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It was a Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch looking at sports and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Julie. Julie was super fine. She was about 5’6” @ 130 lbs, dark blond hair, tan complexion, hazel brown eyes, a curvy figure with 30 double d’s. She had a sky blue halter top and white tights. “Can I come in?” Julie asked. “Sure, I said”… “Where is he?” Julie asked. I said “I have no idea but you are welcome to wait”. She smiled and sat down on the couch.

I really didn’t know what to say or what to talk about so I just kept on watching tv. “Your breath smells like alcohol. Have you been drinking?” she asked me. “A lil something, just some long island ice tea” “Oh” she said. Something told me to offer her some but I didn’t because I knew it would be inappropriate to be sipping alcohol alone with Julie.

While we kept watching tv, I kept taking peeps at her. It looked like her nipples were hard through the halter top. I can feel my cock getting hard so I placed my hands over myself. I hope she didn’t noticed. Out of nowhere, she grabs the remote and says “Is it okay if I find something better to watch?” “Sureee”, I said. As she was skimming through the channels, she accidentally hit the dvd button and says “Anything good on the dvd?” “I don’t know, can’t remember what’s in there. You welcome to check it out”, I said. “Okay”, Julie said with a smile.

As soon as she hit the play button, I suddenly remembered what it is and said “Hold up Julie!” But it was too late, she hit the play button and porn started playing on the tv. The screen showed a girl riding some man’s cock on the couch. All we heard was sexy sounds of moaning. Julie looked at me like wtf and then looked down at my pants. My cock was bulging like crazy. I felt so embarrassed. I told her to turn it off but for some reason she wouldn’t listen. The porn was getting her excited and I can hear soft moaning sounds coming from her mouth. So I said to her, “Julie, I don’t think we should be watching this.” She says “We’re mature adults, it’s just porn. Besides, I can see you’re enjoying this”, pointing to my cock. I started smiling.

We sat there for another (5) minutes watching porn and not saying a word. All of sudden, I got real brave and said to her “You wanna see it?” She smiled and said with lust in her face “Yea, show it to me”. I pulled it out and her mouth dropped. “Oh my, you’re bigger than him”, she said. I got closer to her so she can start rubbing on it. That’s when I got a good smell of her. She smelled so good. I looked her in the eyes with sex on my mind and we started passionately kissing. As we kissed, I can feel her right hand gently stroke my cock. All I heard was more moaning of pleasure from Julie as we kissed. “Can you touch me too?” she asked. I didn’t say a word. I immediately pulled down her white tights and flowerly printed panties. She was neatly trimmed and her pussy lips looked like they were begging for my tongue. Without hesitation, I put my face in between her inner thighs and started licking her pussy real fast. Julie was losing her breath in between her moaning but she never pushed me away. In fact, she put her hand on my head and pushed me deeper into her sweet pussy juices. All she can hear was the porn in the background, her moaning with great intensity, and slurp sounds from my tongue as I passionately made love to her pussy with my lips.

Out of nowhere, she says “I want it right now. Give it to me! Slide that long juicy cock in me right now dammit!!!” I didn’t have any condoms near me but I didn’t give a fuck. It’s either now or never with so hot to trot Julie. I can hear that pussy calling my name and I was just dying to see how warm she feels inside. I quickly got on top of her and slid my long and thick juicy cock in her wet tight pussy hole. “Oh God!” I said loudly. “This some really good pussy” I said. “Yes, Yessss, fuck me harder!” Julie yelled. I knew if I fuck her any harder I will come instantly but I didn’t want to be remember as a 2-minute pumper. But it was too late… I was pumping large ounces of sweet sperm inside of her and I knew she knew it because she yelled “I can feel you coming in me already. This pussy too good for you big boy” I kissed her on her neck and whispered in her ear and said “You feel so fucking amazing. You got the best pussy in this whole world. I wished I can fuck you every day but I know that would be so wrong. Please don’t say anything.” She smiled and pushed me off her, then ran to the bathroom to go clean up. “What have I done? I can’t believe I just did that. I am so untrustworthy” I said to myself. After 10 minutes, she comes out the bathroom and kisses me on the lips and said with a smile “I was never here and we definitely have to do this again” She then grab her pocket book and left the apartment.

Damn, I can’t believe I just fucked my best friend’s fiancée.

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2013-06-08 00:41:26
During the story, I thought who was "him"? And then you mention he was your best friend, and she was his fiancé! Very good story! :)

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2013-06-02 17:57:00
Should have called this "the Fast Forward button". Hope you don't rush through real sex this fast.

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