Freshman year can be tough on some students
As a professor for the local university, the first week of college courses has always been my favorite, because it is the week that everyone, especially the young ladies, have dressed to impress. There is this desire to “flaunt the goods” to the opposite sex, which is expressed completely through the wearing of snug fitting tank top, short mini-skirts and shorts, or low-cut blouses that struggle to stay open , fully demonstrating a barrage of young delicious cleavage. As a professor, it is of course the school policy not to fraternize with the students, but that does not mean that I have not enjoyed the view presented to me as it walks past my desk, or displays itself from beneath the long classroom desks before me; after all, is it my fault that young college girls do not think to close their legs when relaxing too much in class?

This year was proving to be as rewarding as previous years, and perhaps even better; seeing that these new generations seem to push those clothing limits further than ever. The course is Freshman Composition, and to my pleasure, it is a required course for all new incoming students; thus giving me the chance to evaluate all the new flesh…ummm...students. For the first week, I was treated to these delicious beauties as they paraded one after another before me; happily smiling and wishing me a good morning. But then she walked in…Mai Lee. She was certainly not the first oriental student I have had, and to be honest, she was not the prettiest either, but for some reason, I was immediately captivated by her.

Mai Lee was what most would probably call the shy late bloomer of the class. Though very attractive, it was obvious that Mai Lee was yet to notice that fact. She was only about five foot tall, with her light bronze skin, and short cropped hair, but it was her eyes that really caught my attention; they were some of the brightest green eyes I had ever seen on a person. They were like two perfect emeralds placed in a soft painting of smooth skin and chiseled facial features. Her conservative, high-buttoned blouse and denim shorts seemed to fit loose enough as to not allow someone to fully assess her bodily form; and yet, it was still very obvious that this sweet thing seemed to have a lovely figure.

So why would she be considered such a late bloomer? Well, unlike most of the girls, she wore very little make-up; her clothes were very conservative, though ironed and maintained; and her apprehension and insecurity showed in every step she took. While the majority of the girls were anxiously conversing with other girls or flirting with the guys, Mai Lee sat in the back of the class with her face already buried in the required book for the course. No one approached her, and it was clear, she had no intention of approaching anyone else.

For the first three weeks of classes, I enjoyed the way that Brandy seemed to never wear panties beneath her mini-skirts, and Janie could not help but wear the most revealing of blouses, assuring the men in class that her DD breasts were there for their visual entertainment. There was also Monica, who I was quite sure made sure to drop her pencil every day just so that I could have the pleasure of watching her bend over to pic it back up. And yet, with all this eye-candy, I could not stop admiring the soft innocent beauty that held her lonely spot in the back of the class. By week three I noticed something else though; Mai Lee’s grades were severely low, almost to the point of failing. Though we had not talked much, I had learned that she had only been in the states for two years, and in spite of a great ability to speak English, she seemed to be struggling majorly with the ability to write it.

Upon handing back homework assignments, another assignment which left a poor score at the top of the page, I opted to ask Mai Lee to see me after class to discuss her work. Immediately she sunk down in her chair, noticing the “D” that had been placed at the top, giving me a slight embarrassed nod of her head in agreement. I finished teaching the class, and upon dismissing everyone, I watched as my young student made her way slowly up to my desk. For about ten minutes we discussed her struggles with the class, and she expressed her fear in failing. Apparently, her parents were spending every bit of their savings in order to see Mai Lee through college; she would be the first one in her family to ever do so. My heart was hurting for Mai Lee, but to be honest, so was my cock. As the conversation continued, I was finding it more and more difficult to just concentrate on her grades, because her soft tender voice combined by her beautiful gem-like eyes and left me far too distracted.

“Mai Lee, what if I were to tutor you, so that we can help bring this grade up? Normally I do not give extra credit work, but I am sure we can come up with some ways that we can get this grade up before it is too late.”

For the very first time in three weeks, I saw a large smile come across her face, making her even more beautiful. “Oh yes, please, I would be very grateful Mr. Davis. I will do anything it takes to get a better grade.”

For a moment I thought she was going to cry, and I patted her soft little hand with mine, and encouraged her to come back to my office that evening at 7:00 p.m.

