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Note: This is going to be a multi-part story, assuming you readers want to read more of it...

Connie brought it up first.

"What's this?" Jerry asked, as he closed the door to the steam-filled bathroom and stepped into the bedroom. "Starting without me?"

She looked up from the magazine and slowly brought her large, hazel eyes into focus on him. The color was already high in her smooth cheeks, and the flush had spread down her neck to her upper chest. Her small mouth was open, her lips parted. Her nipples poked up against the thin sheet.

She seemed to be realizing for the first time that she had one hand beneath the sheet, moving between her legs.

"Get over here, stud. My motor's running and I need some gas!"

Jerry stood there and grinned at her as he finished drying his hair.

"'My motor's running and I need some gas'?" he said. "Are you reading Motor Trend or Penthouse?"

She leered pointedly at his crotch, where his dick was already half-hard. "Gimme that big gas hose!"


She groaned. "I give up!"

He turned briefly and tossed the towel with the expertise of practice. It hung on the knob of the bathroom door. "Will I get a good tip?"

"Two of 'em." She pulled the sheet of her chest, exposing her pert, firm breasts. "But I want a tip, too!"

He stood beside the bed, his prick still hardening and already impressive.

"Just the tip?"

Connie rolled lithely to her hand and knees, the sheet falling completely away from her tight body. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of his prick and immediately began sucking and licking it. Sometimes it seemed like she could never get enough of her husband's big cock -- and sometimes it seemed there was too much of it for her to handle.

Jerry sighed deeply and caressed his wife's dark hair as she drew more and more hardness into his dick. He looked down at her sleek back, her tiny waist, her hard little ass cheeks drawn so tightly by her position. She was moving her hips slowly from side to side, something that nine years of marriage had taught him to spot as a signal that she was exceptionally horny.

What the hell had she been reading?

He bent from the waist and picked up the magazine. Penthouse -- the letters.

Her mouth pulled off his cock. "Hey, you want to read or play, bub?"

He knelt on the bed and rolled her onto her back as he dropped the magazine. He crawled over her and held his weight off her tiny frame with his arms and pressed his lips to hers. She grabbed him around the neck with her arms and around the waist with her legs and pulled him down to her. His cock was trapped against her flat tummy as their lips opened and their tongues dueled.

After a few minutes, he pulled away and began kissing his way down over her neck and shoulders. He licked her hard nipples and then lightly nipped one. She squirmed against him.

Abruptly, he reached back and grabbed the magazine. He handed it to her.

"I want you to read me the one that got you so turned on."

"And what are you going to be doing?"

He began sucking one nipple while he ran one hand down to caress her side and her hips.

"I'll think of something..."

"Oh!" she gasped when he resumed suckling at her small, hard breasts.

He stopped and looked up at her, brown eyes wide and graying hair tousled. "Well?"

She began to read aloud as he kissed her belly and moved still lower. Her breathing became ragged and her words occasionally garbled. By the time she finished reading the letter, he had her thighs over his broad shoulders, her little ass cupped in his hands and his face pressed hungrily into her crotch.

His tongue was all over her dripping cunt, but he wasn't touching her clitoris -- yet. Connie squirmed and hunched her hips, trying to get that final contact, but he was gripping her buttocks tightly in his strong hands and restricting her movements. She brought her hands up to her breasts and pinched her nipples, her moans getting louder and louder.

He could tell she was getting close to the Big One by thetwitching of her ass cheeks and the amount of juices running out of her. He shifted his fingers just enough so one was just pressing against her constricted anus and she immediately began grinding against it.

Then he took her swollen clit in a lip-grip and let the tip of his tongue just barely graze it.

"YESSSSS! AHHHHhhhh! Oh! Oh!"

Connie was a screamer.

She locked her thighs on his head and tried to somehow grind her cunt into his mouth while jabbing her trim butt down at the stiffened fingertip. She could feel her pussy spasming as she came and felt her asshole convulsing against the fingertip that was just beginning to penetrate.

