A horny man falls for a young girl's trick
Middle School Fucktoy 3

"You're the pervert who likes to fuck little girls, aren't you?"

I wanted to hang up immediately upon hearing those words, but I recognized Cassie's phone number on the caller I.D. The voice speaking to me was so husky and breathless that I couldn't immediately tell if it was the voice of my teenaged lover or not.

"You're the old man who likes to suck on little girls' titties until their cunts get sooo wet that they let you do whatever you want. You like to lick young girls pussies until they beg you to let them cum."

The caller's voice was was ragged and unsteady and I got the impression that she was masturbating. Was it Cassie, my 13 year old neighbor who I'd been fucking for the past few months, or someone who had discovered our secret relationship? My mouth went dry as I considered the ramifications of discovery.

"Is that what you like, you old perv? To slide your big cock up a little girl's tight cunt and fuck her until she can't take any more. Until she is moaning and squealing while that huge, hard dick slides in and out of her juicy pussy."

I couldn't end the call. Despite the consequences of being discovered having a sexual relationship with a minor I was enthralled by the callers words. But it was just Cassie playing a new game, right?

"No, I know what you like, you sick old man. You like to get a little girl up on her hands and knees. You like to spread her sweet little cheeks and put your dirty dick right up her little asshole. Then you fuck it, so smooth & slow. What kind of freak does that, makes a little girl cum with her ass?"

If Cassie's aim was to make me horny she was successful. I was as hard as a man can get and all I wanted was to take her tender young body and give her the hard fucking she described.

"That's what you want, isn't it? To have a nice, young ass to fuck and squirt your hot cum in? Well then, you dirty old fucker, if you want my backdoor go to your backdoor. Now."

The call ended. With my heart practically beating out of my chest I made my way through the kitchen to the back door. I pushed aside the curtain to look out the window and there she was, standing on the porch with her back to me. She wore a snug, pink hoodie with daisies embroidered on the back over a modest, yet sexy plaid skirt. It being a cool spring evening she had the hood up. She was the absolute epitome of the 'sexy schoolgirl'. I opened the door and stepped out behind her.

"Cassie?" I whispered. In response she simply raised the hem of her skirt to show me her smooth ,young ass.

"Is that for me?" I asked. No words, she just wiggled her ass at me. A shudder ran through my body as my cock throbbed almost painfully. I didn't know where this new game came from but I was liking it. This little girl was the sexiest woman I had ever met.

I stepped up behind her and gently caressed the soft, round flesh she offered me. I caressed her smooth thighs before wrapping my arms around her and drawing her close. I wanted her to feel my hardness. A small gasp escaped her when I cupped her budding breasts though her clothing. I moved to draw back her hood but she stopped me.

"I can't take off your hood?" She shook her head "No" in response. Hmm. An anonymous fuck? I could get into that.

I knelt behind and lifted her skirt, revealing her perfect, young behind. I fondled those gently curved globes before leaning in to kiss them. I took my time, lavishing my heated attention her sweet cheeks before letting my tongue trace the crack of her ass. Cassie's breathing became ragged as I explored more deeply. I parted her cheeks and started licking her pretty pink asshole. She gasped and tried to pull away but I pulled her back and feasted on her ass crack while my fingers massaged her pussy & clit. I could tell by the way her body was trembling that she was getting close to her orgasm.

She finally broke her silence with a barely audible whisper: "I want you in me. Please. Fuck me." Who am I to deny a lady's request? I stood behind her and she jutted out her behind to me. Cassie's body stiffened when she felt my cockhead against her slit and she went limp after I slid my 38 year old cock into her 13 year old pussy with one smooth thrust. I began fucking her slowly, just enjoying the way her slick snatch massaged my cock. She braced her hands against the porch rail and began fuck back at me.

It was a dangerous situation for me, just then. It was unlikely that any of my neighbors would see what was going on, but a long way from impossible. There we were, engaging in some spirited fucking. Cassie with her pretty pink hoodie and her little schoolgirl skirt flipped up and bent over my porch rail, being vigorously violated by a man nearly three times her age. As she squirmed against me I penetrated her butthole with my thumb. Despite her efforts to remain silent Cassie let out a strangled cry as she came, her pussy juice running down her legs.