I am sure the thoughts running through my mind from her statement were not exactly the kind of extra-credit Mai Lee was anticipating, but hey, a man has to have his fantasies. I found the rest of the afternoon difficult to concentrate. I finally headed home at 4:00 for dinner with the wife. As she told me about her day, I could still not get my little college girl out of my mind. I finally decided to take a hot shower to take my mind off of things, but instead found myself slowly stroking my shaft with the help of the soapy body wash, until I finally exploded a thick load of cum into the drain. Feeling a little less horny, I quickly got dressed and then finally made my way back up to my office.

Even though I was early, there was Mai Lee sitting at the chair outside my door, with book bag in hand; but she had changed clothes. For the first time, Mai Lee was wearing a pair of white shorts and a snug fitting t-shirt. My eyes could not help but examine her body briefly, admiring her perfectly toned legs, and B sized breasts.

“Good evening Mr. Davis,” she smiled, “I really am grateful for this chance.” Her voice trembled a little, but she quickly stood up and followed me into the classroom.

“Mai Lee, I must ask you a question before we begin. This building is usually completely empty, and I am an older man all alone with a young college student; are you worried about being alone with me? If you are, I could always find someone in class that could help you.

“Oh please no Mr. Davis. I get pretty shy around other people. I not worry about being alone with you. I know you want help me.”

I smiled, pleased that I would have this time with her; though now trying harder not to fantasize about her in the same manner that I had done in the shower only an hour earlier. For the first hour, time seemed to fly as we spent more time talking about the little village that Mai Lee had moved from in Cambodia. Her parents had moved her here to give her opportunities for a better life, and though she was not fond of school, Mai Lee had no intention of disappointing them in their efforts. Finally, we started studying, and it was very obvious that this was going to take more than one counseling session. As Mai Lee worked through a few sentences, struggling with each one, I would offer words of advice and understanding, allowing my hands to pat or rub on her back, hand, and even once, her bare knee. At no point did she tense up though, and before long, I noticed that she was touching me back.

As we started our third hour of talking and tutoring, I could not help but notice that neither of us seemed like we were prepared for it to stop. I was telling her jokes to relax her, and she was even starting to show some understanding, which made her even happier. The fact was though, the more time I spent, the more I found myself touching her or stealing glances downward at her breasts, which, thanks to pats on her back and the perkiness of her nipples, was sure had no bra on them. I decided that I had to feel them, even if it was just a quick brush against them; and in an effort to reach for a book on the other side of her, I allowed my arm to “accidentally” glide against one of her soft perky globes.

Rather than feigning an apology, I simply acted as though it had not happened, but tried to notice if there was a response from Mai Lee. It seemed that she started to blush a little, but remained quiet, not sure if I even realized I had done it. I pulled my hand back to my lap, and while she looked at the place I pointed to the book, my eyes went down to her breasts again, and could not help but notice that her nipples had both hardened even more beneath her tight t-shirt. They were obviously very erect, as they pushed aggressively at the thin cotton fabric.

“So how do you like America, Mai Lee? Are you making a lot of friends?”

“I like America very much, but to be honest, have not made many friends. My parents paid for private dorm room, and I am too shy to really meet people. In fact, you are person I have talked to most since I started school.” As she looked down timidly, I think she must have noticed how large her nipples had tightened up, and she embarrassedly crossed her arms to try to hide them.

“I am sorry, if you do not want to talk about this, we do not have to.” I knew she was hiding her nipples, but I wanted her to think she made me feel strange about the question.

“Oh no Mr. Davis, I like talking to you; you can ask me anything you like.” Her smile was reassuring, but her arms stayed crossed.

“Well, I could not help but notice your crossed your arms quickly; in reading your body language, I was worried I must have said something wrong. I just want you to know that I do not want you to feel like you cannot talk to me if you need to.”

Her head bowed down a little, and she kind of stammered in a soft, almost absent voice, “I am sorry, I … well, I was embarrassed; that is why I crossed my arms.”

“Embarrassed? Oh sweetheart, you do not have to be embarrassed about needing help with a language you are not used to. I am happy to help you as much as you like.” I knew that this was not what she was embarrassed about, but wanted to not push to fast.

“No Mr. Davis, not embarrassed about that…it is just that…well…oh, never mind.” Her shyness started to kick back in, but I wanted to see if she would actually tell me.

