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A Weekend at the lake
Part 3

All four of us were lying on the floor totally spent. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, we finally got up off the floor. It felt like time had actually stood still.

Warren broke the silence and said, “That was very intense”. He apologized for finishing off in my wife’s pussy saying “it slipped in accidently a couple of times and it felt so good”.

Kathy didn’t say a word, she looked kind of upset. She stood up and a stream cum ran down her legs. Looking annoyed she said I’m going to take shower”.

“Are you ok sweetie” said Elle “would you like me to come in with you”

“No I’m fine; I just need to clean up”

Ellie looked worried “She looks upset maybe you should go talk to her”

If she is upset, she needs to be left alone, but I think she’s just emotionally drained, coming down from all the excitement”

In the bathroom, Kathy was on an emotional rollercoaster, she felt like crying, but she didn’t feel sad, she wasn’t sure what she felt. In the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. Her pretty shaved pussy was now swollen and red from the pounding of Warrens monster cock. Cum covered both her thighs and she had large red hickies on her neck, tits and pelvis area.

She turned with her sore ass towards the mirror bent over slightly with her legs apart. Spreading her ass cheeks she, looked back at the reflection in the mirror. She was shocked, her vagina still dripping cum was gaping wide open, and there was a large hole, where her rectum once was. It was sore to touch and looked like it might have bled a bit too. The hickies continued down her backside and it looked like there were teeth marks on her left ass cheek too.

I can’t believe we did this she thought, stepping into the shower. The warm water soothed her stretched and aching vagina and rectum. She was very sore; Warren had brutally buried the total length of his penis into her ass, and then pounded his cock hard, into her vagina. She could feel her uterus, full of his sperm. Even though she was very sore, it was the most intense orgasms, she had ever felt.

As she showered she thought to herself; it’s really different with Warren and his very thick cock. Both men are very big, but his huge door knob for a cock head, I swear, I felt that thing stretching me wide open. It was hard to relax with that thing in my ass, but once I did OMG, I came very quickly.

Paul is an excellent lover, and he has a big cock as well. But there is a very big difference between the two cocks. I truly prefer the thicker cock. It rubbed and kept up friction the whole time and in all the right places too. Not saying length isn't great; both men are able to reach that deep spot in me. But with Warren’s animal magnetism, his love making is much more intense, it’s very different. Every time I’ve been with him, its bin one mind blowing orgasm after another.

She knew after this night, she was determined to make Warren her lover too. She wanted to do it again with Warren and together with Ellie too, even if it meant having an affair behind her husband’s back.

Kathy came out of the shower in her bath robe, and sat in the living room with us.

Ellie said “it getting late, maybe we should be heading to bed”.

Kathy said “No not yet, it’s still early”, she wasn’t finished with Warrens cock, she wanted more.

Warren and Ellie looked at each other and said “ok, but we need to freshen up”.

Ellie went into shower and warren went to the kitchen to get us some more drinks

Kathy sat in the living room still quiet and not saying much

“Hey, are you Ok” I asked

“I’m really good, just a little sore, you know, down there”. She placed her hand on my knee and said, “don’t worry I’m having a great evening”.

“I have never seen you cum like that before”

“That was the most intense orgasms, I have ever had” her eyes starring deeply into my eyes.

“I’m glad that you’re ok” I said “you had us worried”

Ellie finished her shower and returned to the living room and Warren was about to head to the shower.

“Is everything ok” Ellie asked Kathy

“I’m having a great time, I don’t want it to end” again she had this strange look in her eyes.

I looked at Kathy and realized that her whole demeanor had changed. It was like her head was in a different place.

Kathy took a sip of her drink and turned to Ellie and asked “Would you be upset if I slept in your bed with Warren tonight?”

“You want to sleep with Warren tonight?

Warren and I were speechless

“Yes I would really like that...., please?”

“What about Paul and me?”

“Well I was hoping he would want to sleep with you in our bed”

“I don’t know Kathy” I said “what’s...”Kathy looked at me and cut me off.

“Paul please honey don’t get upset, I realized something tonight, I need more”

“What do you mean?”

“Please don’t be upset, I love you very much, but our love life is so boring”

Surprised I asked “Boring?”

“I mean your great in bed but it’s always the same old thing” looking at Warren and Ellie she said, “Guys lets spice it up this weekend, let’s try different things, let’s all be lovers, no holds barred, let’s get crazy”

We all looked at each other, speechless then Ellie said “Kathy’s got a point”

“Were all in a rut, and we desperately need to let loose a little. This is the most fun I’ve had with Warren in years.

