Burke gets a massage from Lois
My flight landed at about 6am this morning, but I still had another 10 hours of work ahead of me. I've spent everyday this week preparing for this trip. This was just going to be a shit-crazy day, and to top it all off Sheila and I had another fight last night. We have been fighting a lot more lately, and I pray that the cause of it is really just menopause. I mean, we've been married now for 30 years, ever since I was 26 and she was 22. Our fight last night was a pretty bad one, Sheila really was insisting that I take her with me on this trip. She was positive that I was going only to meet a woman. Telling her that we couldn't afford to pay for the extra expenses for her, she stomped off saying "the only reason we can't afford it is because you're spending the money on callgirls.", which couldn't be further from the truth. I've never thought about cheating on Sheila, well not seriously anyway. But since all the fights and accusations, it has crossed my mind in a fantasy, but I would never actually act on it.

I got to the Water Tower Hotel just shortly before 8am to check in. I was fully aware that they wouldn't have a room until after 11, but at least I could leave my things while I go to my Friday morning meetings at Crown's, the company I'm pitching for some consulting work.

"Good morning, Mr. Johnson. We've been expecting you." said the delightful blonde receptionist. "We have a storeroom waiting for your things, and once your room is ready we will transfer your things there."

"Thank you," and looking at her nametag "...Kara. If your attention to my needs here are any indication of how my weekend will turn out, I may just get that bonus after all."

"Well then, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Mr. Johnson."

"Please Kara, call me Burke." offering her my hand.

She takes my hand and whispers, "I would like that very much, but the hotel policy requires the formality. I hope you understand."

"I do, Ms. Jacobs. All too well. Doesn't hurt to ask." I turn to leave, but stop and ask, "Kara, could you recommend a good place for Eggs Benedict? One with real Hollandaise sauce."

"Yes, Marvin's just around the corner on State Street. The name might not sound high class, but I assure you, their food is the real deal."

"Thank you, Kara."

"I hope you enjoy your breakfast, Burke..." winking at me, "I mean Mr. Johnson. Oh and, again, good luck with your business deals." she flashed a fierce smile at me.

"Thanks!", and I smile once more at the young blonde receptionist before walking out.

Kara was right, Marvin's was great. I was also not made to rush out, and I used the time (and their wifi) to polish up the last few details before the meeting.

I got to Crown's about 20 minutes before the meeting, their secretary showing me to the office where the meeting would be, telling me "Feel free to set up early." That was exactly what I had hoped to do, so it would appear that my stars were with me so far. I got my laptop connected up to their display system with no trouble at all, and got to test everything to make sure it all worked.

About 5 minutes before the meeting, Ronald Jackson, their CFO, introduced himself, and he also congratulated me on getting their display system to work, as no one there had much success with it.

"So, can I get you some coffee before everyone gets here?"

"Yes, that would be great. I take it black."

"Alright, I'll be back in a moment."

The meeting this morning was to layout my ideas for what we can do for them. There was going to be a follow up meeting this afternoon where they would pose questions for me, and I was expected to come back tomorrow morning with the answers.

I feel my presentation went very well, and I decided to get a snack. But I decided as well that I was going to get a massage tonight. With the magnitude of this contract, I felt it imperative to feel relaxed for tomorrow mornings follow up meeting.

"Hi, Stella. It has been far too long since... I don't know how long... was it at your wedding? Has it really been five years?", we chatted for a few minutes about our mundane lives. "So, is it possible to schedule a late massage? Say around 6 tonight?" Stella asked me to wait while she finds an available therapist. "Not to be rude, but both our time's valuable, so just text me when you get an answer." Stella agreed.

"Lois, our best, available @ 6. Thank you, Burke. Are you free for breakfast Sunday morning?"

Texting her back, "Thanks for scheduling me in. Flight leaves Sunday @ 2. Early breakfast would be grand."

Being that it was now almost 4, and the second meeting just broke, I wanted to go back over to Marvin's for a late lunch and some coffee. Plus I could get a start on answering those things I needed. They had lots of questions, several I already had answers for, others only had partial answers, but there were two I had nothing for. Just hope I asked the right questions to help me find the answers I needed. I also grabbed their latest brochure and their office newsletter before I left, as they might have some useful info in them.

