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Stories of my adventures around the world.
The light above my head flickered as we shot through the tube, I held my hands clenched in my crotch to hold down my skirt. I was felling horny this morning, when I left the house I decided to wear a cold steel 2” butt plug on the train into the city, in the heat of the moment I left the house commando. I could remember the safety pair of panties I kept in my desk at work, but until then I had to try and keep my pussy hidden from commuters on the tube and streets.
I could feel the ac blowing my long brown hair gently over my shoulders; I could feel the leather of my handbag vibrating on my leg, as I glanced at my watch I realized I was late for work, as I squirmed in my seat to get my phone from my bag I could feel the hard steel of my pug stretching my intestine, I wriggled to get it comfortable again and answered the phone to my boss. She wasn't happy and wanted to know why I was so late, while trying to explain my problem boarding the train I noticed a man sat opposite staring at my crotch, in the panic to answer my phone I had forgotten my lack of underwear, but something about his stare turned me on.
He hadn't noticed I had spotted his perverted stare, to my surprise I found myself widening the gap between my legs improving his view. I could see his lust building, while my boss was bitching in my ear. She told me I had to get to work for 19:00 or I might as well collect my stuff and leave. She slammed the phone back in the holder; I had 30 minutes to get to work. As I tucked my phone back in my bag the speaker announced the arrival of the next stop, so I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked to the door.
As I exited the train on to the platform a cool gust of wind blew up my skirt, I could feel my plug getting colder. It was deep inside me I could feel it pushing on my insides as I walked off the platform. It felt like everyone was watching me as I walked through the station, their stares as hard as my plug, I could imagine each one fucking my pussy, the thought made me so wet I could feel my juices running down my thigh.
I now only had 25 minutes to get to work so I decided to take a short cut through the back alleys, as I sprinted across the road I felt my skirt ride up my thighs and flash my ass and pussy, I quickly pulled it down and entered the alleyway. It was dark but I had walked these alleys enough to know my way around. I could feel my ass tensing as I quickly rushed through the alley, as I turned the corner I stumbled and dropped bag. As I reached down to pick it up flashing my now soaking pussy and the hard, cold steel plug in my ass, I heard something behind me.
I rose back up standing straight; I could feel my skirt stuck on my ass cheeks still displaying my ass. I gulped and went to turn around, but before I could turn a strong hand gripped my mouth leaving just enough room under my nose to breathe, the other hand grabbed my wrists and pulled them tight behind my back.
I could feel his hot breath on my neck; I could feel his cock pushing against my plug as he forced his crotch against my ass. It felt huge, it filled my crack, I was so scared yet so turned on I didn't know what to do I just stood there stunned. He lent forward so I can just feel his lips on my ear, I could feel a tear rolling down my cheek. His voice was so deep and husky, he told me not to scream, so I nodded my head to show him I understood, but really I was just too stunned with fear to scream.
He moved his hand from my mouth, and I began to gasp at the cold air that felt so foreign to me. I could feel this sick bastards cock getting harder putting more pressure on my plug, it no longer felt pleasurable to me but painful, I tied to loosen my ass hole to relieve the pain but it just pushed in deeper.
He pulled off my bag and chucked it on the ground, I felt his fingers wrap under my blouse and slowly begin to pull it up over my breasts. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them tight again, with his other hand he slid his cold rough fingers into my bra and pulled out my breast, His coarse voice rang though my ear “Well these aren’t very impressive what are you a C?” He didn’t know how right he was but I couldn’t bear to answer him I just closed my eyes and felt the tears stream down my face.
He rolled my nipple between his thumb and fore finger, and pinched it, it sent a shot of pain straight to my clit, that made quiver where I stood. His rugged hands unbuttoned my blouse, he pulled it down to my wrists and he used it to bind them behind my back. He used my arms like a lever to bend me; he kept pushing my arms up keeping me bent over, I could feel the sharp pain in my shoulders.
He stepped back easing the pressure on my plug, but he slid his middle finger between my labia and rubbed my clit, I tried to squirm to get away but he just lifted my arms higher, practically immobilizing me. He pushed his middle and index fingers deep inside me, the rough skin on his fingers scrapped the insides of my pussy. His harsh voice broke the silence “You dirty little whore your cunts soaking!” I heard his fly unzip “You want my cock don’t you whore?”