Kathy’s bright smile returned, and to be honest I kind of liked the idea.

I looked over at Warren “I’m in if you are”

Warren smiled and said “What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin”. With that we all raised our glasses and each of us repeated those same words.

Kathy threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said “I love you so much!”

Kathy still had her arms around me when I said “Why you don’t hop back into the shower”

Kathy looked up at me “together with Ellie?”

I said “No silly, with Warren, keep him there for a while; I want to fuck Ellie’s tight virgin asshole tonight”.

I took my shower and then Warren went in after I had finished. Ellie and I were watching the movie, and I said to Ellie “Kathy is in the bathroom with Warren”.

“Really”, “want go and join them?”

“No, no, let them have some time alone, besides I want to have you to myself too”

Ellie and I kissed passionately and then Ellie said “don’t you find, it’s such a turn on, knowing your spouse is fucking your best friend”

“Yes it’s a huge turn on”

“Let’s go and watch them, just for a little bit”

Ellie and I tiptoed into the hallway; the bathroom door was wide open. Looking into the hall way, the bathroom door was open and we could see Kathy and Warren talking.

We heard Warren say that he wanted to fuck Kathy again. Kathy said she would like that too, and then she dropped her bath robe to the floor and stepped into the shower.

Elle and I watched as they kissed passionately. Then Warren did something that shocked Ellie, he got down on his knees and started to eat my wife’s pussy. As we watched I started to gently finger Ellie. Kathy moaned with another organism. Elle said “that bastard could, never make me cum when he ate my pussy”.

My penis was erect and Ellie noticed the tent in my shorts. Reaching into my boxers she stroked my penis and said “I’m really looking forward to this weekend, Kathy and I are going to fuck you too guys silly”

Then Warren stood up and it was Kathy’s turn on her knees, we heard Kathy say "I’ve wanted to suck your cock for such a long, long time". We watched as Kathy took Warren’s penis into her mouth. I have never seen Kathy suck a cock with so much passion. She then took his penis from her mouth and ran her tongue along its shaft, and then she licked and sucked on each of his balls too.

Elle said “look she’s licking his asshole”, sure enough; Kathy was giving Warren a thorough rim job.

Warren moaned and put his hands on her head and guided her mouth back to the massive head of his penis. Kathy stared at it in awe as his penis had grown into an enormous fat cock and drop after drop of precum oozed from its opening. She looked up at Warren and said “from now on I will be your personal cock whore, I will do anything you want me to, anywhere, any place, and any time” Then kissed his penis and placed the tip in her mouth and sucked out his pre cum. then opening her mouth wider she took his penis into her mouth

Warren let out a moan as she sucked on the head of his cock. Kathy looked like she was in a trance hypnotized by the size of his penis. Warren had one hand on her head, and with the other hand he was jacking his cock off into her mouth. Again she shuttered with another orgasm.

Kathy sucked his penis as deep as she could. Warren took both hands and pulled her head down on his cock and pushed his hips forward. Ramming his cock down her throat, Kathy’s face went red, as he held his cock deep inside her throat. Then pulling it out, she gagged and gasped for her breath. Again he rammed his cock completely down her throat, until his balls were resting on her chin. Kathy’s face turned red and she was about to black out when he pulled his cock out, Kathy just had enough time to take a breath and he would ram his penis down her throat again . Throat fucking her, over and over again, then he released his grip on her head and said “Fuck that’s the best head I’ve ever had”

Kathy looked up at warren licking the saliva from the sides of his penis and said “even better than Ellie”

“Oh fuck way better

“Well you have the nicest cock I’ve ever sucked”

“Even better than Paul’s”

“I like sucking his cock too, but I love sucking your cock”

Licking his balls she looked at him and said, “You have the biggest cock I have ever seen, I’m so glad you guys like watching your wives fuck other men” looking into the hallway directly at Ellie and I

“Then you better hop on it and give it a ride before it’s too late” warren said

I took Ellie by the hand and led her into the bedroom, we were so horny watching Warren and Kathy, and we tore off what little clothing we had on. Ellie looked so fucking beautiful, when she had such lust in her eyes. Now it was my turn to fuck this incredible hot and sexy woman

In a mad frenzy she grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth. At this rate I was going to cum too soon, if I didn’t slow things down a bit. Taking my penis from her mouth, she lay down on the bed; her cunt was dripping in her juices. Caressing her thighs, I teasingly moved my tongue up and devoured her pussy. Ellie was bucking like a wild bronco, holding both hands on my head and rubbing my face with her cunt. Yelling “Oh FUCK”, “Oh fuck, you do that so fucking gooood!”

