Susie and Rachel's sleep-over continues.
Susie-Lea, Chapter 3.

NOTE: This series contains preteen sex. If you do not agree do not read and complain.

Susie-Lea had agreed to meet at the Library on Friday afternoon.

She really surprised me when she brought her best friend Rachel along. However, all was not lost when they explained they both had told their parents they were staying with the other girl.

They had already planned to stay the night with me and had even bought matching pink nighties. I’m not sure if they thought there was safety in having a friend along. It turned out, however, each had a girl crush on the other and I explored their budding sexuality. A lesbian porn clip got them breathing heavy and I had an indication they wanted to try it.

Friend Rachel has braces and when I showed them a second clip where a very young girl with braces got a huge load of cum, Rachel was stunned and knew what was in store for her. But first I teased it out of Susie she really wanted to eat Rachel’s pussy. So I let them explore each other on the big bed in the master bedroom.

So Susie ate Rachel’s pussy and brought her to her first girlfriend orgasm and I shot a load of cum into Rachel’s mouth and on her braces.

I had leaned down to Rachel and told her, “Don’t swallow, share with Susie.” Rachel was too stunned to say, “Gross,” as Susie climbed up on her and kissed her.

They shared cum and pussy juices and their lips rubbed it all over each other’s faces as they both breathed hard. My cock gave a limp attempt to shoot a final load at them as I climbed off the bed and just watched them, entwined in each other. Their faces were a mess and when I looked down their pussies also. Both were leaking hard and I wondered if little Susie also had a cum. Wow, what a scene.

They sat up and looked at me with big wet grins. I handed them the wine glasses and said, “Now that was sexy.” They sipped and their legs pulled up automatically Indian style fully opening both pussies to my eyes. If I was nice I would let them pull the blanket over them and let them cuddle together in their newly discovered friendship.

Instead I told them I was going to get a couple of hot wash cloths to clean up. “Then you two need to take care of Daddy,” I added. One or both of them was going to lose their virginity before the night was over. When I came back with the washcloths and towels Rachel reached for one and I held it away. “This is a Daddy job to clean up his pretty girls,” I said and gently wiped her face. Her clean face earned a quick kiss and then it was Susie’s turn. I took more time to wash her face and then kissed her lips and slipped my tongue into her. She was ready for me and kissed back hard and we held it for nearly a minute.

“Now Daddy has to clean his babies’ pussies,” with the emphasis on the fact they were my pussies. Rachel watched closely as I had her lean back and spread her knees wide. The warm washcloth must have felt good as I gently cleaned her and massaged her pussy lips because she let out a few “Ohs.” When I stood up my cock was at their eye level and they were focused on it. I was getting hard again.

Rachel watched closely as I cleaned Susie-Lea’s pussy. It did not need cleaning but as I said earlier, “Equal time.” I had her knees cocked wide apart and when I finished, I got between her legs and kissed her mons. “Oh God,” she moaned, “Are you going to lick my pussy?” As an answer I licked her pink wetness and blew bubbles against her. She giggled as it tickled.

Susie knew the drill as she felt my thumbs spread her outer lips wide revealing her inner treasures to the first man. She was small and pink and I put baby kisses all over her pussy and mons. “Oh God,” was a repeat moan. “Rachel, you can suck her tits if you want?” I said and immediately saw Rachel reposition and go for Susie’s tits. It made Susie fall on her back opening her cunt even more. “My God, I’m in heaven,” I thought as I sucked and kissed the virgin sweetness.

A light trickle of moisture came from her as my tongue dug deeper into her. I worked her slowly trying to use every trick I had learned or ever seen on a porn clips. Staying away from her clit to make her agony longer seemed to work as Susie bucked and rocked her hips. When she pulled her knees up high it was Susie’s turn to curl her toes. Soon she had a nice fucking motion going as nature helped her to become a woman. A while later her hand came down and pulled my head from her vulva up to her clit, “Please, do it already. I can’t stand it.” She wanted her orgasm and I kept her from it.