I begged him not to, but then I felt it pushing hard against my pussy, it was huge I've never felt anything so big. I tried to scream as he pushed it in but he wrapped his hand around my mouth and muffled me. It felt like he was going to rip me to shreds, I was used to cock but nothing like this, it hurt so much but I loved it. He thrust it deep and hard in to me; I felt like his whore, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.
I was bending over with a tight black cocktail dress pulled up over my ass resting on a cold steel butt pug deep in my ass, my white blouse used to tie my wrists behind my back, my left breast hanging out of my pale tan bra and mascara running down my cheeks. I was a common street whore with some random brute hang out the back of me; his thrusts were so hard that I could feel his cock in my womb. I wanted to run away but I needed his cock.
It was tearing me apart but I wanted more, with each thrust he got deeper in to me. Then he stop and pulled out, I didn't know what he was doing, I tried to beg him not to stop but his hand muffled my voice however I think he understood. “You want more? I knew you were nothing but a whore!” he replied, I felt him grip my plug and pull it tight against my ass hole. He stroked the back of my head with his hand. “You can have some more!” His words where almost enough to make me cum.
He grasped my hair like a handle and ripped my plug out with his other hand and chucked it on the floor, the ting of the cold steel on the ground made me jump. I felt his huge girth pushing hard against my ass hole, I begged him to put it in my ass but he just yanked my head back by my hair, and put his other hand over my mouth. I gulped hard as he yanked my head back again and forced his huge member into my ass. I let out a muffled scream but he didn't stop instead he just kept fucking my ass, slowly getting into my intestine. It felt like my ass hole was going to tear, but he didn't stop, if anything he thrust harder and deep.
It was quite easily 11 inches long and I could feel every inch of it deep in my ass, I could feel the usual tingle in my clit I got when I began to climax. Each thrust brought me closure to my climax; I could feel my clit tensing and with his final thrust I felt my ass fill up with his seed, it felt like gallons, it pushed me over the edge I came with him.
He pulled out and slapped my ass hard enough to leave a hand print. I could hear him picking up my plug, He slid it back in my ass “keep it” he whispered to me. Then he kicked the backs of my legs dropping me to my knees, “I’m not finished with you whore! Now lick it clean!” He demanded. I could see it finally, it was huge, he placed it against my cheek all I could smell was my pussy all over it.
“I said suck it!” he grabbed the back of my head and rammed it in my mouth. He only managed to get the tip to start, but he gradually forced it in deeper fucking my face. I could feel it half way down my throat, his testicles were slapping against my chin, I could feel it getting harder again filling my mouth and throat. It was a cocktail of flavors ass, cock, pussy and cum, strangely I loved it. I started to suck in rhythm with his thrusts, he lasted so long. Then he started fucking my face harder, I could tell he was going to cum.
He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me tight to his crotch; my lips were pressed tight against the skin at the bottom of shaft, I was choking on it. Then he fired his load deep into to my throat, “That’s it whore swallow it all!” He laughed.
He stepped back into the light; I could see his face now. It was the sick fucker from the train; he put his boot on my shoulder and pushed me to the ground. I lay on my side with my arms bound behind my back, my ass full of cum and staring up at the sick bastard.
“I’ll leave you here as a public toy I think!” He laughed, winked at me and walked off...

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2014-02-22 03:37:28
Eat my cum you nasty slut

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2013-08-24 12:30:15
Reminded me of going to school on the NYC subway train, I'd wear my skirts shorter than the style and I've been fingered so many times, to unknown amount of orgasms. Once had a finger up my ass and another in my pussy fucking me hard with the train so crowded I couldn't tell who was doing what but by the time I got to my stop, I could barely walk to school, and be in my 3rd period before I could function properly. That was at least twice a week. After almost losing my panties several times, I put them in my purse until I got to school....sometime. :)

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2013-06-06 13:40:47
Am from kenya
For sex pic xchange....

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2013-06-03 06:03:41
Fucking horny keep going tell us more whore

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2013-06-03 02:08:46
Don't mind the retarded nazi, but do work on your grammar a little

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