Part 1 of 4. I met her at the eye doctor. Absolutely True
Susie-Lea, Chapter 1.

NOTE: This series contains preteen sexual situations. If you disagree do not read and complain.

I can’t believe I met her in my eye doctor’s office.

It is the first week in June and I had an appointment early morning for a routine annual eye exam. Because I am forty years old I wear bi-focal lenses, but had spent the money to get the newest design without lines and just a light tint. I never did take to contact lenses and the glasses give me a bit of a scholarly look. Well, at least that’s what mom used to tell me. LOL.

My eye doctor has his office in a small strip center just outside a very large gated community with its own golf course, swimming pool and club house. You are familiar with the set up; it’s where most the people are snobs and look down on us regular people. I don’t live in the community, but rent a very nice house just outside. With the economy in the toilet and half the houses for sale, I probably could get an easy membership at the snob golf club.

My doctor has had his practice open for about fifteen years and has had the same four ladies running it. Meaning they did the administrative and medical stuff like giving you pre-exams using all the different equipment. So my first surprise was the very young blonde behind the desk. “Ah, a summer intern,” I figured. She was exceeding beautiful with very long straight blonde hair. She checked me in and one of the regular ladies coached her on how to do it on the computer. I noticed brilliant blue eyes and a very sexy smile. When she took me down the hall to the last exam room I followed her swinging blonde hair and swinging young ass. OMG, I thought I was going to fall in love. Instantly I knew I was going to razz the doctor about hiring sexy eye candy.

One of the older ladies did my pre-exam and we caught up from last year. I mentioned, “I see you got a summer intern.” She laughed and said, “No Dave, that’s the doctor’s daughter. She will be a senior in the fall.” Like a stupid teen I answered, “OMG, that can’t be true. All his kids are about ten years old. He has the pictures in his office.” Then I was glad she told me before I made a fool of myself by calling her eye candy or even something more sexual. I visualized him putting drops in my eyes and them melting right out of my head like some stupid horror movie.

When she took me into the main exam room I noticed several kids and two moms in the waiting area. It was obvious one was a mother-daughter combination because they could have stepped out of the same fashion magazine. “Yep,” I said to myself, “high maintenance MILF.” She was probably in her late thirties with a mess of long curly blonde hair. I did not have time to see if it was natural because my eyes slid down her body to her high breasts hidden in a very stylish summer fashion top with matching pants. Probably something which cost her hubby hundreds of dollars? Red high heels, red finger nails and hot red lipstick. Surprisingly, no cleavage showed, but definitely a MILF.

I had forgotten it was the first week of summer vacation for the school kids. The matching daughter looked to be about sixteen, just a little shorter than mom with long blonde hair down to the middle of her back. Her hair was in big curls and drew your eyes to her ass. Mom and daughter had matching dark brown eyes. Daughter had her make-up on except around the eyes. She was dressed very casual but I could tell her tight fitting jeans has some designer name on her ass. “Yep, daddy’s little darling probably spends money like no tomorrow. She wants that little sports car for a graduation present and will be some fraternity’s bitch by the middle of first quarter in college.”

Of course I would want to give the little darling something else, but my day dream was cut short when the nurse shut the door in the exam room and told me the doctor will be with me in a few. Since I’m not normally around high school kids I was impressed by the difference in the two beautiful girls I had just seen. The doctor’s daughter oozed wholesomeness and the “let me take you home to mom” thing. The blonde in the waiting room oozed the snob “I’m better than you” mode which I remember even from my college days where there were a lot of prick teasing cunts.

I put it all out of my head as the doctor examined my eyes and he changed my prescription a little. I used it as excuse to upgrade the frames I was wearing instead of just changing the lenses. The room with the frames was next to the waiting room and after I had picked a couple of frames I sat down at the small exam table to wait for the med tech to measure the frames and help me make a final decision.

The blonde daughter came into the room and looked at all the designer frames which start at about five hundred dollars. I watched her ass and I could not complain. She was very graceful and probably had dance or ballet all her life. So I gave her points for hard work if it was so.

Following a few feet behind her was a second girl who I thought belonged to the other mother in the waiting room until she called the blonde, “Sis, look here.” This girl was the total opposite of both the mother and the older daughter. First, she was several years younger, maybe around eleven or twelve. She had brown hair and a pixie nose, but was not beautiful. She also had brown eyes and it was the only similarity with sis and mom I could spot. Second, she was about 5’ 3 or so because I had to look up a bit at her face from my sitting position. Lastly, she wore a short blue summer dress held up by two long spaghetti straps.

