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The night thermostat had long since kicked in and the living room was cool, despite the crackling flames in the fireplace. Kimberly snuggled under the light comforter with Jerry, who had his left arm draped lightly over her shoulder. Her eyes were closed and her head lolled on his shoulder. Emily was pressed against Kim's other side, her face snuggled into Kim's shoulder and her lips against the side of her neck. Her hand was a constantly moving phantom under the comforter, gliding over Kim's ripe tits and lower, to the downy fuzz between her thighs. Kim was stroking Emily's shoulders with one hand; the other rested protectively on Jerry's limp cock.

The kitchen light clicked off. Connie lingered in the doorway for a moment, holding the tray with the three goblets, the chilled wine bottle and a mug of steaming tea. She was wearing her oversized bathrobe against the coolness in the air. She saw Kim's eyes open and her husband's face turned to her. She smiled, savoring the sight of her three favorite people, all clumped together in her living room.

Connie's nipples were pebble-hard under the robe, and the temperature of the air had nothing to do with it. She flashed on the memory of the first seduction with Kim, of the wild evening after their shopping spree, of the half-crazed orgy with Emily, of seeing Kimberly writhing and gasping as Jerry's big dick probed her, of watching Emily gorge herself on his fat cock...

...and she thought about what she planned next and shivered.

"Cold, honey?" Jerry asked. "Get over here and cuddle up."

"I'm not cold," she said softly. "But you can be sure I plan on collecting some cuddles!"

He smiled and reached out with one long, well-muscled arm, the movement bringing the thick veins into relief against his smooth skin as he beckoned to her. He was sitting naked, cuddled with two of the sexiest women she had ever imagined, and he was waving for her to come close to him and be with him.

"Oh, look," Emily stage-whispered. "Rampant heterosexuality rears its head."

"That's all it's going to rear for the rest of this night," Jerry answered quickly, grinning. "You have turned my reservoirs into deserts."

Connie set the tray down, poured the wine and handed out the three vessels. When Jerry reached to take the mug in both hands, the comforter fell away from his chest. Connie set her wine goblet down long enough to indulge an impulse: She bent and very lightly nipped with her teeth at her husband's left nipple, so hard and protruding in the cool air of the room. She felt his relaxed groan of pleasure at her touch and again, at her tongue's play with the erectile tissue.

Connie insinuated herself under Jerry's right arm, wedging her shoulder under his armpit and turning her face to his chest just long enough to lick his firm breast. She slid her left hand down until she found Kim's forearm, then followed it to Kim's hand and the cock of the man she'd married.

She squeezed Kim's fingers slightly over the flaccid mass of dick- flesh. Kim turned her head and met Connie's gaze. Kimberly's eyes were half-closed with remembered and anticipated pleasure. Connie smiled slightly and gave just the hint of a nod. Kim nodded back and began kissing her way down over Jerry's chest to his stomach and abdomen, then shifted and moved in on his thighs and, finally, his cock and balls. Connie pulled the comforter into place so that Kim was still covered. The lush blonde had become a warm, licking, indistinct form moving under the big comforter, with her head in Jerry's lap and Connie's small hand caressing her head and face.

Jerry hissed with pleasure as Kim pulled his glans, soft but still large, into her mouth and sucked languidly on it.

"Know what I want?" Connie asked her husband.

Jerry carefully reached over and put the mug on the end table. He looked at his wife and shook his head. "What?"

"I want to get down on my hands and knees in front of the fire and stick my face between Emily's legs and lick her while Kim sits on her face and she licks Kim and sticks a dildo or her fingers -- maybe her whole hand -- "

Kim's moan was audible through the comforter, even though her mouth was slowly being filled.

" -- into Kim's wet cunt."

"What a-about you?" Jerry stammered.

"I want you to be fucking me hard, with that big my ass!"

The muscles of Jerry's face had been slack from the pleasures Kim was lavishing on his penis under the comforter. Now his expression tightened and saddened. "Oh, babe, you know I'd like to and you know that it won't work. I won't even try to do something that hurts you like that did."

"I can take it -- and I want it!" she insisted.

