Twin Japanese Nieces Pt22

It was about time that I could spend some time with Kayko. Aside from the kisses and hugs I got from her when I showed her the check, I had not been able to touch my wife all morning or afternoon. And with the invitation she was giving me now, I was on a search and destroy mission.

Kayko had this naughty grin on her face as she began to slowly back up toward the den. I knew this was going to be good and I began to take my close off as I started across the room after her. If your spouse was doing something like this, wouldn’t you be slightly interested too? When she got to the corner by the edge of the fireplace she lifted her right hand and beckoned me with one finger, coaxing me to follow. I really didn’t need that much prompting. When I dropped my pants and my raging boner sprang free, her grin turned into a huge smile. My baby knew what she was getting.

I caught up with her as she entered the den. The smell of the new pool table was inviting. I know most people might not like the odor from a new piece of furniture, but the combination of adhesives and the smell of the leather pockets was like gasoline on my fire of lust. Kayko looked at me with the same flame of lust in her eyes as she backed up and stopped with her ass against the edge of the head of the table.

“So what game do you want to play?” she asked in a very sultry and slutty voice.

I grabbed my dick and aimed it directly at her as I closed in on her. “How about if we play some pocket pool.” I said as I stepped right up to her. “We’ll play Kayko in the center pocket.”

She smiled as she threw her arms around my neck and began kissing me very deeply. Her soft skin and her hard nipples felt great against my chest as I kissed her back. Kayko reached down with one hand and closed it around my engorged member.

“Mmmm,” she hummed before she pulled her face back a little, “Looks like your stick is ready.”

With a kiss to my neck, and then one to my chest, Kayko squatted down in front of me with her knees wide apart and took me into her hot mouth. The sensation was heavenly. Her tongue cradled the underside of my shaft as she slowly engulfed my length into the back of her throat. I could not help the little shake in my body as she began giving me an absolutely fantastic blow job. Kayko does not play around in the slightest when she is giving me oral pleasure. She takes both hands and grabs me by my ass and pulls my hips toward her face, not allowing me to pull away from her without taking her with me. And then it seems more like she is trying to feed from me as she bobs her head up and down my shaft and swirls her tongue around and around. It is extremely difficult for me not to blast a load down her throat in just the first few seconds. But on those days when she is determined, there is virtually nothing I can do. And today was one of those days. After only about 20 seconds or so my knees locked, my toes curled up, and my cock began firing in rapid succession. When Kayko felt my dick swell up in her mouth she sunk her fingernails into my ass, pulled me deep into her mouth, and began swallowing when the first rope plastered her tonsils. I shook and shuttered as I fired away, especially when she began humming in between swallows. Holy shit! The room began to spin as Kayko hung on till the last spasm subsided.

“Oh…my…god!” I moaned as I pumped my wife’s throat full of protein.

I looked down at her to see her with her eyes closed and her lips locked tightly around my shaft. Kayko did not stop sucking until she was positive she had got every last drop. My legs felt like Jell-O when she finally pulled her head away and let my dick drop down in a semi flaccid state.

Looking up at me she smiled and licked her lips. “Now that is what I am talking about!” she said before she placed a kiss on the head of my dick and then stood up.

“Wow honey,” I said when she was standing fully erect. “That was incredible!”

“I know,” she smiled with a devilish grin on her face. “I have been wanting to do that to you all day.”

I was not about to make a bitch of any kind. Kayko had just pleasured me to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and she had enjoyed every second of it. Now it was my turn for some payback. I started to move in on her, to show the same kind of appreciation for her when she stopped me.

“Rack them up,” she said in a very non-sense manner, and she turned aside and headed for the rack of pool cues on the back wall.

I have to tell you that by this point, I was getting ready to rape my wife. She was teasing me and keeping me at bay for some reason, but why? I had no idea. I walked around the table and pulled the wooden ball rack from its hanger. It’s nice. It’s very well-constructed with brass screws and a nice high sheen to it. I imagine to replace it alone would probably cost $100.00 or more. I set the rack on the table and picked up the box of balls. They were all perfect, without a single mark on them. But as I filled the rack I noticed one very important detail. The cue ball was missing.