The older daughter left the room, but the younger one kept looking at every frame in every show case. The cases against the wall were tall, but there are also two table height cases which require you to bend over to see the frames. The girl ignored me so I just kept watching her just because she was there. She approached the case which was in front of the table where I sat and leaned over to look at the frames.

She was probably five feet away bent over facing me and her little summer dress rode up in the back and fell away in the front right in front of my eyes. Her skin was very white but the two snow white cones with the very pink nipples had my full and total attention. I just love it when girls give us an unexpected voyeur’s view of tits and pussies. And best of all she was not wearing a silly training bra or the a-cups I guessed as her size. “Ah, summer time is great,” I thought as I enjoyed the view while she looked at the eye glasses. Until she caught me. As she stepped to the left she glanced up and her mouth made a big silent ‘Oh’. Her hand moved up to her petite chest and pushed her dress back hiding her pretty tits. I expected that to be the end with her running out of the room.

She was cool about it. I saw her swallow a couple of times and then bend over and look at some more glasses keeping her hand on her dress. It made me chuckle and when she glanced at me I gave her a small thumbs up. I have no clue what she thought when she saw it but I meant it as a complement, “Nice baby tits.” So I was surprised when she did not walk away but came back a little more in front of me and bending over, but not letting me see anything.

I picked up one of the doctor’s cards from the table and made sure she saw me click my pen as I wrote on the back of the card, “Text me,” followed by my phone number and name. I slid the card to the edge of the desk so she could see it and probably read it. She looked at the card and then at me and her expression was neutral. So would she leave and tell her mom? I was ready to eat the card to destroy the evidence if necessary. She shook her head a very small ‘No’ and looked out the door to see what mom was doing. Mom and daughter were at the main desk talking to the staff.

She casually walked around the display case and was now in front of me looking down at the card. I gave her a smile and a nod. Then she deliberately leaned forward for just a few seconds and I looked down her front. Two white cones were inches from my face for three seconds and then disappeared as she walked away. When I looked down my card was gone. A Las Vegas magician could not have done it better.

After I got my new glasses ordered and paid, I went and had a nice lunch. I went home to clean up my house on the late afternoon which was left from my day off. During lunch I visualized the young tits I had seen and wondered if she was laughing all the way home about having teased an “old guy”. I laughed at myself and said out loud, “Wonder if she knows what prick teasing even means?” The blonde older daughter and mother were probably experts at it. It also made me think if she considers herself the ugly duckling of the family. Who cares; it was fun while it lasted.

“Ding,” my i-phone gave a loud ding usually signifying a work e-mail. I walked to the kitchen counter, took a sip from my bourbon and water, and looked at the phone. It was a simple text message from a number I did not recognize. “Hi. Susie-Lea.” I racked my brain for a minute and decided I knew no Susie, nor a Lea and absolutely no Susie-Lea. It could not be, so I gave a cautious answer, “From the eye doctor office?”

“Ding,” a reply came, “Yes.” Wow, I was stunned and another sip of bourbon was my immediate answer. Now what? I wanted to tell her she had pretty tits; but you know that would not work. “I am so glad you texted. Are you Ok?”

A minute late the one word answer was, “Yes.” Alright, this may work I decided and sent more questions, “Are you alone? Where?” Her answer was short, “Alone – my room.” So I will assume she has her own room and does not share with the older sister. I sent, “Can you put my number into your Contacts? Then flush the card.”

It took a few minutes for the next ding, “Done.” So I decided to test the waters a bit and wrote, “Where you surprised when you saw me looking?” Another one word answer came back, “Yes.” A little complement was in order, “Could not help it. You are very pretty.” The answer came faster, “Am not.” Ah, she has the ugly duckling problem. How to attack that without being a pervert?

“Would you agree an older man has more experience?” She answers, “Yes.”

“So I define you as pretty. You are unique in your own way.” She answers, “How?” I texted back, “I assume you compare yourself to the older sister who obviously copies her mother. You don’t have to be glammed up and blonde 24/7. Your beauty is subtle and appreciated by the very best connoisseurs.”

It took a couple of minutes for the reply, “R u 1?” Shit, teen speak. I had to read it out loud to understand, “Are you one.” Easy answer, “The very best.” The phone dinged a bit faster, “U just liked my boobies?” Well, little Susie-Lea, we sure got to the subject of preteen tits in a hurry. Careful there big guy.

“They are very sexy; but that is not why I said you are pretty.” I figured I better say something about her young tits or she would know I was a total fake. Ding – “Am not.” Alright, I was about to turn the phone off and let her stew.

“I can prove it,” I sent two minutes later. Ding – “How?” So I told her to stand in front of the mirror and describe her hair using ten words, not less. Ding – “My hair color I brown and it hangs to mid shoulders.” My answer, “Exactly. It is you and it is perfect. You can style it and wear it different ways, but it’s always you.”

