Called to help and got more than I bargained for.
Young Nymphomaniac and Friends:

I am an older guy 6’4” tall and about 250lbs. My body is in somewhat good shape from the sports I have played all of my life. I have been divorced a while and not getting much sex due to my work and sports schedule. I also stopped drinking many years ago, so the bar scene is not something I care for. I am a proportionate guy so my cock is bigger than average.

I was sitting in my house watching sportscenter about midnight on Friday. My cell rang and it was Anna. Her parents had given her my number in case of emergencies as they had gone out of town for the weekend.

Anna is 16 years old with auburn hair and hazel eyes. Not model attractive, but not unattractive. She still has a bit of baby fat, but has a really sexy body with a little pooch belly, plump ass, love handles and DD breasts.

Getting back to it, Anna was frantic as she had a couple of friends over and it ended up getting out of hand. Too many people showed up, had started breaking things, and her Italian neighbors were getting pissed. She wanted me to come over to get the people to leave and smooth things over with her neighbors.

I threw some sweats and a t-shirt on and headed over. When I arrived Anna opened the gate wearing a skimpy little thong bikini. She had obviously been drinking and jumped on me throwing her arms around my neck, it caught me off guard and when I went to catch her my hand ended up square on her ass. I could smell the alcohol on her breath as she thanked me for coming to help her. Without any complaining I left my hand on her ass liking the way it felt looking down at her ample breasts almost popping out of the small top she had on. As I looked up Autumn came up putting a small cookie in my mouth and giving me a big kiss on my cheek.

Autumn is 16 as well with D cup breasts and a nice muscular bubble butt. More attractive than Anna and someone I thought I would never see in a tiny thing bikini. I am glad I did as her body was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Her big athletic build always made her clothes hang in a way that made her look chubby. Quite the opposite as she was sporting a nice 6 pack.

I asked Anna if she was supposed to be there and she said that she, CeCe, and Dillon were the ones spending the night, so I could get the rest of them out. I didn’t know CeCe well, but she is kind of a trashy girl who changes her hair color weekly normally leaving streaks of the old color until the next change. She is short with an attractive big booty and DD breasts. Dillon is also kind of trashy with a thin frame, actually pretty nice body. Quiet around adults, but the girls and boys say she gets around as she is a nymphomaniac with an unquenchable appetite for sex.

Some of the kids left as they saw me come in. There were beer bottles all over and I could see where a couple of things had been broken. As I turned a corner I found CeCe with no top on and giving a guys a blow job. I must say it was an amazing sight. My cock twitched in my sweats. I reached down picking her up from around the waist telling the guy to leave. He started to say something until I stepped towards him changing his mind as he pulled his pants on while hurrying away.

I got to the pool to find Dillon butt naked with two guys in the pool. It looked as though one was ready to mount her from behind as she was leaning over the side of the pool. I yelled at them just as he was about to enter her. He mouthed off so I reached down grabbing his long hair and pulling him to his feet out of the water. His buddy came around behind me thinking I hadn’t noticed until I threw his naked buddy at him. I laughed as they laid on the ground both naked with their bodies intertwined. Anna handed me their clothes and I threw them at them. They quickly jumped up putting them on as they left.

Dillon climbed out of the pool not trying to cover up “damn it, I was about to get laid! Why the hell are you here?”
“That doesn’t matter, just get inside and put some clothes on while I go talk to the neighbors.” As I checked out her bald pussy and c cup breasts it made my crotch tingle more and I could feel an erection coming quickly. I started thinking about other things trying to avoid having an erection when talking to the neighbors.

I went over and talked to the neighbors explaining that it was not Anna’s fault playing on their “what did you do at her age” sympathy. It all went well and I ended up trying to speed up the conversation as I had an erection starting that I was having no luck avoiding. As I came back by the pool Autumn and CeCe talked me into it. We wrestled a bit giving me plenty of chance to feel different parts of their bodies. I could tell that Autumn felt my erection as she continued to brush back and forth against it. Then she surprised me “I can see that the cookie worked”.
“What are you talking about?”
“Why do you think all of the boys had hard ons? There was a Viagra in each cookie!”
“Yeah, right! Whatever…” as I got out grabbing a towel. I pulled off my sopping wet sweats before entering the house wrapping the towel around my waist. I walked around the house looking for damage or evidence of anything broken.

