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In India Lesson on Reproduction of humans is usually not taught to students. but the students are very curious about the lessons. they understand a lot of things in the lessons and talk in a whispering tone among themselves.

one day i saw two boys laughing in the biology class. i saw one of them looking at reproduction chapter. they were the students coming to my house for tution classes. they came to know i noticed what they were looking at. they didnt come to tution classes that day. i asked 2 girls who were also coming to tution why they didnt come. the girls said they didnt know. i found those 2 girls smiling in a strange way at each other.i told them i knew why them didnt come to tutions. the girls pestered me again and again why they didnt come. i told them it is something to do with one lesson in biology. both of them blushed and felt ashamed.

i told, i can take that lesson if they wanted. one of them said, she was beaten by her mother for asking some questions about that lesson.

both of them started showing some interest in what i said. they told the boys are showing those lessons to them and making fun among themselves and cracking nasty jokes.

i gave them some encyclopedia and told them to read reproduction matter in that at home . also told them to inform the boys to come to tutions the next day.

the next day those two boys also came to the tutions. i quickly finished that days lessons . i had a computer and biology related software. i told i would take the promised lesson individually on the computer. Let us call the first girl San,second dan. Sandra came first to listen to the lesson.

san was really beuatiful. she was the topper in the class among was difficult to start the topic. so i showed about heart,lungs,brain etc to drive away the fear. after fooling around with all the parts of the body, i cliked on the repro systems. she didnt show any surprise as the cross sections of penis and vagina she could not understand. i asked what they were. she said she didnt know. my heart was pounding. i asked if she wanted to see a better diagram. she said yes. i cliked on a link which showed many pictures of penises with pubic hair. she saw it very intently was excited and ashamed.all of the penises were non erect ones. i then showed erect penises. she asked why are they like that any problem ? i said , it is called erection or boner . then showed about hairy vagina. she blushed seeing that. then i asked if she knew what is clitoris. she said no. i showed one clear picture of clitoris and said it is like a penis which gets erect when a girl feels sexual feelings. she said now she knows what is clitoris. she said she felt nice touching there sometimes while taking bath. i showed her naked girls with big boobs. she was really liking to see those pictures.

i asked if she knows the meaning of sex or fucking. she said it is a bad word and boys use those words often. i said, it is not so. it is how we are made. you want to see what it is ? she nodded yes. i showed her some missionary position photos. she said , she saw her dad one night when she woke up to piss. she felt dad was doing bad things to her mom.

i explained her that it is not bad. it is done when two people love each other and it gives happiness to both.
i gave her the computer to explore more things. when she was watching all those things i stood behind her and started massaging her arms. she didnt resist. she was busy in watching some real fucking. i slowly move my hand near the boobs. no resistance came from her. then slowly and gently touched her boobs.she started breathing heavily.i told her, if she feels uncomfortable i would stop. she said she doesnt feel uncomfortable, but was feeling little fearful that other students may come inside.

i started putting my hands inside her bra too feel the bare boobs. the nipple were gettin erect one. i cupped both the boobs which were like tennis ball size. she stopped breathing and was enjoying every bit of it.

now i took my hand towrds her fleshy thighs. when i was massagin her soft thighs she starte twitching her leg toes.she was intently watching all the different positions and was surprised to see the doggy position. she asked if the man was putting his thing inside her ass. i said, he is putting it inside her pussy. now i pressed the inner of her thighs. then finally i pressed her fleshy mound with my hand. gently massaged the slit from top to bottom over the clothes itself. i could feel her wetness even from over the clothes.

i asked if she would tell these things to her friends or parents . she said she wont. i adviced her not to discus it with anybody. i said she will benefit in the future if she gets good knowledge about these things now and also the enjoyment is more in younger age than when grown up.she said ok. now i slowly put my hand inside her panties .she had thick pubic hair and was dripping wet. i started massaging her clit on the hood. her facial expression changed was intensely enjoying it . i asked if she wanted to see my part. she said no way. i asked if she wanted to hold my thing. she said she wanted to see it. i unzipped my pants. she was wathing intensely at my underwear in surprise. i brought her hand over the undy covered penis. she said it is hard. she playfully pulled my undies when my penis jumped out. i showed her how to jack a penis. she held the penis reluctantyly. i moved her hand up and down. after sometime she liked to do it herself. i took her fingers to the glans. she like the soft glans and started playing with it. when she was touching the head, my dick was getting excited more and more and was getting more and more erect . she liked to tease it. she also like to play with my pubic hair. then she started exploring my balls. i said it was enough for the day. would teach some more things the next day and gave a passionate kiss on her lips.

I told her to call Dan for the lesson. All the others were very curious in their looks towards San.

I started the class for Dan the same way I did it with San.

More details about Dans class and other 2 boys in the next part...

Many more exciting adventures are there to come.


2006-06-23 18:40:02
i touched her vagina it was nice thank you cum again


2005-07-20 12:15:33
nice, new background


2005-07-20 09:41:16
Funtastic, but u must also fuck those girls. I dont think boys version will be interesting, so just leave it out.


2005-07-19 13:47:48

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