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Tammy needs to come up with some money to pay over due rent, and someone offers her what she needs only they don’t tell her the main job deion. She is unwilling forced to entertain his guests in humiliating ways over the period of 6 nights.
This is the first part of my story. I am almost finished it so if it's liked It won't be long till the rest is up.

Please note! I am terrible at grammar, and punctuation please ignore it if you can :p
I write this stuff because its fun.


Tammy was finishing up her shift at Hunters lodge, she took a paid week off work for an extra job she lined up months ago. She needs to raise 2500 by then end of the month or she was going to lose her car and her apartment, and Tammy only had 2 weeks left.

Cleaning off the last table Tammy smiled at the three men finishing off their beer, “Hope you guys have a great week.

"No worries. Tammy, we will miss ya!" Jack said as he placed a twenty dollar tip on the table for her.

The other two followed Jack's lead and did the same. "Oh thanks guys,"
Brian smiled, "stay outta trouble hon." The men left the bar.

Tammy went to the staff room to get her belongings. She saw Dale the owner of the bar standing in the door. "You’re gonna be missed next week."

"Oh Dale, it’s only for a week," she said smiling. She saw Dale held a small envelope.

"Yeah, this is for you I know it isn't much but it should help," he handed her the envelope stuffed with twenty dollar bills.
Tammy looked inside she guessed there may have been 500 hundred dollars. “Dale I can't take this she said as he tried to hand it back to him.

Dale held his hands up, "No I want you have it, I’m not taking no for and answer."

Tammy looked at him defiantly, "Fine but this is a loan, and I will be paying you back."

Dale laughed and walked off to continue his closing procedures.
Grabbing her car keys she waved to Dale, "Have a good week, hope you are okay with out me!"

"You know I won’t be Hun, have fun for me ok?"

Tammy left the bar and got into her car, she stopped off at the ATM and deposited the money she made in tips and the cash Dale gave her.

By the time she got home it was 1:30AM, and she was ready pass out. She quickly checked her cell and saw she had a missed call and one voice mail. Tammy recognized the number was from the modeling job she had set up a few months ago.

"Tammy this is Shawn, I have unfortunate news. I am afraid we have to reschedule the session another month, can you please call me back so we arrange a new date."

Tammy stood there starting at the wall, shocked by what she just heard.
"Fuck." Tammy whispered. She was relying on this job to pay off rent.
She wasn't able to pay last month and her landlord gave her a month’s extension, but she still needed to pay the next months as well. He would not allow another month extension.

Now wide awake Tammy started to look online to find other options. She found a few jobs and sent her inquiry for them but she wasn't to optimistic. She needed a job that could pay her 2000 thousand dollars in one week. She dropped her head on the key bored, "I’m screwed."

She decided to post an employment wanted ad. She stated she had experience modeling, acting, photography, and was looking for something immediately. She posted a teaser photo of herself and added portfolio available on request.

"There now I may be able to get some sleep." Tammy had a quick shower then crawled into bed; she passed out as soon as her head hot the pillow.

Saturday Morning

A few hours later Tammy was up and making her self breakfast, while she ate she logged on to check her email. She had two new emails one from a job she inquired about the other from the ad she posted. Tammy opened the first response to her ad.

You have hot body that I would love to cum all over.

"Gross!" Tammy deleted the email. She clicked on the other.

Thank you for your interest but the position has been filled.

Tammy sighed but as she was about to logout another email popped up in response to her post. She clicked on it and read:

I am looking for a young woman urgently for a special photo shoot. I would love to meet you and view your portfolio. Please call me at the following number 546-1345 to arrange a meeting time. This job pays cash.


Tammy held her breath while she read the email again; Kyle didn't really give any details on what the job was but at least she is getting somewhere. She picked up her cell and dialed Kyle's number.

On the third ring she heard a male’s voice, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Kyle?"

"Yes this is him, who is speaking?"

"Tammy, you sent me an email just a few minuets ago."

"Yes Tammy! Thanks for calling, when would you like to meet?"

Tammy thought to herself, he is very to point. "Can I have a bit more info on what the job entails?"

"I am going to be heading into a meeting in a few minutes so I would love to talk to you about it face to face. Can you meet me at the office for 1:30 this afternoon?"

Feeling suddenly rushed she thought, what can I lose, "Yes..."
"Great!" Kyle cut her off, I will email you the address, see you soon Tammy." He hung up.

Tammy looked at the phone not sure what just happened. She has never talked to someone so direct. She finished her coffee and dressed in her best outfit for an interview; Tammy checked her email and saw Kyle had sent her another email.

