What happened next?
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Me and mom stayed at the hotel in London for another two nights. It was amazing! We walked all over the city holding hands and kissing. After all, nobody knew we are mother and son.

We went to all the shops - we even went to a lingerie shop. There was only one girl working in the shop, she thought that I was my mom's boyfriend. She led us to a bunch of little booths at the back of the store and told me to sit down on the chairs. She and Mom went back into the shop. Mom returned a little while later with a bag, it was full of lingerie.

The girl went back to the main part of the shop and left me and Mom to it. Mom went in the booth and tried on some of the lingerie. She came out in a black bra and panties set. It was made of Lace, it was stunning. She tried a few more outfits on, but I couldn't take no-more, I had to have her. I went in the booth whilst she was in the middle of trying the next lingerie set on. I stuck my finger in her pussy. It was drenched. "No! Not in here; what if she sees?" Mom said. I assured her she wouldn't.

There was a bench in the booth, I sat on that and positioned myself. My Mom lowered her pussy onto my dick. She moaned in intense pleasure for a good 5 seconds. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. "Fuckkkkk!" she screamed. I told her to try and be quiet. She just couldn't stop moaning. We put each other's hand other the others mouth.

I couldn't hold on much longer, "I'm gonna cum" I screamed. Then 20 seconds later I did. I exploded in her pussy. Mom and I kissed before getting cleaned up. Problem was: there wasn't anything to get cleaned up with. She put her skirt back on and I put my jeans back on. Then we both walked out the shop acting natural. Thankfully the shop assistant didn't see the cum dripping down Mom's legs.

When we got back to the hotel room Mom suggested we share a bath. She got it nice and warm, it was a lot warmer than my usual baths. The room was filled with steam. I washed her back and began to kiss her neck. She asked me if I had ever licked pussy before. I told her no. I didn't really care about pleasing my other girlfriends. But Mom was different, I wanted to pleasure her, I wanted to give her the satisfaction she deserved. I told her to sit up on the rim of the bath-tub.

She was sat on the rim of the bath-tub, her pussy right in my face. She told me what part to lick, it didn't take me long to get the hand of it. Her screams began to get louder and louder. "Lick mommy, mommy loves her boy pleasuring her". Growing up when Mom had the sex talk with me would always refer to her pussy as her "foo". It had been a while since I heard that word, but she screamed "Lick Mommy's Foo". That turned me on even more!
"Taste Mommy's foo, from now on you'll be the only one tasting this foo". Mom began to pull my hair and push my face deeper and deeper and deeper into her pussy. The screams became even louder until she finally got the pleasure she so craved; a glorious orgasm. She wanted to taste her pussy so we engaged in a passionate kiss afterwards.

After our bath we went and sat on the bed, we talked for hours. We talked about moving away together, just the two of us where nobody knew us. She asked me what my sexual fantasies were. I told her she has fulfilled them all. She said that she could give me "the most glorious orgasm ever", I was curious, so I say go on then.

She opened my legs wide, and began sucking my dick, after a minute or so she started to lick my balls and then before I knew it my ass-cheeks were open. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but she started to lick the rim, it was my turn for my eyes to roll in the back of my head. I had never experienced a feeling like it. I was ready to cum. She started to suck my dick again. It wasn't long until I came all over her face. My cum went all over her hair. Her make-up was dripping. She had never looked more beautiful.

Mom told me she loves the taste of my cum, she leaned in for a kiss, I thought fuck it, it's my cum on her face not another man's, I gave her a passionate snog. 45 minutes had passed; I asked her if she ever did anal. "No, but I want too" she replied. I told her to bend over on the bed. I got some oil from her bag and rubbed it on my dick. She told me that she bought some lube at the shop we were in earlier. I put the lube on her asshole and slid my dick in. "Ohhhhhhhh" she moaned. It was painful she said. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she told me to keep going. Eventually the pain eased up a little. She began to moan in pleasure.

I have never had so much pleasure during sex like I did then. The tightness of her asshole was glorious. It had only been 45 minutes since I blew a big load on her face and I was all ready to do it all over again. I pulled out just as I was about to cum and came on her hole. "That's it, cum on Mommy's hole" she screamed. That night we fell asleep in each other's arms. We woke up the next morning all sticky.

She told me that the thought of going back home was horrific. She wanted it to be just me and her. And so did I. She decided that we should stay in London together. We could rent a flat and I could go to Uni. So that's what we did. We have been together since.

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This was much better (with more detail) than Part 1. Good story.

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A good story. I am sooo wet.

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I am 13, but, I have good sex life with my mother. She let me fuck that mature soft pussy whenever my dick gets hard. And believe dick gets hard all the times. Mom let me cum my thick semen in her womanly sexy hole...she said boy's cum is the best medicine for mature woman..and she needs it. I have no problem with it...I eat good and have nice a thick cum ready for mothers juicy cunt. We are a pair of happy mom/son lovers.

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