The first, clenching explosion finally passed and her body went all sinuous and demanding. He continued lightly lapping her sensitized clit and worked more of the finger into her. She rolled her hips and groaned and came again, and then again, and again -- and then she simply couldn't wait any more.

Connie reached down with both hands and took his head in her hands. She pulled him up till she could look at his face, all happily coated with her abundant juices.

"I want you inside me! Please!"

He bent his head again to her cunt, slowly licking the juices of her labia and inner thighs as he withdrew the finger from her ass. When he surfaced again, he was grinning madly.

"Get up here," she cooed and pulled her legs back. He reached up with both hands and pushed her legs ahead of him as he crawled over her. She looked down and saw that his cock was monstrously erect. At nine inches, and with a girth almost equal to her wrist, it was the biggest she'd ever had -- too big sometimes. Connie was small all over and even after nine years, she still felt a brief shudder of apprehension.

But after nine years, she knew her loving husband would be careful -- and she was desperate to feel him inside her.

He ran his hands down her upthrust legs to grasp her wrists. She knew immediately what he had in mind -- exactly what she'd beenhoping.She grabbed her ankles and held her legs wide as Jerry knelt up and took his cock in his fingers. He shuffled forward a bit more, till his balls were brushing her cunt, and then let his cock smack down on her abdomen. She felt it throbbing there on her hot flesh, the purplish knob just barely short of her naval. He rubbed his balls lightly over her wet cunt, shifting from side to side so they would brush against her clit.

"Don't make me wait too long," Connie groaned miserably. "I need you inside me!"

He backed up until he could push the tip of his stiff prong between her legs, then wedged it against her slippery pussy lips.

"You're so hard and hot!" she breathed, as if discovering this. She looked down between them, past his well-muscled chest and flat stomach to where the huge bar of flesh reached down to her upturned cunt. It looked as if they mutually shared his penis, a fleshy bond between dark curls of pubic hair.

His arms curled around her legs, pulled her calves onto hisshoulders. Again, his hands ran down over her legs. He gripped her hips as she reached toward her husband's dick. She put one hand on his cock, to guide it more truly, and with the fingers of the other hand she spread her pussy lips as much as possible.

He began pushing into her.

"Unnnnnnnn...." The sound was forced from her mouth as she felt her cunt being wedged open by her husband hard, thick cock. The earlier orgasms had tightened her even more and her pussy was resisting.

He pushed half the glans into her and stopped. His hands moved her hips from side to side, stretching her small hole against his dick. When he pushed again, Connie threw her arms wide and hissed loudly as the knob finally popped into her vagina.

"Ooh -- Yes!"

He tightened his grip on her hips and began pulling her onto his shaft. Connie moaned uncontrollably as she felt her cunt being opened deeper and deeper, as she felt his heat probing into her wet depths. She gasped when he touched bottom and he immediately began pulling her off his cock, till only the head was still in her.

"Jerry Jerry Jerry..." she murmured, filled with love for his tenderness and passion for his fucking. She felt herself loosening inside as, again, she experienced the proof of his understanding and knowledge of her needs and wants. More quickly, but just as gently, he pulled her onto his wide prick. She squirmed with pleasure as it probed her, pressing her to her limits and then a little more.

Connie brought her arms up and reached for him. She worked her hands between her calves and his neck and pulled him toward her. He shifted over her, his arms hooked under her shoulders and his weight resting on his elbows behind her back.

"I love you so much," she whispered as his lips came down to meet hers and he slowly sank the full length of his cock into her.

Connie screamed with pleasure into his mouth. Her legs were bent back to her shoulders and her pelvis was arched up to receive him as deeply as possible. She felt his balls delicately land on her upturned asscheeks and the bony ring around the base of his cock pressed into her stretched labia. She felt as if his glans was embedding itself in her stomach. She felt as if his cock was possessing her.

