Continued from Part 1
“Weekend at the Lake” Part 2

The women returned butt naked and sat down on the couch with us.

Ellie complemented Kathy on what nice body she had, “You’re so lucky” Ellie said “you have the body of an 18 year old”. “I don’t know how you do it”,” I have to work out every day to keep in shape”

“Your work out shows Ellie, you’re so fit and you look so amazing”, “I’ve seen some of your modeling pictures on face book, they are so hot, I’m surprised you’re not posing for playboy or penthouse, you look so hot. Your body is perfect everywhere”

Ellie blushed a bit and said “thank you, you’re so sweet; you know the two of you are welcome at the gym any time, free life time memberships!”

As we talked Kathy asked Ellie if Warren preferred her with a shaved pussy. Ellie said “ever since I went through puberty, I never had a lot of hair growing down there, so I’ve always kept it shaved, well, I mean waxed”

“I’ve often thought of shaving my pussy but never got up the nerve to try it”, she said “it makes me feel weird, like a little girl, I kind of find it a bit pedophiliac”.

“Nonsense” said Ellie “A shaved pussy means better hygiene and is more sensitive to touch not to mention, oral sex is much better when shaved”

“I have never thought of it that way “replied Kathy

“I’d be happy to help you shave it, if you’d like to”, Ellie jokingly said.

With a little encouragement from Warren and me, Kathy agreed and off to the bathroom they went. In a few minutes, Warren and I could hear the tap running and the girls were laughing and having a good ol time.

Ellie found my shaving cream and a new razor; she folded a towel and set it on the end of the counter for Kathy to sit on. Kathy sat on the towel and spread her legs apart. “Skooch towards me a little and lean back and relax”. Ellie spread the shaving cream all over Kathy’s pussy and said “Ok, here we go”

As she was shaving away, Ellie laughed and said “It’s just like Warren to ruin the moment”

“What do you mean?”

“Blowing his load like that, I was so looking forward to sucking Paul’s cock too”

“Oh that, I guess you had him worked up to much”

“No he gets excited, watching me sucking another man’s cock”

“Have you’ve done this before?”

“Well, one night at the gym, after we had closed up, Warren and I were in the change room, it had been a long day and we were both tired and horny. We thought that everyone was gone, so we thought we’d have a quickie before going home. We were both naked and Warren was eating my pussy, when I looked up and there was Anthony the new trainer we hired standing there jerking off”

“Which one is he” asked Kathy

“You‘ve seen him he’s the tall dark one with all the muscles”

“Oh my gosh, not the big black guy”

“Yep that’s him”

“He’s so fucking hot, you got to tell me what happened”

“I don’t know, I don’t want to talk about that now”

“Did you suck his cock?”


“Did he put it in you?”

“Yes, and he’s just as big, or even bigger than Warren too”

“Oh my god Ellie, NO way!”

“I can hook you up too if you want”

“Oh! No, no! I couldn’t. Are you having an affair with him?”

“Well kind of, Warren likes to watch his wife with a black man every now and then, and Anthony knows how to please a woman”. “He has the second biggest cock I’ve ever seen” she laughed

“You mean Warren is the biggest”

“Well the fattest cock, that’s, for sure”. They both laughed “but unlike Warren, he’s a great lover and he gives me amazing orgasms”

“So now, every time we fuck, Warren has this fantasy of watching me fuck other guys”

“Oh my god, so does Paul”

Ellie was carefully shaving her labia and noticed how wet, Kathy was getting and thought, she’s even hornier than I am.

“Warren wants his cock in you so bad”

“He told you that?”

“Yes he did”

“If you would like to get close with him, it’s ok with me, if I you don’t mind me getting close with Paul”

“I’m a little nervous, what if things get weird or awkward between all of us after”

“I don’t think it will, we’ve all wanted this to happen for a while, and besides, it’s nice to add little more spice to our marriages’, I’m tired of listening to the fantasies”

Kathy’s pussy was really wet with desire; Ellie did a tremendous job shaving it for her. She took out a small mirror from her cosmetic bag and held it so Kathy could see her new and really hot looking pussy.

