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Kim and Emily kissed her lightly, one on each cheek.

"Is everything okay?" Kimberly asked.

Connie nodded. "He had some last-minute jitters, but they've been soothed." She closed the door quickly and took her guests' coats. "He's just showering right now." Emily was wearing another beautifully tailored suit, while Kim was casually sexy in her jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. Emily carried her briefcase; Kim's tote bag clanked.

Kim suddenly giggled. "I feel so -- naughty!"

Connie shut the door of the foyer coat closet and turned to her, a stern expression of her face. "Well, I should certainly hope so!"

"And what have you been doing prior to our arrival?" Emily asked, a hint of a smile playing about her lips.

Connie stood hip-cocked, one arm hugging the opposite shoulder -- and, incidentally, with her forearm cradling her firm breasts through the negligee -- braced her other elbow in the crook of her arm and rested her chin on an extended finger. She looked toward the ceiling. "Well, let's see...We had dinner at Four Seasons and went for a walk past his old apartment and then came home and I sucked his cock in the car and then I had him fuck me in the living room, standing up...right there!"

She dropped her hands to her sides. "And, gosh, since then I've just been waiting hours for you to get here."

"Someone is in a terribly silly mood tonight," Kimberly told Emily. Emily nodded gravely.

They heard the shower stop and the three women looked at each other expectantly.

"I have never done anything like this before," Emily whispered.

"Me, neither," added Kimberly. "I'm a little nervous."

"So am I," Connie confessed, "and I've done this before...but not with Jerry."

"Hey, honey!" Jerry yelled down the stairs. "What should I wear?"

Kimberly stifled a giggle. "What should he wear to an orgy?"

"Uh, just your jeans and that blue-and-green sport shirt," Connie called. "Or come as you are -- "

All three collapsed in laughter.

Jerry's muttered "Oh, shit..." was barely audible, but it was enough to prolong the laughter.

Five minutes later, he came down the stairs. Connie's eyes widened. He was wearing her favorite jeans, the old, faded ones that clung to his legs and crotch. It was obvious that he was bare underneath them. The sport-shirt was buttoned only halfway, revealing enough of his well- muscled chest to remind her of his strength. The shirt wasn't tucked in. His hair was still damp and tousled from the shower and he was barefoot. He knew how this particular appearance affected her and he'd done it on purpose.

Glancing at her two lovers, Connie knew he was having the same effect on them. She felt a sudden swelling of pride in and love for her husband. He actually stuck his hands in his pockets and hesitated at the bottom of the stairs, looking down in the kind of unaffected Aw Shucks gesture that was so shocking in such a smart, tough, accomplished man. To Connie, it was a glimpse at the essential Jerry, the uncertain little kid who still lived inside the grownup success. The window was closed almost as soon as it opened. He pulled his hands from his pockets and stepped up to the trio.

"Jerry, this is Kimberly -- "

He somberly took her offered hand and shook.

" -- and Emily."

"An unexpected pleasure, Emily. Kon-ban-wa. O-genke desu-ka?"

She smiled and bowed slightly. "Kon-ban-wa. Genke-des." And then she uttered a quick stream of Japanese.

He answered in kind. Connie stared.

"Your accent is very good," Emily said.

"Domo arrigato. You are too kind. Certainly, it's been too many years and I was not skilled when I practiced it regularly. Thank you."

For the first time, he took note of Connie's stare. "What?"

"When did you learn to speak Japanese?"

He shrugged. "About five years before I met you. I was going to Tokyo for a conference and planned to turn it into a vacation."

"You learned to speak Japanese on a vacation?"

"No, no, no." He laughed. "I took a couple of Berlitz courses, first. I figured if I was to be a guest in the country, I should learn enough of the language to get by and make friends."

"And you never told me?"

"You never asked."

"Oh." She smiled. It was brittle. "Well, let's sit down -- " She gestured toward the sectional. "Jerry, maybe we could have a fire tonight?"


A silence fell over the quartet as the three woman sat, Kim and Emily side by side. The logs were always laid in the fireplace and it took Jerry only a few minutes to get a respectable flame licking at the seasoned wood. He closed the firescreen, stood on the semicircular rug in front of the hearth and turned to face the women. The two guests looked about with growing nervousness while Jerry's hands twitched as if he were about to say something and then thought better of it.

Connie cleared her throat. It was loud in the silence. "Well, uh, I don't know, uh -- "

"Can I get anyone a drink?" Jerry asked. All three looked at him intently. "I mean, you're our guests and I want to be a good host and... Well, what the hell am I *supposed* to say?"