It was almost 5:30, so I packed up my things, settled my tab with Lua, my waitress, and went outside to hail a cab. I gave him the address and asked him how long it would take to get there, telling him I had a 6pm appointment. His reply, "In this traffic, about 20, 25 minutes." And we were off.

We got there just a few minutes before 6, so I rushed to get to the clinic. I tried the door but found it locked, so I figured that I had to use the doorbell. When the door opened, a brunette of average height and a beautiful smile greeted me. She appeared to be about the same age as my youngest daughter, mid to late 20's.

"Hi, I'm Burke Johnson. Stella's friend. You must be Lois, Stella told me you were her best therapist, and I'm really in need of getting rid of some tension...", I introduced myself.

"Well then, I guess you came to the right place. Here, let me help you with your things", and she took my briefcase, umbrella, and coat and placed them on the coat rack. She then led me to her room.

The room was lit by candle light, and she went over to light a stick of incense. "You can get undressed and hang your clothes on the rack in the corner if you'd like.", she said in her soft alto voice. "If you want, you can leave your underwear on, it's up to you. Then you can lay face-down on the table. I'll be back in five minutes and we can start.", then she left me to disrobe.

I folded my clothes and neatly stacked them on the chair in the corner, making a last minute decision to go commando, and lose my shorts. I moved the sheets she already had laid out and left them by my clothes, then grabbed a towel and placed it on the table before laying down.

I heard the door open and close, then her soft footstep approached me. "So, before we get started, would you like me to put on some background music?", she asked, almost in a whisper.

"Actually, if you have some nature recording or something, that would be fine.", I replied. I then heard her put the CD into the player, and the soft sounds of a rain forest filled the room and my thoughts.

"I need to ask you a few questions before we begin. Are there any areas you want me to focus on? Any places I need to stay away from? Any medical issues I should know about?", she asked in her sultry voice, I could almost feel the increase of blood flowing through my body.

"Nothing medical, and no sensitive spots." I answered. "And as far as areas to focus on, my shoulders and back could really use some deep tissue work. It has been a long stress-filled week, but it's not over yet.", trying to forget about those things at least while I was under her hands.

"Alright then, I'm going to start with your feet and legs, then I can spend a bit of time with your upper body. Then I'll have you turn over and we will continue from there. Does that sound like it will take care of your needs?"

"Yeah, that sounds wonderful."

"Alright, let me get a sheet to keep you warm, and then..."

Interrupting her, "If you wouldn't mind, I would prefer no sheet."

"OK, then lets get started.", and she takes a position to my right, applying oil to my back. I could feel her hands sucking the tensions right out of me, but when she ran her hands over my ass, I could swear my cock began to twitch.

I could feel her finger tips running down my leg, and she then took my right foot in her hands. She took each toe and gently pulled at them. It was just amazing how relaxed I was beginning to feel, I was almost in a trance between the sounds of the rain forest, the smell of the incense, and her angelic hands caressing my body.

She broke my trance with her soft voice, "If you would like to make any adjustments in your position on the table, please feel free." It was at that moment I realized my cock, still pointing south was becoming filled with blood, I instantly became self conscience.

"Thank you.", and I rolled to my left and adjusted myself, at least it wasn't uncomfortable any more.

She then began her work on my back, and I quickly fell back into my trance. Everything she did was purely for my gratification, and whatever tensions that were there are now gone.

"Alright, Burke, if I could have you turn over, I can continue with your front." Once again, I realized that I was sporting an erection, but what could I do. I hesitated, and slowly complied with her request. I could only imagine that she has seen her share of erect penises given her job.

As she moved down to my feet, I could feel her finger tips glide down my body, and as she passed my hips, it was almost like electricity, making my cock bounce. Again, she worked my feet and legs, it was almost as if the blood was being pushed directly into my cock with her hands, because I could feel myself starting to stand at attention, my little soldier holding a salute to her attentive hands.

As she was finishing with my arms and hands, I involutarily gripped her hand in mine. It almost felt that she squeezed mine as well, but I'm sure that was wishful thinking on my part.

She was now standing directly above my head, and working to hold my head in her hands. I can't describe just how relaxed I was feeling, and almost automatically I said, "I can see why Stella spoke so highly of you on the phone today.", knowing instantly that nothing was said on the phone, Stella only mentioned her in the text message.