I turned her over and pulled her ass up in the doggie position. Spreading her ass cheeks I licked her brown bud and pushed two fingers filled with lube into her asshole. Both fingers went in easily as i started to stimulate her anal opening. Putting a large dab of lube on the end of my penis, I placed it on Elle’s ass hole. Elle looked at me and I said “just relax”

I started to push my penis into her ass hole. Ellie was so tight I said "are you ready"

She nodded her head, and I took hold of Ellie by the hips. Slowly increasing the pressure on her anus until the head of my penis entered her rectum.

“Oh Fuck!” her eyes closed tight, “take it out, it hurts”.

“Give it a minute, you will adjust to it”


I licked my fingers and fingered her clitoris and waited several minutes for her rectum to relax. It was so erotic; looking at Ellie’s tight round ass pushing up against my thighs with the head of my cock tightly imbedded in her rectum.

Just then we could hear Warren and Kathy in the bathroom. Warren was fucking Kathy hard up against the shower wall. Kathy squealing like a little puppy with its tail stuck in the door.

I pushed my penis half way into her ass. “Owww!” Elle cried out. I had just popped Elle’s anal cherry.

Again in the back ground, we could hear Warren drilling my wife, and Kathy moaning loudly in ecstasy.

I felt Elle’s asshole relax. I started fucking her ass slowly at first, then faster and faster.

Elle collapsed on the bed as I pumped my cock deep into her ass. The lube was doing its job and her tight asshole felt in creditably amazing. We were starting into a rhythm she was pushing back as I thrust forward; she fingered her clitoris and was cumming and cumming hard.

Kathy was back on her knees giving Warren the best head he ever had. We could her gag and gasp for breath as he throat fucked her again and again.

“I’m going to cum” he moaned

Kathy broke free from his grip he had on her head, “I want you to cum in my pussy again”

Warren picked her up with one hand around her waist and impaled her with his monster cock. Kathy moaned out loud, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and both her arms around his neck kissing him passionately. With both hands on her ass he pushed his cock up hard into her gaping cunt and fucked her on his huge flag pole.

We could hear Kathy moaning out loudly. Every other word that came out of her mouth was “Fucking”

“It feels so fucking good, fill me with your fucking cum, I want to feel you cumming in my fucking cunt”.

Warren grabbed hold of my wife’s ass and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. With a big grunt “Oh fuck ya!” Warren braced himself against the wall and filled her cunt with his seed.

Kathy screamed “Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming again”, Oh fuck Yes!

When I heard Kathy screaming in delight, I couldn’t hold on any longer. Pushing my cock balls deep into Ellie’s asshole she screamed “OH FUCK”. Her body shuttered and went tense. I could feel her shaking with her first intense, anal induced orgasm.

Squeezing on my cock with her sphincter and ass checks, I busted a nut like never before, empting my cock deep into Ellie’s asshole.

Elle and I were sitting in the living room when Warren came in the room followed by my wife.

Kathy said to Ellie “let’s go to bed, I’m tired, my pussy is so sore and full of cum and I want you to lick it out of me”.

Ellie stood up and we could see the wet spot on the ass of her pjs. Kathy took her by the hand pulling her towards the bed; Ellie said to Kathy “I have a surprise for you too”.

Warren looked at me and I said “I think Ellie will do anal for you from now on”.

I really enjoy your comments, if you liked this chapter and want to hear about the rest of the weekend let me know; I have more to tell, if there is interest.

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It sounds to me like Kathy wants to fuck Warren all the time so i think it is only as mater of time when she leaves her husband for Warren.......... I think Paul was an idiot allowing her to fuck Warren and now she only wants his huge cock inside her all the time..... both he and Ellie should get together and leazve their spouses and live togehter leaviing the other two alone ... they woulds be much better off

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"O" My, Danger, Danger !! I've been there-done that. It ended as a full swap and has lasted 42 years so far. It's been great BUT a lot of family repercussions since. Your writing is the greatest, but I'm wondering how much is real and how much is a dream. (countrycadillac)

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