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This is in continuation to the series'Adventures of Rachael:The high school slut .
This is in continuation to the series'Adventures of Rachael:The high school slut .
It's not necessary to read the previous part but i would recommend you to read it first and get a feel about the characters.

Rachael was very ecstatic about the homecoming because the captain of her school football team,Michael has asked her on the dance.Being the slut she was, Rachael never had any steady relationship with someone but ever since she had given him a blowjob in his car,she wanted it inside her pussy.Rachael had brought a sexy dress for the homecoming.It was a red and black dress that started from her 36C boobs and stopped inches above her thigh.It showed ample amount of her cleavage and toned sexy legs.

Since for the past couple of months it has become a ritual for Rachael to get her pussy eaten by her brother,jake.Jake at the tender age of 10 has become an excellent pussy eater thanks to the training given by her older sister.To Rachael it was the perfect start to any day while to jake tasting her sexy sister's juices was like having an energy drink in the morning.

On the day of homecoming dance,Rachael woke up feeling all excited and went straight to her brother's room.Rachael saw Jake was not there,just then hearing the noise she turned and saw Jake coming from the bathroom.The boy looked half asleep and was yawning before he saw her sexy sister standing in his room.Rachael was wearing a blue tanktop and shorts.Jake had a broad smile on his face,he knew what was coming.Rachael pulled off her shorts and panties becoming completely naked and lied on her back spread eagle.Jake came near and looked at her sister's pussy.'It was beautiful like everything else about her' jake thought.Jake really thought she was perfect 36C boobs with pink nipples,nice firm bubble butt,long sexy legs and a beautiful face.She was like one of those girls he had seen in his father's porn collection.Jake was brought to reality when Rachael said"c'mmon!little brother,don't make me wait ".Jake had something in his mind and he said it would only be fair if he shared it with his sister "umm...Rachael can i ask you for something?"
Rachael was not expecting this Jake was a good obedient pet,he never asked or complained he just ate her pussy whenever she wanted but hiding her impatience she said"what??Can't you wait until this is over?"Jake was terrified of his sister although she had never beaten him or anything,so very nervously he said"can i suck your boobs too??".Jake had always dreamed of her sucking her sister's boobs they were so perfect.Perfectly round,perfect size and small pink nipples asking to be taken in the mouth.Rachael had never before allowed him to touch her boobs cause they never had much time but today was different.

" little bro wants to suck my tits??how sweet!!"Rachael said and with that she pulled off her tanktop letting out her gorgeous boobs.Rachael like most girl's didn't liked wearing a bra while sleeping so it was the only piece of clothing between his horny brother's eyes and her boobs.Rachael outstretched her arms and said"come here Jake,its all yours little bro".Jake jumped onto the bed and took the left nipple in his mouth.He sucked onto her boobs like a kid and Rachael couldn't believe how good it felt.She cursed herself for not letting him do this before,she fondled his blonde hairs and cooed"ah...that feels so good Jake,keep doing it baby"Jake was loving it too,the salty taste,the softness of her nipple and how it was growing inside his mouth all of it.Rachael saw her other breast was being neglected so she took his hand and brought it to her boob saying "squeeze it,pinch it...make me feel good brother".
Jake complied.Rachael could feel the wetness between her legs increasing as he kept on torturing her nipples.After some time Rachael lifted her brother's head from her chest and said"you know,there are two of those??"

Jake understood what she was trying to say,he latched onto the right breast taking her soft pink nipple in mouth.Jake was giving the same treatment to her other nipple,actually better treatment only if hat was possible."ah...that's enough i am too hot now,eat my pussy bro"Rachael said.Jake left her nipple only before biting it hard between his teeth which made Rachael squeal in pleasure"ahhhhhh...".Ever since Jake was a kid he loved biting nipples,he would do it often when her mother used to breastfeed him although his mother repeatedly warned him not to do so.
Jake shoved his head between his sister's long legs and latched onto her clit.Taking the sensitive part in his mouth he sucked onto it like he was sucking her nipple only this time his finger's stroked Rachael's love hole.Rachael could already feel her orgasm building Rachael never orgasmed this fast usually but today getting her boobs sucked by her brother had made her really hot,she crossed her legs around his brother's neck,lifted up her pelvis and cried out in pleasure"ughhhh...i am cumming...i am cumming".Jake left her clit and moved his mouth to her lovehole.Rachael squirted her juices all over his face,Jake tried to drink much as of her love potion as possible but Rachael refused to stop.She came so much it was almost like she was peeing.Rachael lied motionless for a few minutes allowing her heartbeat to get back to normal when she realised Jake was still licking her 'Oh!this boy would be a great lover one day,hope he always remains my pet'Rachael thought.She sat up on the bed and kissed him on the lips,it was a long passionate french kiss.Rachael could feel the taste of her juices in his mouth."You are the greatest brother in the whole universe" Rachael said after breaking up the kiss.

With that Rachael got dressed and left the room,she had a hoard of things to do.
The dance was at 8pm but Rachael started preparing for it from 4pm.She shaved her legs,underarms and trimmed her pubic hairs.Rachael put on her black lacy strapless bra and matching thongs before getting into her dress.High heels adorned her feet.