I pulled out of Cassie's pussy to let her settle down from her orgasm. (And to slow down my own. This was the best fuck I'd ever had and I didn't want it to end.) Cassie turned towards me, still managing to keep her face hidden from me, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She quickly slid her well-fucked cunt back down on my cock and began humping on it hard. Through gritted teeth she snarled. "Fuck me, you old pervert!"

I put her back against one of the porch pillars and held her tiny ass in my hands. There was nothing gentle or romantic about what came next it was just raw sex. I rammed my cock into her body and she loved it. Cassie buried her face in my shoulder to smother her cries and moans. I used her body as I had so many times in the past, sating my lust with her child's body. I wanted to fill her cunt to overflowing with my boiling jizz. She knew I was close, though. Cassie deftly disengaged herself from me and dropped her skirt entirely. Throwing the cushion from my yard chaise on the floor she dropped to her knees, lowered her head and raised butt. I was being treated to the obscene sight of a sweet 13 year old girl waiting to be sodomized.

I wasted no time in mounting her again. I slid into her pussy again to make sure my cock was nice and wet before I took her asshole. Cassie grunted when my cockhead popped past her anal ring and groaned in deep satisfaction when I was fully buried in her sweet little rump. She wriggled like snake against me as I plundered her delicate backside. Cassie was barely a teenager but was already a slut who loved being screwed hard in the ass. Her body stiffened and she pushed hard against me once, twice, three times before she raised her head and arched her back, looking like a coyote baying at the moon, as a powerful orgasm ripped through her young body.

After her cum Cassie went limp and I just kept fucking her ass. "Oh, yeah, baby. I'm coming! Gonna cum up your ass, you little whore!" I growled.

Quick as a wink Cassie spun around and buried her still hooded head in my lap just as I began to unload. She greedily sucked the spunk from my spurting cock, gently massaging my balls to make sure she got every drop, not caring that my cock had just been buried balls deep in her shit hole.

As I struggled to catch my breath after what can only be described as an epic orgasm, I was surprised to hear a familiar voice.

"Hey, Mr. Felson. What'cha up to?"

To my confused amazement, standing at the foot of the porch stairs was Cassie with a smug smile on her face. The girl with her head in my lap looked up. The hood fell back and revealed the adorable grinning face of... some kid I'd never seen before in my life.

"I see you've met my BFF, Katelynn." said Cassie.

"Met and butt-fucked!" giggled Katelynn.

Thunderstruck I quickly shooed both girls into the house. It was bad enough I was fucking one teenage girl, now I had another one on my hands. (Or dick.)

"So, was he good?"
"Oh, my god! He made my ass cum! How messed up is that?"
"Yeah, I know! He does that to me all the time!"
"Well, he thought I was you!"
"I told you he wouldn't be able to tell."
"Nasty old pervert. You don't care whose ass you fuck, do you?"

I looked blankly at both girls. "What's going on?" was all I could stammer.

"Katelynn is my best friend," Cassie chirped. "I told her all about you and she wanted to see for herself."

"You're in good shape. You know, for an old guy." Katelynn said.
"Not like Tommy Piccolo, though." Cassie said.
"Oh! Tommy Piccolo" squealed Katelynn. "I'd fuck his abs!"
"You'd be better off fucking his abs." said Cassie as she held her thumb and forefinger together to indicate that the good Mr. Piccolo hadn't been blessed with great endowment.

I started to feel lightheaded and woozy as the girls chattered on. Who else had Cassie told about us and how long would it be before I was enjoying my new career as a license plate maker for the state?

"What's wrong with him?" Kate asked.

Cassie looked at me and rolled her eyes in the way that only a teen girl can. She impatiently snatched a beer from the 'fridge, popped the cap and handed it to me.

"Here. Drink this. You'll feel better." Cassie said. Turning to her friend she said "He's worried that someone will find out about our fun and he'll go to jail where someone will do to him, well, what he just did to you."

