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A continuation of "A New Day, A New Me"
Welcome back to more of the A New Day, A New Me, for those looking for info on the characters this is a continuation of the series. I’m jumping ahead in the timeline but will explain in the story. Enjoy.

After all the shit that happened with Derek and Heather at the beginning of the year I can safely say that the rest of the school year went really well. My sister Elizabeth found herself a boyfriend, some straight laced guy in the choir at the local church named Greg of all things. The girls and I got things worked out with a little negotiating on my part, Katy and Kori got along just fine but Mathilda felt left out a lot of the time. Kori hooked her and Katy up with some shopping days and they bonded, thank god too considering I didn’t really need a girl fight.

Jun on the other hand seemed like his world went straight shit sideways when his girlfriend Lilly got all weirded out not feeling like one of the crew and made some advances to me to be ‘one of the girls’. I knew what it’d do to Jun and turned her down which really doesn’t go over well, they haven’t been together for the rest of the year and Jun’s been real quiet about a lot. He’s been there for the others but real quiet.

The best thing going on in my world right now is the same thing going on for everyone right now, summer vacation in two days. Everyone in the school is acting like dogs in the kennel for too long and wanting to get out. It’s a Wednesday after school and all of us are at home eating dinner when it hits me, Mom and Dad are really quiet and have been since we got home. I let it be and head to my room after dinner. It’s about seven at night when I get a knock on my door, its Liz and she’s waving me out of my room. Ever have that feeling where you’re walking into a bad surprise, I get into the living room and I see Mom and Dad sitting in their recliners and some guy in a suit sitting on the couch.

“Hi there, you must be Guy. I’ve heard a lot about you,” the suit says standing up, six feet tall Caucasian, decent build and his suit is pretty nice. I can’t seem to place his accent but he sounds redneck.

“Okay, Dad did I do something wrong,” I ask looking at everyone in the room.

“Guy you should sit down and listen to Mr. Delauter for a minute,” Dad says motioning me to the loveseat.

“Well I’m here on behalf of your mother Guy,” the suit tells me as we both sit down.

“Okay, she’s right there,” I say nodding to Mom in the recliner, I see Mr. Delauter frown at the reference.

“No Guy, I mean your real mother, Loretta,” the suit says, I can feel my stomach tighten and start to feel sick.

Dad is looking at me as the suit tells me about how my ‘mother’ rehabbed a year ago, got a hold of money and paid off all her back child support. I feel cold as mom moves over to the loveseat with me as he tells me she has filed and received summer visitation rights.

“I’m not going,” I say cutting Mr. Delauter off.

“I’m sorry son, but the law is clearly defined. Your mother having paid her dues and being clean and sober for a year gets her visitation rights,” Mr. Delauter tells me taking some papers out of his briefcase.

“First off I’m NOT your son, don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. That ‘woman’ doesn’t deserve a visit from me behind plate glass,” I tell him hotly getting up from the couch.

“She does and she’s entitled to six weeks this summer starting in two days,” Mr. Delauter says standing up,” I’ll be at the airport to take him back to Texas ten in the morning day after tomorrow.”

“My son will be there, you understand something Mr. Delauter,” My dad says standing up,” You want to help my ex wife, fine. You want to take her in and marry her, fine. But you asked for more trouble than you know how to deal with cause you want six weeks with MY son at your home.”

I freeze at what Dad says, he’s gonna let them take me. I get off the loveseat and stomp back to my room; as soon as I’m in I grab a bag and start packing. Its a few minutes when Dad gets to my room; I don’t even turn to greet him.

“Packing for your trip,” Dad asks leaning in the doorway.

“Gonna make a run for it,” I tell him rolling a few shirts up.

“No you’re not,” Dad says taking the bag,” I’ve been to the courts about this for months now. This is all legal and Loretta gets her six weeks Guy.”

“You knew,” I ask shocked,” you knew that she was trying this and you didn’t tell me?”

“I’ve been at court on this, going through hearings. I didn’t want this for you,” Dad tells me.

I shake my head, 6 weeks with a woman I haven’t seen or wanted to see in seven years, now my Dad says I have no choice and I have to go. I don’t even say anything when dad leaves; I just lock my door and shut down. I get knocking after a half hour but ignore it and head to sleep.

Last day of school being a half day everyone is talking about their plans in my crew. It takes a while before everyone realizes I’m in a grim mood, even Jun is talking about summer. Finally Natsuko decides to break the silence.