Kimberly suddenly burst out laughing. "Oh, something suave and self-assured," she blurted when she'd calmed a bit. "Like, uh, 'Anyone wanna fuck?'" She began laughing uncontrollably again.

Emily was the first to be infected by Kim's outburst. At first, she tried to restrain her mirth; then she demurely covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed. In seconds, she was unable to catch her breath. The peals of laughter rang out. Jerry blushed at first before he, too, started laughing. Connie was the last one to catch the bug.

Kim calmed enough to say, "I have a nicely chilled wine in my tote bag."

"Would you uncork it and get some glasses, honey?" Connie said.

"No problem." He seemed grateful to have a mission. As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, Connie rose and went around the room, turning out the lights. The only illumination was the light through the kitchen door and the flickering glow of the fire.

Connie leaned over the back of the sectional, between the two women. Her nipples were hardening. Kim noticed and raised one hand to cup Connie's breast through her camisole and negligee. Connie's eyes half-closed and she whispered, "This is going to be harder than I thought."

"I hope so," Kim responded and giggled.

Emily slipped out of her tweed jacket and leaned over to lightly kiss Kim's cheek. "I think what our friend means is that we will have to provide the spark if there is to be a conflagration."

"Huh?" Connie said.

Kim was already caressing Emily and unbuttoning the silk blouse. "She said we're going to have to get the ball rolling. Go out into the kitchen and stall your husband for a few minutes." Then Emily covered Kimberly's mouth with her own and the two were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing with their tongues obviously in full play.

Connie paused just long enough finish unbuttoning Emily's blouse, revealing the delicately lacy dark blue bra within. Emily's firm breasts heaved within it when Connie briefly cupped them, her nipples stiffening still more. "On the rug in front of the fireplace," Connie whispered, gently urging them to stand.

"How lovely and roman -- oh!" Emily breathed as Connie unfastened the single hook-and-eye clasp between the cups of the bra and tweaked her nipples.

Connie separated herself from them, half reluctantly and half eagerly -- because she knew her fantasy was going to come true.

Jerry was just putting four glasses on a tray. One was already filled with water. He put the opened wine bottle next to them when Connie switched on the small night light and turned off the tiny spotlights over the countertop.

He raised his eyebrows, then took in the sight of his petite wife's engorged nipples. "I thought it got quiet in there. Start without me?"

She smiled, catching her lower lip between her teeth, and nodded. "Do you mind?"

"I was kind of hoping you would. Want me to wait for a bit?"

She shook her head slightly but definitely. "Leave that -- " She nodded toward the tray. " -- and let's just go watch for a while."

"Hmmm." He quickly and quietly got the ice bucket from under the counter, set the bottle in it and filled the bucket with ice around the bottle. "Looks like a good -- "


The ecstatic outburst from the other room cut him off. "This sounds good," he muttered.

"It gets better." She took his hand and pulled his fingers to her breast. He fondled her gently, testing the stiffness of her nipple.

"I've got an idea," he said.


"Let's let them stay in there and you and I can make some room on this nice cock-high table and -- "

She turned and led him by the hand to the kitchen door. She heard his soft "Holy shit."

Kimberly was wearing only her sweatshirt. She was crouched over Emily, whose remarkable tongue was exploring all of Kim's already soaked pussy. Emily had her hands up under Kim's sweatshirt. Connie could easily guess that Emily was squeezing Kim's huge nipples. Emily was naked, except for her stockings and garter built. Her thighs were rubbing and her trim hips were constantly moving.

Connie stood in front of her husband, drawing his hand slowly over her tits and then lower, between the folds of her negligee and into her panties. She pushed her tight, hard ass back and up and felt Jerry's straining erection throbbing between her buttocks through his jeans.

She pushed his hand down into her panties and guided his fingers to her slit. "Feel how wet I am? You or them...either would be enough -- but both...ooooooooh!" She shuddered as he touched her swollen clitoris and, with the expertise of years of loving her, rolled it in precisely the way she needed under his index finger.

Jerry's other hand was lightly caressing all of his wife's lovely, tight curves through her provocative outfit, cupping her tits and then tweaking her nipples as she stood on her tiptoes, grinding her ass back and up at him. She leaned her head back, eyes closed in passion as her husband strummed her. She shuddered again at his touch and then her eyelids popped up as she heard Kimberly's hectic, orgasmic huffing.

Connie stared at Kimberly, who was slowly collapsing forward over Emily. Kim's hands went beneath Emily's firm ass, pulling the Japanese woman's swollen pussy to her lips. Emily's widespread legs twitched and shook as Kim returned, lick for lick, all the pleasures her lover's long, agile tongue was lavishing upon her.

