I showed my cock to Emma at the weekend
It is worth reading my previous stories leading up to this one.

“I showed Emma my cock”
“I showed my cock to Emma at Nats party"

The Weekend (Party)

We had a weekend party for Nat’s birthday, Emma’s parents dropped her off at 10 am as they had to go up North to see her Grandfather for the weekend. Ben took her to his room to drop her case. They came out to join us for breakfast. I was in the kitchen area when Emma wearing loose shorts and a large T shirt as she leaned forward I could see her erect nipples grabbed my cock and said I want you later.
After breakfast it was raining, Ben and Emma went to the den to play computer games. At 1pm we called them up for lunch.
In the afternoon a couple more people arrived. The kids played in the garden while we adults played cards in the den.
Thankfully the clouds disappeared and it was a warm evening. At the end of the evening about 9pm of the people had left and just Joe and Abi were left. The four of us were in the den drinking and smoking some really good grass. We had told Joe and Abi about Emma and the way she had deep throated me and Nat had her had fingered each other, Joe asked if they could join in with deflowering Emma.
Emma was the only child staying the night there was no sleep over, she was in the spare room changing, I went up and told her about Joe and Abi and their request. She said that would be great I like to show my body to Joe and Abi. I had a joint with me which Emma recognised and asked if her could have a puff. I sat down giving the joint to her . She took a toke and coughed, She had a drink of my whiskey and cock to calm the coughing and took more of the joint. Emma then unzipped my trousers and pulled my out, it immediately got hard. Emma licked the head and took the head in to her mouth. Suddenly she stopped and told me to put my cock back into my trousers, with difficult I did, Emma told me I would have to wait till she came down to the den.. I invited her down to join us. She asked me what she should wear. I suggested she wear something suitable for the evening. sexy.
Emma came down wearing a soft pink baby doll nightie with matching panties. Joe welcomed her saying how fantastic she looked and asked her what she wanted to drink. “Can I have some Whiskey and coke please?“ she asked.
I said to Emma to stand in the middle of the room and turn around and show us her nightie. She turned around and started to dance to the music. Emma must have been motivated by the Grass and alcohol she dance like she was a professional, I turns out she goes to class and is one of the best there. She was so sexy, Joe asked her to remove her nightie. She said “not yet, I want to suck some cock first“.
Joe said OK who did she want to suck. She replied the one with the longest cock. I knew that was Joe, but I went along with it. I asked how were we going to decide. She suggested we strip off and put our cock together to see who has the longest.
She told Nat and Abi to strip us. Joe and I stood up and allowed the girls to remove our clothes. When we were naked Emma told us to face each other and put our cock together. We did this and then Emma held them and decided that Joe’s was the longest. Emma kneeled down and licked my cock then turned to Joe and took his long cock into her mouth. Joe has a 10 inch cock so just 4 inches were inside her mouth before reaching her throat. Joe then pulled her head to him and Emma took his cock down her throat, Joe fucked Emma’s throat for a while till he grunted he was going to cum. She held mouth on Joe’s cock draining to last of his cream.
After Joe had cum in her mouth she went over to Abi and kissed her sharing Joe‘s cum with her.
Emma then lay on the rug in front of the fire she looked at me Pointing her finger to me and bent it to say come here, and said “Now come and fuck me “
Nat and Abi held her legs apart, she still had on a pair of panties that had a large wet spot on them. Nat took the panties at the crutch and held it to the side showing between Emma’s legs the most beautiful pussy lips glistened at us.
Nat put her fingers into Emma‘s cunt and said “Are you sure you want my hubby to fuck you and take your precious cherry?”
“Oh yes, Nat are you going to let him fuck me?” Looking at me she said “Are you gone to stick your big cock in my little girl pussy and make me a woman hmmm?” “I need a cock in my little pussy so bad! will you fuck my little cunt. After fucking my cunt you can fuck my ass.”
Nat told me to come close and took my cock into her mouth. I didn’t need too much sucking as my cock was so hard. I got down between Emma’s legs and Nat positioned my cock at the entrance to Emma’s virgin hole. Emma was wet after Nat’s work on the little hole, I slid the head of my cock just an inch inside her. Slowly I pushed more till I came to her maidenhead.
I looked at her as I pushed a bit further. Her face showed the pain as suddenly her cherry gave way and 6 inches of my cock entered her cunt.