“Oh my god it’s totally shaved, it looks so different” she exclaimed

“It looks amazing” said Ellie “wait until the boys see this”

“Thanks so much”

“Oh there’s just one more thing I have to do, just lean back and relax”

Kathy leaned back, and Ellie knelt down on the floor in front of her. She leaned in and kissed Kathy on her inner thighs and then put her mouth over her pussy. Kathy startled and jumped when Ellie’s tongue made contact with her clitoris. Gently she sucked and swirled her tongue around and around on her clitoris. Kathy moaned out loud, never having been with another woman, the sensation felt so incredible. Ellie then licked the juices from her labia, and inserted her tongue, as deep into her hole as it could go. Licking the inner folds of her labia, Ellie heard another loud moan escape from Kathy’s mouth and felt a shutter run through her body. Ellie smiled and she knew, she had given Kathy her first orgasm from a woman’s tongue

Ellie stood up and said “sorry, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than for permission, your vagina looks amazing, I just had to have a taste”.

“That felt real nice, have you been with other women before?”

“Well, I like to get together with a couple of girlfriends of mine every once and a while, and we usually end up drunk and do silly things together”

“What kind of things?”

“Girly things, it’s a lot of fun”. “Maybe next time you can come out with us”

“I’d like that”

Ellie stood up and passionately kissed Kathy on the lips and said “If you let Warren cum in your pretty pussy tonight, I will eat his cum out of your pussy”.

Ellie leaned in and they kissed again, then she sucked one nipple then the other. “Your tits are so fucking amazing”

“When we get back home, I’ll set something up with Anthony and my friends, they would love to meet you”

“Ooh, okay, sh..., sure, I’d like that”

When they were done they returned to the room and Kathy’s pussy looked fantastic .Her large pussy lips really stood out and she looked even hotter than before.

Kathy left the room and signaled with her head for me to fallow. Out in the hall way she said “while Ellie was shaving me, she said that if I wanted to get close with Warren it’s ok with her, if I didn’t mind her getting close with you”.

“Warren told me that they have been trying to get us to swap with them”

“I told Ellie, it’s was up to you, are you ok if we switch?””

“I mean, you were ok with me giving him head, right?”

“If we are both enjoying it, and no one is getting hurt or upset, then I will be ok with it”.

Kathy then surprised me and said “Elle likes women too, she insisted in shaving me and when she finished she went down and started to lick my pussy”. “She said that Warren wants his cock in me so bad, and if I let Warren cum in me, she would eat his cum out of my pussy”.

“What was it like having Ellie eat your Pussy?”

“It was ok I guess “

My head was spinning, I was horny as hell, and I wanted to fuck her right then and there. The thought of Ellie eating her pussy and Warren fucking my wife was driving me crazy with lust.

When we went back into the room, Ellie said “we thought you guys had run out on us”

“We just got some more drinks out of the cooler for all of us”.

We sat down and started the movie again. While we were watching the movie Kathy would occasionally rub her pussy. I asked if her pussy was itchy, after being shaved. She said “no, it just feels kind of funny; it’s so soft and smooth”.

I reached between her legs and rubbed it gently, “it is smooth and soft” I said “Ellie did a great job”.

Kathy spread her legs and gave everyone a great view; “you can touch it too” she said looking at Warren. He reached over and started to rub her labia and clitoris

I commented that even the hair in her ass was gone.

Ellie said “she told me that you like to fuck her butt every once and a while, so I cleaned it up for you”.

Warren was now gently fingering Kathy and said “I would love to try anal, but Ellie won’t do it”.

“Not with that fat thing, you would tear me open”.

Kathy nonchalantly put her hand on warrens penis and started to stroke him and said, “At first I didn’t like anal, but now I don’t mind it at all, in fact it feels kind of nice”.

Elle said to Warren jokingly, “maybe Kathy would let you fuck her ass while Paul and l watch”.

Kathy and I laughed with Ellie and I said to Warren “it’s different, very tight and with a lot of lube it feels real good”.

“What do you use for lube” asked Elle

“I’ll show you, it’s called Anal Ease” Kathy said. She went into the bedroom and handed Ellie the tube

Ellie took some lube and started to rub it on Warrens cock. Warren looked surprised he said “wow that does feels nice”.

I said to Ellie “well you got his dick all lubed up, let him try fucking your ass”.