“Damn it.” I said as I put the last ball into the rack. “We can’t play.”

“Why not?” Kayko asked in a strange tone as she stepped around to the head of the table and leaned her cue stick against the rail.

“Of all things the cue ball is missing.” I said as I quickly began looking in the empty pockets.

“Are you sure?” I heard Kayko ask as I worked my way around the table.

When I had checked the last pocket I looked up at her. “Yea, I’m su…” and I stopped in mid-sentence.

Kayko had the naughtiest look on her face that I have ever seen. She had the tip of her right index finger in between her teeth at the corner of her mouth and she was leaning against the pool table with her hip.

“Maybe you just haven’t looked in the right place yet,” she said in her most seductive bedroom voice.

Had she? I wouldn’t put it past her. I have known Kayko to do many different things just to torture me, but this might actually be the capper. As my dick began to rise to full hardness again I took a few steps toward her, causing her to turn till her ass was flat against the head rail of the table.

“And just where do you suggest I look little girl?” I queried as I stepped forward between her spread legs.

The glint in her eyes told me that my assumption was correct. Kayko had the cue ball inside her, and it had been in there for the whole party! I stepped forward and kissed her while the head of my dick pressed against her belly just above her belly button. Kayko let out a soft moan and placed her hands on my shoulders. With just a gentle lift, I picked her up and set her ass on the rail. As soon as she was set she leaned back and spread her legs wide apart. Her glistening pussy lips were just inviting me to feast on her, and I quickly dropped to one knee to devour my favorite dish.

To say that she was wet was an understatement. The area between her legs, that nice little pocket that I love so much, was covered in her cream. Several little trails led down her legs with tiny drops at their ends. I was not about to waste a single bit of this wonderful nectar and I began licking and kissing her from about mid-thigh. Instantly she arched her back and brought her hands down to grab two hands full of my hair. She was not very subtle with her moves when she pulled my head down so my mouth covered her gash. She tasted sweet, and the heat emanating from her felt like I had a small oven turned on high directly in front of my face. Kayko moaned loudly as I licked and probed her lips with my tongue. Her head twisted back and forth with each flick of my tongue against her hardened clit. A true feast fit for a king. I reached up with my hand and inserted my index finger. Sure enough, about an inch or so inside her I could feel the smooth hardness of the cue ball tucked away.

“There it is,” I remarked in between licks.

I gave the ball a little push, pressing it deeper into her. Kayko let out a moan before she tightened her muscles and the ball started on the short trek out. I backed my face away and watched intently as her lips slowly opened and the ball became visible. With steady force from her, the ball slowly emerged, stretching her lips wide open. I placed my hand at the ready. The ball slid out and plopped into my palm with a wet slap. Kayko let out a little grunt as the ball exited her, leaving her honey pot vacant and ready to be refilled. She was soaking wet. A large glop of cum followed behind the ball, leaving a thick wet trail from her hole as it started down toward her ass. I quickly covered her clit with my mouth and hungrily devoured her sweet cream, leaving nothing to waste.

Kayko was mauling her tits and her head was rolling back and forth as I finished my clean up job before standing up. I was now going to get what I had waited for all day. Without any hesitation I plunged my dick into her all the way down to my nuts. Kayko sucked in her breath and quickly wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me harder into her.

“Oh no,” I said as I placed the wet cue ball on the table and grabbed her ankles, “It’s my turn.”

Kayko quickly grabbed the edge of the table with both hands as I pulled her legs wide open and began pounding into her. Kayko hung on for dear life while I pummeled away at her tender insides. I wasn’t worried about hurting her because Kayko could take all I had and then some. It was time for me to quell the primal urge to mate with my wife, and Kayko was going to get all I had.

I hammered away into Kayko until she let out a loud moan, arched her back, and began cumming. I love seeing the expression on her face when a powerful orgasm races through her. Her eyes clamp shut, her mouth opens wide, and she shakes all over as the tidal wave sweeps her away. Now that she had her first orgasm it was time for me to get serious about what I was doing. I let go of Kaykos ankles and grasped her by her torso, pulling her up to face me. Kayko came in with a huge kiss as I picked her up and carried her to the chair in the corner of the room. As I have said many times, my wife was so small I could just pick her up and set her down where ever I wanted. She wrapped her legs around my back as I traversed the small distance across the room, never once slowing down at the kiss she was giving me or the squeezing she was doing with her pussy. When I sat down in the chair Kayko opened her legs and put all of her weight down on my groin, grinding me deeper into her.

