The narrator Will tells the story of how he became a pedophile.
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I’ve had a very interesting life. One that not many people would agree with, but I was never someone that cared much about people’s opinions about me. My name is Will, and I am a 46 year old cancer patient. My story starts way back before my old age and health problems, this is not a story about a 46 year old man’s wrinkly balls pounding into some pussy, no, my sex life is long over. All I have left are the memories and trust me; I have enough for a lifetime. These memories involve very bizarre sexual acts such as pedophilia; incest, pissing, and maybe even some scat (haven’t decided if I want to share that part of my life with you) But anyways, I figured some of you might enjoy hearing my tales, and maybe it will attract you to my way of lifestyle. It is very fun while it lasts trust me.

As a man that just got told by his doctor he only has a couple of months left to live, I decided to write a sexual autobiography of sorts. You might think it’s weird that a man with only a few months to live would rather write about his sexual perversions rather than spending time with family and friends. I have no family or friends anymore. My parents died when I was in my 30’s, my brother was killed in New York when I was younger, and my two sisters… well I never treated them that well so yeah they basically hate my guts and can’t wait till I drop dead. I don’t blame them and you probably won’t either when I tell you about the summer of 99. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I don’t know where to begin exactly. I could tell you about my father, and how he beat and raped my mother in front of me countless times, hell even made me get naked and masturbate a few times. I was too young to produce any sperm, the most I got was a small puddle of pre cum on the top of my cock that he made my mom clean with her tongue. I was only 7. He raped her yes, because she hated his guts, my older brother (the one that died in New York) told me how he never remembered them being happy. I always assumed I was born cause of one of the rapes like my younger sister.

I told you my parents died. The house burned down and they both died. No one ever said this but me and my sisters were pretty sure mom set the house on fire. Me and my sisters found a bunch of boxes in the basement that managed to survive the blaze. Most were random childhood crap no one wanted but a few were filled to the top with old videotapes. My older sister and I were pretty sure what was on those tapes (mom getting raped) and so we agreed not to watch them and I was given the job of disposing of them.

I took them to my house and watched them all. Yes a lot were of my parents at various stages of their lives but a few made me cum very hard. The kiddie porn ones. But once again, I’m getting side tracked. Even though my father involved me in sex at such a young age, I was a pretty normal kid. I had plenty of friends even though I changed schools a few times, and when I got to high school, I’m pretty sure I set the county record for fucking so much teenage pussy. My life was perfectly normal. I kind of just ignored my father and his sick fucked up mind and focused on my many girlfriends and what not.

I moved out of the house at 16. I couldn’t stand the constant fighting. My father was a very strong man and after the constant beatings I got from trying to protect my whore mother (she was always cheating on my father, sometimes I would come home to her moans) and when I got older I started to maybe think she deserved the rapes. I don’t know, my family was fucked up. Maybe my younger sister hated me for moving out and leaving her alone with them but I had no choice. Hell, sometimes my mom would add to the beatings I got from my dad after I tried to help her. I think she was high on heroin for most of my life, I just never saw her using.

When I moved out at 16, I didn’t really have anywhere to go. I roamed the streets, begging people for money for 14 months after moving out. My older brother had moved out a while before I did and I never saw much of him. No one really knew where he ran off to. The first time I talked to him after that was when I was 25, in 1992. My older sister Diane, who was 4 years older than me, got married and had a pretty normal life away from my parents and me. She used to tell me how she was happy before I came back into her life. I’ll tell you what happened with my younger sister Jessica a bit later. She definitely had the worst of it.

Anyways back to when I moved out at 16. Like I said, I was a bum living on the streets for a while. I had to drop out of high school, which shocked all my friends and the sluts I used to fuck. Even though I only went to two years of high school, I managed to get more pussy than the seniors. I thought my life would be horrible for the rest of my life. But luck would have it, my uncle found out about me after those horrible 14 months and he came and got me off the streets. He was a rich guy and so he took me to his big house (with a pool house in the backyard) and gave me a place to live. He seemed completely different from my father but in reality, he was just better at hiding it.