“No way, he’ll rip me open”.

Kathy said “Warrens cock is not much fatter than Paul’s, it won’t be that bad”.

Elle said “my ass has never been fucked before; I won’t even let him put his finger in”. “You’ve seen him fuck, he’s a maniac”

She reached over and took my cock in her hand and said “I’d rather have Paul fuck my ass first; I know at least he’ll be gentle”

I said “you got Warren ready, just give it a try” again Ellie said “no way, let Kathy do it”.

I was still kind of uneasy about letting Warren put his baseball bat cock into my wife’s ass so I said “ok, I’ll do it with Kathy and you will see how easy it is, and then you and Warren give it a try”.

Elle said “I want to see you and Kathy do it, but I’m not making any promises”.

I said “ok, pass me the lube”.

Ellie said “I have so much on my hands don’t waste it”, she reached over and took hold of my penis with her other hand and started to lube me up. I was surprised Kathy acted as if it was nothing. Once Ellie was finished Kathy stood up and straddled my penis.

I said to Warren “she needs some lube on her ass too” so he handed me the lube. “Don’t be shy” I said “put some on your finger and rub it on her ass bud”. Warren smeared the lube on her asshole and I said “gently, push your finger inside and lube it up real good, the more lube the better” That’s it, nice and easy, make her feel good. Usually I’ll give her asshole and pussy a good licking before I put on the lube, the closer you get her to cumming the better. Take your time and make her feel real good.

Warren stuck his finger half way up her butt hole. I asked Kathy if she liked Warren’s finger in her butt. Kathy said “ha, ha”. But I knew she was turned on, I said” Warrens nice fat cock would probably feel better”

“Careful, what you wish for” she said

Warren looked at me and said “I would love to put my cock in her ass”. Warren took his finger out and Kathy slowly lowered her butt hole onto my now, very swollen penis. With little effort, the head of my penis slid up inside her asshole, as Kathy sat down on my cock. Warren and Ellie watched as Kathy started to slowly rise up and down on my penis. After a few minutes Kathy had my whole cock buried in her ass. It wasn’t to long before she stopped and said this position was getting uncomfortable.

I said to Ellie “now it’s your turn” reluctantly she got on her hands and knees doggy style. I knelt down beside her and spread her cheeks. I licked her pussy and ass bud then took the lube and rubbed it on her asshole like Warren did to my wife. Warren watched as I slowly penetrated her asshole with my middle finger. She was tight, even my finger with the lube on it was having a hard time inside her tight asshole. Kathy could see Elle’s discomfort and told her to just relax her butt hole and it will go in real easy. Kathy took the lube and squeezed a large dollop in the end of warrens penis and smeared it all over his cock head.

Warren placed the head of his penis against the opening of her asshole. He managed to get just a little bit of the head of his penis into her hole, but Ellie was struggling.

“Ooow! It hurts!” she said “it’s not going to work, I can’t do this”.

Warren sat back disappointed, Ellie felt bad, “just that little bit hurt” she said. Elle turned to Kathy and said “you make it look so easy”.

Kathy said “that because I have done this before, it’s always hard the first time”.

Warren said “ya honey, let’s try again” but Ellie said “no way, if you want, you can fuck Kathy’s ass hole if Paul and Kathy say it’s ok”.

Warren looked at us and I said to Kathy “well honey, would you like to let Warren put his cock inside your butt hole”.

Kathy was really hesitant after seeing Ellie struggle. Warren said “let me put it in, if it hurts I’ll stop, I promise”.

Kathy looked at me and then at Ellie and said “is it ok with you guys?”

Ellie said “go for it, I know he wants to do it”.

I said to Kathy “if you want to let Warren do it, it’s ok”.

Kathy looked at Warren and said “just for a little bit, and if I say stop you have to stop”.

Warren agreed and Ellie rubbed some more lube on Warren’s now massive cock. Kathy straddled Warren and took hold of his penis and held it against her sphincter, her asshole was slightly open and well lubricated from having just been riding my cock.

“I don’t know” she said “it is pretty big”

Her butt looked so tiny with Warren’s massive fat cock between her ass cheeks.

Ellie said” oh it will get it much bigger”.