"Even if I was willing to give it another try, 'bunch, I'm not up to it. Aside from remembering the last time, there's the simple fact that you three have already drained me four times tonight. Nothing's gonna raise the flag for me again."

She smiled craftily. "I can prove to you that I can take it -- and you *are* going to be hard as a rock again."

He smiled. "No way."

"Bet?" She held her pinky out.


"If I prove it and you get hard, you have to give me what I want."

"And if you fail?"

"We'll be your sluts for a night. We'll do anything you want for you, with you, to you, to each other -- and we'll tape it all."

He hooked his pinky with hers. "Deal." His smile was broad and confident. Hers matched it in a moment.

She nodded to Emily. Still clad only in stockings and garters, the lovely Japanese woman unfolded from the couch and came to Connie's side. Jerry watched. His wife stood. Emily opened Connie's robe and dropped to her knees -- slowly, her long tongue and soft lips working all the way down. Emily cupped Connie's butt in her hands and pulled her forward. Connie opened her legs and hunched her pussy down and forward.

Jerry's eyes widened as he watched Emily's long tongue extend completely until just the tip was tracing his wife's pussy lips.

Connie gasped softly, then moaned as Emily trilled the tip of her tongue over her swollen clitoris. Her voice quavering, she began to set the scene for her husband.

"So, after -- after we ate dinner, we were all in the bed. And Emily -- Oh! Ooooh! -- Emily pushed her whole hand into Kimberly and was l-l-licking h-h-her and Kim couldn't stop cumming -- "

She could hear Kim moan again, saw the lump of her head moving again under the comforter.

" -- And I got this great b-b-big double dong -- about two feet long and really thick -- and -- a-a-and... Yes! Oooohh! -- and I stuffed half of -- half of it into my cunt and squeezed the other half into Emily while she fist-fucked Kimberly and we all came so much that -- YES! YES!" She grabbed Emily's head and forced her face closer as the orgasm rocked her.

Connie moaned and panted and finally relaxed enough from her orgasm to continue her aural sex: "And then Emily and I started in a 69 and she put her whole hand into my cunt and then Kimberly used the double dildo, with half in her cunt and the other half up my ass. I couldn't believe how deep it felt -- in my belly, it seemed like."

She looked down as Emily glanced up. They nodded to each other.

"You took a hand in your pussy and a big dildo in your cunt at the same time?"

She shook her head. Emily stood and flashed, all but naked, up the stairs. "First one, then the other -- about a zillion times."

Kim's head came up and she pulled the comforter back. She smiled proudly at Connie. "This thing is as hard as steel and I think it's got to be more than nine inches."

Connie put one small hand on her husband's cock and stroked the length of it lightly. "Does seem bigger than usual." She could hear Emily coming down the stairs. She too her hand off his cock and gazed into her husband's eyes. "Feel Kim's nipples. Aren't they amazing?"

She smiled as Jerry reached down to cup Kim's left breast, then measured her nipple with thumb and forefinger a good two inches apart.

"Pinch it a little, please?" Kim whispered. Her eyes closed slowly as he tweaked her sensitive, oversized nipple and then she dropped her mouth over his hard, upstanding cock and sucked furiously.

"I don't expect you to take my word for it with the high stakes like we're betting," Connie said. "So I have some proof."

Emily knelt beside her, opening the gym bag and taking out the towel-wrapped toys.

"Get the big one slippery and slide it into Kim, honey."

Emily had already begun spreading the lubricant on the huge dildo.

"And I have even more proof." She stepped to one side and picked up the remote control from the end table. She turned and clicked it twice. The television came on, then the VCR. The screen was blank. She pressed the third switch. The tape began to roll.

The perspective never shifted and the low level of lighting was barely adequate -- but the scene was clear enough.

Kimberly mugging momentarily for the lens, pinching her hardened nipples and tugging at her tits.

"I don't understand -- " Connie heard her own voice say from the television, and she heard Emily reply quietly: "I do" and saw the depraved smile. On the screen, Emily pulled Connie up on all fours and slid beneath her from behind and TV Connie stiffened as Emily's tongue hit her clitoris, then groaned at the touch of the tongue tip on her swollen clitoris.