This is where I’ll start the real story. I’m sorry if you’re a bit confused from what I’ve already told you, I’m trying my hardest to get all of this off my chest before my lungs give out. 2013 and still no cure for this damn cancer. Like I said, my uncle Tom seemed normal. He had a wife and two beautiful kids. I have to admit, that first year after he took me in was the happiest of my life. I was still normal, disgusted by the thought of anything kinky like fucking a young kid.

Shortly after I turned 18, Tom and his wife Anna were having a birthday party for their oldest daughter Katharine, who was just turning 7. Kat and I always got along and she loved me. She loved playing with me (not sexually) and she was a very interesting little girl. I knew she would grow up to be a smart little cookie and go off to some expensive university, not cause her parents were able to afford it but because she was smart enough.

Anyways, even though I liked spending time with Kat, being at a kids birthday party as an 18 year old, surrounded by snobby rich parents talking about crap only rich people can stomach, I was bored out of my mind. After managing to escape talking to one of the neighbours, I decided to go to the basement. I lived in the pool house, but unfortunately, that was right in the middle of the party and I wouldn’t have peace there so I went down to the basement. The basement was finished, with a comfortable living room, and a few bedrooms.

I didn’t spend much time down there so I started looking around. Everything was organized and clean just like the rest of the house and I found it boring. Being a nosy teenager that liked to look around other people’s things, I went into one of the bedrooms and started to look through a closet. No one slept in the basement besides guests and there were three bedrooms, the one I was in I knew was rarely ever used.

The closet contained some old clothes and a few random kids’ toys. I searched it with as little effort as possible, disappointed that there wasn’t anything interesting there. How wrong was I. Just as I was done looking through the clothes, I saw what looked like a photo album hidden way back behind a pile of crap. I quickly got on my knees and crawled underneath the clothes and reached it. It was indeed an album. What was really interesting about it is there was a small lock on it, the type you would see on diaries and journals. None of the other photo albums I saw in the house had any such lock. I had to get it open.

After working on picking the lock for a while, I managed to open it. I had no idea what it would be. I thought maybe just some boring work stuff, or old pictures, or maybe some kind of sex honeymoon album. I was very excited to look inside but when I saw the pictures, my heart raced faster than ever before in my life, even when my mom was licking my cock clean crying. The first picture of the album wasn’t what got me to react that way. It was simply a group picture of Tom, Kat, and the youngest girl Alice, who was only 4 by the way. They were smiling. What struck me odd was that Ann wasn’t in it. Maybe she was the one taking the picture (no). This was the only picture on the first page, like a title page.

When I flipped the page, I had that reaction. On the next two pages, there were 8 pictures. In these pictures was only Kat and Alice, and they were in various different positions naked as the day they were born. The last picture they were hugging, their little lips pressed together. They seemed to be having a good time since they could barely keep their mouths closed from the laughter.

Kat was a skinny girl, with beautiful long black hair, while her younger sister was shorter, and a bit chubby, with blonde hair. It was obvious they would grow up to be hotties even at that early age. Even though I was victim to my pedo dad, I never got horny thinking about kids but when I saw my cousins, my cock definitely moved. I flipped to the next page and the pictures got even better (or worse depending on how you look at it). The two young girls were now laying on the bed in the very same room I was in, their legs spread. Alice had her left leg thrown over her sister’s right and they were still laughing. The next few pictures they seemed more concentrated, as first Kat was touching her little pussy while Alice watched and then Alice did the same with Kat watching.

All of the pictures were taken from what looked like someone standing at the foot of the bed holding the camera. I already had a pretty good idea of who that was but even if I didn’t, the pictures on the next page very pretty self-explanatory. The girls seemed to both be touching themselves on the bed while now there was a cock also in the picture. I had never seen my uncle’s cock before so I couldn’t point out that it was for sure his but I have seen his left hand plenty of times, and with a recognizable scar on his thumb, the picture where his hand was wrapped around the hard cock assured me it was 100% Tom.

