Jamie has a new best friend but she has to share.
Jamie 3: Jamie has a Visitor

By Tanya Writer
Copyright© Tanya Writer

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Chapter 1

If you ask any kid, they’ll quickly tell you that summer vacation goes by too fast. That is something that teachers would agree with. Jamie had her birthday in late August and started sixth grade as an eleven year old, while Ron remained teaching fifth grade.

They both found that there were changes. For Jamie it was in her physical education classes. Now they would shower after class, which meant undressing in front of a lot of other undressed girls. This wasn’t something that Jamie found unacceptable, in fact she rather liked it, she liked to show off her body and liked to see the other girls naked. She had gained confidence because she knew that both a man and a woman liked her body and thought it was hot. It turned her on to see other girls because she had found that two girls could have sex together just as much as a girl could be with a man.

For Ron it wasn’t such a big change in some ways. He had been teaching fifth grade for many years, but he had never had an attraction to his students, at least not until this summer. Sex with Jamie had turned his head around. He could never see his students in the same way again, but he also used that to his advantage.

Ron would never put moves on any of his students; he was too professional for that. He also could keep his desires from affecting his grading, but that didn't mean he didn't have some of the prettier girls sitting in the front row. The ones he sat in front of his desk we not only cute but also girls that were a bit immodest in that they weren't careful about how they positioned their legs when they were wearing dresses or skirts. Ron would sometimes get treated to views up those skirts to see little pairs of panties. There were times in those first few weeks that some of the girls would lean over Ron's desk, and he could get a look down their tops. For the most part there wasn’t anything there but a flat areola, but one girl in the class had areolas which had become puffy, she would bear watching.

Molly had her own changes, now she was a senior in high school with a girlfriend of her own. Of course everyone just thought of them as good friends. But if they only knew what they did when they had time together!

But someone did know: Tammy. She had found the lesbian videos while snooping around in Molly's room. She had also found the lesbian magazines, with well-worn pages, stashed under her mattress. Tammy wasn't too put off by them. In fact she was turned on by them, and she was looking for more in Molly's room. It seems that it was all girls in the videos and magazines, no guys. Tammy would like to see some guys in them too, still the girls together were a turn on to her, so much so that she took the videos and watched them herself when she got the chance.

One change that affected both Tammy and Jamie is that now that they were both in a new school, they now were in the same home room. This brought out more of a friendship between the two of them. They managed to be friends despite Jamie ranking higher in the class and making better grades. Tammy had her problems academically, such that her parents got her a tutor for her in math. He was a boy from the eighth grade. He was a nice boy, smart and not bad looking.

Sherry was now full on the morning shift, from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, so she was home when Jamie came home from school. Jamie was able to get herself up and make her own breakfast, and get herself off to school after Tammy left for work.

Jamie now at eleven was getting so that she might not need a babysitter, if and when Sherry might be going out. But if she did, there was always Ron, even though Molly was much less available now-a-days.

After discovering the wonders of sleepovers, Jamie began to have them with her new best friend, Tammy. She became a frequent visitor to the Flynn house. There wasn't much to them, but they both liked being together and Sherry liked seeing Tammy around, in a way that wouldn't create suspicion with Molly.

But there were dangers unknown to them. While Molly may have suspected that Tammy snooped around in her things, Sherry and Jamie didn't. Tammy being an early riser and Jamie far from it, and Sherry off early to work, especially Sunday mornings, it gave Tammy time to nose around in things.

She started going through Sherry's dresser and she found things. What she found interested her very much. She had found lesbian magazines, so it wasn't hard for her to figure out where Molly had gotten hers from. In going through the closet, she found that there were also lesbian videos. But even more interesting to her was that she found videos of men with women and she knew she needed to watch them.

Jamie was a deep sleeper and Sherry had a DVD player and TV in her room. Tammy was able to lock the door and put in a video. She laid back on the bed, and watched, starting with a lesbian one. That got her hot enough that she need to take her panties off and touch herself.

Tammy had never been with a girl before, well if you don't count herself, but certainly not with anyone else male or female. But she sure wanted to be with a girl now! Sherry's videos were even hotter than the ones that Molly had stashed. She went through them in fast forward, just to get to the good stuff fast and then went slowly through that. As much as she liked the lesbian things, she wanted to see the guy/girl videos. If the lesbian vids were hot, then the straight stuff was about to send Tammy's blood boiling. It was enough to make her cum watching them and playing with herself.

She had been watching them a while now, and she thought she could hear Jamie stirring in her room. Tammy had to put them away fast. It wouldn’t be good to be caught in Jamie's mom's room. She was just able to get out of the room and into the living room by the time Jamie was out of the bathroom.

The day spent together was just as usual, but back in the deep recesses of Tammy's brain she wondered about Jamie. For sure her mom went both ways, or at least she watches videos that went both way; does Jamie go both ways too? She would love to find out about that, because in truth Tammy would like to try it with her.

It was a secret thrill to both girls, though neither admitted it to anyone: they liked taking showers in school. It was a chance to show off their bodies, and see the other naked, peach fuzzed, small boobed sexy girls.

Jamie had only known her mother and Molly in that way, but she would like to have other experiences, but she also had Ron to make her feel like a woman. Tammy wanted to have her first sexual experiences with someone other than herself. Could Jamie be that girl?

Jamie loved to have the company and Tammy was invited the next week with the same result: as soon as Sherry was gone, Tammy was up and into her room. She shuffled through Sherry's videos to find something that would be exciting so that she could masturbate to it. She found things that were too exciting to not watch, but as with the last time she got so caught up in watching them that she forgot the time. Again she heard Jamie up and had to put things back in a hurry.

Tammy couldn't get enough and wangled another invitation to come back to Jamie's house the following week. Again the same result: Tammy programed herself to wake up just before Sherry left for work. She listened for her to leave and then she was up and into Sherry's room. As she went for the videos, there were two lying out with a note, that read, “Tammy since you are watching my videos you might find these interesting. Stay around today until I get home from work and we will talk about them.”

The videos we similarly in that they both had a younger woman, as their main actress. In one her partner was an older man and in the other it was an older woman that was her lover. Tammy knew she was caught, but it seemed that wasn't in trouble. She waited until Sherry got home, and wondering what would come of it.

Chapter 2

“Jamie, honey I’ll drive Tammy home, then I’m going to do some shopping.” Tammy went out to the car with her belongings. Tammy got into the car and turned to the girl. “You have been watching my videos. I take it you like them,” she said.

Tammy stammered, “What makes you think that I was doing that?”

“Because, they’re out of order, and only when you had visited; Molly knows that you have been into her things, and if Jamie had wanted to see them she would have just asked instead of sneaking around with things.”

Sherry continued, “Which did you like better the lesbian or the ones with guys?”

“I don't know,” Tammy admitted. “I liked them both.”

“Have you thought about being with another girl or woman?” Sherry inquired.

