Cade - Sophomore. 5 feet even. Has sandy colored hair and loves partying, playing football, and getting drunk. Bi-sexual
Jordan- Sophomore and main character. 5’1”. Has dark brown hair. Loves football, alcohol, and friends. Bi-curious
Tim- Sophomore. 6’. Black hair. Loves all sports, partying, and fucking. Straight
Note: Sorry if this story is slow and long in the beginning.

It was the fourth quarter, second down. Only 0:30 seconds left on the clock. Coach was on the sidelines shouting. We were down 21 to 27. It was homecoming and we were playing our cross town rivals, the Wolves. Tim was calling out the numbers for the Reverse. A play that we had barely practiced, but if we could pull it off we would hopefully win the game.
“HIKE!” Tyler snapped the ball into Tim’s hand. Tim looked over to the left and saw that Cade had gotten clear of the group. Tim faked the pass and tossed the ball to me. I sprinted. I spun past a defender and hurdled over a group of guys that had fallen over. 30…20…10…5…I got tackled from behind, hit sent me the last couple yards into the end zone. All of our fans went wild. The pep band played our school song, just like every time we scored a touchdown. Cade got behind the ball and prepared for the field goal kick. He kicked and…nailed it! WE WON! The final score was 28-27. The team went completely nuts. They started picking up a chant.
“Co-Yotes…Co-Yotes…Co-yotes!!!” They started to cheer. The formed a line from the field across the dirt tracks all the way to the gate. We ran in between them and headed into the locker room. Everyone was going crazy. My ass got slapped a lot along with Cade and Tim’s. Coach finally walked in and had everyone settle down.
“Great job out there guys! Teamwork like that is what will take us to state. Now I want all of you to go home and sleep. I will see you all Monday Morning bright and early for weight room.” The coach said and walked off. All the guys headed for the shower as I went for my locker. I opened the door and tossed my helmet in. I pulled off my chest gear as Cade walked up. He was wearing his soaked under armor shirt and a pair of leggings.
“Hey nice job out there dude!” Cade slapped my shoulder. I just grinned.
“You did some work too. After all you’re the one who kicked the field goal.” I said pulling off my pants. I grabbed my jeans and slipped them on.
“Are you still coming over to my house?” I asked Cade, as I did his face lit up.
“Hell yeah.” He said. I smiled and zipped my bag up. Secretly I was glad to get out of the locker room. Seeing all of these naked guys in front of me was enough to give me a hard on.
“K…let’s get going.” We walked out and headed to the Student Parking lot. I tossed my bag into the back and climbed in. Cade got in the passenger side. I started up my car and was about to pull out when I saw Tim getting into his own car. I pulled up and rolled my window down. Tim saw us and rolled his window down too. I looked in and saw that Sarah, his girlfriend, was in his passenger seat.
“Hey we were gonna head over to my house. Want to come?” I asked. Tim nodded.
“Yeah I may be over in a bit. There’s something that requires my attention first.” He said, ever so slightly nodding his head back towards Sarah. Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. Tim was the type of guy to fucking anything with a hole in it. I’ve seen his bathroom, he has an entire drawer dedicated to condoms. The drawer is long and deep, but it was almost full of condoms. His mom and his sister always keep buying them for him. He in fact, let me take a few if I ever needed them.
“Okay, text me if you are gonna come over.” I nodded and rolled up my window and took off. We drove up my street after a couple minutes and parked in the garage. I locked the door and walked up to the path with Cade right behind me. I opened the door and looked around. All of the lights were off except for the light over the kitchen table. I walked over a picked up a note.
It read ‘Jordan, I hope you did well at the game. Sam and I had to leave because grandpa is sick and in the hospital. I’ll be back in a couple days, Love Mom.’
Cade tried to read over my shoulder, but he couldn’t.
“What does it say?” He asked and I showed him the note. He glanced over it and handed it back.
“Sorry that your grandpa is in the hospital.” He said, I just shrugged my shoulders. My grandpa was a heavy smoker and he had been in and out of the hospital before. This was nothing new. I picked up my bag and walked to the fridge. I opened and pulled out some leftover pizza. I handed it out to Cade along with a 2-litter thing of soda. We walked into the living room and turned on the T.V. We flipped through the channels until we found the Comedy Channel, Tosh. O was on. We sat back and ate pizza and drank until we had had our fill. I put the stuff away and came back out.
“Do you want to play some games?” I asked. Cade nodded and switched the channel to an AUX. I turned on the XBOX and put in a random game. We sat back and played for a while until I looked at the clock and saw that it was saying 12:00 a.m.
“Want to have some real fun?” I asked, Cade gave me a questioning look. I walked down the hallway into my older brother’s room. I reached under the bed and pulled out a wooden box. I lifted the top and pulled out a brand-new bottle of Jack Daniels. My brother really never cared that I drank from his stash, just so long as I didn’t get caught, drink on a school night, and I would also have to pay for what I drank. This bottle was going to cost me but it was worth it. I walked back out into the living room and showed Cade.
Cade and I, well hell, over three-quarters of the football team love to go out and party. I knew the Cade was not going to turn down the bottle. He and I began to drink from the bottle. We had gotten about half way through the bottle when we got a really nice buzz. We were playing games when my cell phone buzzed. I picked it up and read the text message.
