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This story is a work of fantasy fiction. The events depicted never happened. They are only a figment of my sometimes vivid imagination.
I was on my job as a electrician on this Friday afternoon. Our crew was wiring 600 volt motor circuits in a new state of the art plant that was under construction. But my thoughts weren't really on what I was doing. They were on my beautiful, young , sexy wife Anita who had been 300 miles away at the state university for the last 10 days finishing her master's degree in Computer Science. I was about to go out of my mind missing her. I could tell by our conversation last night that she was as horny for me as I was for her.

This was by far the longest time we had been away from each other since our marriage 6 months ago. She was coming home this afternoon and I wanted her so badly. Anita was a blonde about 5'11" tall with long legs and a somewhat girlish figure. She hated the fact that her breasts were fairly small but it really didn't bother me since I was a leg man anyway. Just thinking about her hot sexy body was giving me a raging hard on. I was so excited that precum was leaking from the tip of my long hard dick. This distraction was to prove fatal for me in an instant. My hand accidently touched the energized 600 volt bus bar in the box where I was connecting leads to a deenergized bkr. The jolt caused me to grab the bar with my hand. The current surged through me and out my feet until someone saw what was happening and deenergized the circuit. They laid me down, called 911 and started CPR. For a few minutes after I grabbed the bar; the pain and burning had been tremendous. But now I began to have a strange sensation; it was like I was floating above my body but yet I could feel the hands of my coworkers performing CPR on me. A short time later the ambulance arrived; they took over the CPR as they loaded me in it. By the time we arrived at the hospital they had already given up. In the emergency room the doctor pronounced me dead. Dead; I couldn't be dead ! I had so much to live for. My beautiful 24 yr old wife adored me and I adored her. We had such a wonderful life ahead of us. But; it was not to be.

Now I was being transported to the morgue. Once I was there the young male morgue attendant began to remove my clothes. Meanwhile; I was floating above my body. He pulled my scorched boots from my feet and then began to unzip and pull out off my jeans. At this point he had a strange look on his face and I felt and saw what it was. My penis was still fully erect and was a big bulge in my boxer shorts. The morgue attendant pulled the boxers off and stood there for a minute as my rod stood straight up. Slowly his gloved hand touched it and I thought "Oh no"; he wants me. But he released my hard dick and went to the telephone. A short time later I heard female voices entering the morgue. Three nurses walked up to the morgue table and the Morgue Attendant told the older one; "Maureen you said if I ever got a handsome corpse with a hard dick you'd fuck him right on the slab"."So here's your chance." Without hesitation Maureen began to strip. She was in her forties, about 5'6" with graying brown hair and weighed about 150 lbs. It was really strange to feel Maureen's hot pussy slide onto my cooling hard rod. It felt good but she was nowhere near as tight as my wife Anita. Her warm hands felt soothing to my chest as she rocked up and down on my organ and she settled into a rhythm. Maybe being dead wasn't going to be so bad after all. I could feel her vaginal muscles start to tighten as her orgasm hit her and she bathed my prick with her juices and ground her pussy against me. I also felt another surprisingly strange sensation. It felt very similar to when I was ejaculating into Anita. I couldn't be cumming; could I. After all I was dead and dead men aren't supposed to have hard dicks. All this must have something to do with the fact that I was hard when the electrical shock occurred; I supposed.

Before Maureen crawled off; she kissed me on the lips.The nurse they called Bonnie was next. Bonnie was an african-american about30 yrs old and 5'9" 130 lbs. She had a deliciously curvaceous body with beautiful brown eyes and was fairly tight as she slid onto my well lubricated rod. Her hand took mine and she held it to one of her hot sexy brown breasts as she fucked me slowly at first. Her tempo increased and she was moaning loudly well before she reached orgasm. As her pulsating pussy gripped my dick; I felt the same cumming sensation as I did with Maureen. I felt a powerful suction on my dead hard dick as she lifted her pussy from my corpse. Meanwhile the male morgue had been standing off to the side enjoying every minute of this. It took lots of encouragement from the others to get the third nurse to be willing to crawl upon me. They called her Jennifer and she was a redhead in her early twenties about 5'10" and 125 lbs. She had a small thin patch of reddish brown pubic hair and small breasts similar to my wife's. She was so tight I'm not sure my dick would've entered her had it not have been so slick from the lubrication of the other two. She told the others "I'm not so sure I can do this with you guys watching". After some more encouragement from Maureen; Jennifer began to stroke my erect prick in and out of her delicious young cunt. I could see the lust and pleasure in her sparkling green eyes as my erect member was apparently rubbing just the right spot. It took her a long time to build to her climax but when she did she squeeled with exstasy and her young pussy really squeezed my dick hard. As with the other two I felt the sensation of cumming inside the young redhead's pulsating pussy. I was feeling no pain at this point. Jennifer's hot drippy cunt gripped me tightly as she slid up and off of my dead penis. It felt so good to me and I heard a small popping noise as she broke free of me. The three nurses redressed and left and now I was alone with the morgue attendant again. The morgue attendant hosed me down with soapy water; dryed me; covered me up and transferred my corpse to one of the drawers.

