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"Do you really mean to seduce her, 'bunch?" he'd whispered after she'd confessed her letch. His pet name for her was short for"Honeybunch."

"I want to make her dizzy with pleasure," she'd breathed back and nipped his nipple lightly with her teeth. "I crave her, darling. I'm sorry -- are you jealous?"

She'd felt his shrug. "I should be, but I'm not. If you were talking about a man, I'd be in a rage, but since it's a woman, it -- it doesn't threaten me."

"Or turn you on?"

"Is she sexy and sassy like you?"

"Not at all -- but she is a bombshell. You might like her."

He'd snorted. "I like you a little. Why wander?"

"You call this 'a little'? Let me show you what I like best..."

* * *

Watching Kimberly warming down after dance class, Connie again was astonished at the younger woman's physique. Seen from the back, Kim was a perfect hourglass shape -- good firm shoulders, a smooth back tapering to a tiny waist that Connie suspected wasn't more than 22 inches around, then the sudden flare in ripe hips and firm, rounded buttocks. Yet Kim's thighs didn't quite meet at the top.

She forced herself to stop staring -- but not immediately. Kim was turning slightly, swinging her arms loosely. The rich masses of reddish blonde hair, now channeled into a ponytail by the pretty blue band, swung vivaciously in counterpoint to the sweep of her arms and the rise of her magnificent breasts.

Why didn't I get tits like that? Connie asked herself.

Confined by the white tights and blue spandex leotard -- and, probably, by a workout bra -- Kim's breasts were the shape of half-grapefruits...but larger. Her ribcage was beautifully defined, even through the layers of cloth, and beneath it was the sudden flatness of her hard young stomach. There was the barest hint of a rounding in her lower abdomen, and then the sudden prominence of her pubis. In profile, her legs were breath-taking and seemed almost over-long for her height.

Some flaw, thought Connie, with some envy.

Kim turned abruptly and saw Connie watching her. Their gazes met and Connie wondered if even the workout bra she wore would conceal its true purpose -- to keep any stiffening of her nipples from showing.

Connie smiled and Kim returned it. Connie walked over to her and said, "I like watching you warm down. You have a marvelous, natural grace about you."

"Thank you!" Her smile was quite total, involving her entire face. "It's always nice to be complimented by the teacher."

"I like to get to know the people in my class," Connie said glibly. "This should be social, as well as healthy. After class some night, let's you and I go out somewhere for some coffee or wine."

"Okay! When?"

"Anytime," Connie said.

"How about now? I'll get my stuff, if you're ready."

Connie felt a tingle in her breasts and belly when Kim looked directly into her eyes. "Sounds fine. Let me get my stuff and check out the doors and lights." Most of the other students were already waving their good-byes. "Only be a minute."

As she secured the studio room -- it was part of a larger health club complex, itself a part of a megamall -- Connie again reviewed what she knew about Kim. Twenty-five, no wedding ring, attended to keep herself limber and in shape, and she worked as a public relations assistant for a large wine and spirit importer in New York. She'd moved into the area from the Midwest a few months before. Her emergency notification phone number was in Wisconsin and the name to be notified was her mother's.

Kim was waiting just outside the door of the club. A trenchcoat, held loosely closed by the belt, couldn't conceal her shapely, blue spandex-covered legs. Male passers-by inevitably looked her over. So did a few women.

"Got any place in particular in mind?" Connie asked. She carried her battered old gym bag in her left hand as they strolled past the Allstate office and Waldenbooks toward the mall exit.

"To tell the truth, I'm low on cash so I wondered if you'd mind if we just-- "

Connie was more than willing to offer a loan.

" -- went back to my place. I some lovely wines."

"Sounds fine to me," Connie managed to say calmly. "Wait for me by the front entrance to the lot and I'll follow you."

"Little green Stanza," Kim said as they stepped out into the chill January night.

Connie hurried to the far end of the lot. As an employee, she had to park in the distant, reserved area. She gunned the engine to speed the heater and hurried to her rendezvous. A green Stanza sat near the Burger King. Connie flashed her headlights and Kim beeped in response, then pulled onto Route 17. Connie followed.