“Oh you are so beautiful,” I said between kisses and gasps for air. “You make me feel so good.”

“Oh yea,” she replied as she switched her pussy into hyper-drive, “you make me feel like a woman.”

For the next hour we screwed in every part of the den. On the floor, on the table, against the wall, standing, sitting, all fours, you name it. We enjoyed each other to the fullest extent. At times I pounded into her with reckless abandon; almost trying to hurt her it was so physical. With a change of position we were making love in a slow grind, feeling every part of each other and savoring every sensation while hot kisses and dancing tongues unified us in our passion. We left virtually no stone unturned as we thoroughly enjoyed each other. Finally we had to stop for a breather. I had not had an orgasm yet while Kayko must have had 30 or more. It didn’t bother me because I just had my wife in every way that I wanted, and now we just needed to take a little rest. Besides, we were both really sweaty.

I pulled my rock hard cock out of her and sat down on the chair, leaving Kayko on the floor with her legs wide open. She is beautiful, no matter which angle I am looking at her. But to see her lying there, almost helpless, was a definite turn on. As we both started to catch our breath Saki and Erin came into the room.

“Are you guys done yet?” Erin asked as she stood in the doorway in a loose fitting T-shirt.

Saki didn’t even wait for an answer. She walked right over to me, climbed up onto my lap, and impaled herself on my cock. When her pussy came in contact with my groin she clamped down, holding me firmly inside her. “Do me next Uncle Mike,” she said as she began squeezing and releasing me inside her tight body.

“Easy does it,” I said as I lifted her off my cock and set her on the floor. “I need a little breather. Will one of you go and get us some drinks?”

Zoom, Saki was gone. She must have had a rocket in her ass because no sooner than I had said it, she was gone to do it.

“Dad,” Erin said as she walked over to me, “Are you going to teach us how to play?”

“Sure thing honey,” I said as I watched Kayko rouse herself from the floor. “We haven’t even got started yet, so when Saki returns, we’ll all play. How’s that?”

Erin smiled really big and nodded her head. “Fair enough,” she said, and she pulled her shirt off to reveal her naked body.

My daughter is going to be a real heart breaker. Aside from the fact that she is only 12, she looks almost exactly like her mother. The only difference is that her little boobs are not as big as Kaykos’ yet, and her patch is not as developed. And aside from the subtle differences in her nose, her fingers, and a little more American look to her eyes, she is virtually identical to Kayko. Given a few more years, and I will not be able to tell them apart.

As Erin dropped her shirt on the other chair Saki came back in with two big glasses of lemon aid. “I didn’t know what you wanted so I got my favorite.”

“Thank you sweetie,” I said as I took the glass from her. As she turned to give Kayko her drink I took a huge pull. It was ice cold and sweet. “Aaahh!” I said in appreciation as the cold drink cooled my insides and made me feel refreshed. “That’s good.”

Seeing everyone else naked in the room Saki quickly shucked her shirt, leaving her naked as well. “So,” she said as she looked from me to Kayko and then back to me while spreading her pussy apart with her fingers, “are we going to play?”

“Your Uncle is going to teach you how to play pool,” Kayko said as she set her drink down on the lamp table. “Go get a cue and come over here.”

Erin and Saki followed her directions and were quickly standing at the head of the table with their chosen implements.

“Ok,” I said as I circled around the girls till I was standing between all of them. “Hold your cue like this,” and I made a bridge with my left hand and hooked my right index finger over the top. “Keep your feet apart so you have a good solid base to keep your balance. And strike the ball like this.” With that I pulled back on my cue and hit the cue ball, sending it to the far rail and back to the head of the table. “Now you guys try.”