“Yeah, I sorta guessed you’ve been doing things with Molly,” Tammy said hesitatingly. “I also know that she has a girlfriend and they do stuff together.”

“Would you be interested in being with me?” asked Sherry boldly.

“Yeah!” Tammy cried. “I’d love it!”

“I know a place we can go,” said Sherry, starting the car.

She took her to a hot sheet motel that catered more to hookers so there weren't questions asked. She brought the girl into the room with her and got comfortable. Sherry took her in her arms and gave Tammy her first kiss. It wasn’t only her first kiss by a woman, but Tammy had never been kissed before by anyone, any real kisses, not the kind you give your parents at night or your great aunt when they leave.

She nudged at Tammy's lips with a soft stroking of her own lips, that were as gentile as the kiss of a cloud. But her lips began to explore her with a bit more force and then more passion, so that her two more full lips were covering Tammy's smaller and thinner lips. There was the pucker to them and a bit of a sucking action to that. Sherry followed that with caresses of her lips with her own as she rubbed her own against them. She began to take on lip between her two to caress it first the upper lip and then the lower.

Tammy was beside herself, she never felt anything so good before, she almost didn't have words of it. But not only that, but there was a connection to her whole body it seemed to be a buzzing in her ears, that was also in her entire frame. She had felt herself getting wet watching the videos, but now it seemed like there was a connection between her upper set of lips and her lower set of them.

Sherry continued her assault on Tammy's mouth by now licking the outsides of her lips. She could taste the little bit of chap stick Tammy had on, but also she could feel the contours of her lips. After her tongue got the lay of the land, she began her invasion. She forced her way in after breaking the door open and Tammy's mouth accepted her in surrender. Sherry found the tongue and made it her prisoner after wrestling it to the ground then Sherry was then free to explore the rest of her mouth. It was so warm and moist that it was making Sherry to get moist herself. Other than Jamie a couple of months before, she had never been so intimate with such a young girl. But kissing wasn’t all that Sherry was planning on doing with the girl.

She withdrew her tongue and invited the counterattack. No not invited, demanded that Tammy advance her tongue to seek revenge on Sherry's mouth, for the ravishing that Sherry imposed on her. Tammy was up to the task. As she tried to proceed, she was caught in the lips of Sherry's mouth and drawn in like a moth to the flame. She was pulled in by an unknown force. Tammy had to have what Sherry had, and Sherry for her part was leading her in, as though setting a trap. Once Tammy was in, Sherry pounced, and a great tongue wrestling match began. Tammy fought with all her might, even unskilled as she was she was all heart and she put her whole heart into it. The warm and wet of the two tongues clashing together, with sometimes the rough parts attacking other times using the soft undersides. No quarter was to be given nor expected to be given.

But one victim of that clash was Sherry's nipples. It seems they leaped to attention and were pressing against her shirt, trying to get to Tammy. But if they couldn't get free then and at least Sherry's hands were. They joined in the attack, going for Tammy's top. Since they were in a place where they wouldn’t be disturbed, she wasn’t going to take any half measures. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and with one quick motion lifted it up and over her head. It did have the effect of breaking their kissing, leaving that a draw.

But now that the kissing had stopped at least for a bit Sherry could look down at the chest of the eleven year old girl she had uncovered. While Jamie was still totally flat there but Tammy wasn’t. Just as her big sister had begun to sprout before some of the other girls, so had Tammy. Her little areolas were a bit bigger than a quarter, and stood up off her at least a half an inch above the rest of the flatness of her chest. Normally they were a light pink in color, but in her excited passion they turned a hot neon pink.

Sherry had to have her hands on them. First it was caresses and gentile touches that became oh so much more. She tweaked the nipples that came to attention on her little booblets. They were less than a handful there, hardly enough to fill a couple of fingers and what had been a dampness in Sherry's panties now was a full wetness. She leaned over and kissed each one, with licks that surrounded each. She could smell the freshness of the soap that she had bought for Jamie, so Tammy must have showered this morning using Jamie's things.

She couldn't wait any longer to bring her own boobs into action and she opened her blouse and exposed her mature tits to the young girl. It was so wicked, naughty, and absolutely hot to show her excited nipples to her. Tammy's hands rushed to them, she had to touch them, her first boobs she had ever felt. Sherry and Tammy both loved it. Sherry’s breasts were soft and a bit squashy but also had a bit of firmness to them. The nipples were standing up like the flag flying on a flagstaff a top of huge warship. The one thing Sherry needed was her lips on them. “Suck them for me baby,” she gasped. That was all it took. Tammy was on them in a flash and she nursed on them as if her life depend on it.

This only inflamed Sherry's pussy. She was wet and now getting that itch, meaning it was needing some attention soon. Much as her pussy wanted to get the attention, there was another pussy she was more interested in. With a meaningful look into Tammy's eyes she reached down and began to unsnap the top of her jeans. While still looking in her eye she pulled down the zipper. Tammy could only look down at Sherry's hands and watch what they were doing. The was a blush forming on her face, but it didn't stop her from allowing Sherry to do what she wanted. When Sherry gabbed that waistband and started to pull, Tammy lifted her hips. Her jeans were off quickly and she sat there in just a little pair of panties: yellow with blue flowers on them. The flowers weren't the only thing on them. There is a small wet spot over the area where the mouth of her pussy was. They didn't last long on her either. She was already lifting her hips before Sherry reached for them. She knew Tammy was ready.

With the clothing out of the way they both looked down at Tammy's bare hairless pussy. Her lips looked long and full. They already had a bit of a blush to them. Sherry just had to touch them. She ran her fingers around on the lips with a soft caresses that became more exploring. The exploring gave way to a definite attempt to get this little girl to climb the mountain to her orgasm. She opened her lips and a finger rubbed around her inner mouth and went in far enough to find her hymen. But Sherry wasn't going to break her cherry or at least not now.

But just because she wasn't going to break her didn't mean she wasn't going to eat her. She laid Tammy back and began her feast. She began by licking all around her groin and over her lips. She let her tongue do the walking and opened her lips by wedging her tongue and forcing her open to sample the tastes of her little pussy. This was something that was just fine with Tammy, she had dreamed of someone doing this to her for so long. And it was Jamie's mom, how cool was that? Sherry flicked her tongue around inside her on a reconnaissance mission, getting to know that lay of the land. But also it was a diversion for the main attack that she was planning. After being sure of what was there, she launched the main attack on her clit. From the beginning she grabbed her clit between her lips and drew her into her mouth. While she did it she was giving a bit of a hum so that there was a vibrating effect on her. She was sucking on it and flicking her tongue against it.

It was sending Tammy into overload. Her body began to respond by thrashing all over the bed. Sherry had to hold like she was riding a bucking bronco. But it was worth the effort, is so nice to eat a young girl's pussy. It was twice or more than that for Tammy, she had her cum. It was better than any cum she had ever had in her short life. There were fireworks and an earthquake and she may have even left her body. She sure loved sex!