It was a quick and seamless drive to the low-rise apartmentcomplex. Connie pulled into a space beside Kim's car.

"This way," Kim said, taking her neat little gym bag from the back seat and hoisting a larger, canvas tote bag from the floor. Connie heard glass clinking as Kim said, "More samples of my wares."

I'm looking forward to sampling your wares, Connie thought, but said nothing except offering to help.

"I'm used to lugging this stuff, but thanks." They walked briskly through a quickening wind to the nearest entrance, then up two flights of carpeted stairs to Kim's door.

The apartment was compact, little more than a studio with an alcove for the dining area, a walk-through to the kitchen and a door opening onto the room containing the --

-- bed, upon which Connie focused immediately. She noted how neat everything was -- except for a pile of dishes and pots in the sink and a mass of miscellaneous magazines and newspapers stacked on the low marble coffee table in front of a Tuxedo-style leather couch.

"I hate housework," Kim said, by way of apology.

"It's not my idea of a good time, either," Connie offered. "Having two of us helps -- "

"Your husband? You mean he helps?"

"We share everything we can," Connie said, and had troublebelieving she'd uttered what -- to her -- was a blatant double entendre.

"I wish my husband was like that," Kim muttered.

"I thought you weren't married," Connie protested as they shucked their coats.

"In fact, I'm not," Kim said, turning to face her ballet teacher. "In fact." She took Connie's coat and hung it in the small, foyer closet. "Legally, I'm still married. We started our 'trial separation' about ten months ago."

Connie couldn't resist openly ogling Kim's form in the tight workout attire. "Much to the delight of men, everywhere."

"Please! Don't get me started!" Kim said, throwing up her hands in theatrical display. "Coffee?"

"Got anything stronger?"

Kim smiled. "No problem-o." She opened a cabinet, revealing bottles and glasses. She bent and wrote something on a notepad, then turned to say, "I rented the place furnished, including the booze. When they come back from their round-the-world cruise, I want to have everything exactly as they left it -- right down to the last drop of liquor. So I keep track. Your choice?"

Connie was thinking that her choice would have been Kim, but simply said, "How about one of your wines?"

Kim beamed. "I'm always looking for someone to experiment on. Any preferences? I have some lovely ports."

Connie couldn't believe Kim had said that, but pretended not to catch the double-entendre -- for a moment. "I bet you hear that a lot from the guys."

Kim's response was something more than a giggle, something less than a chuckle. Connie thought of it as a tinkling. "You wouldn't believe!"

"Try me."

Kim selected a bottle and uncorked it as she replied: "A lot of the buyers in the smaller stores in the city are...well, they aren'teducated, formally. A lot of them come from blue-collar backgrounds and haven't really ..."


"Exactly." Two glasses appeared and Kim poured two fingers of the port into each. The fragrance was almost intoxicating -- rich and heavy. "So there's this kind of required tradition that every guy make some comment or pass, just to prove he's one of the boys."

Connie took the proferred glass. "With the emphasis on 'boys.'"

"You know the type, I bet. C'mon." She motioned for Connie to precede her into the living room. The furnishings looked like they'd been coordinated by the store decorator at Levitz. The leather sofabed and loveseat, the occasional tables, the lamps, the drapes -- even the paintings -- could have been purchased as a set on the showroom floor. Everything worked, but without personality.

Connie sat on the loveseat and Kim flumped down on the sofa, at a right angle to Connie. She held up the glass and swirled the port gracefully in the glass, examining the rivulets that settled back to the bottom. "Hmmmm, good legs."

"You should talk."

Both laughed and sipped. "Where was I?" Kim asked.


"Oh, right -- Well, once word got around that I was separated, and happy to be, I couldn't go into an office without someone hitting on me. Some less subtly than others. I had a guy today -- I still can't believe it." She drank more of her port.

"Don't leave me in suspense," Connie pleaded.

"Guy's about fifty years old, got a paunch that looks like a basketball sitting on his belt and enough nose hair to sweep thestoreroom."