All three of the turned and faced the pool table. Placing their left hands on the red felt they all bent over and made bridges with their hands and hooked the cue’s like I had done. From my view in the back it was a wonderful sight. Three naked asses were all lined up and ready for the taking. I stepped up behind Erin and leaned over her, not only to look down the cue to see how she was aiming, but to shove my dick up into her. Erin gasp when my cock bottomed out in her, causing her to almost drop her cue stick and fall forward onto the table.

“Easy sweetie,” I said as I helped her align her cue again. “That’s just a little distraction.”

“Yea,” she said as she looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of my eye, “It feels like a pretty big distraction from my end!”

Kayko and Saki both laughed as I helped Erin strike the ball while I had my cock stuffed in her. It didn’t go straight, but that really didn’t matter. She had tried, and under some extreme circumstances. As the ball went down the table I pumped in and out of Erin a few times until the ball came back.

“Good job sweetie.” I said before I withdrew my dick and stepped over behind Kayko. “Alright, you’re next.” I said, and I wormed my cock back into my wife.

Kayko looked over at Erin who was standing there leaning against her cue and watching intently. “You’re right,” Kayko said as she made her bridge and aligned her cue, “It is a rather large distraction, isn’t it?”

Erin smiled at her mother, knowing exactly what she was talking about. Kayko lined up her cue and drew back, striking the ball in the exact middle. I stood and watched as the ball went straight down the table and began its return trip off the far rail. It slowed steadily until it stopped less than a balls width from the rail right below her breasts.

“How was that?” she said over her shoulder as she squeezed my cock inside her. “Think I can handle this?”

“Apparently so,” I said as I pulled my dick out of her and took a step back.

Kayko turned around and faced me. “I played pool with Hirito many times.” she replied as she set the end of her cue on the floor between her feet. “I think I can handle a stick just fine.” and she winked at me.

Ok, I just found out another one of Kaykos talents. Pool shark. If we got into any real serious games, I would have to watch myself or I was going to get into some real trouble. I turned to face Saki who was waiting patiently for me.

“Like this?” she said as she placed her hand on the table and made her bridge. I stooped down a little bit and shoved my cock into her, lifting her feet off the floor completely. Saki was ready for me and adjusted her hand on the table, pushing back firmly so she would not topple over. I quickly grasped her hips and held her in place, balancing her on the end of my dick so she could line up her shot. Saki struck the cue ball, sending it down the table in the same manner as Kaykos. But on the return trip, the ball stopped right against the head rail.

“How was that?” she asked as she clamped her pussy onto me like a pair of vice grips.

“That was perfect sweetie,” I replied, and I gave her a few good pumps up and down my shaft for her reward.

“Ok,” I said as I pulled my pet off my cock and set her back down on the floor. “We’ll play 8 ball teams. Kayko and Saki, you are the first team. Erin and I will be the second.”

“How do we play?” asked Erin as she looked blankly at the table.

“We’ll explain as we go,” I said as I placed the head ball on the dot and lifted off the rack. “Kayko and Saki, you’re up.”

Saki and Kayko put their heads together for a moment and whispered back and forth, making gestures toward the table and discussing their strategy. While they did this I motioned for Erin to come over to me. “I think we are going to have our hands full,” I said as I watched my wife step to the head of the table and line up for the break. I held my breath as she drew back before striking the cue ball. CRACK! And the balls scattered all over the table. It was one of the better breaks I had ever seen and she managed to sink three balls from her first strike.

“Two solids and one strip,” she said as she picked up the chalk and started around the table. “I guess we are the solids.”

Kayko was handing us our ass till she finally missed her fourth shot. She worked her way around the table, showing excellent ball control, until a bad leave left her with an almost impossible shot. With that miss I sent Erin to the table.

“Just be calm honey,” I said, reassuring her that any effort would be better than no effort at all. “Just put the balls with the stripes into the pockets.”

Her first shot was not bad. She sank the ball she was shooting for, as well as one of Kayko and Sakis’ balls.

“Thanks cuz,” Saki chimed in as Erin walked around past her.

Erin just smirked at her as she lined up her next shot. It was a miss, and it was pretty ugly too. Erin came around to where I was seated and flopped down on my lap with her head against my chest. “We’re going to get creamed,” she said in a rather dejected tone.

“What’s the matter,” I said as I put my arm around her waist. “Don’t you have any faith in your old man?”