To one side in the scene, Kimberly was stuffing the end of the big double-dildo into herself.

Emily had three fingers in Connie's cunt on the television and the electronic Connie was groaning, "Ohhh, noooo..." as the fourth finger went in.

Then Connie's ass was hidden from the camera as Kimberly straddled Emily's chest.

"Fuck me." Connie's gasp was loud from the speaker. Emily began working her thumb into her cunt and Kim started rubbing the free end of the big dildo against her asshole.

"And if we can't both fuck you at once, that's okay." Connie glanced down, struck by the oddity of hearing Kim's voice so clearly while Kim's real-time mouth was stuffed with Jerry's hugely stiffened dick. "We'll take turns," said the spectral voice. "Her little fist in your cunt and then this big fucker in your ass."

Connie's mewing accompanied the widening of her pussy entrance as Emily's hand worked its way inexorably inside. Kimberly's ripe ass moved higher on the screen, revealing Connie pushing back and down, forcing her cunt onto Emily's hand while above her, the huge dildo hung halfway from Kim's cunt like some insane transsexual fantasy come true.

"But you *are* going to get reamed, you slut!" Kimberly was saying.


Connie's words were quite distinct from the speaker. So were the screams of unrestrained pleasure that followed as Emily's entire hand pumped inside her cunt.

Then Kim was crouching lower, pressing the thick tip of the wide double dildo against Connie's asshole. It was obvious that this wasn't going to work.

"My turn, Emily!" Kim called.

Connie glanced at her husband. His eyes were wide and glazed as he stared at the screen. She looked at the end of the sectional. Emily was working the very same big dildo into Kimberly's juicy cunt from behind that was imperiling Connie's little ass on the screen.

On the screen, Connie was hunching and shaking as Emily's small hand slid out of Connie's cunt. Kim was pushing the dildo forcefully now, wedging open Connie's little asshole. On-screen Connie was rotating her ass and pushing up, trying to force herself open.

"It's going to split you open," Kim was saying.

"Yes! Split me in half with that fucker!"

"It's going to hurt..."

"Yes! Yes! Make it hurt! Make it real! Make me feel it in my fucking bowels! EEEEEEEE -- "

The scream trailed off into yelps as first the head, then the shaft of the huge double dildo slid deeper and deeper into her.

"Yes! YES! It's in my fucking stomach! More! MORE -- AHHH!"

Kim rammed the rest of it into her and began rocking over Connie's small ass. Connie's rectum was distended by the fat, pale shaft. Beneath her ass was Emily's tongue, stroking her pussy and teasing her clit.

"Damn it, fuck me!"

Kimberly began pumping her hips, pounding in and out of Connie's asshole.

"YES! AHHHHHHH! Oh, yeah, yeah, fuck my ass, fuck it, fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckfuckme..."

Real-time Connie tore her gaze from the screen and turned. Emily was rubbing and pinching her clitoris as she knelt behind Kim, pumping the dildo in and out of the richly curved blonde. Kimberly was moving her head slowly up and down over about a third of Jerry's hard, glistening cock. Jerry was staring fixedly at the screen. Connie motioned to Emily, whose lovely eyes focused. Emily nodded and climbed off the sectional.

"Have I won the bet, lover?" Connie asked her husband. His head jerked as he looked at his wife, naked and horny before him. "The bet?"

He looked down at Kim's blonde head moving over his cock, looked at the television where his petite wife was taking a mammoth dildo up the ass and cumming without pause. Then he turned his face to her and grinned. "I think you could say so."

"Pay up."

Emily bent to take a tube of lubricant from the bag on the floor, then took Connie by the hand and led her to the rug in front of the crackling fire. As Emily reclined and spread her lovely legs, Connie dropped to her knees and smiled back at her husband. "Turn off the television -- I want the real thing!"

Jerry reached for the remote as Kim pulled her lips off his cock and rolled to her side against the back of the sectional. The dildo was still in her cunt. She reached down with both hands and pumped it savagely a few times, then stiffened and groaned, her abdomen contracting as she came.

