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I woke up to the sensation of my cock being rubbed. I was cut loose from the bonds and Miss Anderson was furiously pumping my cock up and down. I closed my eyes and thought back to the pent up horny nature of last night. It wasn't long before I felt an orgasm building.

"Fuck mistress I'm going to cum," I moaned.

She went harder and I groaned loudly. My hips bucked as thick streams of spunk flew into the air and splattered onto the bed. My head collapsed back onto the bed as Miss Anderson stood up. 

"I'm having a shower now slave. So hurry up and join me."

I scurried along into the shower and waited for the water to heat up. When it had heated she stepped inside and pulled me inside with her. It wasn't the biggest shower ever so we were pressed together a lot. Her breasts pressed against me chest and I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be hard again. 

She knelt down and stretched my foreskin over my flaccid penis. Then she took shampoo and rubbed it into my hair. I did the same for her. She got shower gel and massaged it into my body, caressing every area. 

"Do you want me to apply shower gel for you mistress?" I asked.

"Yes please slave."

I squeezed the liquid onto my palm and knelt down. I rubbed the gel into her tanned legs and moved up to her pussy where I rubbed some. She gasped a little. I stood up and massaged more into her toned stomach and her breasts. She turned around and I massaged her back.

"Hmmm I could get used to this," she said, biting her lip. With a shocking realised that I was hard again and now my foreskin was being painfully stretched. She watched as I moaned at the pain until it rolled back to the normal place.

"It's a start I suppose," she sighed. She turned off the shower and dried me down with a towel. 

"Get changed while I get ready," she said.

I obediently walked out and changed into my clothes and waited outside the bathroom. She stepped out looking really hot. I mean like amazing. Her hair was curled and styled. She was wearing red lipstick and eyeliner. My jaw dropped and she smiled, "you like slave?"

I nodded.

"Well I have some stuff that you can use so make yourself look nice for me," she said.

"Yes mistress," I said nervously. I closed the door behind me. I did some sit ups, press ups and squats to ensure I didn't start getting unfit. Then I dried my hair with a towel and carefully styled my hair with some gel. I put on some cologne and deodorant. Then I rubbed my chest with moisturiser and some cleansing cream on my face. I jogged downstairs where she was waiting. 

As soon as I walked in the kitchen she squealed with delight. 

"Yes that's what I'm talking about."

"What do you mean mistress?"

"You look so handsome."

"Thank you mistress but I really don't. You look stunning."

She grabbed a handful of my shirt and locked me in a passionate kiss which I returned eagerly. She slipped her hand down my pants and clutched my ass and I cupped her face in my hands. Eventually we broke apart.

"You can eat your breakfast normally slave, I can't be bothered this morning," she pointed to some cereal. I poured myself some cornflakes and eagerly munched them. When I'd finished she took me to the car and we drove to school. 

We pulled up in the car park and made sure no one was looking. She pulled out her phone, "I may need to contact you during the day. What is your number?"

I dictated it to her and he logged it on her phone, "good. Have a nice day." She kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and she laughed as I got out of the car.

The rest of the day was torture. Every lesson I just wanted to get back to her house and taste that beautiful pussy. During lunchtime I got a text saying 'meet me outside the staff toilets.'

I replied, 'going there now.' Slinging my bag over my shoulder I hurried through the corridor to the staff toilets where Miss Anderson was waiting. 

"Max I need to talk to you about your homework," she said secretly gesturing to the people walking past. We pretended to converse and as soon as the people were out if sight she yanked me into the female staff toilet.

"How's school slave?"


"How so?"

"Because I'm just thinking of you all the time."

"Well slave I thought now would be a good opportunity for some training. I've already wanked you off once today so I'll do it again. Take off your pants."

I slipped off my pants and shirt and she grabbed my hard rod. She slowly, teasingly moved my shaft up and down.

"I don't want to do it fast. I want to train you so you will be able to out off cumming for a long time," she explained.

Whenever I felt an orgasm buying she would slow down and the feeling would stop. This continued for a bout ten minutes before she finally pumped my cock furiously. I bit my lip hard to stop myself from crying out and came. The streams of cum splattered onto the floor. I moaned and closed me eyes.