Erin lifted her head and smiled at me before she turned to watch Saki run in her first shot, and then line up for the final shot on the 8 ball. “See, we’re dead meat.” she said as Saki dropped the 8 ball in the pocket nearest us.

“That’s game,” Saki said with a big smile.

“Good job,” Kayko said as she stepped over to her and gave her a high five.

“But dad didn’t even get to shoot,” Erin protested. I think she was a little pissed that we lost so easily.

Standing with her arm on Sakis shoulder, Kayko looked across the table at Erin and said, “Well what do you suggest?”

Before I could say a word Erin blurted out, “How about the best out of three?”

“You’re on!” replied Saki, anxious to dish out a little more humble pie. “And the losers have to do whatever the winners want for the rest of the day!”

“Ok, you’re on!” Erin snapped back.

Sitting on the sidelines like that, it almost seemed like a fight was going to break out. Saki and Erin are both really competitive; I learned that during my birthday. But to see these two go at it over a friendly game? This would require some careful monitoring.

“What do you say dad?” Erin said when she turned around to face me.

I looked at Kayko who just stood there with a half grin and a raised eyebrow. If this was another one of her little ploys, then I would just have to show her what being king of the house is all about. “Ok,” I said from my seated position, “I’m game for it. But the shooting order stays the same, so Saki, you’re up.”

“Can we beat them?” Erin asked as she glanced back and forth from the table to me.

“I have a plan,” I said as I set my pool cue to the side and placed my hand on her hip. “Turn around and sit on me,” I said as I gave my dick a few strokes with my hand to harden it up again. “Sit with your legs wide apart to make sure Saki can see me inside you.”

Erin quickly turned around and straddled my legs. I lined my cock up with her hole just as Saki made the first break. The balls scattered across the table, not nearly as good as when Kayko had made the break, but she still managed to sink one ball. When the ball dropped in the pocket, Erin sat down with an audible “Aaahh” as she engulfed as much of my cock as she could from a kind of awkward position. Sakis head spun our way when she heard Erin. Instantly I could see a look of envy on her face as I brought my hands up to caress Erins breasts. I know it was not exactly the best idea, to exploit Sakis feelings like that, but all I needed to do was throw her game off a little. It was painfully apparent that she had played pool at her father’s house too, so I was going to have to use some ‘dirty pool’ if I planned on winning this game.

Saki looked at the table then back at Erin sitting on my dick. I think my plan was successful because, clearly, I had broken her concentration. She lined up her next shot and took it. To say that it was an ugly miss was being kind. She missed her ball entirely and sank one of ours.

Erin looked at the dejected girl as Saki once again gazed at my cock going up into her. “Thanks cuz.” Erin said with a little bit of pleasure and labor to her voice.

Saki turned beet red before she walked over to the chair next to Kayko and sat down. My plan worked. Now it was time for me to dish out a winning dose of victory. I pulled Erin off my cock and stood up. She let out a sigh as she was now once again vacant on the inside. My glistening dick became the focal point for the two team members on the other side of the room as it bounced up and down while I walked. It was time for me to have a meal as I looked over the table and played out my strategy.

When I was going to Stanford, I used to hustle for beers at a pool hall that was not too far off the campus. I had developed quite the skill set and left the joint very drunk on many occasions. Now it was time to show these girls what it means to grab the bull by the horns. The first three shots were like clockwork. Bang, bang, bang, and we were easily in the lead. As I walked around the table and lined up my next shot, I was standing directly in front of Kayko and Saki. I leaned down to take the shot. That is when I felt a little hand cup my balls from behind and roll them around a bit. I stood up to see Sakis hand coming back to rest on her thigh and her sporting that ‘oh innocent me’ look. Kayko just had a smirk on her face as she looked back and forth from my dick to my face.

“Ok now,” I said as I looked at the two ‘innocent’ teammates, “I didn’t touch you guys while you were shooting.”

“We didn’t do anything.” Saki said in a rather sheepish voice before she glanced up at Kayko.