As soon as the young girl got her breath back Sherry pushed Tammy's head down to you crotch with the words, “Eat me!” This was going to be something, she had wanted Tammy for some time.

Tammy followed directions and tried to do what Sherry had done to her, but there was so much and it was all new to her. I was hard to remember all that Sherry had done to her. Not only that but Tammy had been just enjoying what she had been doing to her rather than making a list of her tricks.

But she did know enough to kiss Sherry's pussy. She got a whiff of a woman's aroma as Sherry was very excited. She liked the smell and that alone seemed to start to get her excited again, almost like the feeling of the woman on her little girl's body. She ventured to lick her labia and found that not only was the smell something good to her, but so was the taste.

She tried licking her on the lips and around to the top, to where she knew that she had that special place that she liked to touch on herself, so Sherry must have one too. She was surprised that Sherry's was almost standing up and it was so long and thick compared to her own. But she licked around it and then tried to suck on it.

Sherry reached down and spread her lips and told her to lick her here and showed her just where she wanted it. Tammy did as told and licked and then sucked on Sherry's clit as told. It wasn't the greatest experience of being eaten out that Sherry had ever had, but it was enough. She was more excited by the fact that she has Tammy in bed with her.

She reached down and held up Tammy’s head, saying “That’s wonderful! You’re learning quickly, sweetheart. I know we’re going to enjoy each other a lot more, but now it’s time to get you home. Go into the bathroom and wash your face and gargle with some water. We don’t want your mom to smell my sex on you, do we?”

They dressed quickly and moved the conversation into the car. It was a private place to talk as they drove to Tammy's house.

“Well my little lover, how was it? Did you like your first time with another girl?”

“Yeah it was neat,” Tammy said with great enthusiasm.

“Well I’m sure we can arrange for you to have more.”

“Is it’s as good to do things with a guy?” Tammy wondered.

“Well you know Tammy,” Sherry cautioned, “you can't be telling anyone what we have done here.”

“Oh,” she said with a dejected tone in her voice.

“Don't feel bad little one,” Sherry said kindly. “It’s just that you have to understand that having sex with any one especially at your age, is a tricky thing. You can't be telling people about being sexually active, which of course makes it hard to find partners.”

Tammy asked, “Why is that?”

“Well you wouldn't want your parents to know, would you?” Sherry asked.

“Heck no!” Tammy said with some force.

Sherry continued, “It’s more than just them finding out. Depending on who you are with there could be trouble if people knew about it. I could be in a lot of trouble if someone knew about us here.”

“Oh! I’d never tell on you!”

“Good!” Sherry cried. “I’m glad to hear that, but if you wanted to do that with a guy, you have to understand they like to talk, they tell each other about girls and brag about what they have done with a girl, whether it’s true or not. So if you did something with a boy it would get around. You don't have to even do anything and stories might still get around. That is why you have to be careful about the boys around your school. I don't let Jamie date to protect her from talk like that.”

“Oh! But I wish I could do things with a guy.” Said Tammy dejectedly.

“You didn't like what we did?” asked Sherry.

Tammy said brightly, “Oh, yeah, it's great but I’d like a guy too.”

Sherry turned serious, “I have to ask you if you want to do this more with me?”

“Oh, I loved it with you,” said Tammy. “I want more! Much, much more!”

“What if I was able to arrange for you to be with a guy; someone who wouldn't spread things around? You could keep that a secret too?” Sherry wondered.

“Oh could you, would you?” Tammy cried. “I promise on a huge stack of Bibles I’d never tell anyone.”

“I have someone that might be willing,” noted Sherry. “He would be good for you, I’m sure. But how far are you willing to go with a guy? Are you willing to have full sex?”

“He’d fuck me?!” squealed the girl. “I’d love that!”

Sherry pulled up in front of Tammy’s house. There was one light on and a flicker of a TV could be seen through the drawn blinds. She set the emergency brake and turned to Tammy.

“Just remember girlfriend, once you lose your virginity there is no going back,” Sherry said seriously. “Once you give it up you can never be a virgin again, so have to be sure that you want to do it. Because someday when you are older you might meet a man you want to marry and you want to give him that special thing of your virginity, and you won't have it any more. So you need to very sure. You think about it, OK? I'll tell you what, if you want to sleepover next week and if it's OK with your parents, you and I can spend more time in bed together! Would you like that?”

“Oh yes! But will we come back here again?” she said questioningly.

“No you can spend the night in my bed” Sherry assured her. “Would you like that?”

“What will Jamie say when I’m in your room instead of hers?” Tammy asked.

“She’ll be OK with it, we don't keep secrets in our family, Jamie knows that I have sex with girls.”

“You have sex with Molly don't you?”

Sherry said “Yes I do, but now that she has a girlfriend of her own age group we don't get together as much.”

“Yeah, I know she was a girlfriend and they do sex.”

“How do you know that?”

“I peeked on them, and I watched them.” Tammy admitted.

“Well, Tammy it isn’t nice to invade someone's privacy. Just as it wasn't nice for you to be going through my things. That is part of being able keep secrets, you need to respect people’s privacy,” Sherry admonished her.

“I'm sorry,” she said with some contrition. “I promise I won't go in your things again.”

“You should also not be peering in on Molly again,” Sherry admonished. “And I’ll just bet that you’ve been going through her things too.”

“Yeah, but I won't do it anymore, but can you get me some magazines and videos like she has?” Tammy asked.

“We’ll see about that, but first I know that I can trust you and that you can keep secrets.”

“I didn’t tell anybody about the things Molly has or about her and Connie doing sex together!” Tammy ran on, “Can you really get a boy for me to do things with?”

“I have someone in mind,” Sherry confided. “I’ll see if he would be interested in being with you. But you have to think about how far you want to go with a boy and we’ll talk about it next week. Ask your folks if you can stay over Friday night next week. You can tell them I said it’s OK. Oh, yeah, tell them I said hi.”

With that Tammy took her stuff and ran across her lawn to her front door.

Chapter 3

Sherry came home without any shopping, and Jamie figured that something was up. Sherry sat her down and told her that she had taken Tammy to a motel and had sex with her. How did Jamie feel about that? She was cool with it, but she wondered if Tammy wanted to have sex with her too.

Sherry told her that Tammy had been going through her things while Jamie was sleeping. Jamie apologized that she didn't protected her mom's things, but Sherry told her that there wasn't anything to apologize for, since she hadn't done anything wrong, and, besides, she was sleeping. But it was Sherry who had a the bit of guilty feelings as she was almost stealing Jamie's friend. She knew what Tammy had been doing and allowed it, because she wanted to know if Tammy was interested in sex in general, and sex with her in particular.

“Remember when we were talking about my past?” Sherry queried her daughter.

“Yeah, what about it?” Jamie asked with a puzzled look.

“I told you that I had been with girls my age but also I had been with older women. I liked it with the older women and I learned a lot from them,” related Sherry.