I had no idea that my uncle was a pedophile. He did a damn good job of hiding it and I was actually surprised Kat or Alice didn’t let it slip up. I could tell you about each individual picture but I’m sure you get the idea. As the album went on, and I kept flipping through it slower and slower (starting to admire each picture) the content became more and more kinky. There was no penetration but there was a lot of oral. There were pictures of Tom’s cock in Kat’s mouth and then in Alice’s mouth and then there were pictures of Tom’s head licking each of their pussies and even asses. There were pictures of the two sisters going at it, kissing, sucking on their non-existent nipples, and finally licking each other’s pussies.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, better than any porn mag I had come across. At this point, I couldn’t ignore that my cock was hard as a rock, even oozing pre cum in my pants. I had a moral epiphany that day. I decided I was a pedophile and I fucking liked it. Knowing I was gonna be alone for a while, I got naked and started to jerk off to the pictures. They only became hotter as I went, at one point Alice and Kat were in a 69 position with Kat on top and Tom’s dick slightly pushing at the entrance of her pussy.

When I got to about the 100th picture, I almost came. When I said earlier that there was no penetration… well that didn’t include Kat’s ass. There were now pictures of just Tom and Kat and Kat was on her hands and knees with about three inches of Tom’s cock deep in her asshole. Alice was in a few of these pictures, but she was dressed. I came shortly after looking at those anal pics and the orgasm was so intense that some of the cum landed all over the pictures. I didn’t care at this point. I don’t remember having such an extreme orgasm, even while fucking 14 year old freshman sluts in high school (I was still fucking girls but the rich ones were more stuck up)

After I came, I rested for about 5 minutes before going back at it. Even though I had cum, my cock was still rock solid, and by the time the orgasm died down, the memory of it felt like a little itch, I was just so horny. I lasted longer the second time, my orgasm not as powerful, but at the same time, more powerful. There was not as much cum this time and I had now looked at all the pictures in the album twice. I was a little disappointed that Ann wasn’t in any of them. The thought of seeing a mom with her daughters makes me hard even now. (and I’ve seen at least 7 mom’s with their daughters now)

Once I was spent, I decided to clean up and go back to the party. My mind was racing though, yours would be too if you just found out your uncle was a pedo dad that fucks his two daughters and takes pictures of it. I had no idea what to do with this knowledge. I was too scared to simply confront him about it, and there was no way I would have the balls to just… make a move on Kat and Alice, even if they were used to the sex by now. I don’t know if they would freak out and tell Tom or Ann. I decided to not do anything with the info I had. Instead, for the next few weeks, I would just pay very close attention to how Tom acted with his daughters. I was very impressed because even when I managed to spy on him while it was just him and the girls, he did absolutely nothing that would make anyone think he was a pedophile.

I also did my best to see if he would ever go down to the basement with the girls or by himself, but once again, I was let down. I visited the album a lot over the next few months, always setting up booby traps to see if anyone else would touch the album in between my visits but no one ever did. It was like he only fucked the girls once a year or something. I don’t know how he could have so much control when the girls seemed so willing.

Three months passed since I first discovered the album and I was now a full on pedo. I started to get friendlier with Kat, especially when we went swimming in the pool. I always tried to look a bit longer whenever she passed and after a while, I started getting nervous someone would notice. I started stealing her panties too, which I knew was very dangerous but I kind of didn’t care. I was so caught up in this new world of lust that all I wanted was to bust a nut. When June came around though, I learned my lesson. It was five months now since I knew my uncle’s dirty sexy secret and I had become a bit careless.

I think I had stolen at least ten pairs of Kat and Alice’s panties by now and I guess it started to become noticeable. Ann actually made Tom fire the cleaning lady because she thought she was the one stealing clothes. I never touched any of the other clothes but I guess Ann thought she was missing some other things besides her kid’s panties. I felt bad that the cleaning lady got fired but I got over it pretty quick.

My next mistake was getting caught by Tom coming from the basement one night. He didn’t make a big deal of it or anything but it was the first time he had seen me down there, especially so late at night and asked what I was doing. I had just finished cumming once again to the album (once again it was untouched) and frankly I thought I smelled a bit like cum. I did my best to act normal and I don’t think he thought too much of it since he probably thought no one would discover his secret.