She felt totally his.

When she finally stopped screaming, she murmured, "Do me, lover!"


Before she could answer, he began pumping in and out of her. Slowly, at first, then with fast strokes, he worked his big meat in her convulsing cunt. She could feel the juice squirting out of her with each withdrawal, feel the pressure building inside her tummy with each insertion. Her orgasms became nearly constant, varying only in their intensity. Connie was going from pleasure plateau to pleasure peak and back again, over and over, faster and faster.

His thrusts took on more urgency and she felt his prick swelling even more inside her, testing the containment of her tight, clenching cunt.

"Cum in me," she growled, her voice throaty with lust. "Yes!" She tried to pull him deeper into her, to squeeze and suck him with her twat.

"Yeah, baby!" he groaned. "Cumming!"

She could feel the surge swell the length of his prick and then he was jammed to the bone inside her, moaning with release as he poured in her. Feeling his throbs, hearing his rumble of pleasure, her love and passion became ungovernable. She thrashed up at him and came even harder as he impaled her with his spurting cock.

Just as she felt his balls stop their jerking where they lay in the shallow furrow of her ass, he raised himself on trembling arms. She pulled her legs back and wider, free of his arms, as he knelt up. His cock had lost its stiffness and was slowly shriveling inside her. She loved that feeling -- his juices mixed with hers, deep in her belly, and her wonderful husband's penis resting peacefully inside her.

She raised her legs straight up and pulled them together, then slowly lowered to one side. He bent enough to get one forearm under her butt and hoisted her 94 pounds -- same as when they'd met -- off the bed. Keeping their genitals joined, Jerry rolled onto his back and drew her with him in a graceful pas de deux of pleasure and tenderness, they came to rest with her stretched atop his larger frame, her face resting against the hairs of his chest.

She hugged him with her cunt and welcomed his soft moan ofpleasure. He kissed the top of her head. She kissed his chest. Some of the sparse hairs there were just beginning to turn silvery, so she kissed through them again.

"I love you, Veronica."

"I love you, Gerald."

His arms were around her. He had one hand caressing her back, between her shoulder blades. The other was resting on her butt. She felt his finger move to her slick anus and gently probe. She groaned and pressed down against him.

"So that was what got milady's motor running, huh? That letter take you back to the good ol' days?"

"Your good ol' days were better than mind," she said. "You were the one who went to high school and college during the sexual revolution."

"I heard about it," he said. He chuckled. "It was in all the papers. But the free love didn't apply to the kids going to the schools I went to." He was almost ten years older than she was. She'd asked him about those times -- times she barely remembered -- when she'd been too young and too sheltered to really know what was going on. "You had some pretty wild times in college, though. That letter bring back memories?"

"Um-hmm." She nestled closer -- if that was possible -- and again clenched her cunt around him. "I like these times better, though. That's why I married you. The company I'm keeping means more to me than what we do."

"Or don't." His tone was rueful.

"Oh, that's okay, honey. Your finger feels good enough to me."

Connie and Jerry didn't have secrets; they were too close for that. She'd told him about some of her adventures in college. It had come out while she'd explained her breakup with the fellow student to whom she'd been engaged. It had seemed a perfect match. Eddie had come from the same sort of family and background as she had. He was a music major -- he played the violin beautifully -- a gymnast and a cheerleader. She was a dance major, a gymnast and a cheerleader. They shared many, many interests -- music, art, books -- and they had fantastic sex -- even wild sex. They'd had threesomes, foursomes, orgies. While she was with Eddie, she learned that every so often, nothing in the world got her off so much as getting her narrow little asshole crammed full of hard, hot cock.

But Connie began to realize something in October of their senior year, about a month after accepting Eddie's proposal: More and more, Eddie seemed less interested in being with her than in participating in group sex -- and her presence was the key to that.