Kathy looked worried as she lowered her butt hole onto the head of his penis. Having just pulled my well lubricated cock from her anus, made it easier for her and with a little push, the tip of Warren’s massive phallus started to penetrate her anal opening. Kathy lowered herself some more and his penis kind of bent a little then popped up inside her asshole. Warren let out a soft moan as he sat on the couch with the head his penis tightly buried in my wife’s ass. Kathy waited for her anus to adjust to the his size, then after what seemed like forever, she slowly lowered herself further until Warren’s penis was half way up her rectum.

Ellie couldn’t believe Warren’s huge cock was in Kathy’s asshole. Slowly Kathy started to ride up and down on Warrens cock and after a few strokes the lube did its job and Kathy had Warren’s penis almost completely inside her. Elle was right Warren’s penis was huge. We both watched in amazement as it disappeared deep inside her ass.

After about a couple of minutes Kathy stood up and looked at Warren and said “I needed to lie on the floor or something, because this position is really uncomfortable”.

As she turned and bent down to lay on the floor, I could see Kathy now had a large opening where her tightly closed asshole once was. Warren grabbed her ass with both hands kissed and licked her but crack like a mad animal. He lay down on the floor beside her, his cock bigger, harder and fatter than I had ever seen it before. Pushing his cock into my wife’s asshole, this time much faster and harder than what my wife was used to.

“Ohhh Fuck!” she exclaimed as Warren began his assault on her anus

Kathy looked at me and I knew she wasn’t enjoying it at all. Warren began to pound his penis deep into her ass. Senescing that she was about to call it off, I looked at Ellie and said “I think you need to help her out,

Why you don’t finish what you started in the bathroom”. Ellie then realized that Kathy was having trouble and took the hint. While Warren fucked her ass from behind, Ellie went down and started to lick and suck away at Kathy’s pussy. Within seconds Kathy was moaning in delight.

I said to Kathy “do you like Warren fucking your ass?”

Kathy moaned out, “Oh yes”.

Kathy looked at me with a delirious look in her eyes, “I think you like the way, Ellie eats your pussy don’t you?”

Kathy gasped and said “yes, oh yes, it feels so good”.

I said to Warren “I think I’ll fuck your wife’s pussy while you’re fucking my wife’s ass”

Ellie looked up at me and said “about time”

I got on the other side of Ellie and slid my cock into her wet pussy. Warren butt fucked my wife, Ellie licked Kathy’s pussy and I fucked Warren’s wife from behind.

He let out a moan and said “Oh fuck, this feels so good”.

Warren seemed to be having difficulty; every now and then his cock would slip out of my wife’s asshole. Probably because of Elle’s licking and my wife’s cunt juices was making it very slick. Warren would lose rhythm and Ellie would guide it back into Kathy’s ass hole for him.

Then all of a sudden Ellie stopped licking. Warren had his rhythm back, and pounding his cock into her. Kathy cooed with delight and when Ellie shifted her head I could see Warrens cock was no longer in my wife’s asshole.

Kathy turned laying face down on the floor with her ass shifted upward and Warren’s cock was now balls deep into her pussy. Kathy was in ecstasy, totally in another world, just then she let out a loud moan, and had another super intense organism. I could see Warren begin to pick up the pace, pulling his cock almost all the way out and then thrusting it back in with one stroke. Then with a final hard deep thrust, holding his cock buried deep into her cunt, and growling like a wild grizzly bear, I knew Warren was filling her pussy with cum.

I had rolled Ellie onto her backside and held her ankles over her head. Her body was covered in sweat and her blond curly hair spread out on the floor around her head. Her large tits swayed back and forth, in rhythm with my cock as I drilled it into her pussy. I don’t know how she did it but Ellie had developed her vaginal muscles in such a way that it had a tight grip on my penis the whole time.

Just then Ellie cried out” OH FUCK” “OH FUCKING YES!” She dug her nails into my ass as she held me in her deep inside her cunt; I could feel her body shake and tremble as she became enraptured in an intense orgasm. Her beauty and the eroticism happening around me was more than I could take. Pushing my cock as deep as it could go, I emptied the biggest load of cum ever, into her cunt.

Continued in, “Weekend at the lake Part 3”

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