“In a second Baby,” I said as I stood up and rubbed my hard cock head against her clit. Rachel’s eyes got huge as she watched my cock at Susie’s entrance. She was about to say something, probably, “Stop,” when I told her to be quiet and watch. Susie was in a world of bliss and grabbed her knees up signaling me to fuck her. I penetrated her with my cock head and stopped and Susie realized there will be pain. Maybe much pain which three glasses of wine may not help alleviate.

Susie groaned hard and wiggled her butt trying to adjust to the invasion. She put a “Big Girl” smile on her face and nodded. I pushed two more inches into her and felt her hymen. Susie closed her eyes breathing hard and one hand grabbed for Rachel. “Susie,” I said, “Don’t close your eyes. I want you to remember.” She smiled and I pulled back and gently rocked into her, stopping at her hymen. We fucked gently for several minutes and she was rocking her pelvic and enjoying it. A smile played around her lips and I wondered what she was thinking. It was my next question which changed it, “Ready baby?”

Susie-Lea had to make a life changing decision. She looked at Rachel and then up at me. A tear ran down her face and she said, “Yes Daddy,” I lifted her hand up to her mouth so she could stifle any screaming. When she closed her lips over it, I busted her baby cherry with a steady hard push and went deep into her. Susie arched her back up high with a loud gasp, “Oh God.” I held still; all of a sudden having second thoughts if this is really what I wanted to do. My cock twitched and told me to shut the fuck up. It’s probably only once in a lifetime you get to fuck twelve year old pussy and bust a cherry.

And I still had one more cherry to go. Rachel held Susie’s hand and said, “Oh shit,” as Susie wiped her tear away.

My cock, of course, has no conscience; but I do. So I held still while deep in Susie’s pussy and leaned forward and kissed her with a long kiss, “Thank you baby.” She smiled a bit and said, “Thank you Daddy,” as two fresh tears ran down her cheek. I pulled Rachel to me, her eyes still huge at seeing her best friend deflowered and kissed her also, “Thank you Rachel.” I pulled Rachel’s head down and told her to watch. She put her head on Susie’s belly and watched as I slowly pulled my cock back and then pushed it back in.

Susie rocked her hips and I increased our tempo. Soon we were fucking fast and Rachel’s head was bouncing on Susie’s belly watching her best friend’s pussy get pounded. Susie moaned harder and harder, her belly’s quivering signaled her oncoming orgasm and when she went over the top she screamed. Rachel almost jumped but I held her head down and told her, “Show me your braces.” Rachel knew what was coming a second time and opened her mouth with her braces in full view. I pulled out at the last second and shot loads of cum over her braces and down her throat just like in the porn clip.

Holy shit, what a scene. Rachel lifted up, looked at me, and moved up to Susie’s face. Susie grabbed her face and in the next second they were kissing open mouthed with cum flowing between them. They would not stop until they finally separated totally exhausted. “Holy shit, what a scene,” was my exact feeling.

I repeated the cleanup process of my two princesses.

Then I jumped into the shower for a hot rinse. By the time I got back the girls were asleep wrapped around each other. I covered them with a light blanket. I had told Susie she could use an adventure. I bet she will never forget this night. If she does, I have some pictures to prove it. It reminded me I had some things to do before I could go to sleep. Mainly to get the pictures off my phone and then to hide them in the secured high gigabyte storage unit locked in a secret wall unit. A quick run by a security program wiped all the porn off my computer. Then I picked up stuff and cleaned up after our fuck session.

As I walked around doing a final check, everything looked clean and neat. No sign of wine or porn. Then I had to laugh out loud, “You have two naked preteens in your bed and you are worried about wine. How about shotguns and dad?”

I pulled the blanket over me in the guest bedroom and thought about the look on Susie’s face as I popped her cherry – Priceless.

I have no clue why I set the alarm to get me up at 7:00 a.m. Normally I sleep late on Saturday unless I have something planned. Then I laughed, “Yes sir, I have something planned and had two guests to do it with.” One thing I do almost every Saturday is my walk around the outside of my house. If you are security minded, you can call it my safety check. From my Army days, I call it my paranoia. You should do it also. I look for strange footprints, broken twigs on the bushes and other signs which show someone other than the neighbor’s dog has been around. Sometimes I check under my truck just like we did in the war zone; not for bombs, but tracking devices. When I checked the girls’ phones the GPS was off. I thought, better double check.