“So what is our brooding leader doing this summer,” Natsuko asks.

Katy and Liz get really quiet, I know they heard what happened last night and I’m waiting for Liz to drop the bombshell. The others at the table start getting nervous so I decide to drop the summer bombshell. I watch their faces some grim, some shocked.

“So are you going to be okay,” Jun asks me breaking the silence.

“Okay and me are not good friends right now,” I reply from my hood.

“Hey man, I’ll take care of the girls while you’re gone,” Jun tells me.

The whole table starts laughing about it; I even manage a chuckle out. We settle down but I’m still in a bad way when Kori nods for me to head outside. I leave the table and follow her out, it takes me a second but I know Katy is following me. I see her stop in front of the school offices and sit down on the concrete planter, guess this is one of those moments.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this,” Kori asks.

“I found out about it last night, thought about making a run for it but my Dad shut that idea down,” I tell Kori sitting down next to her.

“Okay Kori, Guy should have told you,” Katy cuts in standing in front of us,” but this is trauma drama shit happened to him last night, when he pulled me out of my shit I didn’t have my head on straight for days. You two plan a going away thing for just the two of you tonight; I’ll talk to Mathilda and let her know.”

And just like that Katy is gone and Kori and I are left alone on the planter. I put my arm around her and she cuddles inside my coat, even in the summer I keep the leather jacket with hood on. After a few minutes I feel Korinna rustling around in my pockets and watcher her take my phone out. Quickly she gets up and starts going through my numbers, I almost protest but I see her make a call.

“Hi Mr. Donnelly… no it’s not Guy its Korinna… No Guy is fine… no he didn’t make a run for it… yes I will make sure he’s fine… Mr. Donnelly I’m going to borrow my boyfriend till tonight if that’s okay with you and Mrs. Donnelly,” is what I get to hear from Kori on my phone with my Dad,” Yes I’ll have him back tonight thank you.”

“Did you just make my plans for the evening,” I ask Kori taking back my phone.

“Yes I did sir, you will sit and you will like it,” Kori tells me taking out her own phone and start making a call, I hear her talking to her folks.

I get up and head back to the cafeteria; I see the rest of the crew still plotting their fun. I honestly worry about what’s gonna happen with my own trip. I push that shit down and grabbing my bag head off to home room for my midday last class.

Final bell comes and the flood gates open for screaming teenagers to drive, run and bike or skate he hell off school grounds. I hang around and watch most leave when I get a text from Kori saying she’s getting her mom’s van and to stay put. I sit my ass down on a bench and watch the whole school clear out in a record time. As I’m sitting there I feel that pull again, I should run. I start to get up and move when a hand grabs me from behind and sits me back down on the bench. Two hands set on my shoulders and start rubbing.

“Now you wouldn’t be thinking of running would you Guy,” I hear Katy ask me from behind,” cause I’ve got this promise I made to your Dad, my Guardian, that I wouldn’t let you go running off.”

“Yeah well my options are getting really slim and to be honest I’m feeling like I’m getting sentenced to a jail term,” I tell Katy from my hood.

“Hey I know bad too Guy, you saw it and took pictures for fuck’s sake,” Katy says moving to sit next to me,” But you need to do something for the rest of the crew.”

“And now the mantle of leadership is firmly on,” I say chuckling,” what needs doing cause I could use some violence.”

Katy gets up and I follow her back into the school, we hit the Gym and head back to the storage room. She pulls one door open and ushers me inside, as soon as I’m in I watch Katy pull the door closed behind us. It’s mostly dark but we have enough light to see most everything in the room, cages with balls, athletic equipment and floor mats for padding. I get the idea and put Katy up against a wall and shove my tongue in her mouth, it takes her a second before she warms up a little. After a few seconds of kissing Katy backs me off of her.

“Not for me, not this time champ. This is for Jun,” Katy tells me pointing around a corner.

I take a quick look around the corner and see Lilly standing nervously around like she’s waiting for someone. I take a better look at her, she’s about 5’6” glasses and short black hair around her ears, she’s a heavier set not too fat but defiantly not curvy like Kori, her breasts are smaller than I thought for a bigger girl but her ass is big and round like Katy’s. I turn back to Katy who shrugs at me.

“Is this seriously what you brought me in here for,” I ask Katy in whisper.