I walked back outside and sat on a lounge chair Anna came and sat next to me staring at the tent caused by my pole. I attempted to hide the erection, but it was futile so I just made sure that it was covered up. Autumn also came and sat on the other side of me as Dillon and CeCe came out of the house as well. CeCe was still topless and Dillon had a wife beater on. As she stood above me I noticed that the t-shirt was all she had on.

CeCe sat close as well “Did you guys see how Tony pulled Logan out of the pool by his hair? That had to be the most awesome thing I have ever seen. He would have shit his pants if he was wearing any.”

Anna “Yep, I am glad I called him to help. Most people hauled ass when he got here, but I knew some would be a problem. I thought it was just supposed to be us and then you guys had to tell everyone to come and mess my night up.”

Dillon then exclaimed “The only thing that got messed up was my getting laid. Why couldn’t you just let us have some fun before calling him. It wasn’t getting too out of hand.”

This hit Anna’s button “You fucking bitch! It would be fine if it was your house, but this is mine and my parents trusted me. Those guys broke shit and made a mess as well as got my neighbors on me.”

Dillon “Don’t call me a bitch you little prude” as soon as she said this Anna was up and swinging. Autumn started getting into it with CeCe protecting Anna. I jumped up losing my towel pulling them apart. As I did Anna’s grip on Dillon’s shirt ripped it falling to the ground and Dillon had a hold of Anna’s bikini top that came off as well exposing her nice firm DD breasts with small pink nipples. As soon as her breasts were exposed she jumped up against me to hide them. My fully erect cock ended up poking against her belly and my hand on her ass. I held Dillon away as she was still attempting to slap at Anna. While I sat Anna down she grabbed the towel with my cock almost hitting her in the nose as she leaned over to pick it up.

Pulling Dillon with me over to separate Autumn and CeCe. Both now practically naked as my cock pushed between Autumn’s legs from behind while I grabbed her around the waist pulling her away from CeCe. As she struggled I could feel the tip against her crotch and my hand roamed up to her breast. When my hand grasped her breast she melted against me giving in with no fight. I could also feel her start to wiggle her hips against my erection and it felt really good. Pulling out from between her legs I went to check on CeCe.

CeCe was a vision with her firm heavy breasts and strong lower body. I pulled her up immediately understanding that she was fine by the feel of her hand on my cock. “Dillon, this is huge! I can’t even get my fingers around it!”

Dillon came over pressing her naked body against my side placing her hand just below CeCe’s. “Damn, you have a wonderful cock!” While they started stroking I groped their asses, the realizing what was going on I pulled back away from them.

I moved back to sit on the lounge chair. Dillon immediately sits on my lap “I really want that big cock in me. How can we make that happen?”

“Dillon, it is hard to resist, but I do not see it happening.” She immediately started pouting.

Dillon responded by taking my hand and placing it on her pussy “Just feel how wet I am just thinking about it. You can’t just leave me like this and not help me out.” Her pussy felt nice on my fingers. I played along rubbing her swollen labium and pressing my finger into her hole pulling it out and sucking it dry. She did taste really good. She cooed and moaned as I did. Anna’s mouth dropped open and her face turned beat red.

Anna grabbed Dillon by the arm pulling her up off of my lap “You just need to stop, I am sure that he is not interested in being another escapade in your list of nymphomaniac stories.” Anna dropped down on my lap as if she was claiming her territory. She had dropped the towel when pulling Dillon off of my lap and took no measures to cover them back up. “Why don’t you just go put some clothes on and go home?”

Dillon responded “I am sorry I messed your night up, but you don’t have to be so mean. I am sure that he wouldn’t mind having a good time as the only guy with four horny teenage girls. Just look how hard his cock is. Do you know how good that would feel inside you?” Anna shook her head no. “Have you ever felt one?” she shook again. “So it is not that you are a prude, it is that you are a virgin. If you knew how good it felt you would want it too. Especially one that big. What have you done?”

Anna was looking at the ground and was about to cry, so I kissed her neck. “Dillon, don’t worry about that. Just leave her alone. It is great that she is saving herself for the right guy. How about I make it easy by getting a towel and heading home.”