Connie laughed loud and hard, and knew that her appreciation was partly the exaggerated effect of the mouthful of port. Since meeting Jerry, she seldom drank -- he was a recovering alcoholic -- and it didn't take much to get her buzzed.

Her laughter set Kim to chuckling, too. "So we're in the storeroom and I'm inventorying his stock on a couple of my lines and I have to kind of bend over some boxes. I'm wearing this denim skirt, about knee-length and a little snug and I feel it creeping up. And he's gotten very quiet, when usually he's motor-mouth on overdrive. So I look back and see him standing there with his mouth open, staring at my ass through the tight, short skirt and rubbing his -- his -- "


"-- right, his dick, through his pants!"

"What'd you do -- smack him?" Connie drank some more port.

"First thing I did was try to get calm. This is a big account. The next thing I did was curse my luck."


Kim drained her glass, noted the condition of Connie's and refilled it and her own. "He had a dick about the size I always fantasized about. Damn thing seemed to go a third of the way to his knee and it was so thick I could see it throbbing through his pants leg! But this is a creepy slob and -- well, hell, if it had been someone I could respect, I would've ... Ah, the hell with it. How do you like the port?"

"It's nice, kind of nutty, but awfully strong."

"Yeah -- but so what?" she teased. She sipped again, then turned and curled her legs. She sat in a semi-lotus position facing Connie, then glanced down at her crotch. "Sorry," she muttered, seeing the damp spot between her legs. She stood. "Excuse me; I'll be right back."

Connie watched the ripe, full cheeks of Kim's ass twitch through her dancing uniform as she strode quickly into another room. She was trying to restrain her fantasies. She started pawing through the pile of magazines on the coffee table. Most were wine publications or magazines that might be expected to have columns on the subject -- like Cuisine -- but there were a few general interest periodicals...

...and a couple of very interesting periodicals.

"Oh-ho!" Connie whispered when she spotted Forum. Beneath it was a catalog of adult toys. Suddenly, her plan was hatched, fully blown.

Connie sat back and opened the catalog in her lap and began looking at the offerings. Inside the front cover was a letter from the merchant addressed "To Our Valued Customer."

Her breathing quickened and became a little shallower. She felt the tension in her cunt as she heard Kim's footsteps approaching.

"Sorry to leave you alone like that. I'm glad you found to read -- omigod!"

Connie looked up to find Kim blushing furiously.

"Oh, relax, honey. Except for a couple of nuns and my crazy Aunt Jane, I've never met a woman who never used at least one of these. And I'm not so sure what the nuns did before they took their vows, either."

Kim plopped down across from Connie again. She was wearing dark blue silk pajamas under a loose dressing gown. She was still blushing.

Connie reached over and patted Kim's forearm. "It's okay! Relax!" She went back to studying the goods in the catalog. "I've heard about these," she said, tapping one photograph. "Ever use one?"

"Which?" It was a squeak.

"Joni's Butterfly. I hear they're great."

Kim shook her head. She'd taken her hair down from the ponytail and pulled it over to one side with a barrette.

Connie went and sat next to Kim and continued through the catalog. "Now this looks interesting!" She pointed to a picture of a dildo that could squirt.


"Which ones have you tried?"

Kim's blush returned and deepened. She reached into Connie's lap and flipped a few pages farther back, to the vibrators. "Th-this one."

"Interesting..." Connie read the copy. The device vibrated and also stroked and had a small extension for manipulating the clitoris. "Any good?"

"I thought it might feel like the real thing -- more like it, anyhow -- but it doesn't."

"What are you going to try next?"

Kim drained her glass and refilled it -- to the brim. She took a deep breath. "It's a couple of pages farther back."

"Let me see if I can guess," Connie said. Her cunt was sopping wet and she yearned to have her aching nipple rubbed -- and more. She could sense the cautious excitement in the beautiful young woman beside her on the sofa. She flipped the page: Vibrating Ben Wa balls; a G-SpotVibrator; Flexible Vibrators....No.