“Okay, Jun knows she wants this, she has been wanting to get back with Jun but she feels like an outsider all the time,” Katy tells me,” Give her one and tell her to get a hooded coat and it’s over.”

“Not a fuckstick for the student body Katy,” I say shaking my head,” is Jun hanging around?”

She shakes her head and I adjust my hood and go around the corner to where Lilly can see me. She’s a little startled at first but I watch her start to take off her coat and I stop her.

“You know what happens next,” I ask Lilly.

“Ummm, we make love and you let me be part of your group,” Lilly taking her coat off.

“Lilly, you were already part of the group. Unless you are wanting to be girlfriend number four and I’ve got no need for a fourth girlfriend,” I tell Lilly pulling my hood back,” Now as for a fucking it’s your asshole, are you sure you want that.”

I watch Lilly’s eyes go wide with a little shock; it’s the only thing I can think of to get Lilly to back down from trying to jump into my pants. I know that I can hit it and probably get a new member to the ‘fan club’ but Jun’s been really hurt over it if he found out that I’d be out a friend and I don’t have too many guy friends. I motion for Lilly to sit down which she does after some hesitation; I crouch down in front of her.

“You don’t want to fuck me Lilly. You really want to be one of this crew again,” I ask her from my hood.

I see her nod in response then look over my shoulder; I turn to see Katy standing behind me. I refocus on Lilly.

“You go back to your man; you make it right and whole. Are we clear,” I ask Lilly.

She nods and stands up quickly, trying to get out of the room. As she starts past me I take her by the arm.

“Us not having sex isn’t because I have some obligation to my girls or because I don’t think parts of you wouldn’t look good wrapped around my dick,” I tell her seeing her eyes brighten a little.

I give Lilly I quick hug and let her go before sitting down on the padding where she was sitting. I watch Katy see Lilly off and out before she comes back over and stands before me.

“So are you not interested get some anymore,” Katy asks.

I stand up quickly taking Katy by the back of the head and jam my tongue in her mouth, she grabs the back of my head and we have a mouth war to see who survives. After a minute or two she breaks kiss and I turn around and throw her down onto the stacked padding. Katy’s wearing a short cut leather jacket with a hood, black tank top and a red plaid schoolgirl skirt, it’s her white and pink skull panties I’m interested in. I reach down and pull them off to her knees and bury my face in shaved punk pussy.

As soon as my tongue hits Katy’s clit she grabs my head and makes sure I seem to find the right spot for the moment. I use one hand to undo my pants and the other to hold Katy’s hips in place as she squirms. I move my tongue from her clit to her hole and get as much inside her as I can. I let her moan a little more before I take my face away from Katy’s pussy and pushing her knees up to her chest stuff my cock into her pussy. I sink in thanks to how wet she is and waste no time pounding as hard as can into Katy. It takes her a minute to get her panties off one leg and when she does she spreads wide for me and grabs the back of my head to make eye contact.

“I’ve been on the pill for months now, you better fucking cum in me or I swear to god you’ll…,” is all I let Katy get out as I put my hand on her throat and keep air from getting to her.

I keep my pounding of her pussy up and start to get that tingle at the base of my cock. I hold out just enough to see Katy’s eyes start to roll up in her head and letting go of her throat dump a hard load into her pussy. Air getting to her plus my orgasm sets Katy off like a demon as she wraps her legs around me and squeezes out her own orgasm while nearly crushing my testicles against her ass. It’s hard and wet grinding for us and after a few minutes Katy finally lets me out of her pussy.

I pull out and stand up, after getting myself adjusted I check the door, nobody in sight to be found. I come back to Katy; she looks like she’s in her own personal heaven as I lay down next to her.

“I swear to god I am gonna figure out how your cock knows right where my G spot is beats the shit out of it,” Katy tells me smiling.

“Well you’ve been dying for a creampie so I figured since you were so hot for a sex show I’d make you a sex show,” I tell her grinning back.

Katy get herself to a bathroom and I take the men’s room to wash my cock off. Only been forty five minutes since school got out, but when I exit the bathroom Katy is waiting for me. Both our phones go off and I load up a video message from Jun, I see Asian ass and Asian cock fucking and just chuckle.

“Okay now I seriously think that’s hilarious,” Katy says watching the clip.

“Hey they’re back together and that makes shit good in the crew,” I tell Katy as we exit the Gym.

