Hanging Out With My Girlfriend On A Saturday Night.
Okay so this is my first story, Im a very good writer for the writing company where I live. So please Enjoi.!

-Hello there im Nick, im 15 years old, Im a basketball player for my highschool, School just ended a week ago, and I was at my house on a Saturday night with my 15 year old girlfriend and this what happend.

I was chillin at my house with my girlfriend, watching Disney channel for some odd reason.
My mom walked in and said she was going out, And will be gone for about 3/4 hours.
My mom yelled at me as she got to the back door, "NICK!" I get up and walk to where she was at,
"Okay Nick, I know what your going to do tonight while im gone, Im not stupid" she said "what mom?" I said
"You know . .. Sex" I blushed at the thought of my mom saying sex. "No im not"
"Shutup Nick, Your to young anyways" she said "Okay im going to leave now, See you later on tonight babe bye" as she walked out the door I waved goodbye back. I was walking down The hallway, thinking why would she think that, I giggled at the thought of it.
As I walked in the living room, My girl Jenny was looking sexy as ever, 15 with her nice body, I just wanted to tear her apart, but I didnt know if she wanted to fuck.
As I sat down next to her, "Whats up jenny?" I said "Nothing why, Just a little tired thats all" she said, "Ohh"
I got up feeling a little over pressured for some reason,
This was my first time alone with a girl, and Im still a virgin, Like I dont know what to do at this point.
So I walk into the kitchen fridge and grab a Monster, I set at the table. Looking out the window,
When I hear Jenny walk into the kitchen, she comes over to me and sets next to me,
"Whats wrong babe?" She says "Nothing" I say.
It was then, When shit started happening, She then started to rub my back, It felt good but she done this alot of times, She then started playing with my hair. I turn and look at her "Wow your so sexy babe" I say "Awe thanks babe" she smiles . She then leans in for the kiss and our lips meet. I love kissing her.
We kiss for a good 10mins , thats when she gets up and says "lets go to the couch" I then get nervous but follow her, We get to the couch, I set at the very end "Why you all the way down there babe" She says.
She then crawls twords me and before I know it, Shes on top of me, She looks at me smiling with her Green eyes sparkling, We start kissing again my arms now around her back, Not trying to go to far, She then starts touching my stomach, She lifts my shirt up an starts rubbing my chest and abs, It is then my whole shirt is off.
She releases the kiss, and sets up on top of me, She looks at me smiling as she starts to unbotton her plaid shirt . I stare in awe, Never seeing a girls boobs or anything , accept in porn , but this is the real deal. Its then her plaid shirt is off . And im staring at her cleavage in her nice pink bra . "You like what you see?" She says.
I couldnt say anything but stare , "I can feel you getting hard babe" She says .
I blush , She then says "You wanna feel?" I couldnt say shit , I was in such awe .
She then grabs both of my hands and put them on her boobs. I stuter "Wow" , "You like?" She says , I just nod my head. She then clips the back of her bra and the bra straps fall down, as my hands still cupping her breast, "babe if you let go, You can see them" she says . Its then I ley go, and the bra falls down and her boobs are revealed to me. Amazing thats how I can describe. Perfectly round with small perfect sized tits. Then she gets up and stands infront of me, She unbottons her pants and pulls them down, To show her pink panties .
She then gets back ontop of me and unbottons my pants and yanks them off, im setting there in my boxers with my hard on . She looks at my dick , " Wow looks big " she says. I laugh , She then starts feeling my dick , Which makes me wanna cum .She then pulls my boxers down a little bit , reaveling my skin. . She then pulls then compleatly off , revealing my 6 inch dick. She guides her head to my dick looks up at me , "You ready ?" Before I know it her mouth surrounds my dick and shes bobbing up and down , I moan in possibly the greatest pleasure Iv ever felt. For about two good minutes she sucks my dick , I then feel my dick about to explode , "Babe" I studder " Ima bout to cum" she then waves her hand to bring it . I grunt loudly and blast my load into her mouth, She gags and takes it all. She stands up , And pulls her panties down, exposeing her pussy with a little patch of hair. She gets ontop of me , and guides my dick twords her pussy , she sits on it and lets it slip in . We both moan in pleasure , as she bounces up and down slowly on me.
I grab her boobs and massage them , She moans loudly . I start to moan as I enjoy everything thats happening. She rides me for 4 minutes she then says "I want you to fuck me hard" . I pick her up and put slam her on her back , while im still in her . I thrust a couple times teasing her . I then start fucking as fast as I can , her screaming so loud the neighbors could probably here , "Awe Nick im gunna cum!" She screams . I start fucking her faster . " Im CUMMING BABE!" She screams I feel her cum splatter on my dick , As I reach my orgasm I then take my dick out and cum all over her stomach, I moan in pleasure and just drop down right next to her.
She then turns over "Babe that was amazing" , "I Know" . She then turns over and looks up . I turn over to her "Ready for round two?" We both laugh .

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For someone calming to be a writer for a company you need a lot more practice on story writing.

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