A horny wife wants to try something new.
Hey perverts, sorry I haven't posted anything, I've
been busy. I wrote this quick 5000 word story, mainly
to address the fans of my sick stories who want more.
I'm taking a break from writing after this posting, I have
some personal things that need doing and I'll resume
my main stories once I'm done.

Just check in with my profile every now and again, I'll
update it with any new info I have to share. Such as my
next project, and when I might release it. Send me
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Anyway enjoy the story, I'll be back soon.

A Quickie

Tom led a quiet life, he had a job near home, a small
house, a dog, and a cute wife. Everything in his life
was, for the most part, normal and simple. However,
one aspect of his life fell beyond the boarder of what
most would consider 'normal' that was his sex life.

His wife was wonderful, cheerful and nice to
everyone, great at parties, good with kids, she was
even a pretty good cook, despite a few burnt roasts.
It was his wife that turned his 'normal' life upside
down once they were in bed together. Behind her
loving, caring outward appearance, was a horny,
sex crazed nympho who couldn't get enough dick!

It seemed crazy to Tom, that his wife could be such
a lust filled monster behind her sweet innocent smile.
However nearly every single night, Tom had to give
her every ounce of energy he could muster, just to
sate the horny woman. Over time, her demands
became greater, she wanted anal instead of regular
sex, then she wanted be tit fucked, despite her tits
only being a B cup. After that she wanted facials,
and not the kind you get in a spa, Tom could barely
keep up.

Tonight is just another normal night for Tom.


Tom sat on the couch, watching TV like he did most
nights. The large expensive wall clock chimed, and
let him know that it was now 8pm. Like each night
his wife strolled into the room, and clicked off the TV.

"Oh honey, can't I just watch ten more minutes?" He

"Not tonight! I wanna try something new!" She said
cheerfully. Tom dropped his head to his chest and
sighed. Slowly being pulled out of his favorite
chair, he was led into the bedroom and with a great
push, forced onto it. His wife had already stripped
off her clothes, and stood there tapping her foot,
impatiently waiting on Tom to undress. As she
tapped her foot and crossed her arms, her perky
tits bounced in sync with her foot tapping.

As he pulled off his clothes, he stared at her.
"What do you want to try tonight?" He asked.

"Well, I was on the internet while you were
working, lay on your back, and I came across
a woman sitting on a guy's face." She said
while climbing on top of him.

"So tonight, I want you to lick my asshole!
I'll suck you while you do it, it'll be so hot!"
She said gleefully. Tom grunted as her fat
bottom lowered onto his face. "What made
it so hot, was how the guy's air was cut off by her
ass!" Tom's eyes went wide, as her ass smothered
his face. Despite his fear his wife had already
stroked his cock hard, and was now sucking on it.

His tongue shot out and began lapping at her washed
asshole, 'at least my wife was a clean freak' he thought
while shoving his tongue into her. She moaned and
squealed in delight at his probing tongue, grinding her
ass into his face, making it harder and harder for him
to breath. His hips bucked, and his tongue licked faster
as his wife squeezed his balls, trying to milk him.

"Oh baby yes! Here It comes!" She yelled, grinding
her ass harder, cutting off all air as he flicked her clit
a few times before pushing his tongue back into her
asshole. She came with a scream and flooded Tom's
face, who was now desperate for air. The excitement
had become to much for Tom as well, his cock twitched
and shot ropes of cum at his wife's face who happily
accepted it. A loud sucking sound occurred as her ass
pulled away from Tom's face who gasped for air.

"Wasn't that great?!" She yelled. Tom's purple face
looked at her with shock, and simply nodded at her.

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy it.." She said, licking
cum from her fingers. Tom didn't reply, but she was
right. "You ready to go again?" She asked quickly.

Before Tom could protest, his wife's soft plump
rump fell onto his face again, and his tongue slid
back into her asshole. "Yeah lick my asshole!"
She moaned, and the night carried on until an
hour later..

Now riding his cock, bouncing hard up and
down on him, his wife moaned and twisted
her own nipples. "Oohh this is so great! More!
More!" She yelled, Tom slapped her ass and held on
the best he could. She had already came several times,
but was now ready to do so again. Tom was getting
close as well, and started bucking his hips into her.
Their speed increased, and slapping sounds filled
the house.

Just before they both reached their climax, Tom's wife
decided to try something new on her husband.

"Oooh, Oohh.. Yess! Oh Tom, I have to tell you something!
Ooh fuck, yes! I'm pregnant!" The shock on Tom's face
was the result she had hopped for, she moaned louder and
felt her orgasm seconds away.

"What?!" Tom yelled, gripping his wife's ass.

"Oooh! Fuck! Yes, oh god, and the best part! Ugh! Is it's
not even yours! It's some black guys!" She squealed as
she came hard, watching Tom's reaction made it even
better. Tom's reaction was pure shock, followed by
his strongest orgasm yet, shooting his load deep inside
his wife. After a moment of heavy breathing, he stared at
her, unsure what to say.

She smiled and snuggled up to him, before he could speak,
she did. "Got'cha! Hahaha! I'm not really pregnant babe, I
just wanted to see your reaction." Tom let out a heavy sigh,
he didn't think he wife would cheat.

"Although.. Seeing how much you came, I might have to try
something new with a black guy." Before he could speak out
she kissed him quickly, then told him goodnight and rolled over.

Tom stared at the ceiling, wondering if his wife was telling
the truth. He glanced at her, then took hold of his cock, and
replayed her telling him she had been knocked up by a black
guy in his head.

The end..
Unless you want more..

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