I decide to take a bus back home while I let Korinna plan the going away thing. Katy doesn’t say much to on the trip home but I know she’s concerned for me. As soon as I’m in the door I see that Mom and Dad are home in the middle of the day on a Thursday. I don’t even make eye contact as I head past them in the living room and get to packing for my ‘vacation’. A knock on my door that I don’t answer brings my Dad into the room.

“So I thought you and Kori were doing something,” he asks sitting in my computer chair.

I shrug loading up a orange coverall I wore for Halloween one year into my bag, I figure on packing workout clothes, the basics along with my phone and iPod. Also gotta wear my coat, Jun said I’m pretty recognizable with it so it’s a part of everything that isn’t a family function.

“You gonna keep hating me forever about this,” Dad asks calmly.

“You gave me your word; you swore to me that she would never touch my life again. Now here I am with good things going on and she gets to drag me away from it cause you couldn’t keep your word,” I tell my Dad hotly.

I can see his face; he’s pissed and wants to hit someone. I’d let him hit me too, not for some bullshit way out but just to get some pain in my system so I don’t feel so damn numb. After unclenching his fists I see Dad calm down.

“They filed for custodial rights. Delauter is a good lawyer but Loretta’s record kept it from happening. She couldn’t get partial but with the child support paid and the agreement that there would be a family therapist down there that you and her would have to meet I agreed to the six weeks. Once you turn seventeen it’s all your decision, but this is the way this has to go now,” Dad tells me getting up and placing his hand on my shoulder.

“I’d rather go to jail,” I tell him scared.

“Yeah I know, we cancelled the family trip till August just so you can get back and be with the family. I got you a cash card and will be putting a hundred and fifty dollars in it each week so I know you can eat and have some fun there,” Dad says showing me the card,” I will not tell you it’s going to be easy down there but you hold out and you’ll have family and all those girls of yours when you get home.”

I smirk a little and Dad gives me a hug before stepping out of the room. I quietly finish packing when I get a text message about an hour later from Kori telling me to come over and look nice. It takes me a few minutes to get some slacks on and a white button up shirt before grabbing my coat and heading out the front door.

It’s a cool afternoon walk to Kori’s parent’s home. It takes me a half hour to get there and when I do I see no vehicles their home. I knock on the door and wait about a minute before Kori greets me in her in a t shirt, jeans and an apron.

“Hi honey, go sit and watch TV and you will go nowhere else in the house,” Kori tells me without even a kiss hello.

I get inside and close the door after me, I try to follow Kori but she gives me the ‘look’ and I back down and get on the couch. I can smell cooking going on but Kori’s never cooked before as far as I know. I get a sci fi show on and chill out trying to ignore this trip of mine. I watch a whole hour before Kori finally comes out of the kitchen and heads up stairs.

“Go sit down at the table and wait for me please,” Kori asks heading up.

At the table I’m looking at some pan cooked chicken with potatoes and green beans. I glance into the kitchen and see a lot of dirty dishes, I figure she must have been doing this since she got in. I hear foot falls coming up behind me; I turn and freeze as I see Kori. It’s her beautiful frame clad in simple white cotton sundress, I honestly am stunned by her and she smiles at my reaction.

“Okay honey, eat something,” Kori says smiling.

She sits and we eat, it’s really good food. We don’t talk for a bit but I can see she wants to say something. I get my plate finished and wait for her to say what she needs to say.

“Okay, girls and I put it to a vote. We’re giving you a pass on the lack of notice with vacation and Mathilda says she gets you first when you get back,” Kori tells me taking a drink of milk.

“Okay, I can accept that. I’m sorry for…,” is all I get out when she cuts me off.

“I don’t want sorry baby, I don’t need it. We’re all giving you a free pass for six weeks down there as long as you don’t get anyone pregnant,” Kori says smiling.

“It’s gonna be a prison sentence for me Kori,” I let out exasperated.

“Yeah, since me you got more girls beating down your door and I’m glad to know you waved off Lilly earlier,” Kori says with her knowing smile,” but you are going to get laid down there and I am not worried after tonight.”

I want to ask but she gets up and takes my hand, I follow her up the stairs and when we get to her bedroom she sits me down on her bed and starts stripping me down till I’m naked. I watch from the foot of the bed as she undoes the knots on her sundress and lets it fall to the floor, as soon as it’s down she moves in and kisses me deep laying me down on her bed. I put my arm around Kori and back us both up till my head is on her bed pillows. Kori has no lingerie on and our bodies are pressed together as we kiss softly.