“It is okay Mai Lee, how can I help you if you do not tell me what it is. What are you embarrassed about?”

For a moment, the room went quiet, and my young student lowered her head really low, and once again muttered out her response; “My …ummm…breasts…ummmm…my nipples were getting really big from you accidentally touching them.”

Wow, she actually said it. Now for a moment, I was the speechless one.

“I am so sorry Mai Lee, I did not realize…I mean, I did not mean to…well, you know.”

“Oh no Mr. Davis, I know it was an accident…” immediately her tone went to one of comforting but then right back to shy, “it is just that they get really…ummm…hard…when I get excited.”

Well, this was the conversation I had hoped for, but the question now was, how long I could keep it going; and was I really prepared to see how far it would go.

“Ohhhhh, I understand. Believe me; I had no intention of making you feel awkward,” trying to convince her again that it was an accident.

“It is okay Mr. Davis, I guess I am not used to being touched there by someone else, I know you did not mean to.”

“I would have figured that a lovely young lady like you would have at least had some experience by now, but do not worry, your time will come soon enough.” I was hoping much sooner than later.

“Yes, that is what my mother told me when I talked to her about it.”

“Did you talk to your mother about boys, or just about teachers that accidentally brushed past you?” My joke made her giggle for a couple seconds, before she gently smacked me on the arm and said, “No silly, just that I seem to…you know…well…” her words got lost in her embarrassment, so I helped finish her sentence for her.

“Get excited easily?” I grinned.

“Yes…and it happens a lot.” Immediately she dropped her head again, realizing how that must have sounded to her professor. I reached forward with my hand and gently lifted her face till she was looking at me with those lovely eyes. Her hands slowly lowered back to the desktop, indicating that she was relaxing a little.

“Look Mai Lee, there is nothing wrong with getting excited, or even with being curious about sexual things. In fact, at your age, I would be really concerned if you were not thinking about some of those things.”

Mai Lee smiled back at me, “Really? It is just that it seems that I get…ummm, excited a lot lately. It embarrasses me when it happens. Especially at times like this.” Her head dropped back down, and for a moment the silence once again took over. I was dying to saying more…do more, but was not sure how to continue. Finally, I swallowed hard and decided to just go for it.

Slowly I moved my hand forward, and allowed the tip of one finger to caress the still swollen nipple, gently rubbing it. Mai Lee’s eyes open wider as she looked back at me nervously.

“Mr. Davis, what are you doing?” she asked, but not moving her arms to stop me.

Allowing more of my hand to begin rubbing against her breast now, I smiled back saying, “Mai Lee, there are a number of ways I can help you as your professor. If you would like me to stop, I will; and I will hope completely that you will not report this. But, if you are curious, perhaps I can help you with this other problem of yours as well.”

I could feel her body tensed up, as her nipple hardened even more against my embrace. As she stared back nervously at first, slowly she closed her eyes and allowed a quiet moan to escape. “Mmmmm, I think I might like that Mr. Davis.” As her eyes opened back up, she bit her lower lip, enjoying my touch as my hand moved to her other breast, repeating the gentle caressing action.

“How much would you like to learn from me Mai Lee? I would never want to force you into anything you do not want to do.”

She opened her eyes and stared deeply into mine with one of the most innocent, sexy looks I have ever seen on a woman; “Please teach me everything Mr. Davis.”

With that, my hands moved to the bottom of her t-shirt, and slowly I slid the cotton fabric up over her head, immediately revealing her luscious breasts to the cool air of the office. My office had no windows, and even though she did not know it, I had locked the door when we had come in, so I was sure we had all the privacy required. I leaned my face downward, and began teasing one of her hard erect nipples with my tongue, before slowly drawing it into my mouth. Mai Lee moaned out again, as she closed her eyes and relaxed a little in her chair.

For a few minutes, I just savored the sweet taste of her flesh; as the aroma of her vanilla body spray filled my nostrils. She started squirming a little in her chair, so I reluctantly released my hold, and stood up before her. I then stood her up next to me, and realized just how large my frame was next to this petite little thing. At 6’ tall and about 225 pounds, I hovered over her 95 pound body. I picked her up easily, and placed her in a sitting position on the edge of my desk, then leaned in to kiss her lips for the first time. As our lips met, I could feel her body trembling. Slowly I pressed my tongue inside her mouth, parting her tender lips. My hands slid down her body, once again caressing her breasts before moving down lower to her white shorts. My hands squeezed at the sides of her small firm ass cheeks, once again eliciting a moan. My hands moved toward the front of her shorts, and quickly opened the button and slid down the zipper.