Thank you again for your interest. As per our conversation earlier you can meet me at
54 River-trail Road, for 1:30 P.M. Please bring your portfolio for my associate and I to review. We will cover the job details at our meeting.

Tammy grinned "If you would call that much of a conversation." Tammy finished getting ready and left her apartment. She turned on her GPS to help her find the address.

When she arrived she was shocked to see that Kyle’s office didn't really look like an office but a very large home with very modern style architecture. She pulled up and parked in the drive way where two other cars parked as well.

Tammy got out of her car, walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. She held her breath as she waited. Be cool Tammy, she told herself.

The door open and a tall man of about 6"3, dirty blond hair, and he had dark brown eyes stood staring at her. "You must be Tammy," he said as he held out his hand. "I am Kyle."

"Yes," she said as she shook his.
"Come in and let’s get started, follow me." He said as he showed her in. As she followed Kyle she glanced around she could tell this man was rich, "So this is your office?"

Kyle laughed, "Yes and no, I do most of my meetings here. It’s more comfortable, rather sitting at a table in a board room." He grinned back at her.
As they walked down a hallway the photos on the wall somewhat worried Tammy; one photo had a women naked on her knees with her arm and bound in an X on her chest. The one next to it had the same women but her arms were bound behind her back, and she wore a gag ball in her mouth.

"Oh, never mind those, they were a gift." Kyle smiled back at her.

“Interesting taste in art,” Tammy looked away.

Kyle open door and gestured for her to enter. As Tammy walked she saw another man seated on a black leather sofa; he rose as they entered.

He offered Tammy his hand, "Nathan."
Tammy shook his hand, "Tammy," she said as short as he did.
Nathan grinned amused and sat back down. Kyle went to the coffee table and return with two coffees.

"Here you are Tammy, drink while it’s hot." He sat down a leather chair adjacent from Tammy. "Let me see your portfolio," he told her.

Tammy handed it over to Kyle and he put it on the table in front of him. "I have a few questions to see if you are the right fit for this job.”

Tammy wanted to know more about the job but the look in his eyes told her he was asking the questions right now. So she nodded, "Ask away." She took a sip of her coffee nervously.

"How long are you available?"

"I can work this Monday to Friday days or evenings" she responded.

"Good, but can you do both?"

Tammy looked shocked, "Um, yeah I could if need be."

Kyle nodded, "You are older then 18?"

"Yes, I am 23."

Kyle stopped for a moment and looked at Tammy portfolio as she sat there nervously waiting. She drank more of the coffee trying to appear unaffected.

"You have good work," he looked up at her watching her finish off her mug off coffee. He smiled. Would you like another?"
"Thank you, and no I’m fine thanks."

Kyle handed her portfolio over to Nathan. And he also took his time looking it over. About five minuets past as Kyle asked Tammy more questions. And told her more about the job she would be doing. Typical photo shoot work she was used to doing. She was excited to get started. Tammy started to feel more at ease, actually she was felling somewhat groggy and almost ready to have a nap.

"So what do you think Tammy are you interested, will I being seeing you Monday?

Tammy was ecstatic, "Yes! Thank you!”

Kyle stood up and offered his hand, "Great welcome, for the next 5 days we will be working very close. And you will soon meet the others you will be working with."

Tammy stood up and shook Kyle’s hand, suddenly her legs gave out from underneath her; Kyle caught her and eased her back on the sofa.

"Easy standing may not be a good idea with Valium in your system."
"wait... what did you do to me..? Valium. Why?" Tammy's world was now spinning then she blacked out.

Sunday Night

Tammy woke up feeling light headed and dazed; she tried to get up but realized very fast something was wrong. She looked at herself to see she was lying back in some sort of chair with her arms restrained to the arm holders. To her horror she saw her legs open wide with her legs restrained so she was spread wide open. She was completely naked and exposed. She was also aware of the gag over her mouth as well in her mouth was a small bulbous object attached to the gag fitting nicely inside her mouth. Tammy looked around the room, it was empty with blank cold gray walls no windows and no evident door, the only furniture was the chair she was in. The lighting in the room was bright only adding to her feeling of exposure.

"Good morning Tammy, I am happy to see you awake. The voice came Tammy guessed from speaker, whom sounded like Kyle.

Tammy screamed into her gag but it only came out as a muffle.
"Let’s begin shall we, just relax my dear I think you are going to enjoy this.”

Tammy was terrified, what did these men want the bastards tricked her.
Tammy heard click and saw something rise up from the floor. She blinked in horror, it was a mechanical arm of some sort, and it was positioned at her crotch. It adjusted its self aligning with Tammy's exposed entranced. Tammy could see that it was a silver phallus shaped tool, about 9" long and over an inch thick. The device pressed into Tammy’s pussy the cold contact made her squeak and she tried to move away but she couldn't budge. Tammy was appalled, what is this thing! Tammy struggled harder, as the arm slowly inched its way into her pussy lips just touching her entrance.