"Oh, baby, baby," Connie sighed. She had one hand behind her and was exploring the length of her husband's wonderfully huge, throbbing cock through the confinement of his old jeans.

"I want you -- now," Jerry said.

She felt his hand move between them and then his zipper was coming down. She struggled to get her hand inside and grasp his big meat, squeezing it as thought it were her last tether to the world.

"No, please," she gasped. "Kimberly first -- then me."

"Oh? And no Emily?"

She tensed for a fleeting second before realizing he was teasing.

"Please, baby," she moaned, "I want to see you do Kimberly -- giving her that first full-size dick!"

It was Jerry's turn to tense. Connie wasted no time.

"Please, honey! I want to see it! I want to guide this -- " She squeezed his prick. " -- dick into her!" Then she changed her tone. "Look at her, so hot and wet over there, all that blonde hair tumbling down, her face buried in that gorgeous Oriental pussy...Think what it would feel like to have her young cunt on your cock, the biggest cock she's ever had, while Emily licks her little blonde pussy...I want to see it *now*!"

Jerry groaned, deep in his throat. The combination of his wife's hot, demanding tugs on his thick cock, her words and the sight of the pretty blonde and the beautiful Japanese locked in sapphic bliss was already heating the cum in his nuts.

"Please, lover -- please!" Connie whispered, tilting her head back at him.

Jerry covered her offered lips with his own, then breathed, "Go ahead and join them...I know that's what you want -- and I want it, too!"

On the rug in front of the fireplace, Kim and Emily were grunting rhythmically, cumming over and over again. Connie took that as her cue. Without warning, she turned in her husband's arms, dropped from her tiptoes to her knees and opened his jeans completely, pulling them to his ankles. His hard prick bobbed up, challenging and inviting her. She opened her mouth wide and took his glans in her mouth, her tongue moving rapidly over his big, creamy smooth glans as her lips fastened on him. She began sucking.

But as quickly as she began, she stopped. Connie was on her feet with the lithe grace only a dancer could command. She had his long, fat prick in her hand and barely gave him time to step out of his jeans as she led him to the rug in front of the crackling fire.

The heat rising from the two intertwined women challenged the radiance of the blaze. Neither seemed able to stop cumming for more than a few seconds. Emily had raised her legs and Kim had tucked Emily's thighs under her arms.

Connie knelt next to them and bent low, pressing her hard-nippled tits through the camisole and negligee into Kim's shoulder as she put her mouth as close as she could to Kim's ear and whispered, "And now, Jerry is going to give you the cock of your dreams."

Kim's groan was so loud that it seemed to come out of her entire body.

Connie moved back on her knees, hand outstretched till her fingers found and clasped her husband's magnificent cock. She'd sucked him dry in the car, then taken a big load from him in this very room less than 90 minutes before -- and his huge prick was still so hard that she knew he had what he called "a hurting boner."

Emily had wrapped her arms around Kim's luscious, firm ass. When Kimberly arched her lovely butt up and back, she pulled Emily up with her. The beautiful Japanese woman had attached her mouth to Kimberly's swollen clitoris and wasn't relinquishing it!

Connie began moving her hand on her husband's ferocious erection, all the while guiding him closer to Kim's honeypot twat. "Almost there," she said softly. "Alllmoooost...THERE!"

She wedged his throbbing glans against Kim's cunt. The vivacious, curvaceous blonde with the amazing nipples waggled her glorious ass from side to side, hunching backward -- and then let out a sweet shriek of pleasure as she felt the tip of Jerry's hard, fat prick lodge in her cunt. Kim raised her head from her feasting on Emily's twat and yelled, "It's so damned HOT! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

Connie bent to Kim's ear. "And big, too! He's going to ream out your cunt, Kimberly, smooth out all the wrinkles and folds in it, give you a natural hot-iron dicking that'll leave you breathless -- and Emily's going to keep giving you the business with her tongue every second of it!"

Kim buried her face between the twitching legs of the Japanese girl and sobbed her pleasure.

Jerry was hesitating, watching his wife's face for the slightest sign of uncertainty. Kimberly was a wet dream come true, and so was Emily. Jerry couldn't remember the last time he had been this turned on, couldn't remember the last time he'd bee so filled with lust at the sight, smell, sound and touch of a new cunt -- yet he was determined that the whole scene ended the instant his wife looked unsure.

At that very moment, Connie turned wide-eyed to him and caught his gaze. He knew his wife well.