I broke our kiss, and began kissing my way down her neck, then down her soft perky breasts past her belly, and the finally to the edge of her pink panty line. I glanced up at Mai Lee, and her eyes were fixated on the site of me. I pulled my chair beneath me, and sat down between those lovely thighs, gently working off her shorts and panties at the same time. Before me was her beautiful pussy, perfectly trimmed with a small line of hair ascending upward. I dropped her shorts and panties to the floor, spread her legs gently apart, and eagerly moved myself even closer to this young beauty. Mai Lee leaned back on my desk, bracing herself as my tongue made its first teasing touch at her pussy. Goosebumps immediately covered her flesh as I masterfully began feasting. It only took a matter of seconds after my tongue made a long thrust up her slit, then teasingly running circles around her clit that Mai Lee exploded in orgasm against my face. I was shocked how fast she had cum, but eagerly began thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy, anxious to feast on her juices. The more I feasted, the more Mai Lee seemed to explode. I had never seen a woman cum so hard and fast in my life.

My cock was throbbing in my jeans from the excitement my little oriental girl was expressing. I hungrily devoured her through a series of explosive orgasms, only aroused more and more by each one. Finally Mai Lee pushed my head backwards, and begged me to stop. Again, reluctantly I pulled my mouth off of this lovely, and allowed her a moment to catch her breath.

“Ohhhhh Mr. Davis, that was incredible. I have never felt anything so amazing in my life.” Slowly she sat back up straight on my desk, still panting from her orgasms. Her eyes were a little glossy as her breasts heaved up and down with her breathing.

“Have you ever performed oral on a man?” I asked, curious to see how far she was still willing to go.

“No Mr. Davis. I have never done anything with a man.” Again the shy embarrassed look covered her face. After a short pause though, she said, “But I would love for you to teach me how.”

Music to my ears. I stood up and then brought her up to a standing position in front of me. “Unzip my pants.” I commanded.

Though a little hesitant, Mai Lee’s tiny fingers reached forward and unbuttoned the button, and then slowly slid down the zipper.

“Now pull them down.”

She complied, this time a little less hesitant. As her hands worked my pants downward, her luscious green eyes quickly fixated upon the thick long bulge pressing at my briefs. I stepped out of my pants, and then ordered her to remove my briefs. Mai Lee obediently complied, watching my cock slap against my abdomen after getting caught on the elastic waistband.

As I stepped out of my briefs, I just set there and enjoyed the view of my Asian doll admiring my hard cock. “Go on, stroke it for me.” Her hands happily reached for it, and I was immediately rewarded with the feel of ten silk fingers gliding up and down my cock.

“Now make sure to explore my balls while you stroke my cock. Men love to have them teased and caressed.” As I spoke, Mai Lee obeyed. With each instruction I gave her, her hands immediately delivered.

“Okay Mai Lee, see that cum starting to ooze out of the tip?” She nodded as her fingernails gently scraped across my balls and her hand continued stroking up and down on my shaft. “I want you to lick it all off.” Her hand pulled my shaft forward, and her small tongue stretched out and began rubbing at the small stream of precum. I moaned as she pressed the head inside her mouth and began teasing it with her tongue; making sure to continue sucking any small drops that may escape.

“MMMmm….fuck Mai Lee….,” I mumbled, “Fuck girl, now…mmmm…work more of it into your mouth. Men love to see how much of their cock a woman can get into her mouth and throat.” With that, Mai Lee dropped completely to her knees, and hungrily began working her mouth up and down on my shaft; making sure to force it deeper with each thrust. Her mouth was small, and her throat was even smaller, but she worked to shove at least 5” of my 8” cock inside before gagging a little.