My third mistake was the worst. It happened in July. Ann was in the pool house one day while me, Tom, and the kids were sitting around outside playing cards by the pool. I don’t know what she was doing in there and I didn’t care until she came back out. I usually kept the panties under my bed, which was a good spot since there wasn’t much room under there for anything and you had get on your stomach to even get your arm under. But I guess I didn’t put one of the panties far enough under and Ann saw it.

“Hey Will?”

“Yeah?” Ann walked out in her short shorts and tank top, the tank top slightly too small for her and therefore exposing her delicious looking tanned stomach. Her blonde long hair looked great in the sun as well. My aunt was a hottie. She was holding one of Kat’s panties in her hand. Luckily I don’t think I had cum in those yet so they were clean but when I saw her standing there holding them, I panicked.

“I just found these laying on your floor.” I could feel my heart beating fast, my face losing color, and I thought I was busted. I didn’t want to just sit there frozen so I tried to quickly think of anything to say.

“Sorry, I guess I grabbed them with my clothes.” I hoped to god that would be enough to not get caught. I was looking at Ann, but I could feel Tom staring at me. Ann’s face went from serious to a smile.

“No problem sweetie.” She then tossed them inside the house and joined us for cards. I had a hard time relaxing for the rest of that game and I knew I had to take a rest with all the pedo stuff. Tom seemed very good at not showing his emotions on his face so I had no idea if he was suspicious of me or not. Ann seemed to be clueless though. She was the definition of a bimbo. Dumb as a rock, but hot as hell, even after two kids.

That night while on my way to the pool house I decided to stop being a pedo for a while. I needed to cool things down, since I was scared that Tom might know something was up. I still hadn’t heard from my parents, nor from my brothers or sisters. I was in California and they were on the east coast but it was like I was dead to them or something. I didn’t expect anything from my father but I was hoping for at least a phone call from mom. I guess she hated me for leaving. I never really talked to Tom about my family, I got the impression that he and my father didn’t like each other much. It was like anyone from our messed up family was trying to live life away from all relatives. Kinda funny when I think about all the times I caused a family reunion because of my twisted fantasies.

The cooling down on the pedo stuff lasted maybe 24 hours before I changed my mind and did a complete 360. I smacked myself in the head and asked myself why would I stop being a pedo when I could just confront Tom about it. The next week, I tried to get the courage to bring it up, but always pussied out. You try telling your uncle that you know he’s getting it on with his kids when he looks scary as fuck when he’s mad. And the fact that he is 6 foot 4 and benches like 200 pounds, it’s not a very welcoming thought making him angry.

Another week passed and I finally decided to go for it. I didn’t have the balls to sit him down and tell him though, no, I decided it was better to just go down to the basement, pull out the album and then tell him to come down. I figured I would have leverage that way, maybe get him on the heels a little.

So that’s what I did. It was a Saturday, and Ann was out grocery shopping (we had helpers around the house but Tom and Ann liked doing a lot of the work too) and the kids were out with some friends or something, so I thought this was the best time. I went down and got the album (my booby trap still there) and got it out, went into the living room and then called for my uncle. He came down a few moments later and as soon as he spotted what I was holding, I swear he went paler than humanly possible. He looked like he was about to pass out.

“What… where… how…” He was in shock. I tried my best not to laugh because, I have to admit, sort of funny seeing him like that.

“First of all, relax. I’m not gonna tell anyone.” When I reassured him, he seemed to relax a little bit but not much. Then again, how many people could stay relaxed in a time like that?

“The lock is gone…” I nodded my head and then opened the album and started to flip through it. This caused him to lunge forward and grab it from my hands.

“Tom man, you have to chill out. This is not the first time I’m seeing this album.”

“When did you find it?”

“Kat’s birthday party. February.” My uncle might have married a dumbass wife, but he was far from stupid. It was like he connected the dots right then and there.

“You like it don’t you?” I simply nodded, surprisingly feeling cocky with myself. I did have all the power after all. “The panties…”

“Yup. I’m sorry uncle, but… I’ve jizzed in your daughter’s panties many times since finding that album.” I was dangerously cocky.

