My fantasies fulfilled
This is my first story. I hope you like it.

Ever since I was 13 I have fancied my own mother. I should be ashamed but, I wasn't. All guys think about their moms, some just don't like to admit it.

My fantasies started one night, when my mom walked out of her bedroom drunk. I was walking down the hall when she came out, she was naked; when she saw me she ran straight back in her room. I acted like I was disgusted, but I wasn't, I was turned on, she was the first woman I ever seen naked.

Ever since that night, I would wait for my house to be empty so I could go into my mom's panty draw. She had all kinds of panties; Lace, cotton and silk, so every day I had a different choice. My room was just outside the clothing hamper, so I would take her used panties and have the time of my life with them.

She had just gotten out of the bath once when I went into her room and saw her lying on her bed in her towel. She asked me to give her a foot massage. I said "Okay, of course". As I was running her feet I looked up her towel, unfortunately I couldn't see her pussy. But I had a boner. I made a quick escape so she didn't notice.

Let me tell you about my mom, she is 45, small and curvy. She is a real milf, not just a fake plastic milf. She didn't usually wear risky clothes; she never showed her legs off much, much to my disappointment. She and my dad have a typical relationship, she does all the work why he sits and watches TV.

The years went by quickly and I have left school. All I do all day is look for Incest themed porn on the Internet. I did sign up for college so that keeps me busy. I was coming for the last weeks of my college course when I needed to start thinking about what I am going to do next. I decided that I should go to University. I applied for a few Universities and got rejection after rejection, until I got an offer from one down south, around 400 miles away from where I live. My mom really wanted me to go, she said: "I would be so proud of you". I'm hardly going to say no to that, am I?

I was invited to an open day at the Uni. I told my mom about it and she said:
"We should go".
I said:
"It's a long way to go".
She replied:
"We have to check the place out".

So a few weeks later she said that we should book a hotel and stay the night. She mentioned two rooms. I thought it would be cheaper to just stay in the one room and sleep in separate beds.
"You're too old to be sharing a bedroom with your mom", she replied. I said: "separate bed, it'll be fine". She wasn't having any of it.

So as the day came closer she decided she was going to go ahead and book the room. Nearly every hotel she called was fully booked (well every hotel in our price range). She got tired of trying and just said: "looks like we'll have to share a room." I told her we should go out for dinner when we get to London; she thought it was a good idea.

The day had arrived; we got on a train down to London. On the train mom was wearing a low-cut top. Her tits were popping out. It took a lot of effort not to stare at them. We eventually arrived in London. By the time we got to our hotel and checked in we were both hungry. We went to our room and mom was in for a shock, it was a double bed. She had a word with the hotel manager, saying she requested two single beds. The manager said a mistake had been made.

Mom said: "we will just have to sleep in the same bed together". I was 6ft and weighed over 240lbs. She knew she wasn't going to have a lot of space. After 20 minutes of watching TV I noticed mom was upset. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"I'm fed-up", she replied.
"Why?", I said
"My life is boring; me and your father are on the rocks, I just feel old and ugly".
"You're not ugly", I told her.
She said that I was just saying that to cheer her up. I told her: "You are sexy; you have a lot going for you".
"Sexy?", she replied.
I was nervous, but all of a sudden something came over me. I said: "Yeah, 'sexy'", in a no-nonsense tone.

I told her that she was very sexy. I told her most of my friends fancy her. One even asked me if he could fuck her (like I could even make that happen). "What friend was that?" she asked. “Jordan” I told her.
All of a sudden I saw a smile begin to appear on her face. "What part of my body do you like best?" she asked. What could I say to that? If I was honest I might spook her out, if I lie I might upset her; it seemed like a no win scenario.

"Fuck it, I'm just going to be brutally honest" I thought.
I told her:
"Your tits and arse are both incredible".
"Really?" she said. She sounded shocked at what I just said, she wasn't used to hearing me talk like that.
"Yeah, on the train today your tits looked incredible. You're leggings made your arse stand out."
She was in shock at hearing me talk like that. But I wasn't going to stop there.
"People were looking at you on the train; I think some of them thought I was your boyfriend. It made me feel good"I told her.