Ding – “OK.” My answer, “Now describe your lips. Ten words.” This time the reply came faster. I think she may like this game. Ding – “My lips a pale pink and about average size.” My answer, “Let me help. Say it out loud in front of the mirror. My lips are rose colored and the right size for my face.”

It took several minutes for an answer. Ding – “Oh Wow.” My answer, “Yes, wow. Do you see a pretty girl?” Ding – “Yes, a little.” So sports fans, this was a fun little game and I was concerned about pushing her too far. I wanted her to think about meeting me; but it may be too much too soon. I had her describe her eyes and nose and we played our little game for a while.

I sent, “Last one for right now. Stand in front of the mirror and take your top off. What do you see? More than ten words if you answer.” I waited. It took all of five minutes. Ding – “I have on blue panties. My boobies are small, but stand up. The nipples are pink. U wana see again?” OMG, I think I’m going to sit on the couch and beat off. Susie-Lea must be getting turned on also. I can visualize her on her bed rubbing her little pussy trying to reach a climax which eludes her because she is inexperienced.

“Of course I do. Shall we text again tomorrow or do u want to play some more now? By the way, what school and what grade?” As usual her answer is short, “Tomorrow. Stanton Jr High.” My answer is short also, “Good night, babe.”

Good grief, I can’t believe I spent nearly two hours with a Jr. High girl texting about sexual stuff. My phone dings again. There is no text just an attachment. When I open it I am totally shocked. Susie-Lea is standing in front of her mirror wearing only her blue brief panties and white socks. She has cocked her shoulders back and is turned partially sideways so her small breasts can be seen standing up. Twin pink nipples are on top. Her phone is in her hand. She smiles as she takes the picture. Before I transfer the picture to my computer so I can blow it up and print it, I text, “Thank you. See you soon. PS – u know what men do with pictures like that?”

Ding – “I have seen sis do it to her boyfriend. U use hand. LOL.” That’s exactly what I did; beat off to the picture of little Susie-Lea, now not only on my computer but also the 32 inch TV in glorious full size.

After I had recovered and took a shower I started an internet search for her. From her on-line yearbook I found her and her sisters full names and fortunately their last name was not Smith. From there to the directory for that name in the gated community and in about an hour I knew a whole lot about the family. Little Susie was a bit of a book worm and played soccer. Big sis was a budding actress (wanna-be) taking all the classes and going to auditions all over the place. So mom spent most of her time with her look-alike daughter and Susie was left alone.

Over the next several days Susie and I would text every afternoon. It was usually the time she was alone at home while mom and sis did “model stuff”. I made sure she knew how to clear messages off her phone including the pictures. Mainly I tried working on her self-esteem and on the second day as we were signing off, I sent, “What do you see in the mirror today?” The answer came back in a little bit and I could tell she was trying for ten words, “Today Susie-Lea is wearing her much too small little pony panties.” A few minutes later the phone dinged with a new picture.

Susie-Lea had spent a lot of time on her hair. It shimmered like she had freshly shampooed it and brushed it so that it flowed over her petite shoulders. I could see pink lipstick and a big smile. All she wore was panties which were clearly too small and just barely covered her mound. She had a heart painted with lipstick on the mirror. Picture number two ended up on the big screen TV.

On day three I brought up the topic of where she goes without mom or sis hanging around. Ding – “Friend Rachel’s house – mom works, no dad.” Ding – “Library, soccer practice.” Well, without a whole lot of investigation my first inclination was to pick her up at the library. Friend Rachel’s house seemed way too dangerous. So I sent, “Would you want to meet at the library and talk?”

There was a long pause because sexting was safe. I wondered if she was afraid because she must know where this relationship was going to end up. Ding – “Gotta go. Friday 2 pm – Wilson room.” “Alright,” I cheered at our progress. I wanted to text an “I love you” message; but left it alone. A few minutes later was another ding and I hoped for a new picture. Susie-Lea stood in front of the mirror with her back to it. She was wearing a very short top which probably ended just below her tits. Today she had no panties on and showed me her full ass. She was bent forward just a little bit and it opened her cheeks some but not enough to see more than just a hint of her slit. I was getting hard just seeing it on the small screen. I know I will study it very carefully on the big TV.

My answer was, “OMG, OMG” I did not text what my cock was thinking he wanted to do to her young ass.

I needed to clear my schedule for Friday afternoon.

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Actually , 40 & 13 works for me. Texting with a girl I met at
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40 year old male and a Jr. High girl ? Seems like a joke or mismatch. The maturity levels are far , far apart.

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A very well written beginning. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

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