“Yeah, so?” Jamie didn’t see any connection.

“Well honey, now that I’m older, I like to be the other woman and to be with young girls, that way I’m passing on what I have learned.”

“Is that why you do things with me?” her daughter asked.

“To tell you the truth that is part of it,” Sherry admitted, “but there is so much more involved with us. Yes I want to pass on to you what I know. Yes you are a turn on, because I do like young girls. But the biggest thing for you to know is that I love you. You are my daughter, and making love is one way to show you that I love you. I love making love with you, much better than with Tammy or Molly. With them it’s sex, but between us it’s love.”

“Mom I love you too,” said Jamie, putting her arms around her mother. “But do I have to worry that you are going to want to have sex with any other friends I bring home?”

With a laugh Sherry said, “Who knows if she is as cute as you…but, of course, who could be as cute as you?” she said while giving Jamie a big hug back. “Yes, I do find your friends sexy and attractive.”

With a chuckle Jamie said, “I’ll have to watch who I bring home, or maybe I should bring more home for you.”

Laughing Sherry said, “Yes dear, bring them on.”

“Anyone special you would want?” asked Jamie with a gleam in her eye.

“You want to know, huh? I can share a secret with you? I wouldn't mind seeing Helen in a year or two.”

“Molly and Tammy's sister? That Helen?” Jamie asked, amazed.

With a blush Sherry nodded her head.

“Wow, mom she’s only 7!”

Sherry nodded, “That’s why I said in a year or two.”

That got Jamie thinking, what would it be like to be with Helen in a couple of years or even now? What would it be like with other girls? She loved it with her mom, and she liked it with Molly, well except for Molly's pussy hair. But Tammy doesn't have any maybe she would be good to eat. There are a lot of other girls that don't have any hair yet, and they might be nice and she could have fun with them. Maybe there might be girls back in the fifth grade or so that might be interesting. If her mom can have them maybe she could too. Maybe there might be girls in Ron's classes that would be nice too.

The week went by fast but not fast enough for either for Tammy or Sherry, and they both looked forward to Tammy spending the night. Jamie knew what was up, and when Tammy arrived for the night everything was sort of normal. They all ate dinner together, and Jamie and Tammy spent time together. But when it was time to go to bed, it was to Sherry's bed that Tammy went. There was no embarrassment for any for them as to who was going to which bed.

They got in there and were quickly naked. Tammy admired the more mature woman's body, and Sherry for her part loved the little girl's body in front of her. They were both hairless on their pussies besides the height and weight difference the only other thing different was Sherry's A cup boobs while Tammy had only a slight swelling of her areolas.

They got into the bed and Sherry was anxious to get her lips on Tammy’s and attacked her. kissing aggressively. Tammy was playing with Sherry's boobs. It was so good to play with them, she could only wish that she had some like that someday. Since she wanted her boobs so much Sherry told her to suck on her nipples. Tammy did as asked but Sherry taught her how to do it better. Tammy was an apt student and willing to follow directions. As Tammy suckled at her, Sherry caressed Tammy's chest.

Sherry stopped her after a while and then spent her own time feasting on Tammy's little pussy. She couldn't help but admit to herself that as much as she liked Molly it was more or a turn on it was to be in bed, with Tammy. But as Sherry's tongue was well practiced it knew what to do Sherry's mind was wondering what it might be like with Helen.

But still she knew what to do to Tammy. She was licking around her lips. With her fingers she spread her lips and began to enter her special place. Tammy was beginning to make her juices and Sherry lapped them up. But then she switched to stimulate her clit. It didn't take much to send Tammy over the end to her orgasm. Once again her mind filled with fireworks and her body quaked with nervous release.

When she had recovered enough to be coherent, Sherry showed her what she wanted from her.

“I want you to wear this!” Tammy complained holding the contraption up for examination. “These panties are kinda big. And they have a hole in them. What's that for?”

“Here put them and we will fix them up.... Just be careful but I think the safety pin will keep them up on you. This is what goes in the hole,” admitted Sherry picking up a very lifelike dildo.

“It's like a guy’s dick!” Tammy said with amazement.

“Yes and I want you to fuck me with it,” Sherry said with desire.

Sherry laid down and had Tammy get on top of her in the missionary position. She guided the fake cock into her pussy as she had Tammy fuck her. It took a bit of coordination, but Tammy got the idea how to move her hips and move the dildo in Sherry. It was also a bit of work on Sherry's part to make it so that she could cum, and at the same time provide some stimulation for Tammy.

When she had a very satisfying cum, she asked Tammy, “How did you like your first fuck?”

“That was a fuck?”

“Yes it’s pretty much what fucking is,” Sherry admitted. “It’s just that you were playing the boy this time.”

“That is what a boy will do me?” Jamie wondered.

“Yeah pretty much, did you like it?”

“Yes!” cried Tammy. “I loved it! Your thing was rubbing on me while I was doing that to you. It was way cool.”

“You are still wanting to do that with a guy? You know if you go all the way you won't be a virgin any more. But you don't have to go all the way, there are other things that you can do with a guy, and he can give you pleasure.” Sherry said.

“What other things can we do?” Jamie wondered.

“You could do some of the same things we’ve done,” related Sherry. “You can kiss him, he can kiss your pussy like I did, he could rub your pussy, like you do, and don't bother telling me you don't, because I know you. I saw the little wet spots you left on my bed when you watched my videos.” (Tammy blushed at that.) “You might want to do things with and for him too. You could use your hand on him or you could suck him, it’s sort of like what I did to you, but of course he has a thing that sticks out like my little toy here.”

“I don't care about being a virgin, if it feels as good as you looked with your toy in you, it must be pretty good.” Tammy got a dreamy look in her eyes. “I think that I want him to fuck me. Maybe we can do the other things too. But do you think that you know a boy that will do with me, and not tell others. I know that I’m not so hot. Even Molly is better at getting boys. She has them calling her and she tells them all no. I don't have any breasts even like her.”

“I have someone in mind for you, I can talk to him and see if he is interested,” said Sherry. “I don't think that your bodily development, or lack thereof will be a problem, and I’m sure he will not be telling anyone about you. Let me see about it. But in the meantime I want some sleep. I have to go to work early in the morning.”

Sherry left Tammy to sleep in her bed while she went to work. Tammy knew that when she got up, she would have to face Jamie who would know that she had done sex stuff with her mom. She was going to try and play it cool and hope Jamie didn't make a big thing of it.

But when both girls were up, Jamie spoke to her, “So how was last night?”

Tammy was confused as to how to answer that, “Oh, it was OK.”

“You spent the night with my mom and it was just OK?” Jamie asked with an amused look.

Even more confused Tammy said, “Well. it was different than when I sleep in bed with you.”

“You did do sex with my mom, didn't you?” Jamie asked.

To Tammy it sounded a bit like and accusation, which she was quick to deny, “Oh now we didn't do anything like that.”

Jamie was almost laughing. “Really? She didn't do sex with you? She did the other day when she took you home.”

