's like er what we don't like doing," I recalled.

"Correct. Do you mind faced sitting?"

"Love it."



"Shit and piss play?"

"Shit no. Piss I'm not sure."

She nodded, "we'll experiment. Electricity and hot wax?"


"Anything else you don't really like?"

"Being hit in the balls."

She smiled, "okay."

"Um mistress can I ask you some questions?"

"What are they?"

"Are you a virgin?"


"Really?" I said in disbelief.

"Does that surprise you slave?" 

"Well yeah you're like ridiculously sexy."

"I've decided to save myself for someone special," she winked. My god I hoped this wasn't a dream. If it was I wanted to stay here for as long as possible.

"And um why did you go for me?"

"Well you're good looking. Unlike most boys in your class you don't piss me off all the time. But you still seem to have that rebellious streak," she smiled.

"Okay thank you mistress."

"You're welcome slave. Now let's get started. Take your top off for your mistress."

I slid off my t shirt and put it down on the bed. She slid her hands over my abs, "hmm nice." I shivered at her touch.

"Now your pants," she said, curled up on the bed watching.

I slid off my socks and took off my pants to reveal a throbbing boner in my boxers. Her eyes widened with glee when she saw how turned on I was. 

"Hmmm now the boxers."

I stepped through the boxers and my cock rigidly stood to attention.

She stepped forward and circled my naked body, "oh yes you have a nice body slave." She stopped at my cock and stroked my pubes, "but we need to do something about this." She dragged me into the bathroom and made me sit on the ground. She rummaged through her cabinet and pulled out a can of shaving foam and a razor.

"I need to have my slave's cock clean shaven," she said.

"Yes mistress." 

She made me climb into the bathtub where she took down the shower head and ran hot water. She poured the warm water over my cock and applied shaving foam. She gently dragged the razor over my hairy cock to leave it clean and bare. She washed off the remnants of foam and dried me off with a towel. 

"There, much better wouldn't you agree slave?"

I had to admit that I liked it. It made my cock look bigger. It made me feel more manly having it like a pornstar. She took me into the bedroom and forced me onto the bed. She took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed post. 

"Look at you my little pet," she sighed. "I've waited so long for a slave like you."

She unbuttoned her shirt and showed off her big lacy bra. Then she slid off her skirt to show me black, lacy, wet panties. She climbed onto the bed and sat on my chest.

"Open your mouth slave," she ordered. I obediently opened it and she leaned over my mouth. Slowly a string of drool appeared and she dropped it into my mouth. I swallowed her saliva. The taste of her drove me crazy. 

She leaned forward more and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as well and they intertwined as she explored my mouth. Running her tongue over all my teeth. She raised her head again and let another ball of saliva drop into my mouth. I felt her warm pussy rubbing against my chest and my cock painfully bulged . 

She climbed off me and examined my cock where the veins bulged. She pulled hard on my shaft into an attempt to pull my foreskin back but it didn't work.

"Slave why isn't your cock in a bell end?"

"I don't know mistress. I guess my foreskin doesn't stretch enough."

"Well from now on every morning I want you to stretch the foreskin over your flaccid penis and get turned on. Hopefully eventually your foreskin will stretch far enough."

"Yes mistress," I whimpered as the pain of the pulling set in.

"Now I want my slave to be able to cum multiple times so he can please me," she said. "What's the most you've wanked in one day?"

"Um like four."

"Well we're going to have to work on that. But right now we have your punishment to sort out."

"My punishment?"

"You lied to me this morning and mistress doesn't like being lied to."

"So as a punishment I will tease you. You can go without sex for tonight," she cruelly brushed the length of my shaft.

"Please mistress," I begged.

"You have to learn discipline slave," she shook her head. "Now I'm going to buy some equipment and you're coming with me," she announced. She let me free and ordered me to get changed. I pulled on my clothes as did she. But to torture me even more she let her shirt slip one button lower than normal.

She grabbed her purse and took me to the car. As we drove along she teased me by rubbing my crotch with her silky hand. I uncomfortably sat as my cock screamed to ejaculate. We pulled up in a dingy alleyway and she led me into a small shop. Inside we're sex toys if all shapes and sizes. 

A cute Latino girl greeted us, "hello miss Anderson."

"Hello Lourdes. I've found my slave and I need equipment for us."

She looked at me, "hmm what kind of things are you looking for?"

