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I forgot the login info for theman97. So here I am again haha ;p
As I ate out the blonde girl I felt one of the two brunettes come up on the bed. I was confused in my young age. Would I get to fuck this girl too? I had assumed they were only there to watch. It must have been the alcohol again…

The brunette girl didn’t have boobs as big as the blonde’s, but as they say, “a great ass is God’s way of making up for smaller boobs,” or something like that. Her ass was absolutely perfect. The blonde pulled me up and I lay on my back as the brunette sucked my cock. I got even harder as I stared at her beautiful ass while her head bobbed up and down. I wondered if they were all virgins.

The blonde girl slipped away, back with the other brunette. The one on the bed climbed on top of me and ground her pussy on my cock. My hands caressed her amazing butt, and our lips locked.

“This is my first time to, you know,” she whispered, as she broke off the kiss. “I’ve been on birth control, forget the condom.”

For a few seconds I just lay there stunned. I was going to get the full experience. I was itching to get inside her. We rolled over and I teased her, gliding my dick back and forth over her. Finally she grabbed my cock and pushed it in ever so slowly. She was even tighter than the blonde and I watched as her eyes began to water a bit. I was hoping she wouldn’t start to bleed or anything.

“I can stop…” I said.

“No, don’t you dare. I want your big cock inside me,” she gasped.

I pushed deeper into her until I couldn’t go any farther. She was so tight. Slowly I got out of her, and back in, and back out again. I felt her stretching and conforming to me.

“I want it,” she said slowly, “fuck me fast and hard!”

I shoved my cock back inside her. She tensed and I could tell it hurt her a bit, and I dropped down to kiss her, while slowly picking up the pace. I stopped kissing her as I went faster. My cock was huge for her little pussy, and it felt twice as good without a condom on. The bed springs creaked as I fucked her harder and harder. My cock reached deep inside her and she began moaning loudly. My hips began to ache from doing her so long and hard. Her pussy contracted as she began going through a massive orgasm. It became so tight I could barely fuck her, and I stopped. I wanted to cum inside her.

I wanted to watch her ride me. We switched places, and she turned her back to me, her gorgeous ass facing me. She positioned herself over me and slammed her butt down on my cock. I was hypnotized by it’s perfection. Her vagina was like a glove for my penis. Her ass was bouncing up and down at lightning speed; she was twerking on me. For a long time I was just on the edge of cumming, and finally my hot cum came gushing out and up her pussy. She slowed down and got off me, and again my cock was sucked clean of all the cum. I couldn’t wait to fuck the next girl.

But instead the blonde girl came back. She hadn’t had enough yet. I didn’t know how my cock was staying hard. I had came three times already. The blonde girl took over my dick and the brunette positioned her pussy in front of my face. I licked her clit as the blonde girl sucked me. I didn’t know if I could withstand so much pleasure again and again. I felt another condom going on and the blonde sank back down onto me. She seemed so loose after the last girl. I continued eating the brunette out as the blonde rode me to her hearts content. I was excited enough to stay hard but there was no way I could cum again soon. Both girls moaned and switched positions, back and forth. I didn’t know what to do. I was just a human dildo, too tired to fuck and too used to cum again. I didn’t want to leave them, only a moron would do that.

I began fantasizing about the third girl. Why was she just still just watching instead of joining the other two? What was she like? I could only just barely see the outline of her body because she was sitting farther away in the dark. And I had a big ass in my face. I had not gotten a very good look at her before. Was she hot? Did she have the body of a goddess? Or was she ugly? Maybe that was why she wasn’t joining in on all the fun.

I became fixated on her. The other two girls faded away. My mind wandered. I began to think of what sex with her would be like. I would make her scream with pleasure. We would never stop until we couldn’t go any longer. It would be the most amazing thing ever. My fantasy was interrupted when the girls switched once again. Suddenly I felt my cock tingling again. How the hell was I able to cum so much? I don’t know. My cum came flying out all over the brunette’s face, and the two of them cleaned it up. I took the moment to glance over in the direction of the brunette again. She had moved a little closer. Her hair was very long, and her eyes glimmered in what little light there was. But I couldn’t make out any of her other features.

The other two girls were kissing each other now. I had an opening. I could leave. No, what was I, a complete idiot? I would be walking away from the dream of so many people. I stayed on the bed, staring at the third girl. My mind was now obsessed with her.

To be continued…

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