Susie has a sleep over with a friend
Susie-Lea, Chapter 2.

NOTE: This series contains preteen sexual activity. If you disagree do not read.

We had agreed to meet at the Library on Friday.

Was it Friday afternoon yet? I had to laugh at myself as I looked into the mirror on Friday morning trying to get ready for my ‘date’? Was it a date or just a little innocent meeting? I sure was hoping it would go to the next level.

Will what I saw in my mirror keep her interested? At forty, I am still in good shape with a flat belly at about 175 lbs. on my 5’10 frame. I never played college sports but a few years in the Army had built muscle on my frame. I have blue eyes and brown hair with just a light touch of gray. And just in case she wants to know, my cock is an average six inches. Enough to keep an eleven year old happy if she wants to explore it.

Reminiscing about how I met Susie-Lea at my eye doctor made me laugh. Usually guys hunt young girls at school or at the mall. I never thought I could meet someone at the doctor’s. Well maybe her MILF mother and the sexpot older daughter would draw attention no matter where they were. Poor Susie, lacking self-esteem, considered herself the ugly duckling and probably disappeared in the background.

Susie seemed to change as we texted over the past few days and I worked hard to improve her self-esteem. When I met her she looked young, maybe around eleven or twelve. She had brown hair and a pixie nose, but was not amazingly beautiful. She was average. She also had brown eyes and it was the only similarity I could spot with her mother. Since then I have studied her three pictures every night and concluded she is about 5’3. She is slender and her young budding breasts are conical standing up on her chest with pink cherries on top. Her butt is very shapely as seen on her last picture which showed just a hint of pussy.

She knows exactly what’s going on in my bed with those pictures because she hinted she had seen her older sister jacking off her boyfriend. Here is hoping Susie is willing to do it for me.

Yesterday I made a dry run to the library to find the Wilson room. It is in the back corner with all the research material and was empty when I walked through it. There were some kids in the children’s’ section, but otherwise the library was empty. As I pulled up to it today there was only one car in the lot and a few bikes in the racks.

When I entered the Wilson room, Susie stood up from the table with a shy smile. Her hair shines as the spotlights hit it and it was evident she spent some time getting ready for out meeting. We will see if it turns into a date. She has a bit of light makeup on and her lips glistened. Later I found out it is Strawberry flavored gloss. She wears a similar dress as the other day. A basic summer dress with long spaghetti straps; it stops a few inches below her crotch. Again, it shows she is not wearing a bra. The short dress makes her girly legs look long. As I look down I noticed pink polish on her toe nails. I thought, “Ah, someone made an effort to look pretty without trying to look glamorous.”

We had that awkward two seconds not knowing what to say or do until I said, “I am so glad you came,” and reached to give her a light hug. She smiled widely and wrapped her arm around my waist. When we sat down her first words were, “I can’t believe I am doing this.” I laughed and thought she meant just meeting a guy in the library. So I told her, “You are growing up, a little adventure is a good thing.” Susie reached for my hand and squeezed it and said, “I have a surprise,” and looked at the door.

A young girl walked in and sat down next to Susie. “This is my best friend, Rachel.” Rachel looked me over and then looked at Susie and said, “Nice.” I looked Rachel over and thought, “Nice.” She looked to be about the same age as Susie, probably twelve. Her brown hair was in a ponytail and she wore a white softball uniform. She also has brown eyes and I figured it was this similarity which may have drawn the girls together. When Rachel smiled at me, all I saw was wall-to-wall silver braces. For a second my brain thought of all the porn clips were girls with braces get them covered in cum. Then I realized my date just went down the toilet.

Susie may have sensed my reaction and she squeezed my hand again. Her other hand went to Rachel and they squeezed their fingers together. Susie looked at me seriously and said, “My parents know I am spending the night with Rachel. Her parents know she is spending the night with me.” She looked at me and one eyebrow arched up in a question. I took a deep breath and said, “So both of you are looking for a place to spend the night? I may just have the perfect place for it.” They giggled quietly and Susie squeezed our hands some more.

Rachel whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” I told them to give me a two minute head start and to jump into the backseats of my pickup truck. When I walked out I noticed the backpacks against the wall. There was more giggling a few minutes later as the girls threw their backpacks into the backseat, hopped in and buckled up. As I slowly drove out of the parking lot, I was glad the back windows on my truck have dark tint. Susie sat behind me and Rachel was on the right hand side. There was whispering going on and then my phone dinged. I picked it up from the center console and took a quick look. A text popped up, again from a number I did not know, “Hi. Rachel.” An attachment was enclosed and when I clicked it there was a picture of Rachel’s upper half in a blue bikini top.