He had never seen her this excited.

Her nod ripped away the last shreds of his doubt.

Jerry grabbed Kimberly's ripe hips, his hands pinning Emily's slim wrists in the process, and began working his fat, long meat slowly into the overheated blonde. Her cunt clamped down on him, repeatedly and hungrily, as he push two...three...four...five inches of thick prick into her. He paused, leaning back as he slightly withdrew, and looked down -- right into Emily's half-closed eyes.

"Fuck her," the cultured, educated, pussy-juice-slimed lips mouthed. "Fuck her hard!"

Jerry bent over Kim and knew the moment Emily resumed her tonguing -- because Kim's cunt convulsed wildly on his prick. He pushed forward again, inexorable and irresistible. His prick felt bigger than he'd ever known it. inches.

Kim's head came up and she began to moan.

Eight...nine inches...

The moan became a wail, steadily growing in volume and pitch.

Nine....nine-and-a-half...ten inches...and there seemed to be more.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Kim yelled, bobbing her ass at him crazily, pounding the end of his cock with her cervix.

Jerry pulled back and began rocking his cock rapidly in and out of Kim's steaming cunt. His dick felt as if it were bathed in molten flesh, in heated oil -- and her cunt seemed actually to be sucking on it.

He looked up and saw his wife looking at him from her position next to Kim's shoulders.

"Fuck her for me, FOR ME!" Connie hissed. "HARD!"

Jerry pumped harder...faster...deeper. His strokes became almost brutal in their growing length and speed. He was hammering at the end of her cunt, his cock seeming to swell more and more. He couldn't wait much longer before he came, despite all of Connie's preliminary nut-draining. The urgency was growing in his balls; he could almost feel the hairs on his scrotum stiffening with the pre-cum electricity.

Connie was staring into his eyes, her face contorted with lust. For the first time, he noticed that she had a hand under the negligee, inside her panties, and was grinding three fingers deep into her cunt while she massaged her pubis and clit with the heel of her thumb.

"You're making me so hot and happy and -- ah! Oh! OHHHHH!" she yelled.

Jerry's cock bloated inside Kim's spasming cunt. He pulled her back at him as he rammed toward her with all his strength, for the first time burying himself to the balls in her.

His nuts jerked feverishly, then pulled tight between his legs and he felt the surge of his jism, like a flood-crest, rush the length of his cock and explode inside the lovely young blonde. His breath escaped him in a long, drawn-out sigh as his wife's eyes closed and she shuddered, cumming again and again in her own hand.

Kim felt his cock swell and then twitch so deep inside of her that it seemed to be bumping into her stomach -- and then sensed, rather than felt, the heat of his eruption in her. It was almost painful to feel his hot cock -- so different than even the most lifelike dildo -- jammed so deep and twitching into her cunt. The orgasms peaked inside her and she felt sure her nipples were going to burst, they ached so much.

Jerry thought he could feel Kim's scream of orgasmic pleasure echoing through Emily's throat and mouth and from there, through Kim's cunt and onto his cock. He knew, distantly, it was imagination -- even as he roared and unleashed another flood of hot cum into Kim's frantically pulsing cunt.

Just when he was sure he was drained, emptied, dried out, Jerry let loose a scream of pure, shocked pleasure as Emily reached up with her long tongue and began lightly stroking the furrow off his still tightened scrotum...and then delved farther back, to caress the tensed cheeks of his ass. He hunched forward so hard that Kim was dislodged from her lip-grip on Emily's drooling cunt and he fired off a last, impossible burst of cum, so copious that he could feel his own scalding sperm squishing around his dick inside the shuddering blonde dance- student.

His dick kept jerking, trying to pump out semen that his balls couldn't supply yet. Jerry felt the strength drain from him. He raised one hand to his wife, who took it and pressed her lips into his palm. She led his face down, till his cheek was against the back of Kim's neck. He turned his head and kissed her, lightly and sweetly, on the nape of her neck, then fell back, shuddering and limp. His prick, still half-hard, began pulling back from Kim's irregularly convulsing cuntal clutches. It came out with a soft noise followed by a stream of admixed Kim and Jerry juices.

"Damn," he murmured quietly as he let himself do a slow-motion collapse onto the rug. Prone, he lay panting and struggling to remain conscious. Kimberly fell away from Emily and snuggled against his left side, as his wife, she whom he loved now more certainly than ever, snuggled into his right side, writhing and sinuous in her petite loveliness against him.