Miss Anderson eyed the spunk on the floor, "wow that's a lot of spunk you're producing there."

I groaned in agreement and she laughed. "Now slave seeing this has made me quite horny as well so I want you to satisfy me."

My heart skipped a beat and my stomach lurched, "um how do I do that mistress?"

Miss Anderson took off her shirt and bra, discarding them on the ground. She slid off the skirt to reveal she was wearing no panties! My eyes widened in shock.

"What do you think slave?" She grinned.

"Woah," I watched the juices and dampness of her pussy. I looked at how bare it was. She pushed me down so I was on my back and moved her pussy onto my face. The smell of her juices was intoxicating. My whole face was pressed against that beautiful pussy. 

"Now pleasure me slave," I heard her say. I started by gently kicking and nibbling her clit.

"Ooh cheeky slave," she moaned. I increased my speed and intensity. Dashing my tongue in and around that pussy, tasting her juices. She moaned and I heard her clamp her hand over her  mouth to stop her self from moaning. With the other hand she rubbed her clit as I licked.

"Fuck slave I'm going to cum!" She moaned.

I went as fast as I can and her body shook. A few seconds later a wave of juice exploded out of her pussy into my mouth. I swallowed it all eagerly. I licked the remaining juice out of her pussy and she moved onto the floor with her legs spread. I moved forwards to her pussy and continued to lick out the juice as she ran her fingers through my hair.

Eventually she pulled my hair up to face her. Some of her hair now stuck to her forehead from the sweat. She was still breathing heavily. I swallowed the last bit of her juice.

"Good slave, now clear up while I get changed," she said.

I grabbed some toilet roll to mop up our cum and flushed the soggy pieces down the toilet. 

I pulled on my clothes and she looked over at me, "my seat is going to be damp as fuck now thanks to you."

"I'm sorry mistress I'll try not to be so good next time," I said.

She grinned and opened the door where the principal Mrs Thrower was standing.

"What on earth are you two doing in the staff toilets?" She asked.

My mind quickly searched for an answer and I found one, "some people kept going into the staff toilet and making loads of noise. Miss Anderson just took me inside to make sure it wasn't me and asked her to help see if I could spot a anything." I quickly said.

Miss Anderson nodded, "he's for a very keen eye but unfortunately we don't know who it is."

She eyed us suspiciously, "I'll have to look into this myself but thank you for trying Miss Anderson."

Miss Anderson smiled graciously and walked down the corridor with me. She took me into the classroom and whooped with joy. "You are a fucking genius!" She said.

"It was nothing mistress," I replied modestly.

"I thought we were dead then but that was brilliant," she pecked me gently on the lips. "And someone is getting rewarded tonight."

I smiled widely and headed off to my gym session. Luckily I was a bit early so I quickly got changed before anyone else. Everyone else filed in and some of the jocks were talking loudly, "man did you see Miss Anderson? She is so fucking hot."

I smiled to myself as another one replied, "do you reckon she's got a boyfriend? Cause if she does he is one lucky son of a bitch."

I hid a grin as I walked last them and did a hard workout in the gym. Whenever I was in pain or feeling tired I imagined those dark eyes seducing me and I felt a burst of energy. After the two hour long workout I headed out quickly to get changed and rushed to the car.

Miss Anderson was waiting, "you're all sweaty."

"Sorry mistress I just went to the gym."

"Didn't you take a shower?"

"I wanted to be on time for you mistress," I explained.

"Never mind you can have a quick shower when we get back," she said.

I climbed in the car, "Max where do you live?"

"The orphanage mistress."

"Don't they notice your absence?"

"They probably will today," I said.

"Then we better go over there," she drove towards the orphanage as I directed her. I went in before her as ordered and went up to my room. I was a little confused by this but I did it anyway.

Eventually there was a knock at the door and the director opened it, "Max we have a visitor who would be interested in adopting you. I rolled off my bed and followed him downstairs to his office where Miss Anderson was waiting. 