“Get it all in please, I want you to fuck my pussy raw!”
I started pushing deeper inside her now with no restraint. This girl was so hot and sex crazed and stoned, her moans became louder, Emma was pushing her sexy little hips up into my crotch as she kept puffing and moaning. She grabbed my butt and pulled me in deeper. I could feel my balls starting to slap against her ass, and she was close to coming.
Emma was finally happy to be fucked as she screamed out. “Yes, fuck me harder! Make my little pussy cum, I was really giving it to her now as I felt her squirm wildly below me and I felt her cumming all over my dick.
Her face was screwed up in passion as my whole dick was inside her tiny but hot pussy.
“Don’t stop” she pleaded.
My dick was deep inside Emma her hot wet pussy gripped my cock, she was bucking her crutch up to meet my cock urging me to not stop fucking her.
“I wana put my legs over your shoulders so you can really get deep inside my pussy!”
I did this and Nat kissed Emma tasting some of Joe’s cum I guess. I felt Emma tense up and the lips of her pussy grasp my dick even tighter. The next moment I felt her spasm and with this little girl still bucking and bouncing beneath me I felt her spew her girl cum all over my rock hard cock again.
This was not love making or even sex, this was wild raw fucking and what made it even more hotter was that it was with this sexy and willing daughter of my neighbour friend. A slight feeling of guilt came over me as I thought of how much Emma’s parents had trusted us with their daughter, but that didn’t last very long as I felt Emma cumming again and again.
“You make my pussy feel so good, but I don’t want you to come in my pussy, perhaps later. I want you to come in my tight ass.” She said in a little girl voice, still smiling at me. Emma got on her hands and knees and pushed her tight little cute ass up at me.
“Come on put it in my ass.” She giggled.
Her copious juices were covering her asshole and my cock was wet with her cum while fucking her pussy.
I lined my dick up with her tight little asshole and pushed very slowly.
“Please stop teasing me, fuck my ass as hard as you fucked my pussy - put it all in!” She begged.
I shoved more of my 8 inch cock inside Emma’s ass, and it was so tight I could hardly get it in, but she couldn’t wait, she started pushing harder against my balls.
She rolled me over and straddled me and grabbed hold of my dick, smiling mischievously as she rubbed it up and down her still soaking wet clit.
“It’s my first time, being fucked. But can I have both dicks up inside me, at the same time? One in my cunt and one in my ass”
Emma smiled at me as she grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips.
She was so sweet, just lying on top of me. Nat told Joe to get behind Emma and she lined up Joe’s cock with Emma’s tiny asshole.
Emma lined my dick up against the entrance of her wet pussy and groaned softly.
She gasped as the head of Joe’s dick popped inside her tight asshole, she pushed her down and my cock was again inside her hot pussy.
“Now push a bit harder Joe…oooooh that’s nice…Now push your cock deeper in my pussy,
oh fuck I feel so full!”
This was feeling strange for both me and Joe, both our dicks went inside this girl’s two holes.
Emma humped back and forth slowly, trying bit by bit to get all our cocks deep inside her.
Emma grunting and moaning as me and Kevin both started pushing into her holes.
Deeper and faster we went till Emma was screaming and shouting.
“Oh fuck, I’m being really fucked! I’m being fucked so hard and by two cocks!” She shouted to Nat and Abi.
The girls watched as this hot little girl was being fucked in her cunt and asshole.
We fucked her hard as Nat pushed her finger into Joe’s asshole encouraging him to fuck her ass harder. Joe didn’t last long and shot his load deep inside the little girls ass.
He pulled out of her. I turned us both over lay on top of Emma and pounded her hard. She wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her so hard “Oh shit of fuck I’m cumming again, Fuck me hard, I am going to cum all over your cock. The schoolgirl moaned, as I felt her pussy leak juice all over me.
She was still bucking her hips up at me whimpering beneath me, begging me to go deeper.
I felt her go limp as she closed her eyes and came over and over again.
I was ready and shot my load inside her. I collapsed on top of her.
“That was fucking incredible!” Emma shouted.
I literally fell off Emma and lay on the rug. Abi set to sucking my cock and licking my balls cleaning our juices off me. Nat was between Emma’s legs,
Emma was shouting “No More” but Nat stuck her tongue into Emma’s cunt and lapped my cum from her.
It was time to go to bed, Joe and Abi went home, Emma went to the spare room saying “Its Sunday tomorrow, I am not being picked up till 9pm………….

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