Okay, I`m Lisa and I`m 15. I`m here to tell you that there is nothing hotter than fucking your 12 year old sister, especially when it has been on your mind for six months.
My sister Amy had respectable, grapefruit-sized titties and since never wore a bra they bounced when she walked. Amy was tall and had sexy legs and a firm round ass that was already turning heads. Many a time had I seen that sweet ass in panties and on occasion naked and wanted to get my hands on those firm, round ass cheeks.
I burned off some of my lust for my little sister by teasing her sexually, even though she seemed oblivious to my advances. Before I tell you how I seduced Amy, I want to tell you about fucking Kim, her best friend from dance class, who is only 11.
I had been studying, even though it was a Saturday night. Mom and dad were out at a company bash that when to all hours. I was taking a shower and had just shaved my pussy mound, leaving only a small landing strip on top. I was rubbing my stiff clit while imagining Amy`s hot body wet and inviting beside mine. I brought myself to the brink but didn`t allow myself cum. I got out of the shower dried myself quickly and went to my room. I had decided that I would put on my favorite panties the ones with a see through crotch. My cunt tingled at the thought of exposing myself to my little sister and expose myself to Amy.
By the time I got the panties on I was wet again. I reached down and rubbed my cunt lips and clit through the gauzy material, which felt delicious. My juices made the crotch of my panties even more transparent. I threw on a light house coat but didn`t bother to close it. On the way out of my room I picked up a small box of Kleenex and a bottle of pink toenail polish.
I found Amy in the TV room, but to my surprise and delight she was watching TV with Kim, they had just come from dance class and were still wearing dance tights. The two of them looked so hot in leggings and a one piece. I peeked in and saw that both girls were sporting a lovely little camel toe in the crotch of their dance suits.
I had forgotten that Amy had said that Kim was coming over to watch an iCarly marathon, and then she was going to sleepover. Kim is a hot brunette, who was a tad chunky but had very sexy legs and a firm shapely ass. I paused and smiled and looked down, my nipples weren`t expose but most of my breasts were and my see through crotch was nearly dripping with my pussy juices.
```Hi guys, are you really going to watch that iCarly marathon! `` I said cheerily plopping myself down on the floor the facing the couch where Amy and Kim sat, but not to block their view of the TV screen.
At first the two girls barely acknowledge my presence. Amy was used to watching me walk around half naked.
At a commercial break, Amy went to get a glass of water, and Kim finally looked down at me. I pulled the brush from the nail polish, `Do you like pink, Kim,`` I asked as I spread my legs wide and held the applicator close to my open pussy, ``It`s my fav especially when it glistens like this.`
I moved the applicator to my big toe but Kim`s eyes remain glued to my cunt, clearly visible through my panties.
Amy popped her head in the door, `Hey, Kim I`m pooped, I`m going to shower and head to bed, I`ve set the foamy out on the floor with a cover. Just head up whenever you want. Good night Kim, goodnight, Lisa.`
By the time Kim turned from saying good night to Amy, I my legs were spread wider.

``I guess it’s just you…and me Kim,`` I said softly, “Do you like what you see?”

Despite herself Kim couldn’t help looking at me. I used the opportunity to throw off my gown and show her my titties.

“Am I prettier than that iCarly bitch? Take a good look Kim, I want to you to.” I said in sexy voice.

“You are, v-v-very hot,” Kim stuttered, looking at my titties.

In one motion I removed my panties, parting my legs in front of the lovely young dancer, “See how wet I am Kim, you make be wet hun,” I crawled over the floor and onto the couch.

Kim`s lovely dark eyes were back on mine, ``Lisa, I….uh I`m not a… a…`` and before she could get another word out I straddled her narrow hips.

``Not a lesbian…huh Kim…is that what you are not,`` I pressed my titties into her round soft face. I was pinning Kim`s arms so there wasn`t a thing she could do.

I took my tittie and moved my stiff nipple to her soft full lips, tracing them slowly
“Say ‘nipple’ Kim, say it for me,” I hissed.

Kim opened her mouth and said, “Nip…” and I stuffed my stiff nipple into her mouth.

“Now lick it and suck it!” I commanded.

There was panic in Kim’s eyes but slowly she let her lips close on my nipple and began to suck on it, and let her tongue circle it.

“Oh yes hun, but harder, you can’t hurt me, suck it hard.

I pressed my brest harder into the young girls mouth and she took a gasp of air and sucked hard on the nipple. I moaned and after a moment moved the other breast and nipple to her mouth. I reached down and cupped, Kim’s little cunt through her one piece. I let my fingers trace her little slit through the fabric then pinched her puffy pussy lips together. Kim moaned and bit down on my nipple slightly.