“Right.” I said as I gave the two of them one more glance before turning back around. So that’s how they wanted to play…fine. I lined up my shot only to feel the small hand cup my balls again. In all honesty it felt rather good. I sank my shot and moved around the table, glancing back at the two culprits. If they wanted an interesting game, then that is exactly what they were going to get! I ran out the rest of the table, sinking the 8 ball directly in front of them.

“Looser racks,” I said as I placed the cue ball on the dot and waited patiently. Clearly I had taken quite a bit of wind out of their sails.

Kayko racked them up before sitting back down with Saki. Immediately the two began whispering back and forth. They were going to really have to work at this one because the score was now tied and I was still shooting. CRACK! And the balls went flying. Usually I am no slouch when it comes to the break; I always get a good spread and sink one or two balls. But this time, luck was against me. All of the balls stopped without a single one going in. Damn! Kayko was up again. I went back to my seat and sat down, just a little perturbed that I had not got at least one ball in. Kayko stood up and surveyed the table. That hungry look came into her eyes, that same look of deep concentration she gets when she is eyeing my cock and getting ready to rip my brain loose. She moved around the table and began shooting. 1…2…3 shots in quick succession. Kayko was on a tear. This game was going to end without me getting another shot unless something happened. When Kayko walked around in front of me and Erin and bent down to take her shot, I jumped at the opportunity. With one quick move I spun my cue stick around and shoved the fat end into Kayko. Kayko missed her shot and instantly pulled forward, freeing her pussy of its hard wood invader.

“That’s not fair Mike!” she protested as she looked back at the table just in time to see the cue ball fall into the corner pocket.

“What?” I said in the most innocent voice I could muster. “What happened?”

She was upset, and I could understand why. The end of my pool cue was cold and I had caused her to miss her shot. She looked at the table and then back at me. For a brief moment she had a look of anger on her face before it turned to a small grin. “Ok,” she said as she started back around to her seat, “I guess I did deserve that. But no more touching till the game is over. Agreed?” she said as she looked from me and Erin over to Saki.

“Agreed,” we all said.

Erin got up to take her shot. Even with the cue in hand she still sank one of our balls as well as one of theirs. I was going to have to work with her so the games would at least be even in the future. Erins second shot produced the same results, one of ours and one of theirs, only their ball went in the pocket first. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Saki quickly jumped to her feet and stepped up to the table. She had been eyeing the whole scene and knew exactly what she wanted to do. As she took her first shot I rubbed my cock again to get it hard. I was still playing by their rules when I had Erin sit back down on me again. She let out another soft moan when she was again filled by me. Saki took her next shot before she looked over to see Erin sliding up and down my shaft while I massaged her breasts. She didn’t seem to be so rattled this time and managed to sink one more shot before missing at the 8 ball.

It was now all up to me. I gave Erin a kiss on the neck before I pulled her off of me and stood up to survey the damage. The set I had on the table was really ugly, but do-able if I watched what I was doing. I worked my way around the table, sinking shot after shot till I was aligned with a shot that had me looking down the length of the table and directly at Kayko and Saki. Those two had pulled out all the stops and were hell bent on distracting me. Kayko was leaning back in her chair with her legs up on the arm rests and spread wide open. Saki was kneeling on the floor in front of her with her right hand up inside my wife almost to the middle of her forearm, and she was twisting it back and forth. It worked. Not only did I miss our last ball, but I scratched.

Kayko watched the cue ball drop into the corner pocket and smiled really big. “We got him,” she said as she brought her legs down and began to stand up.

Saki didn’t even have time to pull her arm out before Kayko was on her feet and reaching for her cue. I guess tactics like that deserved a win, but I was not going to make it easy on them. Kayko stopped and spread her feet apart so Saki could withdraw her hand. Just as she started to pull it out I spoke up.

“What are you doing?” I said, stopping Saki before she could withdraw her hand. “No, you have to keep it in there.”

Kayko began to protest, “What are you talking about?” she said as she stood with her feet apart. “I can’t shoot like this.”

“You approached the table,” I said in a rather stern voice, “so you have to do it ‘as is’. Saki, stick your hand all the way back in.”

Saki looked up at Kayko at a definite loss for words. The whole game, and afternoon servitude, rode on this one shot. “Do as he says,” Kayko said as she retrieved the cue ball out of the pocket and spread her feet back apart.