Anna turned to me “Please don’t leave. More people might come or those guys might return. I really want you to stay.” I nodded my head in submission and she kissed me hard on the lips. “I have seen them Dillon, I have given hand jobs and stuff. I just haven’t found the right guy to go all the way.”

Autumn chimed in from behind me “Me too. I wanted to, but it just hasn’t been right.”

Dillon returned fire “Just feel how hard that is and tell me you don’t think that would feel good inside you. Hell, he almost made me cum sticking that big thick finger in me. I thought Logan had a big one until I saw Tony’s. Hell, just try to wrap your fingers around it.”

Autumn came around in front of me “So can I feel it then so that I can shut her up?”

“Really, your joking right?”

Dillon “come on, just let them feel it. Don’t you like the idea of all of us wanting your cock?”

Anna moved to the side to give her access and I held her up by placing my hand on her ass. Autumn reached down feeling my cock from the tip down to the balls and then placing her fingers as far around it as she could and stroking it. As she did I stroked Anna’s ass and she pushed back against my hand.

CeCe came out of the house with whip cream on her nipples and a can of it in her hand. “We didn’t get this stuff for ice cream. I know that we are down to one guy, but we can still play with it.” Autumn got up and sprayed some on her nipples as well passing it to Dillon. While Dillon sprayed it on her nipples and then her crotch Anna reached down stroking my cock only taking it off to take the can from Dillon. She sprayed it on her DD breasts.

Without another word needing to be said I leaned down and sucked the white stuff off of her nipples while moving my hand between her legs. She opened her legs up allowing me to massage her pussy through her wet bikini bottoms. Her hand dropped back down my cock. I was getting ready to put my hand down inside her bottoms when CeCe said “come on now. It is my turn, need to hurry before it runs to far.”

Anna got up and CeCe stood me up. I bent down to suck the cream off having to lick her breasts and belly as it had melted a bit and run down there. Once I finished I started to pull away “wait a minute, you missed some” as she turned around showing me the circles on each bun. CeCe then bent over pulling her thong off and I got right to work licking every bit off of her ass. Dillon reached over spraying some in her crack that ran quickly across her anus, taint, and into her wet pussy. I gladly cleaned out her crack following through to lick her anus clean. She really liked that and pushed back against my face as I did. As I reached down to play with her pussy I was blocked by her hand as she was rubbing herself. Pulling her hand away I licked her sloppy wet pussy shoving my tongue into her hole. CeCe bent further over spreading her legs even more and as I tongued her clitoris she shook in orgasm.

Autumn was next and I just sucked the cream off of her nipples. Dillon sat with her knees up and open as I cleaned off her small breasts and dove down between her legs. She squirmed an moaned as I licked and sucked her pussy getting her to the point of orgasm and stopping. As I stood up she sprayed the cream on my cock. Anna grabbed my hand “I am going first” and started licking it off and then sucking the head into her little mouth. She stood up on one side of me with Autumn on the other so I groped their asses while Dillon went next putting it all up and down my shaft licking every bit off. Anna turned around taking my hand and pushing it down the front of her suit.

I played with her tight little pussy while CeCe masterfully sucked my cock not even taking the time to spray the whip cream on it. By this time I was also playing with my hand down the front of Autumn’s thong as well.

I was ready to shoot when Autumn swapped places with CeCe, once again not spraying the cream on. So I pulled her up turning her around and licking her ass pulling her thong off sitting her down and eating her sweet little virgin pussy. It was like honey and I could have ate it all day, but stood up letting her suck my cock back to the edge of cumming and then pulled away.

I then turned licking Anna’s ass while playing with her pussy. Laid down on the lounge chair pulling Anna over to straddle my face. She obviously liked the way it felt as she was trying to suffocate me with her pussy. While I was laying there Dillon climbed on to my cock working it into her wet hole. Her pussy was slick yet tight around my cock. Anna started to orgasm and lapped up everything she ejected.

I was ready to cum, so I stood up bending Dillon over ramming my cock as far into her as I could. She started to orgasm as I hit her cervix bottoming out over and over again. I could feel her pussy walls contracting around my cock and started to cum as well. So I pulled out shooting my load on her ass and up her back. CeCe came over licking it off of her ass and then sucking what she could out of my cock.


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