While I studied the picture of her in the bikini and noticed she filled it out quite nicely, it hit me that Susie’s and my private communications had obviously been shared. And Rachel knew Susie sent me photographs. “But does she know that they were nudes?” I thought. So I turned my head and told them, “Thanks Rachel, very nice picture. I hope your bikini is packed in your backpack so you can wear it in my pool.” Rachel said, “No.” She waited almost a minute before giggling and saying, “I’m wearing it now.” “Even better,” was my answer.

Susie was being quiet and Rachel was the chatter-box. She asked me where we were going and then to describe my house. So I told them it was a nice house with a pool. It has a master bedroom with a big bathroom, a second bedroom as a guest room and a third bedroom which was my office. I asked them if we go out to eat what was their favorite food. Seems seafood works for both of them and I started thinking of places on the other side of town where chances were low they would be recognized. Or I could grill in the backyard; but I am a lousy cook.

At my house I showed them around and told them to drop their backpacks in the master bedroom. “All yours, I’m going to move my shaving gear to the other bathroom,” I told them. I asked them if they want to try the pool and then went into the kitchen to fix snacks. It made me wonder if they realized the quickest way to get them near naked is to have them strip voluntarily and get into bikinis. “Yes, old dogs do know many tricks,” I laughed at myself. About fifteen minutes later Rachel and Susie came bouncing out of the master bedroom.

Rachel was in her blue bikini which looked even better in real life. The top fit very snug over her young breasts. She really needed to move to the next size up. The good news was the material covered her nipples and areolas, but left the sides totally bare. Her very white skin made it even more obvious. A thin string around her neck kept it from falling down. She had big sun glasses on her head and carried one of my bath towels, hiding her front. She looked at me as I looked her up and down and I gave her a big smile and thumbs up. I expected she knew about the signal. I wanted to tell her to turn around and let me see her ass, but I acted nonchalant and ignored her while setting the snacks on the kitchen table.

Susie came a minute later. Her bikini was white with red stripes. It looked good on her and I figured it was expensive. She had a towel over her arm but it did not hide her body. The bottom part of the bikini was the opposite color, red with a big white diagonal stripe. The bottom part was very small and did not cover very much. She seemed shy as she came into the kitchen, so I went to her and gave her another hug. “You look very pretty in that suit. The colors fit you,” I told her and leaned down and kissed her cheek. My hand slid down her back and patted her ass. She blushed and giggled a bit and grabbed a chair.

We sat around the table and talked about the upcoming seafood dinner some more. “What did you bring to wear at a restaurant?” I asked and looked at Rachel. Her eyes blinked a couple of times and she said, “Crap, I just brought my sleep-over stuff and my uniform.” I shook my head and told her it won’t work. “How would you feel if I buy you a dress or jeans?” She blinked a couple of more times grabbed Susie’s hand and asked, “Would you really do that?” I told them they both would get new outfits because the restaurant would think they were my daughters. “I want my pretty daughters to have nice clothes tonight,” I said with a smile. It earned me a hug from both girls. While I was sitting, they came around the table and hugged me tight. Rachel was not shy about rubbing her tits against me as I patted her ass and kissed her cheek.

Then twin asses wiggled their way out the backdoor to my pool. I yelled after them that I would be out in a few minutes. First of course I had some snooping to do. What the hell do girls carry in their backpacks? Turned out there was nothing exciting in them. No dildos, birth control pills or anything which indicated they were anything other than average twelve year olds. Their cell phones had a bunch of phone number including mine, but most were from girls. Rachel’s phone had the one picture of her in the bikini. Susie’s had no pictures. “Good girl. Nothing for mommy to find,” I thought.

When I joined them by the pool they had pulled two loungers into the sun and were belly down. I turned on the pool stereo system and found a station with boy bands. “How is that?” I asked and Rachel smiled, “You’re cool.” Susie looked up and said, “Dave would you do me a favor and get our cell phones?” I told them I would and also the tanning lotion so that they could protect those two very white asses. Then I walked away as they laughed. I gave them their phones and holding up the tanning lotion asked, “Who goes first?” Rachel was quick on the trigger and chirped, “Susie goes first, she has fair skin.” I know that was b.s. and she just wanted to see what I would do with Susie.