Katelyn giggled. "If the guy in jail is as good as he is, he might like it." Both girls shrieked with laughter like it was the funniest thing they'd ever heard. Great. At least my lifetime in prison will provide them with some amusement.

"You guys were really going at it. I could hear you a block away!"
"Really? I was trying so hard to be quiet. There were a couple of times I really wanted to scream."
"No, it wasn't your voices. When you were fucking you could hear skin slapping together a mile away. He must have really been giving you a pounding!"
"Oh, he fucked the shit out of me!"
"What else did you do?"
"Well, he started out kissing my butt. Like, for a long time. Then he started licking my crack, which I thought was kinda gross, but then it started to feel good."
"Yeah, he's kind of a freak like that."
"Then he started eating out my asshole! Which was cool because he was fingering my pussy, too. I almost came like that!"
"Did he eat your pussy?"
"No, we didn't do that. We just started fucking."

Cassie stood in front of me with her hands on her hips as if to scold me. "Mr. Felson! Cassie said. "That's my friend Katleynn! You fucked her up the ass but you didn't lick her cunt? How rude!"

Katelynn chimed in "To be fair, I didn't suck his dick much, either."

Cassie turned to her friend. "You know what that means, now, don't you?" In unison the two girls shouted "PARTY FUCK!" With that the two 13 year olds bounded out of the kitchen to my bedroom, shedding their clothes as they went. I just sat in the kitchen with my beer wondering which prison served the best food. Moments later Cassie returned clad in nothing but a pair of magenta panties with the word "Juicy" across the butt.

"Mr. Felson. These pussies aren't going to fuck themselves, you know." With that she turned and walked back to the bedroom. Oh, well. If I'm going to jail forever, I may as well make sure it was worth it. I downed my beer, grabbed another and marched off to fuck a couple of middle school sluts.

As soon as I reached the bedroom the girls swarmed me and stripped me bare. Seeing the two of them naked together made it obvious how they were able to fool me. They were very close in height and build, though Katelynn's curly blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes would have been a dead giveaway.

"I didn't get a good look at this monster before," said Katelyn. "You have a really nice cock!"
"It's not as big as Mr. Pendergast's, though."said Cassie.
"You know, Eileen's dad."
"Right! Yeah, it's big but he comes in, like, two minutes."

Following the critique of their friend's father's cock, Katelynn took the head of my cock in her mouth and began to suck me. As soon as I was hard Cassie horned to get a taste of me. Soon they were taking turns blowing me, a few sucks from Cassie, a few from Katelynn. Finally Katelynn complained.

"Cassie, you suck his dick all the time. Let me have a chance."

"Okay, spoilsport. I'll find something else to play with." Cassie acquiesced.

Katelyn took a pillow from the bed and knelt in front of me and slowly sensuously sucked my cock. She had a different technique than Cassie but she was very good. She stroked my cock with her hand as she sucked, and caressed my balls. She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes as my penis slid in and out of her teen mouth, as if seeking my approval. I was concentrating on Katelynn's efforts so much that I didn't notice what Cassie was getting up to.

As I was enjoying the bliss of Katelyn's blowjob, suddenly I felt Cassie's tongue trace my butt crack. I can only describe it as electric. While Katelyn worked her magic on my throbbing dick, Cassies tongue wormed it way deeper between my cheeks. Before long she was licking my bung-hole with gusto and enthusiasm. How much can a man take? I was sandwiched between two hot teenage girls, receiving a blowjob and a rimjob at the same time! I was close to my climax when Cassie slipped a slender finger up my ass and began finger fucking me! I think Katelynn was taken aback when I grabbed the back of her head , shoved my cock as deep as I could in her mouth and spewed my load down her throat.

"What was that?" cried Katelynn when the cumming was over.

"I was eating his ass the way he does us. I think he liked it." Cassie grinned.

I lifted Cassie's chin and kissed her long and deep. Then I did the same with Katelynn. "I think I owe you a pussy licking, young lady."

Suddenly shy, Katelynn whispered. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"Yes he does!" Cassie shouted. "He's gonna make you cum and I'm going to watch."