Next page: Masturbators for Men...No.

Next page: Dildos. Connie remembered how wet Kimberly had gotten talking about ... the creepy old guy's huge cock.

From the corners of her eyes, she risked a quick glance. Yes, Kimberly was shifting her thighs a bit.

"Hmmmm -- I'd say...This one!" She read from the catalog copy: "'Big John -- 13 inches of realistic, lifelike flexible dong to satisfy that craving for fullness. Fully two-and-a-half inches in diameter, Big John is molded from life in our new micropore latex that's so real, it feels like flesh! And your flesh will -- '"

"Close -- but two-and-a-half inches thick? Phew! Too much for this babe!"

Connie looked at her openly. Kim's cheeks were flushed, but it wasn't embarrassment. Kim took another gulp of her port and Connie realized the younger woman had already drunk nearly half the refilled tumbler's contents.

"Let me show you -- " She reached over and pointed to another one.

""Jake,'" Connie read. "'So lifelike, you can see the veins -- and feel them. Ten inches long and almost two inches thick, Jake can scratch that itch -- and more! Jake can be filled with warm water, so it'll be warm when it goes into a hot place!'"

Kim's eyes slowly closed and opened. She smiled shyly when she saw Connie watching her.

Connie quickly grinned her just-us-girls grin.

"I've always wanted to know what it's like to be really filled up with a big, hot dick. I mean, normal dicks are fine, especially if the guy knows what he's doing and wants me to like what he's doing, but I've always heard there's nothing like being really full." She emptied her glass and poured more for herself and Connie. "I've always envied small women like you. Even a small dick must fill you up."

"You bet, but it has to be the right guy."

"Have you ever had a really big -- no, you couldn't have, you're so petite."

Connie put Kim's hand on her wrist. "How about one that thick -- and that hard?"

Kim barely closed her fingers around her instructor's wrist. Her eyes widened and her lovely lips parted. "Wow. Didn't it hurt?"

"A little, but he really took his time getting me ready and getting it in and it was easier than I expected. And he was almost as long as 'Jake.' I took him all the way and loved it. Thought I'd never stop cumming."

Kim's flush had spread to her neck. "Is he still around? Married?"

"Yes to both -- to me."

"Your husband is hung like that? And he's so sweet?"

Connie nodded.

"You're so lucky to have a husband who loves you so much..."

"And so well. And so often!"

"You've really got it all. A job you love, a nice home, a husband who loves you and is well-hung. I'm still looking for a nice, healthy guy with a sense of humor and a huge boner for a one-night-stand." She sighed heavily. "I envy you. I might even be jealous. You really have it all."

Connie laughed and sipped at her drink. "Almost everything. There are some things I still crave but can't get as much as I'd like."

"Like what? What else is there?"

"For one, I love it in the back -- in my butt. Jerry and I just can't do it, though. He's too big."

"You really like that?"

"Mmmm-hmmm! Ever tried it?"

Kim shrugged. "A couple of times. The guys usually wanted it and just jammed it in. Once, it started to feel good but the guy came off too fast and didn't bother even kissing my back or touching me anyplace else while he banged away."

"Too bad, sweety. I love the fullness and the -- the wickedness of it. Feeling that big, hot thing sliding back there, stretching me out and listening to the guy talking about how hot and tight it is..." She shivered with remembered pleasures.

"Doesn't Jerry miss it? Or doesn't he like it?"

"Oh, he likes it fine -- or he used to. And he'd probably like it again. But I got him to try it with me and he just refused to push it when he saw how much of a strain it was for me."

"He sounds like a terrific guy."

"That's why I married him."

Kim absently rubbed one hand over her breasts, through the dressing gown and the pajamas. "You said there were other things you don't get enough of."

"Well, I don't know if I should tell you..."

Kim put on an alcohol-enhanced expression of mock outrage. "Of all the nerve! I showed you mine! Now it's your turn!"

"I don't want to shock you or anything."

"Try me." It was a Dare-You! tone of voice.

"Well," Connie said slowly, "sometimes I -- I like to go to bed with a woman."