Emily let the tube of lubricant roll on the rug as Connie bent beneath her legs and pulled her stockinged thighs onto her shoulders.

Connie heard Emily's sigh of pleasure as she kissed the pale, firm flesh between the garters and her cunt. She felt Jerry kneeling behind her, then felt his lips on the nape of her neck and shivered, watching his hand reach beside her to get the tube of lubricant. She felt a small buzzing begin around her asshole and in her belly as she anticipated what was coming next. She heard the slurping of her husband's hand spreading the jelly on his stiff dick, then felt the cool wetness of his finger massaging globs, then more, and then still more, of the slippery stuff into her rectum. She hummed in encouragement and pleasure, wiggling her butt enticingly as she began licking the bisexual Japanese cunt dripping in front of her face.

Emily began undulating her hips, her hands going to the sides of Connie's face and holding her mouth in place as she moaned in pleasure. Connie felt the warmth and weight and firmness of Kimberly's tits, the shocking stiffness of her hard nipples, against her back.

"I'll aim that thing," Kim said throatily. Connie felt Kim's forearm against her uptilted ass, then her husband shifting.

And then his wonderful, huge, hard prick was pushing against her asshole. She groaned in pleasure and twisted her ass, pushing back and trying to impale herself on it.

Emily was cumming against her mouth, long waves of orgasm that were slowly intensifying, as Jerry began pushing his prick into Connie's little asshole. Connie willed her sphincters to relax. They kept stretching and stretching as his glans pushed into her. It felt like he was trying to fit a baseball bat into her asshole, felt like his cock was twice as big as normal. She moaned into Emily's cunt. It was starting to strain her, to hurt.

"C'mon, Jerry, she wants this -- craves it! You saw the tape! Do it -- or get out of the way and I'll fuck her ass again. She loves it!"

"I'm not so sure -- "

"Split her open! She fucking wants it!"

Emily was cumming harder, muffling Connie with her spasming cunt, her thighs locked around Connie's head.

"Do it, dammit!" Kim barked.

"But -- "

Connie felt Kim move away, then heard Jerry: "What are -- "

"In her -- now!"

There was a lurch and her husband's huge prick was pile-driving insistently into her ass, her sphincters stretching impossibly till she wondered if they'd split and then --

"MMMMNNNNGH!" Connie growled into Emily's streaming pussy as the glans snugged inside her ass and her sphincters gripped his shaft.

"No, stop pushing," Jerry groaned, as he felt his wife's asshole clamping down on his dick.

"That's the worst," Emily said. "Now give her the rest of it!"

Emily spoke with shocking clarity, despite her orgasm: "This is what she has dreamed of -- so fuck her ass with that big cock!"

Despite the strain, Connie pushed back as much as she could. Jerry's hands tightened on her hips while he grunted behind her and then, finally, he was pushing his huge prick into her.

Connie couldn't believe the sensation. It was definitely bigger than the big dildo and it was like being impaled by a column of flesh- hot steel. Deeper and deeper he went, stretching her rectum, reaming her asshole, his glans plowing farther into her than she'd thought possible. His dick seemed endless and her overwhelmed sphincters simply fluttered and spasmed helplessly as inch after inch of thick flesh wormed into her tight backdoor.

Emily was cumming harder and harder on Connie's face, the orgasms becoming distinct again. Connie locked her lips around the Japanese woman's engorged clitoris and sucked, the tip of her tongue barely touching the sensitive pink nodule. She felt Emily tense impossibly -- and then Emily was having one of her wonderfully wet releases. Her cunt spasmed and expelled splash after splash of juices as she came, softly howling in pleasure.

Jerry's flat abdomen slowly pressed against Connie's outthrust little ass and then she felt his pubic hair graze the furrow of her buttocks. As his balls swung forward to press her cunt, Connie emitted a deep, guttural moan that vibrated through her entire body. She wondered if Jerry's glans was really throbbing just beneath her stomach, or if that was merely her imagination...or her now-distorted sense of reality. That big cock in her was warping her senses. Her entire being seemed to revolve around it, as if she were skewered.