She had placed my head back into the headpiece, and was now working my shoulders and chest. It took me by surprise as she appeared to be pinching my nipples, but I also noticed it made my cock jump. I was becoming quite aroused, and thought to myself that I would need to relieve myself when I got back to the hotel.

She moved to my left side, and began to work on my abdomen, swirling her hands clockwise around my stomach. I could feel her slow down and release her pressure, her hands coming to stop just above my erection.

I opened my eyes to gaze at her, only to find her staring back at me. She then surprised me when she wrapped her hand around my cock, and slowly started to masturbate me. For the life of me, I couldn't bear to look away from her brown eyes. I was enthralled by the sensations she was giving me. By now both hands were caressing my cock.

"Spread your legs for me.", and I blindly obeyed her command, as she crawled between my legs. She was leaning on her left hand, placed to the side of my hip, and her right hand was wrapped around me. Our eyes still locked in a gaze, she extended her tongue and began licking and flicking the head of my cock.

She took my cock into her mouth, and her warmth wrapped me like a blanket. "My god, it has been years since anyone has done that. Oh... fuck", I groaned in whispers. "Please... don't stop."

Our eyes were still held in our gaze, the sight of her beautiful young face was almost to much to believe. My wife very rarely sucked my cock, and when she did, it was a hesitant act.

Lois broke off her gaze just as she took more than half my cock into her velvet throat. I could feel it twitching in her mouth.

"Ah, shit, you're going to make me cum."

She kissed the head of my cock, "I want you to cum in my mouth.", my mind was reeling, doing somersaults. My wife would never let me cum in her mouth, no matter how I would ask. And here, this beautiful brunette goddess was asking me to fill her mouth.

It wasn't long before I felt the most amazing orgasm, as I shot my cum into her mouth. She swallowed every last bit of what I was offering, the feeling of her throat swallowing adding to my pleasure.

After I finished cumming, she bobbed her head up and down a few more times. I took her hands and invited her to kiss my lips. This was like no other kiss, as no one in my 56 years had ever let me cum in her mouth. I was beyond words, and could only express my appreciations physically.

This kiss seemed to last forever, but when we finally came out of it, she got off of me, adjusting her clothes, walking over to where my clothes were, and brought them back to me. It felt romantic that she was now helping me to dress, and once I was finished, I pulled her to my lips again.

She broke our kiss, "So, I guess it's time for you... for us to go.", dropping her eyes from mine, almost appearing to not want to leave just yet.

"You know, I'm not leaving until Sunday, and as I don't see a ring on your finger, can I invite you to my hotel for dinner... in their restaurant. You can help me celebrate a new contract, or possibly... help me drown my sorrows of a bad presentation.", I tentatively asked.

"I don't... know if I should... I mean... I do actually have... a boyfriend..."

"OK, I understand.", hoping to hide my disappointment. "I was just hoping that I might have one more night to share with you, just to share your company. I've never met anyone like you before, and I feel I want to know more about you. And that's not my orgasm talking, which by the way was amazing, the best I've had in years. My Wife has lost... oh never mind, you don't want to hear about that...", not wanting to break the spell she has cast on me.

She gracefully moved to get my suit jacket, "You know, if you... tell me the name of the hotel... and the time, I won't make any promises, but I really would love to spend the evening with a gentleman like you... but please don't hate me if I chicken out. Maybe I could... get a friend to show up in my place.", I hoped that she was only joking about sending a friend.

"Well, then, I do hope it is you, as I'm sure that none of your friends hold a candle to you.", taking her cheek in my hand. "I'm staying at the Water Tower Hotel, and I was thinking about 7:30.", taking her in my arms for another kiss.

As I finished, I took her hand and walked to the door. As we were gathering the rest of my things, I said, "Lois, I hope I see you tomorrow night, as I really do feel confident about this business meeting tomorrow, and I want to share it with you, as you are the reason I'm feeling as I do." And we shared one more beautiful kiss before I turned to leave.


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A very well done story; has a beginning, middle, and an ending that although complete leads to a possible Part 2. A good descriptive narrative that really allows you to visualize the event. Thanks.

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