“It is okay dear, practice makes perfect. But you are doing incredible.” My hand moved to the back of her head, gently pulling at it as my hips began slowly thrusting back and forth, eager to fuck her mouth to completion. The more I moaned, the more eagerly she sought to suck it. As I stared down that this lovely creature, I could feel the hot cum starting to boil to the surface. I knew I was running out of time.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth or pull out?” I asked, wanting to not push her too far at first. But instead of answering, Mai Lee simply began pumping her head even faster and deeper on my cock. My hips began bucking faster, as I moved the second hand to the back of her head, hungrily fucking her tiny mouth with everything I had.

“Ohhhhhhh, shit….fuck….Mai Lee…..fuuuuuuu….” With one last thrust, I fired my hot cum into Mai Lee’s small mouth, surprised at her willingness to immediately swallow every drop of it. She seemed nearly possessed as she devoured my cock through my orgasm, causing my knees to quake beneath me. Though my orgasm subsided, I could not bring myself to stop her from her duties. For at least five more minutes, she continued to suck me back to life.

I could not wait to feel myself inside this wonderful thing, so I pulled her back up and once again hoisted her small frame back up onto to the desk. Mai Lee watched as I stepped forward, guiding my cock toward her virgin opening. I leaned down and kissed her deeply, once again allowing her tongues tangle together as I push my cock gently inside her tight slit. Her body tensed up as I penetrated her, so I wrapped my arm down around her waist, and kissed her even more passionately. Inch after thick inch began working inside, only to come to her tight hymen. I knew this would hurt her, but rather than stop, I pulled her tighter to me, and quickly thrust past the tender flesh. Mai Lee gasped out into my mouth as the sharp pain confirmed her completion into womanhood. I held her tight, making sure to give her a moment to adjust, then slowly continued to push my way inside.

Her pussy was so fucking tight as it gripped and pulled at my cock. My hands slid back to her ass as I slowly began pumping small steady strokes back and forth inside her. My fingers slid beneath her, and began teasing at her ass as my cock developed a steady rhythm. It was obvious that the pain was subsiding by the way Mai Lee began meeting each thrust with a thrust of her own. I moved my mouth down to one of her breasts, and sucked on it much harder than I had done previously. Immediately it hardened against my tongue as her areola wrinkled around it. Mai Lee reached her hand up to the back of my head, and drew me tight against her breasts.

“Oh Mr. Davis…mmmmm…you feel so…mmmmmmmm…good inside….ooooohhhh…”

Her words drifted off as I began making my strokes even deeper and faster. I was finding it difficult to completely penetrate her with the full 8 inches of my cock; but that does not mean I did not try. Gentle changed to hard, and slow changed to fast as I began truly fucking my young little vixen. Her moans were no longer quiet as she felt my thick shaft spreading her open like she has never been opened before. All of a sudden, her body exploded in another violent orgasm, only more violent that the one previous. Her nails dug at my shoulders as I pulled her up off the desk and spun her around, pressing her tight against the wall. The more she gasped out, the harder I fucked her. As second, then a third….and a fourth; each orgasm even stronger than the first, to the point that she almost blacked out as she bounced violently up and down on my shaft.

I could feel a second load of cum boiling up from my balls, and even more violently pumped Mai Lee up and down on my cock. Finally, with one hard deep thrust upward, I drove my cock in as deep as I could, and filled her with my hot cum. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded through my body as her cunt milked my cock dry. I finally collapsed down into my chair, making sure to maneuver Mai Lee safely upon my lap. For a few moments we just held each other as our bodies began to calm down. I looked at the clock, and realized that it was almost 10:00, and knew my wife would be wondering where I was. We both helped each other clean up and get dressed. As we left the office, I gave Mai Lee one last long deep kiss, and asked her if she would like more tutoring in the future.

“Yes Mr. Davis, I have a feeling that there are a lot of things I need to be taught. Can you help me again tomorrow night?” With that, I gave her ass one last squeeze and headed off toward home. My wife was already in bed, so I opted to shower downstairs, and then join her. But the thoughts of Mai Lee were still flooding through my mind, and as I cuddled up next to her, she felt the growing thickness of my cock.

“Oh honey, did you come home horny to your wife…well, you have not used my ass in a while, how about you let me use that big cock of yours to take care of that. Needless to say, the fact that I had already cum twice, and the fact that I could still taste Mai Lee’s pussy in my mouth, I fucked that ass hard and long. What a great night…a night I hope to repeat.

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