We ended up having a long conversation about the whole thing. I told him how I found it and thought it was hot, he told me how it all started when he was giving Kat her baths and how often he has played with them (6 total times, 4 times the camera was involved, apparently there were more albums) and he also confirmed my suspicion that Ann had no idea.

“You swear to me you won’t tell her.” I was much younger than him, and weaker, and he was paying for my food, rent and clothes, but… at that moment, I didn’t like him talking to me like that. This was one thing I had more power over than him.

“I won’t if I get to participate.” Like I said, I was feeling dangerously cocky at the time. I had been fantasizing about fucking Kat and Alice for a good 6 months now and today I was determined I would get more. What easier way to get to fuck a 7 year old and her 4 year old sister then with their dad’s approval who they already fuck.

“You don’t understand. It’s not like I can just do this whenever my dick aches for it. Alice is too young to understand and Kat doesn’t really get the urge for it much. I can beg her for hours but if she doesn’t feel like it, she won’t do it. And I’m sure as hell not gonna force either of them into it. I’m not a monster.” I wasn’t a monster either (not yet at least) and so I respected what he said. But I did tell him that he needed to let Kat know that I was gonna be a part of it from now on. He said he would let her know as long as Ann didn’t find out.

“Ever thought of getting Ann in on it?” Tom shook his head.

“She won’t even do daddy daughter role play, no way in hell she would be down for that.” I knew I was very far from it, but I really wanted to get Ann in on it. I had so many hopes and desires for this pedo play time, and let me tell you, I got most of them checked off my list.

I didn’t have to wait long for Tom to tell Kat I knew their secret. A week later, I was in the pool relaxing and she jumped in and swam over to me and told me she knew. It was kind of awkward talking to her about it because she seemed so casual. She didn’t say anything sexual or that she was excited for my cock, no none of that. When I asked her how she felt about me knowing, she just shrugged and said “cool I guess.” And then swam off.

Writing about all this, I really miss Katherine and Alice. Katherine is 35 now, and Alice is 32. They don’t hate me like my sisters do but our relationship is definitely strained. I don’t wanna get too ahead of myself though. First I gotta tell you about the first time I got to play with them.

It happened about two weeks after that great Saturday afternoon. It was sort of unexpected. It happened during bath time for Alice. Ann usually gave the girls their baths, and Alice never enjoyed them for some reason (she was a very stubborn and sometimes annoying kid) and so she would always make Kat go first. This is why it was so unexpected because I never thought it would happen with Ann in the house.

But anyway, when Alice went upstairs with the girls, Tom and me stayed on the couch. I could see him waiting for Ann to get out of earshot and then leaned over to me and whispered that I should go wait in Kat’s room. My dick was instantly hard and surprisingly I was very nervous. I didn’t need to be told twice so I quickly jumped off my feet and headed upstairs. To get to Kat’s room, you had to pass the bathroom and Ann had the door open. As I passed by, I saw Kat standing naked in the tub with Ann washing her. Alice was sitting on the toilet swinging her feet and playing with a coloring book. She was still dressed.

I went into Kat’s room and closed the door quietly and leaned against the wall waiting, nervous as hell. It was maybe five minutes later when the door opened and there stood Kat, wrapped in a towel. She closed the door, dropped the towel and then after letting me admire her body for a few seconds, she smiled at me, dropped to her knees and pulled down on my shorts. As soon as she did, my 6 inch hard cock sprang into view. I will never forget the first time I felt her hot breath on my cock. She looked up at me with her big eyes and took the tip of my dick into her young mouth.

I could have cum right then but stopped myself and enjoyed. I think the blowjob lasted only maybe three minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and Kat pulled my cock out of her mouth and let me spray cum all over the carpet. It was the greatest sensation of my life. We could still hear Alice splashing in the tub and Ann telling her to calm down so I knew I was safe. The door opened though and in stepped my uncle Tom. My dick was still showing and frankly still a bit hard so my face went a little red as he saw it for the first time.