The phallus pressed harder until it pushed it way inside Tammy hole and she screamed into her gag biting down on piece in her mouth. Just tip of the phallus entered her tight pussy. Tears started to stream down her cheeks as it pushed in a bit further then suddenly, it pulled out of her completely making Tammy cry as the large phallus popped out. It again pressed into her pussy pushing hard until it slid back into her pussy going a bit further in this time. It made a few thrusting motions before it pulled out. Are people to lazy to rape properly? She thought to herself.

The phallus pushed back into Tammy only to immediately withdraw. Tammy winched each time. The devices continued sliding in and out of Tammy with out stop, she realized she wasn't in pain anymore, I was teasing her. I don’t want to enjoy this, but its making me so wet. Tammy cried as we was forced to involuntary enjoy this abuse.

The device was having less resistance each time and she could feel her juices leaking down her ass. I don’t want this thing turn me on! Tammy screamed at herself. But it was to late Tammy could feel her hips start to thrust, she wanted it to fuck her. But it continued to slowing insert into her wet pussy only to slowly withdraw.

She could feel her pussy throb and squeeze every time the phallus pulled out as if she was trying to keep it in involuntarily. I don’t want this, please make it stop. Tammy cried as if they could read her mind.

The device pushed it's self into her tight little pussy again this time until she felt it hit her cervix Tammy screamed into her gag. It began to fuck her filling her with all of its length, faster then faster. Tammy couldn’t fight it anymore she could hear how wet she was she felt an orgasm building slowly. As if knowing this the phallus pulled out and waited, and waited. Tammy felt like it waited over ten minutes before slamming back into her surprising her. She wanted it to fuck her, to make her cum.

Tammy then felt the gag in her mouth grow like it was inflating; slowly forcing her jaw wider as it filled her mouth then it stopped expanding. Tammy was getting a little concerned her mouth was filling with the expanding object in her mouth. Tammy realized it had a penis shape to it.

The device continued to fuck her, Tammy could barely make a sound now, she groaned as pleasure built up again stronger then before, and like before it pulled out. Tammy was so teased it hurt. She wanted more!

"How are doing Tammy? Looks like you are having a great time.” Kyle came back on the mic. "I think its time to introduce you to the audience."

What audience? Tammy thought.
One of the walls started to slide away to revel a large number of people sitting around tables. Some of them had leashes, collars, and some sat on the floor at the feet of what appeared to be their dominants whom where dressed up in expensive outfits.

"Tammy I host these conventions once a year, and you my dear are a rarity the only woman that does not have a slave background.”

Tammy felt the heat rise in her face as over 40 people started at her naked exposed body with her pussy still leaking her juices. Some of the people started to smile and laugh. Tammy felt sick; she was always a shy girl. When she worked in the bar she never wore cloths to revealing, she was modest. Now she lay naked with her body visible for all to see.

"We will continue my dear."

Tammy felt the device enter her hard and started to pump her fast and hard she closed her eyes tight. I can't believe all these people are watching me.
Tammy wanted to die from embarrassment. The device pushed further into her and stopped moving. Tammy was breathing hard, as she tried to catch her breath. But the cock shape gag in her mouth started to grow again. Tammy felt it expand more and more filling her small mouth, he jaw opening to attempt to accommodate it. She felt it touch the back of her throat blocking her air way. Then it stopped. I can’t breath! Tammy started to panic.

The device in her pussy went all out; it slammed into her over and over again filling her small hole. Tammy swore it was also getting thicker she was feeling so full. It’s going to tear me! She thought. Tammy forgot about the crowed of people watching her, her body starting to respond to the stimulation. She didn't want to enjoy this, but they weren't giving her a choice.

Her lungs started to burn, and her jaw ached. She wanted to breathe badly, but regardless her body was giving in. Tammy came hard as she did the gag deflated only to enhance her orgasm, as she took a breath of air. The phallus started to vibrate inside her, stimulating her now very sensitive pussy. Tammy cried and thrashed only to feel her self come again. Please stop! Tammy wanted to yell to beg, the phallus was relentless. It didn't stop if fucked her harder and faster as it penetrated. Tammy went over the edge again as her body trembled and shook. He muffled screams could be heard from the audience. She finally passed out from exhaustion.

She slept for a few hours when Nathan woke her to give her dinner and offer her pain killers. She ate hungry and accepted the pills, which also put her into a deep sleep. “Sleep well Tammy you will need rest for tomorrow night’s performance.”

To be continued...

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