The real problem arose when she tried to talk with him about it. He'd get angry and clam up, or angry and resentful -- or angry and hurtful, recounting to her how much she'd enjoyed what they were doing and demanding to know why she didn't want to talk about it then, during the group sex.

The more she tried, the more he closed her out. She began to re-examine their entire relationship and realized how little he really gave of himself, emotionally -- and how much she needed that. It hurt her to end the engagement, but as much as she'd expeced. That was when she realized she was sure she'd done the right thing. They'd bonded with sex, but the bond went no farther, and she needed more.

She met Jerry the following spring. He'd been visiting the college to give a one-session lecture on his field and he saw her cheering at a lacrosse game. They stayed in touch by letters, then phone, then she'd gone to New York to spend a week visiting a girlfriend and ended up spending more time in his bed than any other place.

They got closer and closer and it was almost perfect. The one small flaw was easily overlooked and forgotten in view of all the other good stuff they had. She hardly ever thought of it, let alone missed it.

Until the letter.

She stirred again as she felt the finger massage her asshole more insistently.

"I could always get some reduction surgery done," he said, only half-teasing.

"Don't you dare!"

"It'd make it easier all the time. I wouldn't have to worry about hurting you or making you gag."

"Does it make it less pleasurable for you to worry about those things?" They'd had this talk before, but she always wondered if things had changed.

"In a way," he said. "I can't just, you know, let go and flail away."

"Flail, flail, flail," she chanted, her lips against his chest again.

"But, then again, I never really could with anyone."

"There have been exceptions."

The finger withdrew from her ass and he squeezed her buttocks. "Yeah." He'd told her about them, but he didn't like remembering them. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly. "But, on the other hand -- "

"So to speak."

"Ahem. The fact that by restraining myself in that one small -- "

"Large. Very large."

"-- minor way I can be more loving with you makes it even more pleasurable. Make any sense?"

"None. Plenty."

"But you do miss those times."

"Sometimes. That letter could have been a deion of some of them. Making love, sixty-nining, with a beautiful woman while having my lover slide deep into my ass..." Her nipples hardened.

"Well, we could always give it another try," he kidded.

Her nipples softened.

"Only kidding."

That had been dreadful. She'd had three gin-and-tonics to relax, greased up both of them copiously and tried backing onto him. She'd done everything she could to hide how much it was hurting, but he'd spotted her shivering in pain -- he couldn't see her face -- and pulled her off him. All she'd been able to work into her tortured ass was the glans. Just the memory of that knob popping out of her ass was enough to make her wince.

"Besides, I hardly ever even think about women anymore," she said. "I'm just so happy and contented with you."

"Hardly ever until about two months ago," he reminded her.


Connie taught two ballet classes on weeknights in another, nearby bedroom suburb. Both were for novices. One class was youngsters trying to learn the basics. The other was mostly women in their twenties and thirties who took class as a form of exercise. It had been two years since Connie had craved a woman. Then Kimberly had signed up for the adult novice class.

As soon as Connie saw her, she'd felt the tension begin. Kim was twenty-five, tall, had masses of reddish blonde hair and rich,voluptuous curves. She wasn't pretty, but she was striking in her appearance -- and about her, Connie sensed an aura of sheer sensuality. And she'd felt an elemental connection.

"Well, you know my feelings," he reminded her.

Indeed she did: Be sure she's clean, don't cut OUR time together and talk about it if the attachment seems to be getting more than essentially physical.

She'd been skeptical of his attitude when they'd first discussed it. He'd proven good as his word, though, when the occasions arose. And -- Bless him! -- he'd never tried to have her bring any of them to their bed with them. At least part of that, Connie knew, was because he hadn't found any of them particularly appealing, for one reason or another. More often than note, the lack of appeal was because he knew the other women didn't care for sex with men.

On the other hand, though, he'd never said he would reject the idea. Which might be just as well.

Because Connie had something to tell her husband.

More to come...

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