Cassie had me lie down on the bed and then led her BFF to straddle my face, Katelynn's sweet, young cunt was already wet and she gasped when I slowly ran my tongue the length of her slit. I spent several minutes just exploring her pussy, searching out her sensitive spots. And my hands weren't idle, either. I caressed her long, limber legs, ran my hands up her smooth, taut torso and cupped her still developing tits. She held my hands in place while I pinched and rolled her swollen nipples.

Sweet little Cassie must have gotten bored being a spectator because she soon knelt between my legs and began sucking my cock with enthusiasm. I had one 13 year old squirming and writhing on my face and another orally pleasuring my cock and balls. As if that wasn't hot enough, Katelynn began moaning out a running commentary.

“Oh, Cassie!” she groaned. “He is such a perv! He has his tongue so deep in my pussy!”

Cassie responded by taking my dick as deep as she could down her throat. I am pretty sure she was frigging her pretty little clit.

Katelynn's love button was swollen & begging for attention so I gently stroked it like it was a nipple.

“Ahh! He is such a freak!” Katelynn cried out. “Oh, baby girl, he has two fingers inside me and he is sucking on my asshole! It feels so good, Cassie.”

Cassie slid up my body and took my hardness in her tight, teenage pussy with practiced ease. I moaned into Katelynn's sopping wet twat as Cassie's tightness clamped down on my cock! No matter what the fall out was from this relationship, it was worth it!
These two little girls were driving me crazy, squirming on my face and cock and taking as much pleasure from what we were doing as they were giving me.

“Oh, yes,Cassie. Suck my titties!” grunted Katelynn. “I love when you suck my nipples.” I couldn't see what was going on, what with Kate's perfect 13 year old ass planted on my face, but her play-by-play commentary let me know that these two were well acquainted with each others' bodies.

“Does it feel good, baby? Is this sick, old man eating your pussy good?” Cassie asked while she gyrated on my prick. My balls were soaked with her juices. I had never seen Cassie so worked up.

“I'm going out of my mind, Cass!” she moaned. “I don't even want to cum because I don't want it to end!” The next thing I heard was the unmistakable sound of kissing. The two little sluts were making out as they fucked my face & cock! Shortly, Katelynn leaned backwards and supported her weight on her hands and Cassie shifted her position so she could lower her face between her friend's legs. I slipped two fingers up Kate's pulsing cunt , vigorously finger fucking her pussy while I hungrily ate out her asshole. Cassie wasted no time in sucking her friend's swollen love-button between her lip, all without missing a stroke on my cock.

“Oh, no! NO! NO! NO! That's too much!” cried Katelynn. “Oh, you perverted freaks! I'm cumming!”

Trapped between us Katelynn's body squirmed trying to get away from the intense sensations which pummeled her senses. But we were merciless and we didn't let her escape until the last tremor of orgasm had been coaxed from her underage body. Finally Katelynn lay trembling and shaking between us. I softly kissed her, my face still wet with her love juices, then Cassie kissed her. Then we all almost jumped out of our skins when Cassie's cell phone rang!

“Oh, shit! It's my Mom!” Cassie cried. Before I could stopped her she flipped open the phone.

“Hey, Mom. What's up?” she asked. “I'm with Katelynn. We stopped by Mr. Felson's house.” Really? You had to tell your mother that?

“Oh, we're just having something to eat.” Cassie said while flicking her pointed tongue at Katelynn, whose eyes went wide as she clamped both hands over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

“Okay, Mom. I'll be home in a little bit.” she said and snapped shut the phone. Then she squirmed onto my lap.
“I have to get home soon, so get that dick in me now.” she hissed. “I want you to fuck me like the pervert you are!” With an experienced wiggle she drew my hardness into her snug snatch and rolled us over so I was on top of her.

“Come on, show Katelynn how you like to fuck little girls!” she growled as she wrapped her legs about my waist. She arched her back and groaned as I pushed into her.

“You are no little girl, you are a filthy little whore, aren't you?” I snarled. I began stroking my cock into her willing snatch.