I folded up my towel next to Susie’s lounger and made sure I was not blocking Rachel’s view. I knew dribbling the lotion on her would make her jump, so I rubbed my hands together and then put the lotion on my hands. Starting on her shoulder blades I barely touched Susie’s back and applied a thick coat of lotion down her middle. With more lotion on my hands I gently massaged her shoulders and down her middle taking a long time. When I glanced at Rachel her eyes were hidden behind the big glasses, but she was chewing her bottom lip. I think she was looking forward to her turn.

Susie’s teen body and skin are a dream. As I leaned over her I got a hint of light perfume from her neck and her hair smelled of a clean shampoo. I combed her hair away from her neck and gently stroked up high on her body. I let my eyes roam over her back and her shapely ass. I could not see any imperfections on her anywhere. So I massaged her back gently and worked my way lower.

Susie’s first moan signaled I was doing something right. I was careful to stay away from her sides near her tits. “Plenty of time for that later,” I thought. After I finished her back I moved down to her legs and worked my way up slowly. When I got above her knees I heard a few more quiet moans. Lastly, I did her butt cheeks pushing the bikini material into her crack and giving each cheek a nice massage. Susie’s hands gripped the lounger and I could feel her breathing a bit harder. Shit, to build her up and leave her frustrated is cruel, but I gave her ass cheek a big kiss and said, “All done.” She exhaled hard and lay quietly.

Rachel got the same treatment with the same results. She moaned a bit louder as my hands moved up above her knees. Except, I had other plans for her. One of my hands moved up on the inside of her leg until the side of my hand touched her bikini in the crotch. She jumped a bit and I massaged her leg and came back to her crotch a few seconds later. Her butt wiggled and I left my hand on her crotch. My middle finger put some pressure against her pussy and I could feel her push back. Rubbing her pussy for a half minute I leaned forward and told her to roll over so I could do her tummy.

Rachel froze for a couple of heart beats and then rolled over holding her bra over her tits. She smiled as I massaged her belly for a little bit and then moved down to her legs. Same routine of massaging her slowly. I need to add her teen skin also felt so very nice and smooth. She has absolutely no blemishes anywhere. She is perfect. When my hand got near her pussy she whimpered a very quiet, “Please no.” So I moved my hands back to her belly and asked her in a whisper, “How about this?” My hands slid under her bikini bra and covered her baby tits. She sat up in a jerk and grabbed my hands. It just made my fingers squeeze her tits harder and then she stopped when she realized what she had done.

Both of our hands were on her tits, now squeezing gently and she did not turn lose. It kept me from removing my hands so I left them there and leaned over and kissed her lips. When I looked up I could see Susie typing on her phone. A second later both my phone and Rachel’s dinged. I picked mine up from the little side table and saw the message from Susie, “Rachel is a slut.” It had five smiley faces to let us know she did not mean it. Rachel laughed when she saw it.

I leaned over Susie and said, “Don’t want you to feel left out.” Our first kiss turned into much more. Her tongue was in my mouth and her hand was around my head. My hand was under her bra gently pinching a nipple. A few minutes later her phone dinged with a message, “You slut, get a room.” We broke it up and behaved while the girls jumped into the pool to cool down. They sunned for a few hours and then locked themselves into the master bedroom to shower and get ready for our evening.

Across town our first stop was a mall. Susie was obviously well schooled by mom and older sister on all things fashion. During the drive the girls chattered non-stop about what to buy; with my card of course. They narrowed it down to about three choices when Susie asked, “Daddy, can we get something for tonight and then something for Saturday night? “Saturday night,” where did that come from? So I asked, “When do you have to go back home?” They both answered in unison, “Noon on Sunday.”

I about wrecked the truck. They had already planned to stay until Sunday? “When did you decide that?” I asked. They giggled and answered laughing, “In the shower.” So we talked about Friday night and Saturday night. Rachel said, “For tonight it will be jeans and for tomorrow it will be very nice dresses. You will have the best looking daughters, Daddy.” Susie added she knew exactly what to get and keep the cost low, “Trust me.” My cock twitched and told me he did not give a damn what it cost me as long as he got to see them both naked and up close. Very close.

Susie was absolutely right. They both ended up buying almost identical tight jeans with lots of glitter. Their tops were age appropriate in bright yellow. They wore them out of the store with matching yellow flip flops. I got to carry two dresses and two pairs of shoes to the truck for Saturday night. Dinner was nice and the girls were well behaved and of course the waitress complemented me on my very nice daughters. I was in the middle and we would hold hands under the table cloth for a few minutes.