By 9:00 a.m., I was dressed in nice khakis and had breakfast ready. I opened the bedroom door slowly in case they were already up and playing with each other. Sleeping they had kicked the blanket off and their naked asses were turned to me. “Girls, time to get up,” I said and watched. Rachel grumbled and buried her head in the pillow. Her hand grasped for the blanket and pulled it over her head. Definitely a morning grump.

Susie-Lea rolled over and looked at me and grinned. Her hands stretched out and waved me to her. I knelt at her side of the bed and she wrapped her arms around me. “How is my big girl today?” I asked and she covered my face with kisses. “Your big girl is extra happy this morning, Daddy,” she chirped. I kissed her nose and said, “You must be, because you nearly used ten words.” I laughed and she pulled one of my hands to her belly and said, “Funny Daddy, you know exactly why I’m happy.” She rubbed my hand on her belly like you see pregnant women do. It about gave me a heart attack.

I hated to break it up but told her to try to get Rachel into the shower. “Get cleaned up and come to the kitchen for breakfast. We can decide what to do for the rest of the day.” They came into the kitchen about thirty minutes later wearing their pink nighties. Pink nipples stood up and it was clear they did not have their thongs on. Both their pussies had bright pink tinges from a hard night of sex. I wondered if we were going to leave the house ever.

“We have to wash our underwear,” Rachel said and I agreed, remembering her soaked thong. So I had them bring everything into the kitchen and while they ate I started the washer. Rachel went to the fridge and made a big production of looking for something on the lower shelf. Her legs were spread and locked so her ass and pussy were high and on full display. Her pink slit was inviting and for a second I wondered if Susie or would be the first to go and lick her.

Susie stage whispered, “Rachel is a slut, showing her pussy to everybody.” Rachel wiggled her ass, looked over her shoulder and said, “Look who is talking. She fucks every guy in the house.” So I chimed in, “You sluts leave me out of this conversation.” I gave them both a hug and we all laughed before settling down to make plans.

They were torn between getting more summer sun and a little tanning or going to the movies. I suggested an early afternoon movie and then some tanning when it was not so hot. I reminded them we needed to start getting ready for dinner around 6:00 p.m. to make it to the restaurant no later than 8:30.

The Star-Trek action movie had young teen guys in it and the girls giggled and texted back and forth. I sat in the middle and watched their fingers flying over the keys. Then my phone dinged and I read the text from Susie, “We like these guys and I love, love u.” I squeezed her hand and typed, “me u 2”. Hell, I figured I could fake some teen speak also.

Dinner that night was very nice. The girls had glammed up a little without being overly noticeable and drawing attention. Two young waiters cruised around and checked them out. I’m sure they thought, “Daddy has his two jailbait daughters out for the evening. He is probably divorced.” Our waitress was young and called them Daughter # 1 and # 2. The girls giggled and called me Daddy whenever she was at the table.

I wondered if it was going to get quiet in the back of the truck on the way home like the night before. Susie chatted lightly but I notices Rachel was not so talkative. She was most likely thinking about getting her cherry popped. And I was trying to decide on how to break the ice tonight. More porn?

While the girls were hanging up their new dresses and after I had changed into my shorts and t-shirt, I queued up the pictures from the night before. Earlier I had worked some computer magic on the best five pictures, cleaning up shadows, making the sheets pink and again adding some length to Susie’s nipples. They were playing in a six second loop when the girls came into my office. Susie climbed onto my lap without coaching and Rachel moved closer to the big TV screen and watched.

The shots which showed Susie’s enhanced nipples made Rachel step even closer. I called her to me and put my arm around her and held her close to my chair. My hand slid up and down her back and squeezed her butt cheek under her pink nightie. “Which one do you like,” I asked. She waited as the pictures clicked by and then said, “That one.” I tapped the Pause and we looked at the picture of Susie with a big smile, her brown eyes sparkling. Her face is flushed and her small tits stood up proudly. Most noticeable are her set of adorable nipples. Rachel nearly gasped as she watched and it made me think I was on a right track.