“Is that the best you got, old man?” she gasped. “Can't you fuck me harder than that?”

My response was to put her legs over my shoulders so her slim body was completely exposed to me. Then I fucked her, I pounded her cunt, I used her body like a masturbation toy. And she loved it.

“Is this what you want, slut? You want your little friend to see you getting fucked like the true slut you are?” Her juicy pussy squeezed and pulled at me. I looked over and saw Katelynn watching us with her mouth agape, amazed at the intensity of our passion.

“Show her! Show her, Mr. Felson!” Cassie moaned. “Show her what real fucking is!”

There were no more words for a while as we took our pleasure from one another. Cassie whimpered and groaned, her little girl voice spurring me to greater efforts. It wasn't long before I felt the cum churning in my balls.

“Oh, Mr. Felson! You did it! I'm cumming. I'm cumming so good!”

“I'm gonna cum too, baby!” I groaned. “Your pussy feels so good!”

“Cum in my cunt, Mr. Felson!” she whispered in my ear, almost desperately. “Please, cum inside me!”

And I did. I rammed my prick into her middle-school cheerleader pussy as hard as I could and unleashed the torrent of jizz that she so desperately craved. My sperm squelched out of her fuck hole as I kept driving into her willing body, running down her ass crack and puddling on my sheets.

We lay together for a time and I kissed her until I went soft inside of her. She whimpered softly when she felt my cock leave her well fucked cunt.

“ Wow. You two are fucked up!” said Katelynn. I had almost forgotten she was there.
“I never saw anything like that!”

Cassie squeezed me tight and grinned. “That's why I love this old pervert. Nobody fucks me like him!” With a quick look at the clock Cassie bounced out of bed, leaving a trail of sperm and cunt juice behind.

“I gotta get home, my Mom is gonna kill me!” Cassie said.

With that the two little sluts scrambled about my house gathering up their discarded clothing before disappearing into the bathroom to make themselves presentable. The two fresh-faced innocents who emerged a few minutes later bore little resemblance to the two cock-hungry sluts who had just fucked me stupid. Dressed in sweats & a t-shirt I escorted the two young girls to the door.

As cheery as ever Cassie gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Mr. Felson. I'll see you later!” And then she bounded out the door.

“Mr. Felson?” Katelyn said in a shy whisper. “Um... would it be okay if... I came by for a visit? You know, without Cassie?” She bit her lower lip as a blush colored her cheeks. She looked so adorable at that moment I couldn't resist her.

“I'd like that, Katelyn. Come by anytime.” Yeah, I know. I'm an idiot. Sooner or later this situation HAS to bite me in the ass. But I'm kind of used to the idea now.

“Great!” she grinned. She turned to the door then turned back, rose up on her toes and kissed me on the cheek. “You know, I really like that thing you did to my butt.”

She was out the door before I could ask if she meant the licking or the fucking. Either one was a felony in any case. Watching the two girls walk away you would never be able to tell that they had spent the afternoon being violated by a man three times their age.

A few days later I ran into Cassie's mother at the supermarket, again.

“I hope Cassie didn't bother you by stopping by with her friend.” she said with the tone of a concerned mother.

“Oh, it's no bother.” (Other than the inevitable prison stay I have to look forward to.)

“It can't be fun having two hungry teenagers show up unexpectedly. Especially since Cassie is such a picky eater.”

“I didn't notice that. She ate whatever was there.” (Cock, cunt. It didn't seem to make a difference.)

“I think that's because she has a bit of a crush on you.”

“Yeah. I think it's kind of cute.” (Especially when I shoot a huge load of cum in her sloppy, wet pussy.)

“I just get worried about her, sometimes. She doesn't seem to have any interest in boys her own age.”

“She's young. Maybe she's just not ready for dating, yet.” (Bisexual orgies, yes. Dating, no.)

“You are so smart about kids. I'm surprised you're not a father.”

“Well, maybe someday.” (Maybe someday soon if the load I blasted into your daughter takes root.)

I bid Cassie's mom goodbye and headed home. Katelynn was waiting to show me which of the “butt-stuff” she liked most.

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