Tammy was blushing and embarrassed and almost in tears, but she again denied it, “No we didn't do those things, I don't know what you heard and how.”

Jamie came over and gave it her a hug and said “Don't worry about it. I know that you did because mom told me. She is bi you know she likes girls and guys. But I can't believe that sleeping with her was just OK.”

“You don't think it's bad that a girl would do that with another girl or a woman like your mom?” Tammy was wiping her eyes,

“No,” said Jamie. “Can you keep a secret?”

Tammy nodded, “Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m bi too,” Jamie frankly admitted.

“OMG!” gasped Tammy. “You’ve been with girls and guys?”

“Well only once of each, but you can't tell anyone any of this, the girl I had sex with is my mom,” said Jamie. “She’s really great, and I can't believe that spending the night with her was just OK.”

Tammy was greatly relieved and finally told the truth, “Yeah it was great, she licks my pussy so good! It makes me cum better than when I do it myself,” Then she said softly “Oops! Then she had me put on this thing like panties and she had this thing and she put it in a hole in the panties then had me fuck her with it.”

“Oh I love when we use that” cried Jamie, clapping her hands “So you didn't use the one with two heads?”

“What's that?” Tammy wondered.

“Did you have one part in you?” Jamie asked.

“No, is there one that goes in the other person too?”

“Yeah it’s really cool!” Jamie exclaimed. “I love how it feels to get fucked while I’m fucking her.”

“You had something in your pussy?” Tammy marveled. “You’re not a virgin?”

“No,” Jamie said. “I’ve been with my mom and a guy.”

“How was it with a guy?”

“He was great!” said Jamie.

“Who was he?”

Jamie shook her head, “I can't tell you, but he was great.”

Tammy said, “Your mom said she might be able to get me a guy, so that I could get fucked by a guy.”

“Then maybe she can get him,” said Jamie. “I wonder if it will be the same guy that I have been with.”

They were now thick as thieves. Tammy was comfortable with the idea of being out as being interested in women as well as guys. She knew that her new best friend also liked girls. It was something they could talk about. They talked of the bodies of the other girls in their class and who they would like to have sex with. In the back of their minds they were wondering what it would be like to have sex together. But neither one knew how to say what they wanted to know if the other would like to have sex together.

They both jumped when the phone rang. It was Tammy's mom calling to tell Tammy to come home to watch her sister Helen while their mom went shopping. That caused Jamie to wonder again about Helen and what she would be like in bed.

Chapter 4

Ron came to Coffee Cup as usual Sunday morning. Sherry greeted him with her smile, and a twinkle in her eye. As she brought his order, she asked “When do you finish your day at the school?”

“At three, why?” he asked, puzzled.

“I wanted to talk to you when we can be alone, you don't mind if I come over after I get off Tuesday afternoon.” Sherry went on in a conspiratorial tone, “We would be all alone after school.”

Ron smiled “Hmm, do you have something on your mind?”

On Tuesday Sherry was there a bit before all the classes were out. At the stroke of three, bells rang and she was almost knocked over by the door being flung open; standing there made her the defacto door person. She also got an eyeful of the young ladies as they exited the classroom. She went as soon as they were all out.

“Hi Ron!” she cried.

“Sherry, great to see you!” he said as he hugged her and gave her a kiss.

It was at that moment that one of the other teacher poked her head in, “Oh sorry.”

Ron looked over and said, “Oh Darlene, what can I do for you? Do you know Sherry? She’s the mother of the girl I saved this past June. This is Darlene Foster, she teaches one of the other fifth grade classes.”

“Sorry to interrupt,” said Darlene, a little embarrassed. “Um, do you have that DVD on the current events for this week?”

He handed it to her and as she walked out, she said, “I'll just close this for you,” and she slipped the door quietly closed.

“Well that was nice, thanks,” said Ron.

Sherry was surprised. “What did I do?”

“Her seeing us like that helps me,” said Ron. “It keeps them from trying to fix me up with someone. They seem to think we are going together. They’ve decided that the appropriate time has elapsed since Maddie died and since I can now date they all want to fix me up.”

“Aren't we in a way?” More quietly she said, “Or at least you are seeing us, both me and Jamie?”

“Yeah I guess and I’m loving every minute of it,” exclaimed Ron.

“Well, you can't seem to tear yourself away from here enough for either of us. We haven't seen too much of you since school started, and from the looks of the girls in your class I can see why,” Sherry said, recalling the bevy of cute girls she had seen rushing from the room to go home. “Ron, you sure have some cuties in here. I wouldn't mind getting to know some of them myself.”

“I might like that too but I don't want my head on a chopping block,” he said laughing. “So what brings you over?”

“I have a chopping block that needs your head,” she said with her biggest smile.

Ron was not sure what that meant, asked with a bit of a mix of caution and curiosity, “What do you have in mind?”

Sherry said, “Do remember Tammy Collins?”

“Yeah, she was in Darlene's class last year.” Ron recalled.

Sherry dropped the bomb: “She would like to go to bed with a guy.”

Ron looked at her with more than a bit of anxiety as well as that bit of curiosity with a little excitement thrown in. But he could only manage to get an, “Oh?” out of his mouth.

“I thought that you would like to be the guy to deflower her,” Sherry said, pushing her breasts in to Ron’s arm.

Ron gulped, “Why me?”

“For one thing you’re a good lover, both Jamie and I say that, and I think that you would be great for her first time,” Sherry said ticking things off on her fingers. “For another thing, you have experience with young girls and you’re good with them. Heck Ron you are always good with children and it’s just that now you have a special skill with them, that I think young girls need and can use. Plus I think that deep down inside, you like them. As for the girl who wants to have you, I can tell you she isn't bad looking, not much different body wise than Jamie, so I thought you might enjoy her. I know that I loved it with Jamie. Besides,” she said in a bit of a whisper, “kind of makes up for not getting Molly, don't you think?”

“You’ve seen her naked?” Ron’s mouth was dry.

“Yes, of course, I have had her in my bed,” Sherry assured him. “A girl's gotta do something when her babysitter/lover gets her own girlfriend.”

“You have been to bed with her?” Ron asked. “Well I guess that’s a silly question. You said sometime before that you’d like to bed her.”

“Yes, she’s a nice little bed mate, and just for you, she isn't like Molly,” Sherry assured him. “Tammy wants to go both ways.”

Ron asked, “You don't mind? What does Jamie think of that?”

“She’s certainly willing to share as long as you come over more often,. She wants more of you, and I could use a lot more of you too buster,” she said punching her finger into his chest, while giving him her thousand watt smile.

“In for a penny in for a pound, I guess,” he shrugged, but still smiling. “When is it that you need my services?”

“Ride your bike as usual Friday night about 6. We'll all have dinner before the slumber party starts.” As she strode out of the room, she looked over her shoulder and said “Be prepared to spend the night.”