I am harder than Chinese calculus as we’re rubbing against each other, I try to move Kori down to see if I can get a blowjob but she breaks the kiss and I can see she’s got a different plan.

“I’m not gonna go down on you Guy, I’m gonna make love to you,” Kori tells me quietly.

I feel her hands reach down and find my cock while Kori shifts her body and straddles my hips. She leans up a little and raises her hips off of me and after lining my cock head up with her pussy I slide in till our hips are flat against each other. Slowly Kori starts moving, it’s soft and warm inside her and I let her sit upright. I watch her b cup breast slowly rock back and forth as Kori grinds on me deep. I can see we’re feeling every inch of each other and I start to run my hands up and down Kori’s body. She starts moaning from everything and I’m loving the feeling as she builds herself up to her first orgasm, I feel her pussy contract and see Kori bite her bottom lip while I us my hands to hold her in place and rid out her orgasm.

After a couple minutes Kori starts moving again, not softly grinding this time but bouncing with purpose. All I can hear is Kori moaning and our hips smacking together, it’s great but if this is what has to carry me through for six weeks I want a memory. I sit my torso up and using one arm to prop myself up I wrap the other up around Kori’s body, I let her lean back and we reposition my legs under me. As soon as we’re both upright and holding each other I start thrusting up into Kori while she pushes down onto my lap. It’s not as soft as when we start but it feels close and warm and I’m getting that tingle at the base of my cock.

“Cum in me baby, I want to feel you cum in me,” Kori says right before kissing me as passionately as she can.

I’m so into what is going on with the mood and everything from the day that my first shot surprises Kori as much as me but as soon as it does all I can do is clench up and lose my breath panting against Kori. I think I feel her cum as well but I’m so far gone into my own I barely notice.

I’m all tense as Kori helps lay me down on my back the lets me fall out of her and cuddles up on my right side gently rubbing my chest. I drift off to sleep in a wonderfully warm place.

Of all the ways to wake up, in my girl’s be with her and us both being under the cover’s makes up for the six foot five black stepdad waking me. I startle a little but calm down when I see he’s not pissed. I crawl out of Kori’s grasp and get my clothes on after Carl, her stepdad, leaves. I’m almost off the bed from getting my pants on when Kori comes to her senses and latches onto me.

“Hey you stay tonight, I’m not letting you go till six in the morning,” Kori tells me sleepily.

“I’ll be back baby, your dad summoned me,” I tell her heading out of the room.

I get down stair and see Mary, Kori’s mom sitting down at the dining room table. I check the clock and see it’s only ten at night but she looks like she’s wide awake. I take a seat as Carl brings me a glass of water and heads up to bed.

“You want to run from this don’t you,” Mary says breaking the silence.

“Like nothing else in my life,” I reply.

“But you won’t will you,” Mary asks me.

“I can’t ma’am. Even if I could get away and not have my father hunt me down I can’t leave Kori or Katy or Mathilda,” I tell her feeling resigned to the fate.

“We’ve never talked but I’m going to let you in on a secret. She’s too good for you; she is a beautiful girl who needs a man that is going to be there for her in the long run. That’s not you is it,” Mary says to me coldly.

I’m floored we’ve always gotten along with Mary before and now I’m being told that I’m not what she wants for her daughter. I sit there downcast wondering how my life went straight to shit when a hand on my shoulder snaps me to reality; it’s Kori in her bathrobe with a really sour look on her face.

“Mom that is so not funny,” Kori scolds.

That’s when Mary and Carl start laugh where they stand or sit. I look up at Mary and she is dying in her chair. I really want to be angry with her but I’m all out of emotion other than what I have for Kori right now. I stumble my ass back up stairs while Kori talks to her Mom. I get undressed and curl back up in Kori’s bed, she rejoins me a few minutes later.

“Mom and Carl have been wanting to pull a joke on you for a while,” Kori tells me cuddling up,” I’m really sorry baby.”

I nod lightly and curl my body around hers and drift back to sleep. The alarm for six goes off and I rush out of bed and quickly get dressed, Kori gets dressed as well putting on a pair of capri pants and button up blouse. Kori says bye to her parents and we load up into her mom’s van and head back to my home.