“Go outside and watch the door for me.” It was an order and even though I always took Tom’s orders seriously, the ones involving pedo play time always ticked me off. But since I was spent, my knees actually weak from the orgasm, I just nodded, pulled my pants up, smiled at Kat who didn’t move from her position and then left the room just as Tom started unbuckling his pants. I guess tonight was just gonna be a blowjob for the both of us. I didn’t mind. I stood outside the bedroom in the hall, doing my best not to look like I was guarding the room when Alice and Ann came out of the bathroom.

Ann smiled at me as little Alice had a towel wrapped around her entire body. They went in the opposite direction towards the other bedrooms. Tom lasted a bit longer than me but after a bit, he came out. It did feel a bit awkward as he passed me, we just kind of nodded at each other and then went our separate ways. He went back downstairs to watch the game, while I hurried off to my pool house and pulled out one of Kat’s panties for round two.

Even though that was technically the first time I played with Kat, it wasn’t anywhere near as great as what I wanted. Luckily, I only had to wait a week for a real go at her and Alice. It was actually Kat that made it happen. The night before we were gonna play, she came up to Tom and cuddled up with him while me and him were sitting on the couch. Ann was upstairs putting Alice to bed at the time and it wasn’t like Kat was doing anything bad so no one was worried about Ann coming down.

“Daddy, I wanna fuck.” This caught both me and Tom off-guard as he looked first at me and then at his daughter.

“Okay sweetie, when?” Kat answered almost immediately.

“Tomorrow. With all four of us.” My dick grew hard in my pants but not a noticeable amount.

“Well we need to get your mother out of the house first.” Kat shrugged.

“I want to do it tomorrow but if you can’t get mom out of the house for a few hours, then I guess you and Will can wait a while.” I turned my head to Tom raising my eyebrows at him, letting him know that he needed to do this. Tom sighed and said he would try and make something up.

I could barely sleep that night, thinking about the next day and how amazing it just might end up being. At around 9 am the next day, I went into the house and sat down for breakfast with Tom and little Alice.

“We’re good to go. Ann is gonna be gone till noon.” My cock once again grew and I looked down at Alice who just smiled and kept eating her food. Sometimes I didn’t know if Alice knew what was happening since she was so young but I didn’t really care, me and her didn’t spend as much time together as me and Kat did.

A few minutes later, Kat came into the kitchen and took my breath away. She was wearing a t shirt in which she slept but it wasn’t that long and you could see she had no panties on. Once again it was a little awkward looking at my cousin like that with her father sitting right across from me, but I was a bit more comftorble with it knowing his dick was just as hard if not harder than mine.

“Come on.” I noticed her look right at me and then spin around and walk away.

“Fun!” Alice jumped down from her chair and then started to strip right in the kitchen. This was all new to me but Tom seemed used to it by now. Once Alice was naked, he reached in between her legs and rubbed her young pussy for a second before she giggled and ran after Kat. Tom then picked up her clothes and looked at me as he made his way out of the kitchen. I followed right away.

We headed down the stairs to the basement and into that very room that I discovered the family’s dark secret. When I got there, I was greeted with the site of Kat laying on her back with Alice in between her legs licking her pussy. I almost blew my load right there. Kat looked at her dad and me with a smile while she had her hand on Alice’s head. It was amazing. Tom was the first one that started to strip and I followed slowly. My body was pretty good back then, I had great abs and a muscular chest with only a little hair.

Tom was much larger than me, his chest sticking out far and he also didn’t have a six pack but his stomach wasn’t fat… just big. With this, he had a lot of chest hair with a bunny trail heading down to his bushy pubes. His dick was certainly bigger than mine but I wasn’t miniscule in comparison or anything.

With Tom now completely naked, I decided to join him. He was already stroking his dick as little Alice gave a few last licks and got up on her knees giggling at her dad, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“Kat tastes yummy!” Alice was a very giggly and silly girl. Kat was completely different though. She had her giggly moments too but as she lay on the bed naked, she looked very serious with a little half smile on her face. When I pulled down my boxer briefs, my half hard dick was seen for the first time by Alice and the second time by Tom and Kat. Right away I noticed Kat looking at it and I started to jerk it up and down slowly getting it completely hard.