Chapter 5

Friday came and Ron could hardly get through the day. The thought of having another young girl kept him semi hard the whole day, and some of the girls around school didn't help. He had lunch time playground duty and saw the panties on a couple of girls as the fourth and fifth graders were running around or playing on the jungle gym. After lunch it didn't help when Harmony was leaning over his desk in math, and he could see down her top to her little flat areolas.

Ron packed a little backpack and rode over to Sherry, coming via the back alley. The letter S was gone off the gate, but he knew which one it was. The gate wasn't locked, and he let himself in.

He came in through the kitchen where Sherry was finishing dinner and the girls were playing in Jamie's room. Sherry kissed him in greeting, “Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes, you timed it pretty well. You’re going to be OK with all this?”

“Yes, I think so,” he said. “either it will be a nice time, or I’ll be going to prison, I’m hoping for the former rather than the latter.”

Sherry laughed, “I’m sure it will be the former. I think that we all will have a good time. Ready or not here we go.”

She called out loudly, with a bit of excitement in her voice, “Girls he’s here.”

The girls ran out quickly with Tammy in the lead. She stopped short when she saw Ron. It was so short that Jamie ran into the back of her almost knocking her over.

“Mr. Baker!” Tammy said in surprise.

Ron smiled and said, “Hello Tammy! I haven't seen you since the end of school last year. You look very nice tonight.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked with some surprise and suspicion.

“Well Tammy, I was told there was going to be a young woman here that wanted have some time with a guy so she knew what sex with one was all about. I was under the impression that young lady was you. Is that not true?” Ron asked.

Tammy blushed until she was about the color of a beet from her red hair down to her feet in her little sandal shoes. With a bit of uncertainty in her voice she said, “Ahem, maybe. You came over to do sex with a girl?”

“Yes, I did I was told that a young lady needed my help getting her love life started, I was told that girl was you. If you would like, I’ll make love to you and show what it’s like to be with a man,” Ron reassured her. “I understand that you do know something about sex already.”

“Umm, maybe,” she stammered.

“I understand that you have had sex with Sherry here,” Ron said, pointing to the hostess of tonight’s party. “Is that not true?”

Tammy flashed her eyes to Sherry and that had a look just short of panic in them. She couldn't bring herself to speak, and could only nod yes, then hung her head.

“Tammy don't worry that I know about that,” Ron said, patting her back gently. “Sherry and Jamie both like girls as well as guys. And you don't have to worry about anything since I was with Jamie and she enjoyed it, as I’m sure she will testify.”

Tammy looked around in amazement, the thoughts that were running through her brain; her new best friend had sex with this teacher, and she has sex with girls too? Wow!

“Would you like to experience sex with me today Tammy?” Ron asked gently.

Biting her lower lip she nodded her head and managed a softly spoken “Yes.”

“Good, dinner is ready. Let's eat,” said Sherry bring the food to the table.

A nice dinner it was. Sherry was a good cook as she learned a lot hanging around talking to the chefs when she wasn't busy. She found out about the little things she could do to spice up usual foods or how to make special little dishes to go with a meal.

Afterward everyone went into the living room and Sherry got out the evening’s entertainment. She pushed a DVD into the player. The credits weren't much, more than a title and some lines of a disclaimer, saying everyone watching it better be over 18. It launched into the sex with a father and daughter pair, no plot, no subtext, just plain sex. The thing about the video was that the age difference was close enough that the couple in the video could be father and daughter. They even looked a bit alike. Well maybe they were related.

They wasn't into the video two minutes when Sherry stood and took off her all clothes and told all to get comfortable. Jamie was naked quickly afterward, and Ron joined them. It was all a bit much for Tammy to take in. She got a long and hard look at Ron's thingy, and his thingy was long and hard. There was fear and eagerness in her heart fighting it out as to who would win.

Sherry encouraged her, by saying, “Go ahead Tammy and take off your clothes.” To which she obeyed, before settling down on the couch with Ron. Ron took mental inventory of her body, slight puffiness around her areolas on another wise flat chest, and an equally flat tummy. Down below it was a set of prominent lips devoid of hair.

Meanwhile Sherry and Jamie were closely entwined, more than one would expect from even a close mother and daughter.

Ron put his arm Tammy and began to pet her naked tummy. She looked up at him, and caught the loving and gentle look in those eyes looking back down at her. This made her comfortable and she settled into his arms and allowed him to pet her.

He started with her belly. It felt so nice and tender and just short of a tickling feeling. But it felt soothing to her. He then began working his way up to her little budding areolas. As he toyed with them he began to light a fire in her groin. Playing with them also had an effect on him as he started to release small amounts of his precum.

She reclined so that her head was against his chest. Her head was just above his jutting cock. When he stretched out his arm to begin to pet her pussy, she looked up at him. He gave her smile, which she returned and nodded to his hard dick. With a smile and a nod he had told her that she could touch him. She reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around his special manly part. It felt good to both of them. She explored him just getting the feel of his manhood. Tammy wondered how something could be both soft and hard at the same time. She liked to move his skin on his hot shaft and she marveled at the fine tracery of light blue veins visible under her small hand.

Meantime over on the loveseat, Sherry and Jamie were no longer watching the video, but rather making their best snogging moves on each other, to their mutual enjoyment.
Jamie had her hands all over her mom's boobs, which brought her nipples up to rock hardness standing up like Mount Everest. At the same time Sherry toyed with her daughter's back door, causing it to pucker in hopes that it might be invaded at some time soon.

Chapter 6

Ron brought this up short by gently pushing Tammy off of him, and he stood. He turned and took Tammy by the hand and helped her off the couch and led her to Jamie's room. He closed the door and took her over to Jamie's bed. This was the place he had removed Jamie's cherry, and now he was going to the do the same thing to her best friend, in the same bed.

Ron saw over on the desk that Sherry had organized a gift for him. There were two towels a pack of pre-moistened towelettes and a bottle of lube. “That woman is prepared,” thought Ron.

The two of them laid down in the bed and Ron began to kiss her. She wasn't a bad kisser he thought. Either Sherry taught her well or she must have had practice even before being with Sherry.

Their French kissing was going well, Tammy gave as good as she got, and she got well. Ron had no more inhibitions about being with young girls. He explored her mouth as she explored his, using their tongues as their search implements.

While doing this his hands returned to her chest stroking and fingering her little areolas. Ron liked that she had just a hint of something there. Jamie was good still being flat but it was nice to have a little something there too. It didn't take long for his tongue to follow his hands and he began to kiss and lick at her little puffiness. He was enjoying this and Tammy was too. He licked around the nipple and then gave it a suck before moving back to give the whole little mound a suck. The whole time his other hand was teasing and pulling at her other one, circling it with a wetted finger. Then he switched, and the one got what the other had been getting.