Once I’m inside my parent’s house I get a shower in and quickly finish packing the rest of my bag, Dad is already set to go and I hug Mom, Liz and Katy before stepping outside to the truck. Kori is still there and I give her one last kiss before she stops me from speaking and gets back into her Mom’s minivan. I load my bag and get in the truck with Dad and off we head to the airport.

The trip to the airport takes about ninety minutes but I don’t bother to engage Dad in any conversation. I’m wearing camo pants and a shirt that says ‘Antisocial’ in big letters on the front of it, got my boot and leather coat. Finally Dad decides to start talking.

“Are you ever going to talk to me again,” my Dad asks as we get off the freeway.

“Is there a point, all this was done behind my back and I can’t trust anyone now cause I’m just a teenager and don’t have any say in it,” I tell Dad from my hood.

“I guess we’ll have to work this out when you get back from Texas,” Dad says as we get into airport parking.

I get my bag checked at the counter and Dad walks me to where Mr. Delauter is waiting. I still have my hood on and can see he’s a little puzzled by my clothes.

“Mr. Donnelly I’m glad you we able to get here so quickly, we’ll be able to get boarded on our plane sooner than we thought,” Delauter says smiling.

“Now Guy, I can’t go to the terminal but you have your phone and you can call us anytime,” Dad says placing his hand on my shoulder.

I nod to my Dad and head past Mr. Delauter into the security terminal. They make me take off my boots but I get through and after that it’s just a bunch of sit and wait.

“Well I called your mother before the check in, she’s anxious to see you again,” Mr. Delauter tells me trying to break the ice,” We’ll be in the air for a few hours and hopefully back to the house in time for dinner.”

“Do I look like I care,” I ask him.

“Excuse me,” Delauter asks stunned.

“Thanks to you and Loretta I’m missing out on six weeks of time with my family and my girlfriends cause the junkie got herself into some money so let me make this perfectly clear, SIR,” I spit out the sir at him,” I will never call her my mother and now I’m going to spend six weeks making up for the nine years of bullshit and pain she caused me, you wanted it and you got it.”

I see him think about what I said but I don’t care. I get my IPod out and get my some metal playing. I check my phone and facebook to see a lot of farewell messages and update my eta to prison on my page. I see that Delauter is talking to me and pull my ear bud out.

“It’s our time to board,” Delauter says heading into line.

We get boarded and I’m not sitting in the back of the plane. Take off is bumpy and we’re in the air for hours before we can finally get off the plane and after collecting our luggage we get into a car he had in the parking garage. It’s the first Mercedes and I’ve never been in a car this nice but all things being equal it feels like a prison bus.

Mr. Delauter doesn’t talk while driving through town but it’s a big city we’re in, something starting with an A I think. We get out of the city and into some suburbs and then into a smaller community. I see a lot of money and even more snobby attitudes. I left my home at eleven in the morning on a plane and now it’s five in the afternoon at my temporary lodgings. The house is huge, two floors and a basement from what I can tell on at least an acre of land. I get my bag from the trunk and see the door open. There’s a woman at the front with a scared smile on her face as she stares at me, it’s been a long time but this woman at all of five feet eight inches, with blonde hair and wearing an apron is defiantly not the Loretta I knew. I grit my teeth and head up to the house turning off my iPod.

I watch Delauter head up first and give her a kiss and a hug before turning to me and losing his smile. I watch Loretta come down the steps towards me.

“Oh my god I never thought you’d be so big and handsome,” Loretta tells me.

“Great, whatever, can I go to my cell please I’m tired of bullshit today,” I reply coldly stepping past them both and heading inside.

I let Delauter get ahead of me and lead me to a room on the second floor, giant TV and a queen sized bed along with a couch and dresser make up the furnishings. I drop my bag and do a little unpacking. I hear someone call up saying something about a dinner tonight. I don’t respond, day one and I’ve fired the first shot.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this story arc and as always I do read comments but I like PM’s more. And yes there are multiple parts and I’m not leaving this story hanging.

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Good story so far

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Would have voted positive but only had limited amount of votes for the day lol

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2015-11-04 11:48:34
I have read some ok stories and good stories on this site, but yours seem awesome . I started with your first series then into this series. You seriously need to take all these series that are related to each other and create a book. It has the romance, sex, and drama a book needs. You have some things things that may need to be edited a bit but other then that I am serious.
I work with people righting books and if you turned these series into an actual book, it would sell.

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Wow him and I can relate

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