Saki obeyed and pressed her hand back up into Kayko before she froze in place, not moving a muscle. Kayko just looked at me with an air of confidence as she first set the cue ball, and then sunk the 8 with an extremely easy shot.

“Game and set,” Kayko said triumphantly as she spread her feet apart to let Saki have her arm back.

It was a clear victory, I could not deny that. Granted there was some mean tactics employed during the game, but the victory was clearly theirs. “Ok.” I said as I put my cue stick back in the holder. “I am at your service,” and I bowed to the two of them.

Saki quickly stood up and beckoned Kayko to lean down to her. Saki kept glancing over at me as she told her aunt what she wanted us to do to pay off the bet. The two exchanged whispers as Erin and I awaited our fate, wondering just what they would have us do. After a moment, Saki stood up straight with her hands behind her back and a smile that would light up New York. I had an idea of what was coming, but waited patiently for the verdict from Kayko. Kayko paused for a moment before she spoke. I guess she was just rehashing things in her mind before she dealt out the duties for the afternoon.

“Ok,” Kayko said as she looked at the two of us, “Erin, you will work in the gym for the rest of the day at your worst exercise, the hanging ‘T’.”

“Aw man!” Erin exclaimed in a somewhat exasperated voice.

I can only guess that it is a tough exercise. That is the exercise where Kayko hangs by her ankles and pushes the heavy stone phallus out before letting gravity pull it back in. Being a man, I have no idea what this is like, but from Erin’s reaction, I think she would have rather sat on a cheese grater.

“Come on,” Kayko said as she motioned for the door, “let’s go. Mike, Saki will tell you what she wants.” she said with a smile and a little nod toward my pet. “Enjoy your afternoon.”

As Kayko and Erin left the room, Saki walked over and stopped directly in front of me. “So what do you want my little pet,” I said as I bent down and placed my hands on my knees so I was looking her straight in the face.

“I want you inside me for the rest of the day,” she said flatly while reaching out to hold my flaccid cock. “No matter where you go or what you do, I want this inside me,” and she gave my cock a squeeze.

I was right in my assumption; Saki wanted to use me as her personal fuck toy for the rest of the day. Anticipating her thoughts was about as hard as hitting the ground when you fall over. I guess it could have been worse, she could have dreamed up something wild for me to do. But to be inside my pet for the next 4 or 5 hours, this was not a problem.

I picked Saki up and set her on the edge of the pool table, coaxing her legs open by pulling on the outsides of her thighs. Saki quickly took the cue and lay back onto the red velvet top, spreading her legs wide apart and pulling her pussy lips open with both hands. The pink feast that was laid out before me was almost more than I could bear. I skipped the foreplay and dove straight in, attacking her hardened clit with my tongue and lips. Saki instantly arched her back, letting out a loud moan in the process. She quickly let go of her pussy and grabbed two hands full of my hair, pulling my face in hard against her. She was not playing around either. It felt like she was ripping my scalp loose from my head as she ground her bald pussy against my mouth.

I really do love the zeal my pet has for me, and how she enjoys what I do to her. I was going to make her cum so hard that she would not forget it for many years to come. I licked and sucked at her sweet gash, drinking in all of the sweet juice that began flowing freely from inside her. Her pussy felt like a raging fire, the heat was making my face sweat as I relished the flavor of my pet. Saki was throwing her head back and forth like she was having a seizure until I pushed two fingers into her. Almost instantly she froze in place with her mouth wide open as my fingers probed deep into her. “Oh yes!” she hissed through her teeth as I began working her G-spot from the inside while my tongue tortured her clit from the outside. She lifted her ass clear off the table with her feet on the edge of the rail as I intensified my advance. She didn’t last for long, maybe 2 or 3 seconds before she was convulsing up and down with an incredibly strong orgasm.