"Now miss I understand you want a teenage boy?" The director asked.

"Yes. Polite, well behaved and intelligent," she said.

"Well Max here is all those things," he said.

She smiled at me, "hello Max I'm Katie." She shook my hand.

"Hello miss."

She laughed, "well he is very polite. I'd be happy to adopt him."

"Well miss you have to have a trial week period," he said.

"If you insist but I think he's going to be perfect," she said.

"Come on Max I'll take you to my house," she said. I followed her out to the car and we got inside.

"You're adopting me?" I asked.

She nodded and my jaw dropped in amazement.

"Are you okay Max?" She asked.

I wiped my eyes, "yeah it's just a bit of a shock I never thought that anyone would adopt me."

She smiled and kissed me passionately before driving off to the house. She dragged me up to the room.

"Now I said I would reward you for tonight slave."

I nodded.

She stripped me and her off before she pulled me into the bed. My cock stiffened at the feeling if her skin on mine.

"Now slave we're not quite ready for sex yet," she said. "A few more days and your foreskin will be stretched enough. Though as a treat tonight we can give each other sensual massages. I'll go first. Just lie down and close your eyes."

I hoped this wasn't a joke as I clenched my eyes shut. I heard the curtains being drawn and Miss Anderson messing with some objects in the room. I smelt scented candles. 

"Okay open," she said.

The room was only lit by scented candles and there was a bowl of oil next to the bed. All the equipment. Was tidied away. She flexed her fingers, "shall we begin?"

I nodded eagerly. She straddled my back and expertly rubbed oil into my back. I groaned at her soft touch and the tension going out of all my muscles. She kissed my neck and I felt all the hairs rise on the back of it. 

She turned me over onto my stomach and she gave me a love bite on my neck while she stroked my cock. Then she massaged oil into my chest and stomach. She caressed the muscles my stomach and chest with glee. 

Then she came to my rod. She owls leaned over and touched to tip of my to my cock with her tongue. I groaned and she sucked on my ball sack a little. She dragged her hot, wet tongue up my cock and then slowly lowered her mouth over it.

The inside of her mouth felt amazing pressed against my cock. She grabbed the shaft as well and pumped away as she explored my cock with her cock. Then she stopped sucking and put her massive breasts either side of my cock. The soft skin of them pressed against my hard cock as she started to bounce them up and down. Like before she paced herself and made sure it took a long time. 

Eventually she said, "okay slave I'm going to go hard. When you feel yourself coming clench the muscles as if you're stopping yourself from peeing. I nodded and she bounced up and down hard and fast. I felt the orgasm building. When it came I clenched the muscle as hard as I could, trying to resist the urge to cum. 

A bit of sperm leaked out and dribbled onto her tits but it was mostly fine. She beamed at me, "good job slave." She licked the cum off her tits and licked her lips.

"Now do exactly the same thing this time but I'm going hard and fast straight away," she said.

She lowered her mouth onto my cock and furiously bobbed her head up and down. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and felt the orgasm coming. The urge to cum was overwhelming as it took more effort to reach the orgasm. But I still clenched the muscle and strained to stop the cum from going out. She stopped the sucking and looked at the pained expression on my face. 

"And now you're going to have the most wonderful orgasm," she whispered. She lay flat on my stomach so her damp pussy was on my face. She pumped furiously with her hands. The combination of her pussy and hands soon sent me into overdrive and I moaned loudly.

 "I'm gonna cum."

As soon as I said that she furiously gave me head and I came in her mouth. Stream after stream of cum flowed into her mouth and she licked it all up.

"Hmmm I love the taste of spunk," she said. When I looked my cock was red and it felt slightly painful.

"Keep that up slave and you will make me a very happy woman," she said.

"I want nothing more mistress," I replied.

"Now you know I'm a squirted don't you slave?"

I nodded.

"Does that turn you on?" She asked.

"Yes a lot," I replied.

"Good now give me a sexual massage I'll never forget," she said.

"Challenge accepted," I said.