I groaned and pulled away I stripped the one piece from her shoulders and over her arms. There before me were her small, firm titties with stiff puffy nipples. I sucked one of them full into my mouth and flicked my tongue over her stiff pink nipple. Kim moaned loudly. I heard Amy moving around upstairs and didn’t want her to be alerted to what was happening. I picked up my wet panties from the couch and stuffed them into Kim’s mouth.

“Taste these Kim, and don’t give us up.” I said and returned to her little breasts. I love the feeling of being able to suck the entire tittie into my mouth, feeling the flesh against my lips and teeth and flicking the tiny nipple with my tongue. I began pinching Kim’s cunny again and she began thrashing beneath me, and groaning on my panties. Her little cunt was leaking juices through her dance suit and I stood and striped her of the one piece and leotard.

Again, Kim looked scared as I knelt between her legs and pulled her ass forward and spread her legs. Before me was a lovely little cunt. Thin lips, and very pink. I spread her cunt lips and told her that she was going to love my tongue in her cunt.

I kissed my way down her narrow thighs, then as I had with her titties I clamped my mouth over her sweet little pussy and pushed my tongue deep inside. I was excited by the fact that this little preteen had no pussy hair and her cunt was so tight it almost resisted my tongue. The juices that flowed from her virgin cunt were so sweet I had to moan out loud.

Out of eflex Kim closed her legs on my head. I pushed them apart with my hands as my tongue slipped from her cunt and flashed over her trembling little clit. Her body bucked as I sucked her little flesh button into my mouth. I loved the response. It was like riding a high wave. Kim pushed her cunt ad my face and pulled on my hair. I thrust my tongue back inside her pussy and let two fingers flash back and forth over her clitty. This was obviously a new experience for this hot little eleven year old. She threw her head back and clamped down hard on my panties, breathing heavily through her nose.

I knew I had her on the edge. I removed my tongue from her cunt hole and slipped my middle finger in. Her cunt was so tight I had to twist it back and forth to get it inside her. Once I was finger fucking her at a good pace I slapped my mouth onto her throbbing little clit. It felt so fucking good on my tongue as she began to thrash around on the couch. I felt my own juice dripping down my legs as I knew I was about to bring this little cunt to her first real climax. I fucked her cunt so hard her juices were flying everywhere. Then I sucked her little button through the hard edges of my teeth and nibbled on the soft throbbing flesh.

Kim`s little cunt exploded, I felt her cum splash around my finger and spray all over the couch. I moved my mouth over her cunt in time to catch the next wave of preteen cum down my throat. Kim came again and I kept sucking and lapping at her cunt until it was all in my mouth.

Kim was spent, her body limp but I didn`t give a shit, I needed to get off. I turned her over and started to grind my dripping cunt on her firm little ass. The feeling of my clit on her soft ass flesh was amazing, but I needed more. I split her legs, and shifted forward so my newly shaved cunt made contact with hers. I began grinding my slit on hers. It was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Kim`s cunt was like satin and oil, Kim looked up at me and gritted her teeth and began shifting her hips and grinding her tiny cunt into mine.
``Yeah, you`re not a lesbian Kim, you just like to fuck girls,`` I said as I bore down harder, feeling my clit make contact with Kim`s.
She groaned and I nearly lost it. My ass was flashing in circles as my cunt was churning so close to cumming. I pulled the panties from Kim`s mouth and pulled her lovely face to my tittie.

``Bite my nipple you fucking little bitch,`` I hissed at her.

Kim was no longer shy she bit into my nipple and sent me over the top. My cunt erupted as my clit throbbed inside Kim`s cunt flesh. It set of ta chain reaction as Kim came again shooting her girl cum all over my cunt. My second climax sent cum spraying all over Kim’s lovely body.

I had a convert. Kim would come to my room later that night and we made love again. Next, was my innocent little sister. I was forming a plan, and I couldn`t wait.


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I don't get why your story wasn't removed for underage sex and mine was, but I really don't mind since it let me read yours!

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I am a boy, but I really get a hardon reading about lesbian activity

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when my sister was ten and I was 13 she broke a bones in her left leg leg and arm jumping into the shallow end of the public pool. Mom insisted that she sleep in my br so i could help^her with things...such as shower. We had to cover her arm and leg casts with plastic before she could get in the shower. She had to sit in a shower chair while i washed her hair and her body. Lily didnèt have tits really just a lil rise where t5hey were gonna be. when i washed her ches the first time...i couldn't help m,myself, i flicked her nipples way more than i needed too. Lily blushed and bit her lip so I new she was getting turned on. I let my soapy hand mo9ve over her tight belly and cup her cunny. She groaned when one finger slipped inside her tight little cunt.Out of control i licked and fucked my lil sister. I turned the hand held shower up to pulse and pointed aqt her tiny clit as i fingered her. She came so hard she nearly slipped off her chair. I am 18 and Lily is 16 and we are still lovers!

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