On the ride back they got a bit quiet as we got closer to my house. I think realization was setting in they had committed to spending two nights with an adult man who obviously was going to do more that stay on the couch like a baby sitter. The afternoon grab-ass and titties play was innocent teen fun. When I looked in the mirror I noted they were sitting close together and holding hands. Good grief, it almost made me feel sorry for them.

“Girls, I suggest you hang up your new dresses and the clothes you are wearing so that you have them nice for Saturday afternoon, in case we go out. Put your sleep-over stuff on and come out to watch movies,” I told them and got some things ready for “movies.” I poured three glasses of wine and put out some cheese snacks. Then I dimmed the lights and went into the guest bedroom and changed into a t-shirt and shorts. I went into my office and turned on the computers, checked my e-mail and brought up Susie’s naked pictures. I was about to send the girls a text asking what was taking so long when I heard the bedroom door open. As they headed toward the living room they stopped by my office and looked in. Rachel was first and spotted Susie’s picture showing her naked ass. “OMG,” she shrieked, “Susie you didn’t tell me you sent him naked ass pictures.” As Rachel lifted her hands to her mouth it made her pink baby doll ride up and expose a tiny pink thong. Then she started giggling, “You are a slut. Susie really is a slut.”

Susie was hiding outside the door and I heard a big sob. I was out of my chair in a flash and had Susie in an embrace as she sobbed into my chest. That set off Rachel’s sobs and both girls were crying at full steam. I herded them to the living room couch and picked Susie up and put her in my lap. She was wearing a matching pink baby doll and tiny thong. The two girls had planned what they were going to wear; most likely before their resolve started to wane.

Susie’s hands came around my neck as she sobbed into my chest. As I rocked her a bit and stroked her back she apologized like crazy, “I’m sorry Daddy; I don’t want to be a bad girl.” Rachel was under my other arm sobbing a bit slower, “I’m sorry Susie, I was just having fun.” I wiped Susie’s tears and kissed her forehead and cheeks. Her sobs slowed and when I leaned down to kiss her cheeks again she turned her face up and gave me a full force kiss. We held the sloppy kiss for a long time with her tears smearing our faces. Rachel climbed up higher and got her face next to Susie’s and kissed her cheek, “I’m sorry.”

I pulled Rachel to me and we kissed. Yes, it was sloppy but nice. My hands were on the girls’ asses gently rubbing them. Rachel hugged us both and soon they were starting to giggle. I told them to go to the bathroom and freshen up and then we will look at Susie’s pictures. They ran to the bathroom holding hands and laughing. I thought, “Well that was a strange way to break the ice.”

This time Susie led the way into my office, she seemed emboldened probably ready to see her naked pictures on my computer. She gasped loudly and Rachel behind her said, “Oh shit,” when they saw Susie on the big television screen. The three pictures ran in a ten second loop and the girls stood there with their mouths open. I said, “Is she the prettiest girl or what?” I looked at Rachel and she said, “Oh shit, you look so hot.” A bit of computer magic had given her a nice beach background, corrected the shadows and added a half inch to her nipples. Rachel was definitely staring at the nipples and I stopped the loop. Rachel looked at Susie in what I interpreted as teen lust.

The pink baby dolls did nothing to hide their erect nipples and it made my cock jump. Rachel recovered faster and said, “Can we ask a bunch of questions?” “Sure,” I answered and reached out and pulled Susie up on my lap. My arms went around her and held her gently. Rachel asked, “Do you jack of looking at her?” I kissed Susie on the cheek and answered, “Every night.” Rachel swallowed hard and moved closer and asked, “How about my picture, would it do?” I put my arm around her and whispered in her ear, “Before the night is over probably on the real thing not a picture.” Rachel tightened her grip on my arm with her eyes wide, but then took a step back. “Do you look at porn on the computer,” was the next question.

So I swivel around to the computer and had Susie stand up. “Girls tell me what you think. First I’m going to get our drinks,” I told them as I hit enter on one of my favorite lesbian clips. I know the actresses are over 18, but these two looked like young baby dolls. They were Chinese and looked like sisters. In the clip they play with each other, eat each other’s pussies and then have a short sixty-nine. It was a last minute decision to show them lesbian porn, but it made me wonder how far they had gone with each other on their sleep-overs.