I was still floating outside the drawer where my corpse was lying when I heard a familiar voice. I saw my loving wife enter the morgue sobbing uncontrollably. The attendant pulled the drawer about halfway out and pulled the sheet down to my chest. Seeing my corpse surprisingly calmed Anita down a little. She asked to have some time alone with me and the attendant left the room. I heard her sensual voice say “Brian, I love you so much! No greater love has a woman ever had for her husband than I have for you! I'm not going to be able to live without you baby. Remember on our honeymoon when I said I wanted us both to live to be ninety and your sexy hard penis to be in me and you and I to be in the midst of orgasms when we die and be stuck together when they found us and not be able to separate us. I really did want that, Brian !" Anita's hands caressed my face as she passionately kissed my cool lips. She rubbed my chest with her soft warm hand before sliding the sheet further down my abdomen and pulling the drawer further out of the cooler. It was at this point that she she noticed my bulge under the sheet and removed the sheet from my 25 year old corpse revealing my long, cold, hard dick. She whispered softly " I've got to have you Brian even though you're dead" and proceeded to take my dead penis in her hands before licking the head with her tongue and inserting it into her mouth. My sexy young wife gave me a blowjob that rivaled anything she ever gave me when I was alive. Oh; the feeling of her lips and tongue! Anita then began to take off her blouse and removed her bra. She slid the short denim skirt she was wearing down off her hips and stepped out of it as it hit the floor. She kicked off her penny loafers, removed her panties and had just crawled up on the table ready to mount me when the morgue attendant suddenly opened the door and shouted "hey lady; you can't do that? He came closer to the table and I could tell his eyes were lusting after my wife's well-tanned naked body. Anita pleaded with him and after haggling with him and then giving him all the cash in her purse; she reluctantly agreed to his other requirement that he be allowed to watch. Sweet Anita crawled back onto the table and mounted my rod and inserted it slowly into her hot, juicy, cunt. With the morgue attendant sitting over in the corner watching; my lovely young wife fucked me in long hard strokes. Her tight pussy grabbed at the head of my prick each time she reached the top of her up stroke before she rammed it all the way to her cervix on each down stroke. Warm soft hands caressed my cold ones and rubbed them on her silky sexy thighs. Her honey hole was burning hot to my cold rod. It felt wonderful. I could feel the excitement building in Anita's delicious body and felt the tightening of her vaginal muscles just before she had a loud gasping orgasm and collapsed momentarily on my corpse. I felt the same somewhat strange feeling of ejaculation that I had felt before with the nurses. Slowly she lifted her sexy body from my well used rod and repositioned herself on the table so that she was sitting on my face and rubbing her hot swollen pussy across it. My lovely mate had so enjoyed having her pussy eaten by me and I guess this was the closest she could get considering my condition. Anita's juices were dripping into my nose and mouth and the their taste was driving me wild even though I was dead. What pleasure! Again; perhaps being dead wasn't so bad. Suddenly Anita shifted her position and took my left hand and began to rub her swollen clit with my stiffening middle finger before stroking it in and out of her juicy hole. She continued for several minutes before crawling off of my body and began to dress. As she put on her panties and bra and then her blouse, skirt and shoes; I saw the lustful gleam in the eyes of the morgue attnedant who was still sitting near the corner of the room. After dressing; Anita's fingers gently opened my eyelids and she passionately kissed my cool lips before whispering softly; "Thank you Brian, I want you to know how much pleasure you've given me." "I love you; I'll be with you soon." I heard her tell the morgue attendant that Kramer's Funeral Home would be handling the arrangements as she left. I wanted to follow her but my spirit was tied to the area just a few feet above my corpse.

The morgue attendant washed me down and had dryed me off before George Kramer arrived. I was covered and then rolled to the hearse. My spirit followed just above my body. Arriving at Kramer's Funeral Home; I was rolled into the prep room and heard the sound of and saw George Kramer's daughter Felicia standing there. Felicia and my wife were friends and acquaintances from their high school days. The mortician's daughter was about 5'7" with long black hair and weighed about 180 lbs. George left the room and Felicia came over, pulled the sheet off and stared at my long cold hard dick pointing toward the sky. I heard her say "We can't let this go to waste" and she proceeded to remove her black dress and slip. Her large, pendulous breasts drooped as she removed her bra and stepped out of her black lace panties. Her thick full bush was black as coal just like her hair. Clad only in a black garter belt, black stockings and black high heels; she greased the head of my dick with lubricating jelly before spreading her large thighs apart and swallowing my dead dick with her pussy. Felicia's huge tits bounced as she fucked me hard and fast. I felt the onset of her orgasm and her pussy squeezed my penis hard and I definitely felt the sensation of my semen traveling from my balls and spurting out of by now my well used rod and into Felicia's pulsating pussy. Very pleasurable for me; I would say.