Emily's hands and legs fell away from Connie's head as she lapsed into semi-consciousness from her orgasm. Connie raised her head and tried to speak. Her voice wouldn't work.

"Are you okay, baby?"

"Oh, yeah, deep...can't tell where you end and I start... soooo goooood..." she babbled softly. She didn't have the strength to hold her head up any longer. She lowered her face to Emily's soaked snatch just as Kim crawled forward over the nearly comatose Japanese woman. The dildo was still hanging from Emily's cunt. It came to rest wetly on Emily's slack face and thick hair when Kim pushed her clitoris down to Emily's lips. Connie saw Emily's nostrils flare at Kim's aroma and then that amazing tongue was snaking its way upward to find and massage Kimberly's bright red clitoris.

Jerry began move inside Connie.

"Oh, shit!" Connie yelped. "Fuck! OH FUCK!"

It was better than she'd dreamed. Jerry was only moving an inch or so at first, but the movement was transmitted to almost ten inches of tightly packed asshole.

The movement lengthened inside her and she felt the tension in her belly and between her hips. She felt like a ball of warmth and energy was growing there, spreading, swelling with each stroke of her husband's huge prick in her little ass.

Connie began to moan, louder and louder, in time with his fucking. Now he was pulling almost half his cock out and pushing it back in. Her sphincters felt as if they were being turned inside out, gripping and coating his shaft as he withdrew, then imploding when he drove in. She tried to lick Emily, but she could barely muster the strength to move her tongue in the savory sauces of her cunt.

His grip was tighter on her narrow hips, as if he were trying to compress her around his cock. She had no strength in her arms and legs as he lengthened his strokes. He was pumping her ass up and down on his piledriving cock, using her hot, tight rectum to massage his hugely swollen dick.

She loved it.

Connie moaned louder and louder, then began wailing. The sound ululated with his strokes, growing louder as that tense ball inside her belly swelled. She felt the buzz of the pleasure spreading through her body, overwhelming her senses. It was almost scary, as if something primal and uncontrollable were taking control of her senses. The glowing buzz had filled her body, now, and was in every cell and still growing, still swelling till she felt as if she were going to explode.

She opened her eyes to see Kim's nipples looking as close to bursting as Connie felt, to see Emily's abdomen rippling at the touch of Connie's tongue on her cunt when Jerry pounded her forward.

"Alllll offf ITTTT..." Connie howled and Jerry pumped longer, pulling back till his glans was on the verge of escape, then ramming forward till his balls slapped her cunt and clitoris, spreading the buzz, feeding the buzz...

Then it exploded. The buzz burst and Connie felt herself cumming as she'd never cum in her sexually very active life. It seemed like her entire body had become one orgasmic clitoris, as if every part of her were cumming -- her ass, her cunt, her clit, her tits, her mouth, her fingers, her hair.

"Oh - cum - in - me - while - I'm - cum - ming," she managed to breathe, forming each sound carefully as she came and clenched.

Behind her, Jerry growled and held her hips still tighter. He pumped faster, harder, almost brutally.

She kept cumming.

His prick swelled inside her ass hole, stretching it still more. His strokes shortened and speeded. He slammed into her, pushing his hips at her.

She kept cumming.

He rammed his thick cock all the way in and held it inside her. She could feel his balls lurching against her clitoris. He was arching, still pushing at her ass.

She kept cumming.

His hands pulled her limp hips upward, his cock jerking inside her. She was impaled, held up by his hands on her hips and his cock still swelling in her cunt.

She kept cumming.

His prick convulsed and then she screamed in pleasure as she felt his semen pour deep, deep into her bowels, hot and thick. She could feel each spurt shoot from his glans and slam into her innards and it was like throwing gasoline on a fire. She was incendiary in her orgasm, burning brighter and higher and cumming so intensely she was forgetting to breathe...

She kept cumming and cumming, her husband's ejaculations slowing in her ass, his dick finally beginning to shrink and even that added to it. She couldn't stop the cumming, even as she felt everything slip away and join the enveloping haze of her orgasm.

She kept cumming.