When Rachael reached the homecoming dance she looked like the way she always did 'stunning'.
Michael looked at her and was excited about the plan he had in mind for her.He took her to the dance floor and they danced together.Michael would grab her ass occasionally giving them a soft squeeze and at other times he would rub his hands over her boobs.All this was making Rachael wet and when they stopped dancing to kiss,Rachael was rubbing Michael's hard on over his trousers.Michael pushed his hand into her dress and touched her crotch over the thong.Rachael was very horny and she wanted to yank off his pants and shove his dick in her pussy.Michael whispered in Rachael's ear"let's go to my house,my parent's are out of town".That was exactly what Rachael wanted to hear,she smiled and shook her head in agreement.

Michael's house was not far away and it only took them ten minutes to reach there.They went straight to his bedroom and Michael didn't even bothered to close the doors after all who was there to see?He pulled out his phone,typed something really fast and threw it away.

Michael started kissing her with his hands under her dress rubbing her crotch.Rachael was whimpering at the touch of his strong hands over her mound when he pulled her thong down to her ankles .Rachael helped him and removed the thong out of her legs.She was removing her heels when Michael said"NO!leave them on.Remove the rest,i like it that way ".Rachael unzipped her dress and let it fall onto the floor.As soon as the strapless bra joined the dress and her thong on the floor Michael started kissing her.Michael pushed her and Rachael kept on moving backwards until her ass hit the wall.Once Rachael was pinned to the wall Michael started kissing her all over.Rachael noticed some movement from the corner of her eyes.She turned to see Calvin standing there and smiling at them.

Calvin was Michael's best friend Rachael knew that,also he was very handsome.Michael stopped kissing her and said"oh...i forgot to tell you,Me and Calvin are bestfriends.We always share everything,tonight we had planned to share you".Rachael had never been in a threesome before and she didn't knew what to expect but she liked the idea of getting two cocks to suck.Rachael didn't said anything as the two guys stripped naked.Both sported a boner,although Michael's manhood was bigger it was the shear girth of Calvin's cock that took Rachael by surprise.She had never seen a such a thick cock before.Rachael's chain of thoughts were broken as the two guys latched onto her. Calvin kissed her lips while his hands played with her clit,Michael started sucking onto her boobs.Rachael felt the sensation of two mouth on her body somewhat weird but definitely good.Moreover,there were two pairs of hands taking care of her needs.Michael moved downward kissing en route and reached her pussy.He sucked her clit and fingered her pussy while Calvin turned his attention to her boobs.Calvin sucked onto her boobs harder as Michael kept on torturing her clit,Rachael could feel an enormous orgasm building inside her. "ughhh..."she cried out as she squirted her love potions over Michael's face,Michael kept on licking enthusiastically while Calvin bit her nipples between his teeth.

When Rachael had calmed the two nude guys laid her on the bed with her face at the edge of the bed,Calvin got between her legs while Michael was standing near her head.Calvin spread her pussy lips and shoved his dick deep inside,the huge girth of his prick stretching Rachael to her maximum."aaaahhhh...oh god"Rachael cried out in pain.Just when Rachael opened her mouth to cry Michael shoved his long dick deep into his mouth directly hitting her throat.They both started moving in perfect synchronisation.Michael shoved his dick further into Rachael's throat and Rachael now realised how big he actually was.Calvin was gyrating his hips slowly stopping momentarily to suck her nipples and to play with her clit.Rachael felt her body get tense and she couldn't believe she was about to have a second orgasm so quickly.Michael had stopped fucking Rachael's mouth and he was hanging his balls above her lips,Rachael took the cue and sucked his balls but when Michael saw her body getting tensed he shoved his dick back into her mouth and started fucking it again.Calvin gave another powerful thrust and his balls slapped across her pussy as Rachael lifted her pelvis.Michael closed the nose of Rachael in ecstasy as he flooded her mouth with cumm.Rachael trying hard not to suffocate herself drank his cumm as soon as possible.Rachael was still gasping for air when Calvin shoot his load deep inside her womb which triggered Rachael's own orgasm."you cumm a lot,don't you bitch??" Calvin said as he rose up from the bed and Michael took his place.

Michael lied flat on his back with his erection proudly standing and said"ride me bitch ".Rachael squatted over his body and pushed his erection inside her pussy.Rachael couldn't believe these guys are not totally spent yet and she wasn't sure if she would be able to have another orgasm without fainting.When Michael completely inside Rachael he held her shoulders and made her stoop.Rachael then realised what they were trying to do and she was terrified at it.She had never filled both her holes simultaneously and she was worried, she won't be able to walk properly for a few days.Michael parted her buttcheeks spreading her asshole.Calvin took the opportunity and pushed his dick inside it. Rachael had never felt so full in her life before and she was in excruciating pain."ughgghh...god..."her moans sounded more like someone crying in pain.Calvin was spanking her sometime really hard turning her vanilla white skin into bright red while Michael was torturing her clit with his hands.Although in extreme pain,Rachael was loving this threesome.Two guys with big dicks sweating it out to make her feel good,it can't get better than this...Rachael thought.

Rachael's train of thought was paused by the feeling of a huge orgasm as Michael squeezed her boobs hard.Michael felt the grip on his cock by Rachael's pussy get tighter,Rachael ached her back and shouted "ugggghhhh...i am cumming...i am cumming ".They both knew she was coming her holes were speaking volumes about her condition and they increased their pace trying to cumm simultaneously with her.Calvin came first dumping his load deep inside Rachael's ass then Rachael bathed Michael's dick in her love juices.Michael got hold of Rachael's hips and gave a few powerful thrusts before he planted his seed deep inside her pussy.
All three of them were totally spent especially Rachael.Both her holes has been stretched to maximum and she knew she was going to be very sore the next morning.

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