Felicia crawled off quickly and redressed when her father came to the door and announced that my wife had arrived to discuss arrangements. She left the room with her father and I tried to follow her. I just couldn't seem to break free. A short while later she returned with a bag. Out of the bag she pulled a pair of white socks; removed the toe tag and placed the socks on my scortched feet. Very strange, I thought at the time!

A short while later; the sound of an ambulance could be heard outside. George Kramer returned and I gathered from their conversation that my wife had asphyxiated herself in her car just across from the mortuary. She had left a note explaining she just couldn't live without me. No; this can't be, I thought! But I realized it was true when they rolled a gurney into the prep room and placed it's occupant on the table beside me. I was staring at the corpse of my beautiful, loving, young wife lying there in a red sweater, plaid skirt and red heels. George gently removed the sweater, skirt and heels leaving her dressed in a red bra, red panties and thigh hi stockings with lace tops. It was at this point that I noticed the crotch of her panties was soaking wet and I realized the poor girl had peed on herself when she died. George lifted Anita and unsnapped and removed the bra. I was shocked when his hands caressed each small breast and he sucked on her nipples. No; he can't do that. But the reality of it was that he could do anything that he wanted to her. She was dead and available and couldn't defend herself. The horny mortician now turned his attention to my lovely wife's crotch. Grasping her panties by the waistband he pulled the soaking garment off her revealing that fact that Anita's corpse was still leaking urine. George obtained a tube and I watched his hands spread my wife's lovely thighs apart; locate her urethra and insert the tube into her bladder. He placed his hand just above the top of her blonde pubic hair and pressed firmly. The leakage from the tube became a steady stream before slowing to a trickle. Rolling Anita over onto her stomach with her sexy butt in view allowed the remaining urine to completely drain. Satisfied; he rolled her on her back and removed the tube before taking a soapy washclothe and bathing the genital area.

I was shocked and initially outraged at what George did next. After placing Anita's high heels back on her stocking clad feet; he dropped his pants, removed his shorts and I could see his short, fat, penis was fully erect. Lubricating the end of his cock; he crawled between my dead wife's thighs and slid his prick into her luscious vagina that as far as I know, had never been fucked by anyone but me. I watched initially in shock as he lifted his portly torso and began screwing the love of my life. But I realized there was nothing I could do about it. It was then that I sensed Anita's spirit floating a few feet above her corpse. Slowly I could see the outline of her face and could make out that she was looking at me and smiling. Meanwhile; George reached orgasm and shot his load of hot, sticky cum into Anita's young dead cunt. Getting down off the table; he dressed before removing Anita's red heels and rolling her stockings down and off her feet.

Felicia reentered the room and obtained the bag she had taken my white socks from. She produced a white garter belt, white lacey stockings and white heels from the bag. Her father maneuvered my wife's lovely corpse and placed the garter belt around her waist before rolling the stockings up her legs and fastening them with the garters. Felicia slipped the white heels onto Anita's cold feet. George now rolled a silver coffin into the room. Scooping my wife's corpse into his arms; he placed her in the coffin. Sitting her up; he watched Felicia bring out what I recognized as my wife's wedding veil and short train. Felicia positioned it over her shoulder length hair with her face uncovered. She applied eye shadow and eyeliner before opening Anita's eyelids revealing her lifeless blue eyes staring out into space. With a little red lipstick on her cold, slightly parted lips and some blush on her checks, Anita looked as beautiful and alluring as the day I married her.

Felicia opened my eyelids revealing my lifeless brown eyes which were also staring out into space. Now George and Felicia picked up my corpse and carried me to the coffin. Turning me over on my stomach; they lowered me slowly onto my wife's corpse manuevering my erect organ to enter her luscious pussy hole until my dick was fully inserted up to the base. My head was arranged so that my lips were against Anita's left cheek as if I was kissing her face. Felicia placed my left hand caressing my love's right breast and both of Anita's hands caressing my butt cheeks. The lid of the coffin was closed and I truly then realized that my lovely wife had arranged all this so we could be truly buried "together". Suddenly; my spirit was clothed in a white tuxedo and I saw Anita's spirit clothed in a beautiful white gown. Anita's spirit reached for my hand and took it in her's as her sparkling eyes met mine. A tunnel of luxuriously beautiful lights beckoned us and we floated hand-in-hand into the heavens.

A closed casket funeral was held the next day in the church that Brian and Anita attended. Every-one was told that it was Anita's wish that they be buried in a single casket. Everyone talked about much they loved each other and how close they were. No one except for George and Felicia realized how close they actually were. Their bodies lie entwined forever in the church cemetary. A short time later; Nurse Jennifer and Mortician Felicia discovered that mysteriously they were pregnant. Both delivered healthy, brown-haired, brown-eyed baby boys within a few days of each other about 9 months after their interlude with Brian's corpse.

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Press the bladder to force dead girl urinate.. it really turned me on.

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This is your best work!! Not the usual type of story you write and this like I said was by far the best!!

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