* * *

Sun glow filtered through the drapes. Connie woke softly, savoring the ache, feeling that orgasmic buzz lingering. She was sandwiched between Kimberly and her husband, Kim's lush breasts warming her back, Jerry's strong chest protecting her face. Kim had fallen asleep with the dildo still in her cunt; Connie could feel it against the back of her thigh.

She looked up. Emily was sitting against the headboard, wearing one of Jerry's pajama tops. Emily smiled softly. It was the first time Connie had ever seen her completely without makeup. The black hair was a disheveled mess. She looked about nineteen and almost innocent. Certainly sweet.

Emily rolled to all fours and bent forward to kiss Connie's temple. Jerry and Kim stirred, rolling to their backs and away from Connie, but still touching her. Emily leaned to Kim and kissed each nipple, then Kim's lips, lightly. She shifted to Jerry and kissed his lips softly.

Connie rolled onto her husband, wincing at the pains in her ass and hips and shoulders. Jerry's arms enveloped her. "Good morning, husband."

"Good morning, wife. I love you."

"I love you, Gerald."

He kissed her eyes. "Was your anniversary fantasy everything you wanted?"

"Better. I never knew I could cum like that. I thought my toes were cumming." She giggled slightly. "And how did you like your 'fate worse than death'?"

"Amazing." He chuckled. "I never imagined I'd like it so much, seeing you cum with someone else. But I did -- and even more when you were cumming with me and with someone else at the same time." He sighed and ran his hands lightly over her back. "What's next?"

"I'll want us to do this again, probably." She wasn't sure how he'd react to that.

He hesitated for a moment, then: "I'd like that...but not right away, okay?"

She nodded against his chest. "I found out something I needed to know, but didn't know I needed to know."


"I've been with other women since we met."

"I know."

"And I always came back to you -- I chose you. Understand?"

He held her tighter. "And now you know that even with two sexy women there, craving me and me craving them, that I choose you." He sighed. "I think maybe I was unsure of my self-control in that spot -- maybe that's why I resisted doing this with you for so long: I was afraid you might feel...slighted? Maybe."

"So now we both know. We're both so sure of each other..."

Emily leaned her face down next to them. "I now pronounce you desperately in love with each other and sure of it."

"Exactly." Both said it at once, then smiled.

Kim cleared her throat.

"Yes?" Jerry coaxed.

"Can anyone here be persuaded to make some coffee?"

"I hate to move," Connie confessed.

"Me, too," Jerry said. They looked hopefully at Emily.

She shook her head. "My life insurance policy forbids me from entering a kitchen. I am considered a threat to human life."

Kim sighed. "Okay, okay. I'll get the coffee started." She climbed off the bed, grabbed Jerry's robe and headed for the bedroom door.

"Kim?" Connie called.

She turned. "What?"

"Aren't you going to take that thing out of you?"

Kim grinned. "Un-un. Y'see, after I get the coffee started, I'm going to come back up here. I have an idea."

"Uh-oh..." Jerry uttered.

"Yeah -- y'see, I want Jerry to give me what you got, while I fuck Emily with this." She reached down and grabbed the obscenely hanging dildo.

"And where am I going to be?" Connie asked.

"Oh, you're in charge of hiding Emily's hand while she licks you. By the time we're done with that, I'll have more ideas. I want to see how many possibilities there are."

"We have created a monster," Emily stated, smiling.

"Good grief," Jerry said. "Think of it -- three women, each with three orifices, a tongue and hands. That's fifteen factors. The combinations run two to the fifteenth power -- that's over thirty-two thousand possibilities!"

"Oh, yeah?" Kim answered, wonder in her face. "Then I better hurry with that coffee!" She hurried through the doorway.

"Is she serious?" Jerry asked Connie.

"I hope so," Emily interrupted. They looked at her as she knelt and unbuttoned the pajama top, revealing her stiff-nippled tits. She leaned over them, feeding one breast to Jerry. Connie felt his cock hardening beneath her, felt her own juices starting to flow again.

"I hope so," Emily purred again and began stroking Connie's back. "I want to give every one of them a good tryout!"
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