“Rachel, do you want to play with them?” I asked and added, “Let me hear you ask Susie.” She turned her head to Susie and asked quietly, “Can I play with your tits?” I wanted Rachel to commit and said, “Rachel tell her what you want to do.” Rachel gulped and said in a near whisper, “I want you to eat my pussy like yesterday.” And before Susie could answer, she added, “I want to eat your pussy and hear you scream!” I figured that I was reading her vibes correctly; Rachel is a lezzy and just has not really fully realized it. Maybe tonight will be the time.

Susie hopped off my lap and hugged Rachel and they held each other. “Oh Rachel, do you really love me?” Susie asked and Rachel shook her head ‘Yes’ as the tears started. “No crying tonight,” I said sternly and told them just for punishment they had to go to bed right now like two bad little girls. Susie started the giggling and pulled Rachel to the master bedroom while I got some wine.

In the bedroom the girls were sitting on the bed and before I handed them a glass of wine I told them to kneel facing each other. I pulled both their nighties off and then then had them sip their wine. Sip after sip until they had nearly finished their whole glass. That should help them loosen up. As I took their wine away, I dipped a finger into the glass and painted a circle around each of Susie’s nipples. “Rachel, there is some wine which needs to be cleaned up,” I said and stepped back.

It only took her a second to lean forward and lick around Susie’s left nipple. Her tongue flickered lightly over it and then she grasped it with her teeth and pulled it. Susie moaned and Rachel did it again working the nipple harder, almost angrily. Susie grabbed her head and pushed her to the right side where her breast got the same treatment. Susie yelped, “Ouwe,” and Rachel backed away quickly, “I’m so sorry.” Susie moved forward and hugged her and they fell to the bed. “Don’t stop, just not so hard. I’m still tender from yesterday,” Susie told her and pulled her back to her breast. Rachel was gentle and kissed Susie’s lips and face and murmured, “Love you so much,”

Rachel’s lips moved back to Susie’s breasts slowly via her ears, neck and shoulders leaving a slow and passionate trail of baby kisses. Rachel had discovered “Soft and Gentle.”

I stepped away and dimmed the lights even more and lighted two candles on the other side of the room. The candlelight gave the room a nice soft flickering background to their love making. I filled my wine glass and walked around the house turning off lights and computers. Somehow, I figured we would not be leaving the bedroom again.

When I came back into the bedroom, Rachel was still fascinated with Susie’s breasts and doing a good job of reving Susie’s motor. She was humming and moaning with her eyes closed. Susie’s hand was in Rachel’s hair grasping her ponytail and pulling her southward. “Now who can’t wait?” Rachel teased and Susie answered, “Shut up.” They giggled a bit as Rachel kissed her way past the belly button.

While Rachel repositioned herself between Susie’s legs, I pulled a chair next to the bed and got comfortable watching my own live porn show. The dim room light was not good for taking photos, so I passed and just sipped wine and enjoyed. Of course my cock was straining in my pants to join the fun.

Susie cocked her legs wide apart and opened herself for Rachel’s tongue. Rachel slid her tongue down Susie’s crack and opened her flower with her thumbs as I showed them last night. She tickled her way up and down and had Susie moaning and giggling. It went on and on for nearly twenty minutes. Watching Susie’s face it looked like she was getting frustrated with not getting off. Rachel was having fun licking and playing with girl pussy and forgetting Susie being strung out near orgasm without reaching a zenith.

Having both girls facing each other and reclining I brought their legs together in a scissor move so their pussies could rub each other. Susie looked at me, “We’re going to pussy rub?” I answered, “For a start.” Their bodies moved together and the lower lips kissed and both girls sighed at the new experience. Rachel lifted her butt and rubbed against Susie who had her eyes closed with a smile. After they rubbed for a minute I added my special touch sliding one hand between them and entering Rachel’s pussy with my finger. Rachel moaned and one hand grabbed my arm as my finger slid deeper inside her wet opening.

“Oh,” she stammered, “that’s nice”. I was trying to make it even better. Curling my finger upward I explored her inner wetness and when I hit her spot she jumped and gave a yelp. Her hand tightened on my arm and her nails sunk in for a moment. As she relaxed back to the bed, I pushed her against Susie’s pussy to keep contact. Then my finger went back to her spot and rubbed again. “Oh wow,” Rachel moaned and rocked her hips against my finger. Now that I had her spot located, I used two fingers to work her harder.