"I don't know why don't you talk me through it? I have some things that I need anyway."

"Like what?" 

"I need a dildo and a vibrator," she said.

I looked over in alarm, "oh don't worry leave they aren't for you."

I sighed with relief.

"Well I'll show you what else we have," Lourdes said, putting a black dildo and a white vibrator in the basket.

"We have rope and hooks for bondage," she said to Miss Anderson.

"Yes I'll take those," she nodded.

"We have whips," Lourdes offers.

"I already have some," Miss Anderson said.

Lourdes nodded, "what about a frame for bondage?"

Miss Anderson smiled, "yes I'd like to watch him as I sleep."

"We also have some costumes," Lourdes said, stopping by a clothes rack.

"Interesting. What kind?"

Lourdes pulled out a kinky all in one latex suit with holes in the ass and pussy.

"Oh yes what do you think slave?" She asked.

I nodded as my mouth turned dry.

"We also have some roleplay costumes like nurse, policewoman," Lourdes said.

"No I think the dominatrix suit will do," Miss Anderson said. She spotted a collar and leash, "yes I'll have that as well."

"Okay then," Lourdes smiled and took us to the counter.

"Now would you like any contraception or lube?" She asked.

"Yes I'll have some lube. Don't worry about contraception. I'm on the pill. I want to have the full pleasure."

"Of course," Lourdes said, putting all the  items in a bag. Miss Anderson paid and I carried the equipment into the car.

"What do you think slave?" She asked.

"This is going to be very fun," I said.

"Oh yes," she winked and drove us back to the house. We stepped inside and Miss Anderson immediately ordered me to close the curtains and windows. I obliged and closed the curtains. She ordered me to strip off which I eagerly did. Hoping that she had forgiven me for my lies.

Miss Anderson sat on the couch and slipped off her boots and socks. She flicked on the television and out one of her programmes on. "Lick my feet while I'm watching slave."

I went down on my hands and knees and stuck out my tongue to gently lick her toes. I sucked and nibbled on all ten of her individual toes and she smiled warmly when I looked up. I explored the sole and ankle with my tongue and then stared all over. When the programme finished she ordered me to stand back up.

"Are you hungry and thirsty slave?" She asked.

In all my horniness I had forgotten food and drink. I nodded. She took me into the kitchen and made me kneel on the floor. She poured a glass of apple juice and made me stand up. She took a swig of the juice and pulled on my chin to open my mouth. She let the juice flow from my mouth to hers. I swallowed and enjoyed the added taste of her as well. 

She took a pack of crisps from the pantry. She opened them up and chewed each handful for a few seconds before she spat them into my mouth. I eagerly ate the mushy mixture and she smiled, "that is how you will eat from now on."

"Yes mistress I'm not complaining," I said.

"Good," she took the leash and collar from the bag. She peeked off the wrapping and attached the collar around my neck. She clipped in the leash. She took me in the lounge, "now dust the TV down." She handed me a duster and watched amusedly as she held the leash on the sofa and I bent over to dust the TV. When I'd finished she took the duster off me and forced me down on my knees. She walked me into the bedroom. 

She clipped the leash off and grabbed some hooks and ropes from the bag. She let ropes dangle from the ceilings above her bed. Skilfully she tied me up so I hovered above her bed. 

"Enjoy your night slave," she stripped off seductively and I caught a glimpse of her huge tits and bare pussy. She climbed into the bed naked and made no effort to cover herself.

 I desperately struggled against the bonds. She gently rubbed her pussy, "fuck slave you make me horny."

She stared to touch herself as I dangled helplessly above. "Beg," she moaned. "Beg for mistress to fuck you hard."

"Please mistress fuck me hard," I pleaded. She closed her eyes and groaned as she moved her fingers faster and faster. She opened her eyes and stared at my bulging cock. She tracked the bead of precum dripping down my cock and onto the bed. That stared her off on a shaking orgasm. She screamed loudly and juice flowed out of her pussy.

"Fuck that was the best orgasm I've ever had slave," she breathed as she locked eyes with me. "Goodnight slave."

Somehow. I have no idea how I dropped off to sleep.


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that was such a good start please keep going

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Clean up the spelling and work on Part 2. You've got a good thing started. Deserves to be continued.

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I thought that was amazing

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The eating arrangements are a little weird there is a such thing as too kinky

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