I carried the snacks and wine on a tray and stopped at the door to watch Susie and Rachel. They stood very close together with their eyes glued to the screen. About half-way through they grabbed each other’s hands and squeezed. By the end of the three minute clip they were breathing hard. They must have wondered where I went and turned to look at the door and saw me watching them. Rachel inhaled hard and said, “OMG, that’s like kiddie porn.”

Handing them a glass of wine I told them to sip slowly. After they had two sips and their breathing returned to normal I said, “So ready for a question from me?” They nodded and I asked them to tell me exactly what they had done with each other. Susie looked down and then said very quietly, “Kissed on the lips.” I looked at Rachel and she blushed and so I helped, “Rachel, how about in the shower?” She jumped like I had shocked her with a cattle prod. “Uh, Uh, Uh, sometimes we wash each other.”

“Sip your wine,” I said and let them off easy. Then I asked, “Want to see another clip.” They looked at each other and then nodded. This time they were going to see one of my favorites. Another young underage looking actress gets picked up at the side of the road. Before long she is in a hotel room deep throating the guy and then swallowing a huge load of cum. It was just a coincidence she had braces on her teeth, now covered in creamy white. This time when I had Susie in my lap one hand was around her middle holding her while the other spread her legs and rubbed her belly. When the actress swallowed the guys cock my fingers found Susie’s pussy and rubbed it gently.

Susie moaned into my neck and my finger dug between her pussy lips and found her entrance. Her hand was on top of mine and we were both rubbing her. When the actress swallowed the load of cum I whispered to her, “You are going to do that for me.” Rachel hung on to my arm and murmured, “Oh shit.” I think we all knew what was coming next; the braces on the girl’s teeth made it obvious. Rachel trembled and her hand rubbed between her legs. Neither one said anything as I took them into the master bedroom and dimmed the lights. I had them sip more wine and said to Susie, “Baby, do like Rachel? Tell her now.” She looked at Rachel and said quietly, “I love you Rachel.”

They stood next to the big bed and looked up at me. “Rachel, take Suzie’s nightie off and show her what you think of her.” Rachel was a bit reluctant at first, but then reached down and pulled Susie’s nightie over her head and threw it on the bed. She reached down and pulled her own nightie off and moved forward and gave Susie a big hug.

The two preteens stood naked against each other with their tits smashed together. Susie’s conical breasts were standing up against Rachel’s more full b-cups as they squeezed each other. I drank in their bodies from head to toes. Rachel brought her hands up to Susie’s head and pulled her to her for a serious hard French kiss. Tongues were flashing and the girls moaned hard. I hugged them and ran my hands up and down their backs squeezing their ass cheeks.

I figured Susie needed a bit more encouragement to go all the way. “Susie, tell Rachel what you really want to do with her,” I said quietly and rubbed her back. She looked at me and her eyes got a bit wide and then she got her courage up and said, “I want to eat her pussy like on the computer.” Rachel breathed hard and said, “Finally, I’ve been doing everything to get you to want to do it.” I pushed them to the bed and said, “You have all night.” Of course my cock was screaming to join in already and I had to keep reminding him to wait his turn. This was a sexual awakening for the two girls. They may have had their own ideas of what a night with a guy would be; but I wanted them to have an experience they would never forget. Best of all, I wanted them to come back for more.

Rachel lay back on the pillow and pulled the Scrunchie off her ponytail, freeing her hair to spread over the white satin. Now she had a big smile on her face as she looked up at Susie and waited. “Let me help,” I said and reached down and pulled Rachel’s tiny thong off. It was already soaked and I took a sniff. Rachel watched me intently so I stuck my tongue out and licked her thong. “Oh,” she murmured with her eyes wide. As Susie leaned over her I stepped away and let them get comfortable. Susie was a bit tentative and the girls kissed and Susie put her hands on Rachel’s tits.

Rachel’s hands were in Susie’s hair and I could see her pushing Susie down toward her chest. Susie groaned and her lips covered the left nipple. Rachel’s nipples were small and pink with dime sized areolas. Susie seemed to mimic the porn actresses sucking the nipple hard until Rachel groaned, “Easy.” I suggested to Susie in a quiet tone, “Equal time for the other side.” She grinned and moved to the right tit and gently licked all around before moving up to the nipple and running her tongue over it several time. Rachel moaned, “Oh yes, like that.” Susie was a fast learner and used her tongue on both tits for several minutes until Rachel pushed her head downwards.