"You mean a threesome?" Kim sounded skeptical, but -- hopeful?

"That, too. But sometimes just a pretty, sweet, sexy woman."

She was watching Kim carefully for a reaction.

"I'm sorry if I shocked you -- "

"No, no -- it's not that." Kim finished her port and turned to face Connie. "I've done that, too. In college, a couple of times."

"But never again?"

"I've thought about it once or twice, but I was never sure how to approach it."

"It's not easy, these days." Connie held Kim's stare and slowly raised one hand to caress that warm, flushed cheek, so smooth and damp under her fingers.

Kim brought her hand up to cover Connie's and hold it. She slowly turned her head and pressed her lips to Connie's palm.

"That time in college -- you liked it?"

"It was so sweet and gentle," Kim murmured against Connie's palm. "So wonderful to feel the softness and giving, to have a lover who knew what I needed..."

Connie guided Kim's face closer and kissed her on the lips, softly, with her mouth closed. She felt Kim shiver and turned to her on the sofa. She kissed Kim's jaw up to her ear and let her tongue toy with the lobe, then dart inside briefly. She felt Kim's lips on her shoulder, against the material of her tights, and felt Kim's arm go around her tiny waist, pulling her close.

Kim tilted her face up with her eyes closed and her lips parted as Connie knelt on the sofa. She brought her lips down on Kim's and they kissed passionately, their tongues tantalizing and dancing with each other. Kim had both hands on Connie's slender torso now and was moving them up and down, savoring Connie's compact frame.

Without breaking the kiss, Connie shifted and knelt a-straddle Kim's thighs, enjoying the warmth and fullness of Kim's breasts against her abdomen. Kim's hands began tugging at the neck opening of Connie's tights, working it down over her shoulders. She almost came when she realized what Kim was doing. Connie worked her arms out of the tights and pushed them down to her waist. Kim broke the kiss and began licking Connie's shoulders and the upper swells of her breasts. She reached behind Connie and unsnapped the bra.

Connie sighed with pleasure when her pert breasts were released from their confinement and then moaned when Kim began flicking her tongue lightly back and forth over one nipple. Connie caressed her lover's face and ears as Kim's agile tongue manipulated and teased her throbbing nipple.

She reached lower and pushed the dressing gown back, off Kim's shoulders. The young, statuesque woman shifted her arms to cooperate and then Connie was stroking and caressing the full, firm, ripe mounds of Kim's heaving breasts. Feeling that rich flesh through the silken material was incredibly exciting to Connie, a sensual indulgence that seemed to send electric shocks through her fingertips -- and directly to her cunt. She was mildly puzzled, though, that Kim's nipples weren't swollen. The young woman was obviously very aroused, but there were no nice little pointies for Connie to play with. But then her thoughts were dispersed by sensation.

Kim had fastened her soft lips on Connie's left breast, nearly engulfing the whole thing. She slowly closed her lips, squeezing more and more of Connie's firm tit out of her mouth -- and then suckling at the turgid nipple. She strummed the tip of it with her tongue while she sucked and when she brought one hand up to lightly graze the taut flesh on the side of Connie's breast, the smaller woman began shuddering with pleasure.

"I love your nipples," Kim said. "They're so hard! And so long and pointed!"

Connie shook and moved her hands to the sides of Kim's head, half-caressing and half-guiding. Kim moaned against Connie's tit and held her all the closer as the smaller woman began moving her hips.

"Bite 'em!" Connie breathed into Kim's ear.

The younger woman cautiously closed her teeth on Connie's nipple and let her tongue rampage over the nubbly aureole. Then she began pulling the nipple until Connie's breast was distended. Connie looked down and felt her cunt clench with a little orgasm from the sight and another from the sensation. Her nipples made up in prominence what her tits seemed to lack. The aureoles were quarter-size circles of reddish pink flesh that swelled and got bumpy when she was aroused. But the nozzles, themselves, swelled out to a full half-inch or so in length and got as thick -- and, seemingly, as solid -- as a number-two pencil. Most men found them interesting. But women, as well as a very few men -- like Jerry -- could be fascinated by her nipples, by their texture and sensitivity and responsiveness.