Alice looked at my dick too but I don’t think she could even get horny at that age so it was just another naked body part to her. Tom picked Alice up off the bed and then sat down at Kat’s feet and put Alice in his lap, his dick in between her legs. I tried not to make much eye contact with him because over the last few weeks I was starting to notice that maybe he wasn’t very happy with me. I understood it, I was endangering his secret by just participating but I didn’t care. My initial goal at that time was to turn Kat into my slut and my slut only.

Alice was now using both of her small hands to jerk Tom’s dick up and down as he was reaching over and playing with her naked little pussy. I was pretty hard already and then Kat got from bed and walked over to me and the first thing she did was get up on her toes and plant a kiss on my lips. It was pretty hot, not cause she was a good kisser, because she wasn’t but because she wanted to kiss me. Maybe it was more than sex. That’s what I wanted, to have her wrapped around my finger.

Once the kiss stopped she kissed my chest and stomach a few times and then got on her knees and started to suck my dick like the time in her bedroom. It was nice, but it didn’t last long because I wanted to fuck her holes. I had her get up and then told her to bend over and place her hands on Tom’s legs. She did as she was told with no objections and I went behind her, her cute butt and pussy all ready for me. Her pussy did look a bit too small for my dick so I figured I would try anal with her first.

I needed to taste her pussy, Alice said she was yummy and I wanted to find out for myself. I kneeled behind her and right away stuck my dick inside her sweet cunt. The hole definitely was small, I was barely able to tongue fuck her, but I pushed as much of my tongue in as I could. She definitely tasted good. Alice was giggling and I could hear squishy sounds and guessed that it was Tom’s pre cum leaking out and Alice using it as lube.

“Let your sister lick your fingers baby.” Yup I was right, soon Alice was laughing from Kat tickling her fingers with her tongue as she sucked her father’s pre cum off them. I was moving my tongue in every way possible as I probed Kat’s small pussy with it. It was seriously a dream come true. I never knew I loved 7 year old pussy that much. (it actually made me think back to what I saw on those tapes me and my sister found, and for the first time in my life, I understood my father)

After about five minutes of straight pussy licking, I started to notice Kat was breathing heavier. I didn’t know if she could cum yet but I was gonna try. Meanwhile, Alice was back to playing with her dad’s dick and I could hear him moan every now and then. My dick was actually dripping pre cum underneath me and once I felt Kat tighten up for a few moments and then relax again, I decided to stop licking her pussy.

Once I stood up, Tom made Kat stand up and then he took Alice off his lap and got her to stand between his legs on the floor. She was short so she was now perfect height with Tom’s dick. He pointed his throbbing cock at Alice’s mouth and she (somewhat reluctantly) wrapped her mouth around the tip and started to bob her head up and down. I smacked Kat’s ass and got her to get on her hands and knees on the floor. Once she was there, her ass wiggling at me, I got behind her and using the pre cum on my cock, lubed up her ass nicely.

Once it was nice and lubed up I pushed at her ass with enough force but not too much to hurt her. After a bit, the tip of my dick pushed its way into Kat’s almost virgin asshole and she moaned out but it was more out of pain I think. I didn’t care, I needed to bust a nut soon cause my dick felt like it would explode if I didn’t.

It was the tightest hole I had ever felt. I was afraid I would cum if I moved so for the first few seconds, we just kind of stood there, my cock head inside her asshole. She had her head down and was basically waiting for me to fuck her. I slowly started to push in further making Kat move forward as well. I had about two inches inside her ass but it was enough for insane amounts of pleasure (for me at least)

I decided to not go any further because I didn’t want to permanently hurt her so I started to hump back and forth with those two inches of my cock. After a few minutes, Kat was starting to relax a bit more and with all the lube from my cock, it was becoming smoother. I didn’t notice when Tom blew his load but when I looked up at them at one point, I saw Alice with cum all over her lips and a bit on her nose and hands. She went to the bathroom and got a towel to clean herself up while Tom layed on his back and looked up at the ceiling. (I guessed it was because he didn’t want to watch me fucking his daughter)

I had my hands on Kat’s ass and even though my hands were only normal sized, they were almost able to cup both of her ass cheeks because of how small she was. It was actually sexy. I kept thrusting my dick in and out of her asshole as I felt like I was gonna cum any second now. I started to think about if I should cum deep in her ass or pull out and before I could decide I felt the burning in my ball sack as the cum started to boil over.