Susie looked at Rachel and then at me. I told her, “Baby, go for it. Make Rachel cum like never before.” Susie changed positions and crawled between Rachel’s legs. Her ass was up high and her face was in Rachel’s crotch. I got behind Susie and slid her thong down to her knees and then lifted her legs one at a time and got it off. It was my first close look at her pussy. Light moisture covered her slit which was still somewhat hidden between her ass cheeks. I took several pictures of them in that position.

Of course I wanted to watch Susie eating her first pussy. My cock was straining in my shorts and it was hard not to just push into Susie’s pussy from the rear. So I knelt next to the bed with my head a few inches from Susie and watched her tongue. She stopped a second and looked at me and then went back to kissing Rachel’s inner thighs and belly. Rachel had her eyes closed and her legs spread wide. Her hands clutched the sheets.

Like faces, every pussy looks a bit different. Rachel’s of course was youthful and bald. I could see a few signs of hair which she had shaved. “Nice work, pretty baby,” I thought. The skin around her opening was pure white and her outer lips puffy and turning pink as blood rushed there. Susie gave a quick lick down the center and Rachel jumped and groaned, “Susie!” I used one hand and lightly massaged Rachel’s tummy just above her mound. “Use your thumbs to spread her open,” I coached in a whisper. Susie’s hands pulled the outer lips open and I could see Rachel was oozing pussy juices. Susie studied the open cunt and I could see the pink hot inside.

“Good girl,” I whispered and told her not to make Rachel wait. Susie’s tongue came out and she lowered her head to Rachel’s pussy. When she pushed it inside Rachel bucked and one hand came down and grabbed Susie hair and pushed her face into her wet pussy. Susie seemed stunned but a few moments later her head started moving up and down as she licked Rachel. My hand on her belly moved south and my thumb entered between her lips and found her clit.

While Susie was licking her friend I helped by working her clit with my thumb. Her knob was small and hard but doing its job of lifting Rachel to higher levels of ecstasy as she moaned harder and harder. When I looked up I could tell Rachel was having the time of her life. Her belly was heaving and her fingers were pulling the sheets hard. Her toes where curling tight and then uncurling in synch with Susie’s tongue. It made me laugh out loud.

I whispered to Susie, “She is almost there, don’t forget her clit.” Then I stripped and climbed the bed next to Rachel’s head. She felt the movement and opened her eyes. My cock was hard, dripping pre-cum and in front of her face. She looked a bit shocked when I ordered, “Baby suck.”

One hand came up to grab my cock and I stopped her and told her she could only use her mouth. She opened her lips and I pushed my cock head into her mouth. I’m fairly sure it was the first cock in her mouth. A tentative touch with her tongue made me tingle and I told her it was the right way. “Run it all around my head and down the underside,” I told her. Rachel was trying her best while most of her body was reacting to her pussy being eaten by her best friend. A minute later she seemed to relax her mouth and go for it. I said, “Just suck gently and let me fuck your mouth. I’m probably not going to last long.”

Her eyes got wide and her lips formed a big ‘O’ around my cock. I was gently with her, just pushing about three inches into her mouth. As I moved a bit faster she sucked harder. Susie must have been sucking her clit because Rachel moaned around my cock and her whole body quivered hard. Her orgasm was moments away and mine too. She nearly came off the bed jerking her hips hard against Susie and pulling her hair. She tried to scream and pull off my cock as I loaded her mouth with several streams of cum. The rest spewed over her tits and belly. I leaned down and told her, “Don’t swallow, share with Susie.” Rachel was too stunned to say, “Gross,” as Susie climbed up on her and kissed her.

Susie did not expect to find a mouth full of cum in her best friend. When they kissed, Rachel locked her arms around Susie and held her tight. They shared cum and pussy juices and their lips rubbed it all over each other’s faces as they both breathed hard. My cock gave a limp attempt to shoot a final load at them as I climbed off the bed and just watched them entwined in each other. Their faces were a mess and when I looked down their pussies also. Both were leaking hard and I wondered if little Susie also had a cum. Wow, what a scene. Quickly, I took a few more pics.

They sat up and looked at me with big wet grins. I handed them the wine glasses and said, “Now that was sexy.” They sipped and their legs pulled up automatically Indian style fully opening both pussies to my eyes. If I was nice I would let them pull the blanket over them and let them cuddle together in their newly discovered friendship.

Instead I told them I was going to get a couple of hot wash cloths to clean them up. “Then you two need to take care of Daddy,” I added. One or both of them was going to lose their virginity before the night was over.

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