Dentists love or hate them we all have to go to them... Judy thought as she sat in the waiting room. Judy thought waiting was the worst thing about the dentists little did she know what was to come...

Finally the nurse called her name and as Judy walk down the corridor she thought it strange that the nurse is assisting a woman coming the other way who has a glazed almost shocked look to her face. Walking in Judy found that the dentist wasn’t the normal one she saw, introducing himself he asked her to sit in the chair and relax while he checked her file. Making small talk he told Judy that her normal dentist had been in an accident so would not be back for a while.

Finally he started his examination, as Judy lay there she noticed that the dentists eye kept straying to her cleavage... she wished now she’d put a looser top on or one without such a low neck line... suddenly she realised he had said something to her, stammering an apology she asked what he’d said and was told that she’d need some work on her teeth, did she want to come back or have it done now? Judy thought for a moment and decided to get it over with. The dentist asked if Judy wanted a local anesthetic or gas. Opting for gas Judy puts the mask on and after a few breaths starts to feel light headed and slowly pass out.

Slowly Judy starts to come round, feeling strange hands on her she tries to move, her body doesn’t feel like her own and doesn’t respond... forcing her eyes open Judy sees a blurry figure close to her and hears heavy and fast breathing, coming round a little more she feels hand on her clothes pulling and lifting them up.. she feels a hand on the naked stomach, trying as she might she can’t stop it moving up her body to her bra, forcing her top higher the hand pulls at her bra and slips it up as well.

A rough hand grasps her naked breast squeezing and gripping it hard... a small whimper escapes her lips, trying to talk Judy can only moan, the hand stops and suddenly Judy feels lips round her nipple struggling to move now she can only roll her body a little.. worst of all she can feel her nipple reacting to the lips and tongue touching it... it starts to harden. Biting now the unseen mouth pulls at Judy’s nipple making it harden more... Judy moans louder.... The mouth works on her nipples for what seems like hours making them hard and sore..... hoping she is dreaming Judy tries to get up but only succeeds in making her legs flop about... a hand grabs her knee to stop her moving and slides up her thigh. Trying to talk again Judy manages a quite....’No...’ the hand stops and the lips withdraw.... suddenly Judy’s skirt is forcefully pull up her legs revealing her smooth tanned legs and scantily clad shaved pussy.

Still unable to focus Judy again tries to move but a hand holds her down easily as the other hand cups her pussy through her panties. The hand starts to stroke it through the material, gradually stroking harder. Judy moans again and feels her hard nipples pulse. Judy knows this won’t stop now trying to beg her unseen molester Judy moans again louder... hearing her moan the hand moves up and pulls Judy’s panties down in one move, baring her shaved pussy. The hand forces Judy’s legs over the sides of the chair now so they hang either side, opening her up for him to see. Judy feels the hand return to her pussy stroking its fingertips across her pussy lips, Judy feels her pussy respond and get damp. A moan escapes her again, the fingers probe now slipping inside finding her now wet hole and hardening clit.

The finger stop for a second and feeling Judy getting wetter start to move, two fingers slip deeper into her hole as the thumb rubs her clit, Judy feels her breath getting faster she can’t help herself her body is not her own. Moaning louder as Judy starts to cum, the fingers pull out; the hands grasp Judy’s legs and pull her down the chair, forcing her legs wider as they do. Judy feels his body come down on top of hers and a hard shaft force itself inside, almost crying now Judy tries to fight but can only allows the shaft deeper inside her wet hole. It starts to move pulling almost all the way out and forcing itself deeper inside again getting faster and faster as it thrusts harder, as Judy starts to cum hard she feels the shaft buck and pulse in time with her throbbing hole, knowing that it has just emptied itself inside her she tries it cry out only succeeding in moaning loudly.

The body on top of her stops its frantic moving and withdraws, Judy feels her burning pussy throb as their mixed juices slowly run down her thighs, now the hands return but this time they force Judy’s legs further apart and gasping Judy feel lips cool against her burning lips of her pussy, suddenly a tongue pushes inside her and licks at the juices, finding Judy’s engorged clit it covers it licking up and down round and round harder and faster again Judy cannot stop herself cumming her whole body shaking with the powerful orgasms.... Judy doesn’t know how long has passed when she feels hands on her again.... dressing her.

When Judy comes round she feels so tired her body aches, realising she is being spoken to she focuses on the dentist and nurse who smile at her, helping her up the nurse walks her out of the room to the recovery room, walking down the corridor all she can do is look at the woman coming towards her... the woman has a puzzled look on her face....

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