Emily bestirred herself slowly and out of immediate sight. Emily still craved...whatever. She rolled to her side and viewed the trio, lust pulsing inside her lean curves. She moved to her hands and knees and wondered where she could fit into this menage.

Jerry let loose a low, moaning sigh as he felt Emily's surprising tongue begin cleaning his still semi-stiff dick of the juices. His moan became louder when he felt her mouth sweetly engulf his glans and the regular, nursing suckling of her lips on his dick.

To his amazement, his cock stopped shriveling -- and began stiffening again.

Emily was sucking thirstily on his prick. She crouched on all fours, bending low so her nipples would brush his thighs, running her fingers up and down his chest and abdomen, between his legs...

...over his balls...

...and all the while suckling and licking at his cock, savoring each renewed pulse of excitement in the fat meat.

Jerry's hips began to undulate as his dick regained premature regeneration. Her mouth was so hot! And no matter how big and thick and long his cock got, she seemed unwilling -- or unable -- to relinquish it. She sucked him hard, her head bouncing up and down without pause, now ramming his prick against the back of her throat, now taking the glans into her throat, now tightening her throat on him, now relaxing it and taking a little more of it.

And all the time, the suction, the heat, the movement of her tongue, the small gasps as his dick worked in and out of her throat...Jerry felt his balls tightening again.

Connie kissed her way down his belly, then kissed Emily's ear before clambering over her husband's straining form. She paused long enough to kneel and pull her soaked, provocative clothing away, then rolled Kimberly off her husband and onto her back. She half-tore Kim's shirt off and then, there they were: those magnificent nipples.

A moment later, Connie was locked with Kim in a superheated sixty- nine, both of them hungrily tonguing and passionately licking and sweetly kissing -- and writhing.

Jerry was pumping his hips harder, more urgently, sending fully three-quarters of his big cock into Emily's face -- and she was willingly taking all he gave her and waiting eagerly for more. Deeper and deeper she took his rampaging prick until...

Jerry groaned. She was grinding her wet cunt against his shin. And he could feel her nipples against his thighs, her hand pulling his hips toward her -- and her nose pressed hard and flat into the hair at the base of his cock. He could feel her chin against his balls.

She'd swallowed his entire cock and gave no sign of releasing any of it.

And then he felt a sensation he'd heard of, but never dreamed of experiencing -- her throat closed around his cock.

She was massaging his dick with her throat.

"Ohhhhh..." Jerry groaned. He knew he was about to give Emily, this lovely and accomplished Japanese lovely, what she was craving. The cum poured out of his overworked balls, swelled through his prick and inundated her throat.

Emily felt the twitching, heard the moaning and knew she was getting what she wanted -- his complete essence. She sucked all the harder, relentlessly, knowing without tasting -- his cock was too far back in her throat for that -- that he was pouring the contents of his wonderfully hairy balls all-but-directly into her stomach. She was doing what his wife, his former lovers, not even he, himself, had suspected could be done -- coaxing his just-drained testicles into releasing yet another load deep into the only mouth and throat that had ever taken all of his massive size. It was just about the most depraved, whorish, sluttish thing she could think of: deep-throating another woman's husband in the wife's presence.

It got her off.

Emily ground her cunt down hard, then still harder, on his leg, shivering with wanton pleasure at the decadent thing she was doing. Her physical orgasm was a small thing, but what she felt inside was immense.

Jerry knew only that the cum poured out of him and seemingly endless, prolonged geyser. The pleasure and the orgasm were so intense that they were almost painful...but not quite. He surrendered all his jism to the hot, sucking throat of the voracious Japanese lawyer and then fell back, prone and barely conscious.

Emily slowly worked his dick out of her throat and mouth, then let it fall gently back to rest on his stomach. She marveled at the size of it. Even drained, it remained long and fat, though limber. With a soft, sperm-lipped murmur of pleasure at her accomplishment, she let herself slouch with her cheek against his taut abdomen.

Jerry was dimly away of his wife shifting as he put his hand down to caress Emily's face. Then he felt Connie's hand there, too, on the same mission. He raised his head enough to look into her eyes and found her looking back -- and smiling.

"I love you, Gerald," she whispered.

"I love you, Veronica." He groaned and lay his head back. He barely heard her whisper: "Almost done. One more thing." He felt her rest her face against his. "You think you're through; you're not."

He barely mustered strength to speak: "You gotta be kidding."

She smiled; he could feel the movement of her facial muscles. "Trust me, honey. When you see what we've got to show you, you'll be more than ready! For now -- rest. You'll need it!"

As he dozed off, Jerry wasn't sure whether to be pleased...or terrified.

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