In the case of Kayko I usually slow down a bit to allow her some recuperation time, but Saki is young, so I figured she could handle a bit more. Her chest was heaving up and down and her legs strained to push her pussy against my mouth. She was on an orgasmic ride that had her squirting into my mouth as I pumped my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. When she began humping her hips up and down I pulled my face away and pulled my fingers from inside her. Immediately Saki dropped her ass to the table and shook like she was freezing to death. I didn’t waste a second and stood up as soon as her ass came down. She had no chance to prepare before I plunged my cock into her, driving in deep until the head of my cock smashed against her cervix. Sakis eyes opened wide and she looked up at me with this wild animalistic look on her face. She clamped her legs around my back, sat up on the edge of the table, threw her arms around me and bit the shit out of my chest as I began hammering into her like she was a piece of meat.

I have not felt that kind of pain since I broke my leg skiing a long time ago. Luckily for me Saki needed to breath, and she quickly let go of the mouth full of my chest that she had just been chewing on. I was relieved, but Saki had awakened the beast, and I was hell bent for leather for a little satisfaction. Saki would just have to bear it all. I only stopped for a second to reposition my arms under Sakis knees. With her legs hooked over my elbows and a firm grip on her waist, my little pet was held wide open for the destruction she was about to get. I began pulling Saki up and down with my arms while I thrust forward and back with my hips. On each in stroke Saki got every last millimeter of me before I pulled almost all the way out. I could hear the air being forced out of her lungs every time I plowed in to her before she would quickly suck in another breath on the out stroke. She had no chance of stopping me. There was nothing she could do. I had her legs pried wide open and I easily overpowered her, repeatedly jamming my cock up into the tender young gash. I pummeled her for at least ten or fifteen minutes until it felt like my arms were going to explode. The veins on my forearms were standing out clearly as Saki took everything I could possible dish out.

Finally, I had to rest. Sweat was pouring off me and Saki and she seemed almost unresponsive. I sat down in the chair with her still mounted on my dick. Keeping her knees hooked over my elbows made sure that I was the deepest in my pet that I could get. Saki fell forward onto my chest. Her matted and sweat soaked hair stuck to all parts of her face, neck, and shoulders as she lay there like a mounted trophy. She was breathing hard, but I think she was out because she did not move for several minutes. I sat there wondering if I had been too rough on her. I had not thought about it at the time, but I could have seriously hurt her. I was starting to get a bit worried when she rolled her head to the side and brought her hand up to brush her hair out of her face.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I looked down at the top of her head.

Sakis grip around me with her arms tightened a bit and I felt her grip me lightly with her pussy. She swallowed once before she lifted her head and looked me squarely in the eye. “Is that all you got?”

End Part 22


2013-06-17 13:51:53
Glad your still writing. THese chapters and story is very fucking hot.


2013-06-03 09:44:23
As always love your story and can't wait for the next part. There are always going to be people that going to hate your and for those people if you don't like the story then don't read it there are other story to read.


2013-06-02 16:11:08
@ 1MTNMN45 - I have to say thank you for sharing the experiences that you have gone through and I apologize that you have to endure others telling you how to tell your story.

I enjoy reading these stories and hope to see more in the future. It should be obvious to any reader that your portrayal is only highlights and that you are picking and choosing your scenes for the purposes of presenting your desired story in your own way. I can only hope that this is helping you to deal with your grief.


2013-06-02 11:00:00
I'm right there with Mike if you have something to say dont do it anon!! Mike you tell him and give them the hell they deserves. Your stories are great and we don't need to know about Erin unless you choose that. @Dimek you sick as Fuck how dare you say he wishes his daughter would have died! Mike has been though enough and to have to read that, because of you is sick. Your seriously fucked up to think that mike would want his daughter to die instead of his wife. He has lost his wife, son, neices & unborn daughter So how dare you say that! Your sick as fuck and just need to leave these stories alone! If you have a problem with it you can PM me because I'm signed in unlike you!


2013-06-02 10:56:19
I'm right there with Mike if you have something to say dont do it anon!! Mike you tell him and give them the hell they deserves. Your stories are great and we don't need to know about Erin unless you choose that. @Dimek you sick as Fuck how dare you say he wishes his daughter would have died! Mike has been though enough and to have to read that, because of you is sick. Your seriously fucked up to think that mike would want his daughter to die instead of his wife. He has lost his wife, son, neices & unborn daughter So how dare you say that! Your sick as fuck and just need to leave these stories alone! If you have a problem with it you can PM me because I'm signed in unlike you!

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