It seemed to Tammy that her pussy must have been wired to her boobies and it started to get itchy there and she needed it scratched. As though he was clairvoyant, Ron sensed what she needed and sent a free hand down to provide that scratch. Her lips were swollen before but now they seemed even more so. If he tore his gaze away from looking into her eyes as he suckled at her chest he would have seen that they had some of that red color she had before, with her blushing, only this time that color wasn't from embarrassment: Tammy had desires, desires that she wanted fulfilled, now!

Ron could sense this, perhaps it was with the little squeaks from Tammy, or maybe it was her pushing his head away from her chest and down toward where she needed him. Just to keep her keyed up a bit he stopped and blew a couple of raspberries on her tummy. That sent them both in to giggles. But he knew he had a job to do, and always a faithful worker, he moved ahead to do it. He arrived at her pussy and looking back into her eyes he gave it a kiss. She returned his gaze with an approving smile.

He kissed and then licked his way around her engorged lips her little clit began to rise her little head, as much as she could, attempting to peak through her hood, as though she was also wanting to look at who was giving her such interesting attention. Ron repaid her clit for rising up and went to meet her. He greeted her with a kiss that made Tammy shutter.

He used his fingers to spread her lips and sent his tongue in to explore her insides. This was something Tammy wasn’t adverse to, in fact she spread her legs farther to encourage him. He licked her vaginal opening seeing how far her could get his tongue into her, that turned out not to be too far, as her little cherry blocked him from getting up into her more. That he would take care of soon, but first things first.

His lips moved up to that lovely clit that was standing up waving to him in greeting. He acknowledged it with a kiss and then a lick. He licked around the little bud that was there, tonguing the hood and sending his oral member up inside it to get at the seat of her excitement. He was licking and sucking there while his finger began to explore that seat of her femininity. That was it for her, she couldn't take any more, and exploded into her orgasm. Her legs were shaking and she gave a loud series of moans when the energy ricocheted through her body. Her tummy shuddered like a bowl of upset jelly and her pussy fairly gushed her sweet nectar. Ron licked up the juices that she produced before he took a towelette and wiped her down and dried her off with one of the towels. She took a little break to catch her breath.

But in the other room there wasn't much of a break going on. Sherry had her daughter on her back as she munched on her little pussy. Not one to be content with a simple pussy eating, she was also fingering Jamie's little asshole. As Jamie made more juices Sherry would dip her finger in them until Jamie was wet around both bottom holes. It was then that Sherry pushed her finger into Jamie's anal opening. Jamie could only give a contented sigh, but that changed in a bit when Sherry sent a second finger to join the first one. She began to ass finger-fuck her. But her other hand wasn't busy so her first two fingers joined in the assault by running themselves into Jamie's pussy. Sherry had the pleasure to feel her fingers separated from each other only by a bit of tissue in Jamie's perineum. But Sherry wasn't the only one who was getting pleasure from that, Jamie was getting more out of that then ever her mom was. Plus there was the added bonus that her mom was sucking on her clit at the same time. It gave Jamie an orgasm that her mother seemed to have specially prepared for her. It was then that they took a break.

Break time was over back in Jamie's room, and Tammy was getting her first close up look at Ron's manhood. To the virgin girl it didn't look so huge close up, as she had seen in some of Sherry's video; as Ron was only six inches in length and not fat, however not skinny, around.

Tammy gently held Ron’s cock and asked, “How come in the videos, the guys look larger?”

“That’s because they choose guys to be in them that are above average size so you can see them better. It’s the same you might have noticed that all the women have huge breasts. It’s those actors who are larger in size than the average person is who they use in the videos. Most people aren't like that.”

The girl gave a sigh. “Good I’m glad because some of them were huge. You’re not so huge.”

Ron didn't know how to take that, was it a good thing or a bad thing that he wasn't so large. He asked her, “I take you don't like the larger ones. I can promise you I’ll be gentle with you, and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

She asked shyly, “Are you going to put in me now?”

“I will if you want me to,” he said softly.

“OK, I’m ready for you to go ahead.”

“We need to get you a little more ready,” Ron grabbed one of the towels and folded up and on the bed. He had her lay on it with it under her butt. He then moved to place his face between her legs.

He began to lick around her lips and up to her clit. He enjoyed the hairlessness of her pussy, she was beginning to make some of her girly juice and Ron got a taste of them. He spread her lips with his fingers and began to go into her tight little girl hole.

Tammy looked down at the man licking her pussy so nicely. “Are you gonna put your thing in me?”

“You want me to do that now,” Ron asked, “or do you want me to continue what I was doing?”

“I want you to put it in me, Sherry likes to lick me, and she does it good. But I want a guy to put his thing in me.” Tammy had a determined look on her face.

“Your wish in my command, my dear. Spread your legs more and bend your knees up. I want you to reach down with one hand and open your lips, OK?”

She nodded her head in agreement.

“OK when I get down there I want you to take my penis and guide it into your vagina. You can do that?”

Again she nodded her head. Ron moved over her with most of his weight on his hands and his knees. As he lowered himself Tammy took his cock in her hand and led him to her pussy. He was at the sweet entrance to her, and he asked again, “Are you ready?”

She nodded one more time. With a push he moved forward until he hit her barrier and stopped for a minute, then with more of a push he broke through her maidenhead. Tammy flinched in pain, and tears began to run from her eyes. She made a few sobbing noises. Ron stopped and was ready to pull back out of her. But she controlled herself, and told him to stop and not do anything. Ron laid on her, his erection. buried in her vagina. He wasn't sure that this was going so well and it might turn out to the latter of his fears expressed earlier this evening.

Tammy recovered from the sting of her cherry breaking. She was able to say, “Aren’t you supposed to move in me?”

Ron nodded, “Yes, you want me to?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” she said. “I want to see what it feels like to have sex with a guy.”

That was enough for Ron, and as he began to pump in to her, he made his movements slow and gentle, but when her was all the way in her she flinched again, since his cock was pushing up against her tender cervix. He moved so that he wasn't going all the way in and she seemed to be better about that. Tammy began to get into it, the sting of losing her cherry was gone and as long as Ron didn't go all the way in her, it was OK. She realized that she felt really full down there from him being in her. His cock was rubbing on the roof of her vagina and across her clitty and that felt very good for her.

It wasn't the greatest fuck for Ron because he hated to see the girl in pain. Of course there is some pain the first time, but she seemed to have more than one would expect with her for her. She was tighter than even Jamie, and it felt good to him to be in such a tight pussy. He wanted it to be good for her, so he tried his best to get her off.

It didn't take long for his efforts to pay off and with a couple of grunts and a few ohhs and some heavy breathing she had her orgasm. It wasn't perhaps not as good as with Sherry, but she did it, she had fucked a guy. He kept pumping in her for a couple more minutes then she felt the wetness flood the insides of her, as Ron shot his cum deeply inside her virgin pussy.

Ron got off her to see some of his cum leaking out of her pussy. He got some towelettes and cleaned her off. Then she wiped her brow that was covered in sweat and her face where her tears had flowed. He dried her off before cleaning himself. Once they were both clean and dry the next order of business was to get some sleep. She moved over and was soon in a spoon position with his arms around her. It did make her feel better.