Then she asked me another question. This one could me by surprise:
"Do you want to fuck me?"
This time it was me who had the shocked tone in their voice.
"What?" I asked her.
"Well you obviously fancy me!" she said.
I was mumbling my words and then I thought I have told her I find her to be sexy, so I should just let it all out.
"Honest truth? Yes, yes I do! You deserve better then the pathetic relationship you are in with dad". I told her that she should be feeling sexy every day, you should be dressing in sexy clothes and making yourself feel good.

Let's go shopping, she said. One minute ago we were having the most important conversation of our lives, and the next we're going shopping. I was baffled, but I went along to the shops with her. She told me she wanted to get an outfit for dinner. We walked into a women's clothing shop. To my surprise, she went over to the bra and knickers section. "Stay on the other side of the shop" she told me. I sat playing a game on my phone when she came to the door of the shop with two bags. "Let's go" she said.

The rest of the day I just stayed in the hotel room and watched TV. "I'm going to get dressed for dinner" she said. She went into the bathroom. She was in there for nearly an hour. I could smell perfume and I could see the steam from the bath coming out of the door. I put my jeans and a shirt on. I sat on the bed waiting for mom. I was horny. I thought the woman of my dreams is just behind that door in a steamy bath.

20 minutes later mom came out. "Wow, you look amazing" I told her. She was wearing a black lace dress that went above the knee, to show her legs off. She had her hair done up. She looked just like Kym Marsh, the actress from Coronation Street.

"I got this dress at the shop today, do you like it" she asked me. "Do I like it? I love it" I told her.
We went out for dinner and arrived at the restaurant around 25 minutes later. London traffic was a nightmare!
As we sat at the table eating our dinner, my mom said: "Pass me your hand". So I did.
She started to rub it. "You know what you said earlier about wanting to fuck me?", "Yeah?" I replied.
"I think we should forget dinner and go back to the hotel; let's make your fantasies come true" she replied.

I was in shock. My body froze. "Are you serious?" I asked her, "You're my son; no love is stronger than a mother's love for her son" she replied.

We left the restaurant and got in a taxi. It seemed like the taxi was taking forever to get us back to the hotel, but eventually we reached our destination. We got to the hotel room door and I couldn't put the key in the door, I was too excited. Mom said: "Give me that".

She opened the door and put me on the bed. I sat up at the bottom of the bed whilst she took her dress off. She had a new set of bra and panties on. They were grey and silky. "I bought them today, for you".
"Kiss me like you've never kissed me before" she said in a breathless tone.

We kissed passionately for about 2 minutes before she said: "It's time to fuck your mom".
I slipped her bra off and began licking her nipples. I was living every son's dream. I was about to fuck my own mother. I took her panties off, I could smell her pussy. I put my dick into her pussy, it just slid in, it was so wet.
"Right there, that's it; fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mom good" she moaned.
"Oh Son, your dick feels amazing" she shouted.
"Oh, Mom, I'm gonna cum!" I shouted.
"Cum inside me, give mommy that cum" she screamed.

I cummed inside her pussy. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She collapsed on top of me.
"That was amazing" she said.
We were both very sweaty. She lay in my arms and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day
We woke up together. I was nervous; I thought she would regret what happened. Those fears were quickly put to bed because she snogged me. "There's the man in my life" she said.
She could see that I had morning wood.
"That needs to be taking care of" she said in a seductive voice.
She through the covers off the bed and began sucking my dick.
"Oh mom, I'm going to cum" I thought I should warn him just incase she didn't want it in her mouth.
"I want to taste my boy's cum" she said.
A few seconds later I shot my load all over her mouth. Normally when a girl has my cum in her mouth I won't kiss her after it, but for some reason mom looked sexier than ever. I loved seeing my cum drip out of her mouth and down her face.
"Want to kiss mommy?" she asked.
"Come here" I said.
We had a passionate kiss, the cum was going back and forwards between our mouths.
That day we completely forgot about why we even came to London, we forgot about my Uni day. But we didn't care.

Part 2 coming soon.
Me and mom decide to stay in London for a little longer and explore each other.

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Much too brief a sex scene, the most important part. Let's try to improve on that. I will read the next ones hoping for better. You just rushed through the whole part of the story after the Mom mentioned the word, fuck. Thank you for writing.

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2013-07-11 18:48:56
I love mom and son incest stories...

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Sound really good tzt me 425. 6916056

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