I wrote this short and quick introduction to this story just to see if any would like me to continue writing it. Sorry the other story is on hold for a long time I can't seem to get inspiration to write anything on it. Sorry for any spelling errors. I was rushed by people. Creative critisim wanted. No posting yoru stupid KIK accounts and numbers or whatever. nobody wants you. enjoy.
Pt. 1
Monsters, Harems and Gods?!

I stared at my father and mother, my mouth dropped and my eyes about to burn into an abyss of confusion.My name is Ian, i've lived a normal, unsocial but normal life, at 17 I was the "Nerd" you could say. I didn't wear any giant glasses on my face or turtle necks every day I was fairly good looking but bad at talking to new people, I stood at 5"11 and had short black hair that was messy on my head. My "Mother and Father" had adopted me and they told me two years ago, taking me from an orphanage. But here stood my real mother and father, smiling at me. Dad was a muscular at an average height, around 5"9. Mom was the same height as him, with a large chest and fox ears and tails, very alluring tails. I was already expecting one hell of a story.

"C-come in...?" The stutter in my voice must have sounded ridiculous cause his supposed mother giggled at him as they walked in and sat on the sofa. I closed the door and quickly joined them, my eyes on them, but mostly my mom. She was beautiful...I know she's my mom but it's not stopping me from staring at her luscious figure and behind her....were tails?

"This may be confusing but I'd like you to have this." My dad handed me a book, it looked new but it had the feel of something that as old as the earth, maybe a bit younger. "Read the first page....son."

"Mamono were originally strange-looking monsters in a variety of shapes. But under the influence of the new demon lord from the succubus clan in recent years they have all shapes similar to human females, and only female mamono have been spotted. Almost all mamono make babies through reproduction with humans. For this reason, mamono are always seeking human males and are dangerous. Human females must also be on guard, since some mamono will harm females. There are few men who have come back after being charmed by a mamono. the child of a mamono is always a mamono, so there is an extreme fear of decline in human populations. This book is a summary of the qualities of the information about mamono. I hope that you, the reader, will thoroughly study this knowledge of the mamono and protect yourself and others."

I read out loud, everything sinking in. "Ian...God is trying to destroy the whole demon race. But the demon race have done nothing wrong....The prophets have chosen you as the one to stop him with the help of demons of course, you'll find many on your journey....I know this is sudden but-" I cut him off. "I'll do it. always beleived in the supernatural. and my life is boring anyway." His dad was just alittle surprised, mom was just giggling at dad who had his mouth open. "A-are you sure...? You could die..!" I just nodded and kept my blank expression, still glancing at mom who seemed to notice and smile at me. "As you read the children of mamono are always mamono. You were the only mamono in thousands of years to be male. The only other was the Demon Lord's son himself, who is dead." I took in a deep breath. "You hold immense magical power and the power to win against these such Mamono. If you go to page 109 you'll find your mother's type of mamono." I flipped through the book and reached a page labelled "Inari." "Beastman type, characteristics of a fox. Devoted....lustful... the more sperm they take in the more tails they get, nine tails means you have power almost god-like." I said in a whisper. He glanced up at his mom and smiled, his mom returning the smile. "You guys must have lots and lots of fun mhm...?" He laughed a little with his mom as his dad got flustered and told me to "Shut up."

"Go to page 117 now." I flipped a few more pages. "Kitsune-bi." I said out aloud then I stared. Stared at the picture then started reading. (I'll just give you important parts when it comes to these.) "Born from condensed demonic energy and excessive lust from "yoko" or "inari", takes shape and changes like elementals. The only thing compelling their behaviour are the desires "I wanna get off" "I want spirit energy" So they will probably try to sexually assault men. After their first time with a human man changes become apparent, they start to feel affection towards that man and their desires start to concentrate. "I want to get off with this man." "I want this mans spirit energy" New desires unrelated to pleasure or spirit energy also emerge such as "I want tos pend time with this man." I want to be close to this man." "I want this mans everything." as they start to grasp the concept of choosing a man and becoming a couple. The lust for sex which is the foundation of their being also changes into something more concrete, they will grow bigger adn stronger and even more lascivious. They were vague clumps of demonic energy, but by having esx with a man they gain a fixed existence as individual monster females." I decided not to read the rest, for itt wasn't important at this moment for I was gasping for air.

My mom talked for the first time and I swear my her voice was so angelic for a demon. "I haven't made one of those yet. I'd like to make one for you, as your first companion. Would you like one?" She smiled a wide smile as I nodded and dad left the room at this point as not to corrupt the Kitsune-bi into liking him instead. "Be prepared, for the next few months she will personally train your stamina." He nodded.

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On it, thanks for the advice. expect the new chapter around sunday or monday...? Depends if something happens.


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On it, thanks for the advice. expect the new chapter around sunday or monday...? Depends if something happens.

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