But in the other bedroom mother and daughter were still having fun; Sherry having gotten a smaller pair of harness panties had her two head dildo out and was fitting it in, while Jamie was already wearing it. Sherry got up into a position on her hands and knees and Jamie moved behind her. Sherry reached back behind herself while Jamie was looking down. Between the two of them they had the business end into Sherry's pussy.

Following her mom's instructions the preteen girl began a slow fuck of her mother. As nice as it was for Sherry, Jamie was getting more out of it. She loved that as she fucked her mom she was fucking herself. It was such that Jamie's pussy took over and she was soon pounding her mom, just so that she would be pounded as she felt that she needed.

It didn't take that long before mother and daughter, adult and preteen were cuming together. Jamie pulled her fake cock out of her mother and then the other end out of herself, before taking off the panties harness.

They talked as they cleaned Sherry's toy so that it was ready for the next time it was used.

Jamie said “I like these new panties they fit me better, and it makes your thing go in me better than the other ones you have.”

“I’m glad you like them dear,” said Sherry. “They should fit Tammy too, if I can borrow you best friend now and again.”

Jamie laughed, “Yeah but don't forget you have a daughter to satisfy right here at home.”

With that little conversation they snuggled together in bed.

Chapter 7

Sherry was up early and ready to start her shift at the Coffee Cup at the ungodly hour of 6. She had been quiet enough that she didn't wake Jamie. Meanwhile Tammy slept on worn out by the night's sex. But Ron heard her and got up and made coffee so there was some when Sherry was out of the shower.

“Oh Ron you made coffee!” said Sherry, giving him a warm hug and a quick kiss. “You are a dear. How did it go last night?” Sherry poured them both cops of steaming java.

Ron sighed and said, “I don't think she liked it as much as she thought she would.”

“I think she had a lot of expectations, and maybe they were unreal,” Sherry offered. “Nothing in reality would match what she thought it would be like in real life.”

“I hope that is only that. You don't think she was will say anything to anyone?”

“No I’m sure she won't. You'll be all right.” Sherry assured her daughter’s male lover.

“I hope you’re right,” Ron said. “I think I might have been a bit much for her. She was very tight.”

“Girls stretch, you shouldn't fret over it,” Sherry said, reaching for Ron’s cock. “You have a nice size for a girl or a woman.” Sherry grabbed her stuff and headed for the door.

“Baby I’ll call you when I get home from work, but I have to move or I'll be late, thanks for the coffee, that's what I needed. Jamie kept me up. I love sex with that little minx of a daughter, it’s hard to resist her.”

“Yeah tell me about it, she is one hot little girl.” Ron grinned.

Ron laid down on the couch and was quickly asleep. It was there that the girls found him later in the morning. The two of them were standing over him.

“Ron,” Jamie called to him, “what are you doing on the couch?”

He opened his eyes and smiled at the two visions of loveliness standing there. “I was up early with your mom and I didn't want to wake up Tammy by getting back in bed with her.”

Jamie laughed, “Well I hope you can be up for me.”

Ron laughed back, “Oh Jamie dear I’ll be dead when I’m not up for you. But aren't I here for Tammy?”

Tammy spoke up quickly, “It’s OK with me if you do it with Jamie.”

“You are sure?” Jamie asked her best friend.

Tammy nodded eagerly, “Oh yes, it's OK!”

Ron smiled and looked at his first pre-teen lover, “That means you’re up to bat Jamie.”

“It looks like your bat is what is getting up, I'll be right back, you just make that a bigger bat,” said Jamie running into her room.

She came back with the bottle of lube and rubbed in on Ron's six inch bat. She asked Tammy to help and put some in her pussy.

Once they were both lubed sufficiently, Jamie positioned herself over Ron’s crotch and guided his prick into her with a dreamy sigh. Then she rode him cowgirl style. Her hips were bucking up and down on the hips of Ron's bronco she didn't even need a reins to hold on to him, nor did she have a hat to wave in the air, but she rode him all the way to the buzzer. That buzzer was going off in her ears, and inside her head. But that wasn't the only place that had something going off in her. Her pussy was buzzing like mad and Ron was buzzing in her, loading her with his own special lube.

After getting a load of that, Tammy ran and got the towelettes and the other towel, so the two lovers/performers could clean up. While Ron and Jamie were now clean and dry, Tammy was the one who was wet.

Jamie could see the swollen lips and leaking fluids from her best friend. It was a first time for the two friends and certainly not something that either of them didn't want. The kisses expressed what their words did not. It was another fight between tongues as each other explored the other's mouth. Tammy showed Jamie her best kissing moves. But they were noting compared to Jamie's; funny though both girls learned to kiss from the same woman and had been to bed with the same guy. It must have been the much greater experience of Jamie's since she had been doing this for a while now.

Their hands were exploring each other as much as their tongues. They found each other’s nipples and each rubbed them for the other girl. But both had a fire going, which would only be dealt with by the pussy that was waiting for best friend/lover of the two preteens.

Jamie went first and pushed Tammy's head toward her pussy. Tammy wasn't dumb and began to lick her. She didn't have all the talent that Jamie's mom had but she did have her youth on her side. She dived into and began to tongue fuck Jamie. Jamie had never come down so much from her climax with Ron, so it was easy to send her over the hill into orgasm land.

But Jamie wasn't so wiped out so much that she went to her mom's room and got one of her smaller vibrators and the panties harness. She began to tease Tammy with the vibrator, first on her little nipples, then moving down. She had it on max vibrate when she ran it around Tammy's butthole. She then moved it up to her clit.

It was then that she fit it into her holder so that she had a small vibrating cock sticking out of her panties. She laid Tammy down on her back and mounted her and began to fuck her. Tammy was going out of her mind. That it took the cake as it turned out it was a little smaller than Ron's dick, which was the right size for Tammy. So between the in and out action provided by Jamie's hips and the added with the maximum vibrating action that little thing put out, Tammy had her own trip over climax mountain.

It was then that the two girls were totally worn out. Ron could only watch, he was out of service and he watched with eagerness but his member couldn't get hard even with this erotic show put on by the two preteen girls. Ron excused himself to head home. Tammy realized that she had better get home too. She and Jamie took a quick shower together and she was off.

Sherry could only come home to Jamie now that her visitors had gone. But Jamie was sure to provide a very, very warm welcome.

As always thanks to my editor Nicknason for all his help and work.

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That was interesting....

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I think anyone that needs to criticize grammar or wording has no business enjoying the obvious pleasure created for all involved. A very nice picture story of politically forbidden love and I enjoyed it VERY Much. Keep up the good work

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English not your first language huh!

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Would love to see ron move in and marry sherry, so he could fuck the both of them every night

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Wow! Makes me wanna go and eat some pussy! You, Tanya, are a great writer! Keep them cumming <giggle>!

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