"I want to feel them against my breasts," Kim breathed.

"Yesss..." Connie slithered down within the circle of Kim's arms and began rubbing her nipples aggressively against the larger young woman's firm orbs. The sensation of the silken material and the fullness of the firm young breasts beneath it was more than she could bear. Connie was sitting on one of Kim's thighs, feverishly hunching her spandex-clad cunt against the hard muscle of her new-found lover.

Kim began raising the top of the pajamas and Connie paused long enough to view the treasures she'd lusted after. Her eyes, half-closed with lust, widened when Kim had the top up and her arms raised, the material covering her head.

Connie's lips formed a soundless "Oh!" She had seen nipples like that a few times before -- in men's magazines or porno tapes. Kim's breasts were shaped like rounded bullets -- and her nipples comprised all of the tips. There was no distinction between aureole and nozzle. Each was a single, huge nipple, barely darker than the snowy flesh of her breast.

Kim smiled oddly when she saw Connie's astonishment. "Weird, huh?"

"I've never seen...Sensitive?"

"But -- different."

"I'll say!" She hesitated.

Kim understood. "Go on -- they like everything yours do, just more so."

Reverently, Connie bent and clasp both hands around Kim's left breast. They couldn't cover it. Almost all of the nipple protruded. Connie moved her face closer, her mouth open, and barely took in the nipple. She felt Kim's hands at the back of her head, forcing her face -- and her teeth -- into the taut mound of firm young flesh.

"Harder!" Kim moaned. "Chew on them!"

Connie brought her teeth carefully down on the nipple and felt Kim surge even as the nipple begin swelling. She chewed carefully, lightly, keeping her tongue in motion as her hands tightened and loosened on the abundant flesh. Kim shifted on the sofa and Connie altered her position so she still was straddling Kim's jerking thigh with her juicy cunt -- but now Connie had one foot flat on the floor and knelt on the couch with her other knee pressed up into the widening apex of Kim's thighs.

Kim tried to force more of her tit into Connie's mouth, then needed to feel the smaller woman's oral attentions on the other breast. She pulled Connie's head to her right boob and began humping her open, wet cunt against Connie's knee.

Connie knew exactly what Kim was craving now and went to work on the right breast with abandon. She sucked as hard as she could at Kim's nipple, trying her best to twirl her tongue around the swollen mass. The nipple was easily as large as half of a plum, and had about the same firmness and texture -- but was warmer and throbbing perceptibly.

When she bit into the plum, Kim cried out and tried to force more of her big breast into Connie's mouth than could possibly fit.Simultaneously, her hips began bucking uncontrollably and her legs straightened and spread wide.

As Kim came, Connie was sliding down her leg, losing her perch. Kim toppled to one side on the sofa, brutally pinching her nipples with thumbs and forefingers and pulling them up, harder than Connie would have dared. Kim's hips still shuddered on the couch.

Connie rose on trembling knees and looked down at her new lover. The sight sent a renewed spasm of lust through her. Wearing only the dark, silken pajama bottoms -- with a visible wet mark at the crotch -- Kimberly looked like a horny adolescent's Hefneresque fantasy come true. The disheveled reddish blonde hair was a halo around her and her face and neck and upper chest were deeply flushed. And from the center of her chest rose twin, quivering mounds of pal, firm flesh capped by swollen, enormous, broad nipples.

Unable to take her eyes of Kim, even while the younger woman was jamming both hands into the loose waist of the pajama bottoms, Connie stripped off the rest of her dancing outfit. She bent just enough to caress Kim's face and refocus her student's attention on her.

"Do you have a bedroom here? Someplace where we can go and feast on each other...?"

Kim grabbed the hand and began lavishing kisses on Connie's fingers and knuckles and palm.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get nipples like this rubbing on -- and in -- your pretty pussy?" Kim asked.

Just the thought sent a renewed wetness flooding through Connie's cunt.

"Because I want to show you what it's like!"

More to come...

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