I went down to her toes and sucked on them one by one as I had done yesterday. She giggled at the sensation of me licking her feet. I turned her onto her back and took some oil in my palm. I slowly massaged her and tried to copy her actions. Her contented breathing and groans told me I was doing okay. I brushed her hair of her back and kissed the back of her neck, making my way down her spine.

"Oh yes that's good. You have a brilliant imagination slave," she said. 

I turned her over and kissed her passionately while I rubbed her nipples. She moaned into my mouth and played with my tongue. I moved to her breasts and caressed her hard nipples with my tongue. She moaned loudly and I moved to her pussy. 

I gently nibbled and licked her clit as I had before. I kissed the lips of her list and inserted two fingers. I found her g spot and tickled it. She gasped. I started to pump my fingers in and out hard and she moaned louder and harder until she was screaming my name. 

"Oh my god I'm going to cum!" She screamed.

I went as hard as I can and she yelled as a tidal wave of cum erupted from her pussy. It splashed over the bed. I looked up and saw that she had fallen unconscious. I tried to wake her but it was useless. Eventually her dark eyes fluttered open.

"Are you okay mistress?"

"Okay? That was the most amazing thing I've ever felt.

"Glad you enjoyed it," I said. 

"I think we both need to have a shower to wash it all off," she said.

"I agree," I replied. 

She shakily got to her feet and I supported her to the bathroom. Out of practice I pulled my foreskin back and she smiled. She ran a hot shower and we waited while it got warmer.

"Miss how long have you been planning all of this?" 

"I always wanted to lose my virginity to someone special. When I came to the school I was instantly attracted to you. I've been planning it since I met you."

I smiled, "I've fantasised about you so much."

She smiled back, "and how does it feel having your dreams come true?"


She tested the water and stepped inside, I walked in after her. 

"Clean my pussy," she said.

I knelt down and felt around the inside of her tight pussy. I cleaned the cum off her legs and breasts. In turn she cleaned my red bell end. She kissed my lips.

"Slave after the trial period I'm taking you to my parents house in the countryside. They left me a small fortune when they died and a beautiful house. It has a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. I'm going to quit my job and take you with me. We can live off the money. No job needed."

"Seriously?" I asked in disbelief.

"Of course, and I'm going to take you with me. If you want."

"Of course I want to," I said.

"My god this is like a dream come true," she kissed me again passionately. When we broke apart she turned off the shower and we dried each other with the towels.

"Now one more ejaculation before you go to bed," she said.

"I'm not sure if I can manage it," I said looking at my limp cock.

"Well I guess your cock isn't pleased enough to see me. You've done three today. Five I suppose if you count the half ejaculations. You've done for before. If you're not going to make the effort I think you should be punished," she said. 

Oh fuck. I desperately grabbed my flaccid cock and pumped it, trying to make myself horny. I thought of the sexy teacher in front of me. How I was going to fuck her. How I'd spend my days alone with her. Something stirred inside me and I felt my cock start to go hard. Desperately I tried to build an orgasm but my balls seemed to be dry. 

"Come on," I said desperately. I went harder and quicker. I tried to think more about the sexy teacher. How I was her kinky slave. I felt an orgasm building. Excitedly I went faster. My arm ached but I kept going. The orgasm was just there.

"I'm going to cum mistress," I said. I felt her hand grasp my cock and it set me off. My cock fired semen into the air. It was a small amount but it was enough. I opened my eyes and saw that Miss Anderson had caught it in her mouth.

"Good boy," she said, licking the remnants off my cock.

"Did you realise what you did there?"


"Look down," she said. I looked at my cock and saw that my foreskin had been pulled back the whole time.

"Yes," I pumped my fist.

"Tomorrow's the weekend," she whispered. "That means we have two whole days just to ourselves and now you can stretch your foreskin we can have even more fun."

I smiled exciteldly, "mistress where am I sleeping tonight?"

"Hmmm you've done well tonight so I think you can sleep in my bed," she purred.

She climbed into the bed and patted the matress beside her. I slid in next to her and she cuddled up into my arms. Before long she fell into a deep sleep and I couldn't help but look in amazement at this woman. Eventually I contentedly closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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