‘Hey, I just finished and I’m takin Sarah home. I may b there in a bit.” The message from Tim said. I closed the phone and tossed it aside.
“The lucky guy,” Cade said as I told him about the message, “I haven’t fucked a girl in like three months.” I just nodded. Out of my group of friends, I was the only one who was still a virgin.
“Hell, in fact I haven’t busted a nut in like a week, you mind if I do that?” He asked. I shook my head. Cade and I were completely fine with seeing each other naked. Truly, back when we were entering 7th grade we probably played with our dicks just as much as we handled a ball. Cade was in my house when we stumbled upon my brother’s porn case and together we jacked off. But that was over four years ago. As Cade stood up and dropped his pants, I got a very good look at his dick. His dick was defiantly different. It had grown in length and girth. His pubic hair was now thicker and there was a forest surrounding his penis.
“Hey. My brother just got a new porno. You want to check it out.” I asked, Cade thought about it for a second then nodded.
“Yeah sure I’ll check it out.” I got of the coach and went back into my brother’s room. I reached under his bed again and pulled out a different box and this one was full of porn movies. I pulled the newest one of the top and walked back to the T.V. I put it in and hit play. I turned of the lights and sat back down as the video began. It was hard to see in the darkness but the flickering light gave me just enough to see Cade wrap his hand around his dick. Slowly he began to pump his dick and soon he was pounding away.
The movie showed a bunch of teenagers going to a party. They were getting drunk and started to make out .
“Heh,” I joked, “Kinda seems like the things that happen at our parties.” Cade laughed in return. As the movie wore on, I found myself spending more time watching Cade and not the movie. Cade must have noticed, because he stopped and said, “You like what you see?” I quickly looked away but it was too late. Cade looked at me and smiled in a weird kind of way.
“You wanna suck it?” He slapped it on his stomach. Truth be told, I did. I had dated girls before but I always wondered what it would be like to do “IT” with a guy. Cade was growing impatient while I was deciding.
“Come on…I know you want to.” He said, smacking it a bit more. I looked him straight in the eyes, and said in the most serious voice I could muster.
“Whatever happens tonight will not leave this house…agreed? I said, Cade nodded, an excited look growing in his eyes. I sighed and got off the couch. I kneeled before Cade’s swollen cock. His dick looked some much bigger with me right in front of it. I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I placed his head on my tongue and closed my mouth around his cock. I started moving my head back and forth. I must have done good because Cade started to moan.
“Suck a little deeper.” Cade moaned and rubbed his hand through my hair. I opened my throat and attempted to go a bit further. I was rewarded with another moan. I kept sucking for a couple more minutes. I felt Cade dick get a little stiffer and I knew what was coming. I pulled out and waited a second. Shots of cummed sprayed out of Cade’s dick onto my face and shirt.
“Oh, fuck, that was amazing.” Cade said. I just knelt in front of him. Then grabbed my shirt and wiped of the rest of the cum. Cade sat up and said, “That was fricking amazing. What do you want to do now?” As he said that, a lot of thoughts went through my head. I slipped off my shirt and undid my pants. I was standing in front of cade with nothing but black boxers, my hard cock filled it out nicely. Cade also stripped down to his boxers. I leaned forward and locked my lips with his. I kept leaning forward until Cade was lying down on the coach and I was between his legs. I kept making out with Cade and slowly rubbing my dick against his. After about five minutes Cade was hard. I slipped my hand into Cade’s boxers and started to rub his cock. Cade moaned into my mouth. Cade slipped his hand into my boxers and started to jack me off as well. He moved his hand and grabbed my butt. He then slipped both of his hand and started to rub my butt.
“I want to be inside you.” Cade breathed in my ear. I sat on lap and rubbed my ass on his dick.
“Oh…” Cade moaned. I nodded my head towards my room. Cade understood and together we walked down the hallway into my room. I laid on my back and Cade dropped his underwear and climbed on top of me. We made out some more when Cade slipped my boxers off. I pulled my legs up to allow Cade better access to my ass. I felt Cade place the tip of his dick to my asshole. He pressed but he couldn’t fit it in. He pulled out a little bit and spit on it. He rubbed his dick. Then he placed his head again and pushed. I felt and extreme tightness and felt him enter.
“AAAUUGGHH!” I screamed. I grabbed the sheets and groaned. It hurt to have Cade inside of me, but it also felt good. Cade kept pushing in until I felt his pubes rubbing against my ass. Cade grabbed the seats by my head. We both were moaning really loud. He pulled out and pushed it right back in.

“You’re so tight.” Cade moaned. He kept on fucking me for a couple minutes. The pain seemingly ended and was replaced with pleasure.
“Jordan…I…have…to…UGH!” Cade slammed into me and I felt him release his boy cum into my bowels. As I felt him cum I gripped the sheets and yelled. Cade fell down on me and grunted. I felt him pull out and roll of me. I rolled off my bed and picked up my underwear. I was about to pull them on, when I looked up to the doorway and saw Tim standing there. His mouth was wide open and his cell phone was laying on the ground.
“O Shit!” I said… To be continued.

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