Rachel rocked harder and her sounds went from groaning to high pitched whines. Susie watched her friend in amazement as she writhed above my hand. In just a few minutes her mouth was open panting like crazy with her eyes squeezed shut. Juices were flowing over my hand leaving a wet spot on the bed. Rachel went over the top with a bit of a scream and fell back on the bed. Her legs splayed open and showed me her soaked pussy. I had to have it.

Quickly I moved between her legs and sucked her nectar and liked her pussy. She jerked with each touch until I stopped. Pulling her pussy lips open I ran my tongue deep into her and kept the last of her nectar in my mouth. Moving upwards I gave a quick suck to her nipple, remembering I had really neglected her nice b-cup tits. As I hovered over her my cock pressed against her pussy lips. Rachel’s eyes flew open and I kissed her. My tongue opened her lips and her sweet nectar flowed into Rachel’s mouth.

She sucked my tongue and we kissed and I heard Susie ask in a whisper, “Did you just swap cum?” She probably did not mean for us to hear it, but Rachel shook her head and said, “Oh my God, I just tasted myself.” As I lifted up a little, my cock pushed against her pussy again and I rubbed her with it. Rachel pulled me back down and whispered into my ear, “Dave, Um, Um, Daddy, I’m not ready. Please don’t pop my cherry, please.” I kissed her and whispered to her, “I know baby. You like Susie better.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up and she smiled, “I will suck you big cock and let you cum in my mouth.” I answered, “That’s exactly what we are going to do. I told her how I wanted her to lay on her back and for Susie to straddle her on her knees in a sixty-nine position. I got behind Susie and kissed her pussy for a few minutes. Susie reminded me, “Daddy, I’m still sore, don’t be rough.” “That’s why we stopped at the pharmacy,” I answered and quickly got the pain-killing lubricant coating her pussy and running my finger through her inner lips. When I dropped a gob on her pink pucker, she looked over her shoulders and said, “We are not going to do that, are we?” I kissed her ass cheeks and said, “Not tonight.” Susie’s mouth dropped open realizing what I meant.

My cock head entered her pussy and gently spread her inner lips wide. Susie looked back and her brown eyes were expressive. She was getting fucked by a real cock from the man she loved. She pushed against me and I pushed forward until I was in her to the end. From inches away, Rachel had the best view. She wiggled a hand between us and grabbed my balls and played with them as they slapped Susie-Lea’s rear.

Being careful not to hurt my baby, I fucked her slowly until she pushed back harder and moaned, “Harder Daddy.” We stepped up the tempo and like last night I could feel Susie building to a climax. I felt Rachel’s hands leaving my balls and moments later her fingers were touching my cock as she played with Susie’s pussy. When Susie yelp, “Oh yes, right there,” I figured Rachel had found her baby clit.

Rachel yelled, “Cum for me, Susie. Cum on my face.” I could feel her fingers moving frantically against Susie’s pussy as my cock worked fast and faster. We were both near climax when Susie went over the top with a scream and her pussy grabbed my cock hard. I stopped not wanting to cum inside her yet. She milked me for a half minute more and fell forward on top of Rachel. My cock popped free and Rachel grabbed it. “No hands; in your mouth,” I told her and pushed into her mouth and fucked her for a minute more before filling her with cum. Rachel was turning into a first class cum swallowing beast. I strained and gave her everything I had and watched her swallow. When I pulled out she made a loud smacking noise and laughed.

I asked her if she wanted some wine to top off her evening snack and she said she just wants to savor my cum. She turned around and snuggled against Susie and I pulled the blanket over them before snuggling against Susie from the other side. She wiggled her ass against me and said sleepily, “Night Daddy.” The wiggling ass cheeks rubbed my cock and reminded me of something I wanted to do. I slid my hand between her ass cheeks and put one finger on her pucker. Susie asked quietly, “What?” just as my finger penetrated her virgin hole. She answered her own question, “Oh, Daddy.” I kissed her neck and told her to go to sleep. My finger stayed in its new found warm spot.

The alarm clock told me it was nearly 2:00 a.m., Sunday morning.

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