The rushing feeling took over my whole body starting from my cock. I think I yelled something out I can’t really remember, all I remember is the insane feeling of my cum rushing through my dick and going deep into Kat’s asshole. It was a magical moment for sure.

By the seventh or eighth jet of cum that shot out of my cock, my cock became way too sensitive and I pulled out of her ass, the tightness squeezing around my cock head and giving me the thunderous rolls of pleasure on my cock head was almost painful now. Once I was out and free, I dropped to the floor, my cock still dribbling cum.

“Hooooolllllyy shiittttt.” I was finally coming down off my insane orgasm but my cock was still very sensitive so I just sort of laid on my back and let it cool off.

“Your ass is gaped.” Tom was now finally back up and he seemed ready to go for a second go. His dick was certainly hard enough. He took my position behind Kat and without even letting her recover, started to push the tip of his dick inside her asshole, which was still filled with my cum. Since his dick was a bit wider than mine, he didn’t get as much of it inside of her as I did but his cock head was enough. I watched from the floor for a while as Tom and Kat fucked. Tom was now able to get more of his dick inside his daughter’s asshole and he was starting to moan and talk dirty to her as he pushed inside.

I couldn’t help but start to get hard again, and I started to slowly jerk my cock up and down. Just then, Alice walked back into the room and I looked up at her as she looked down at my cock, rock hard again.

“Want me to suck you Will?” She stood by my side, her chubby belly pushing out in front of her as she waited for an answer. I wasn’t gonna turn her down and so I just nodded and smiled and she rushed over and got between my legs. I didn’t know what to expect and if she would even be any good but she definitely was getting trained well. She got onto her shins, and grabbed my cock with both of her small hands, and then started to jerk it up and down, squeezing a bit of pre cum out in the process.

I moaned and put my head back down on the ground as pleasure started to fill my cock again. Tom and Kat seemed to be still going at it as well but I since I had my eyes closed, I didn’t see anything they were doing. I then felt hot breath on my cock head and knew it was Alice’s mouth. She closed her lips around the tip of my dick and started to suck like a pornstar. It definitely felt good. Her little hands were still jerking my shaft up and down as now her mouth was locked on my cock head, collecting all my pre cum in her mouth.

She didn’t stop this routine once for a whole ten minutes as I couldn’t hold on any more and warned her that I was gonna cum. She didn’t move her mouth from my dick and I moaned out and felt the hot cum going from my balls, through my cock and out the tip right into Alice’s mouth. She took the first two jets of cum in her mouth but after that, moved her mouth and let the rest shoot into the air and land on my stomach. She kept jerking my cock up and down though until I was all spent. The two jets of cum in her mouth were now dribbling out and down her chin. It was a very hot scene.

Not long after that, Tom sprayed his second load all over the back of Kat and then Kat and Alice ran off to the shower in the basement to get cleaned off. (Kat had to get my cum out of her ass as well)

“Damn that was awesome.” Me and Tom were getting dressed in the room and we almost felt a bit more comfortable around each other. I could see Tom looking at my cock a few times as well as we got dressed, but I didn’t think much of it.

“Yeah. Did not feel like an hour passed by at all.”

“Next time we should get the camera out.” Tom looked at me and shrugged.

“It’s not that easy to develop the pictures and not have Ann see them. Maybe some time when we have more than a few hours.”

A few weeks passed by and it was now September. Kat was now in second grade, while little Alice was starting kindergarten, and with me entering my senior year of high school, things got busy. Me and Tom had to wait a while for the next time we could all play together again but I did manage to get a blow job from both Kat and Alice around mid-September.

My dreams for getting Ann involved on the pedo time was pretty much my number one priority but I had no idea how I was gonna accomplish this. As chance would have it, when October rolled around, I got a lot closer to that goal. But right now my cock is hard from all the memories, so I am gonna go take a break from writing and tell you about the wonderful month of October at a later time.

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