Lisa seduces her 12 year old sister, and finds love.
I’m Lisa, I’m 15 and if you read the first part of this story you know I fucked my sister’s best friend Kim. it was time to turn my attentions to my innocent little sister.

My little sister is so hot she just had to be corrupted and I was just the girl to do it. One weekend mom and dad left town to attend a funeral and I put my plan into place. I arranged for a party at our house, and while everyone was having a great time, I was going to seduce my li’ sis. For the party I dressed in sexy blue tank top, no bra, and skin-tight pink mini-skirt, with, you guessed it, no panties.

Amy was so pure and untouched...and there was so much about my sister Amy that was touchable. She had a very mature body for a twelve year old girl. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair with pink highlights. She was cute enough to kill with deep brown eyes a perfectly proportioned nose and soft, full lips that begged to be kissed.

I made sure that the punch was spiked and that it was made with pineapple juice. Amy loved pineapple juice and since she had never had booze before and didn’t even realize it was alcoholic. After just a few drinks Amy was a human pogo stick, and jumped up and down with excitement. I just smiled and poured her another drink. I felt a tinge of guilt but it was so easy to draw my sweet preteen sister into my trap.

I had invited lots of people, mostly couples, including a two of lesbian couples, who had come out at school. I knew everyone would use the party as an opportunity to make out and even fuck. Which was also a turn on.
Even before the real drinking started I noticed Trina and Alex in the kitchen. Trina was a petite girl with short brown hair, perky little titties and a hard little ass. Alex, was a blonde guard on the school b-ball and had a great set of tits that bounced as she ran down the court. She was tall and had legs that were long and sexy. Both girls were 15 years old.

As Amy and I turned to look at them. Trina had her head resting on Alex’s sweet titties, and Alex had her hands around her girlfriend’s hot little ass.

I leaned down and hissed into Amy’s ear, “Aren’t they fucking hot together?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Amy replied hesitantly.

Trina, noticed we were watching and here hands cupped Alex’s ample titties so that her hard nipples popped out against the fabric. Looking right at Amy and eye, Trina flashed her white teeth and bit down on each of the nipples in turn, as Alex through her head back and whimpered.

Alex squeezed Trina’s ass and slipped her leg between her petite friend’s legs and began grinding her thigh into Trina’s crotch. Trina closed her eyes and moaned as she lifted Alex’s top and began to suck and lick her friend’s nipples, glancing over at Amy and I.

I noticed that Amy was getting flushed, and I let my hand slip around her waist, feeling the warm skin at between her top and her shorts. Amy jumped and looked up at me.

“It’s okay Amy, they’re just having fun,” I said close to her ear.

Trina continued to devour Alex’s lovely titties, then unbuttoned her jeans and thrust her hand into her friend’s panties, and began finger fucking Alex right in front of us. I smiled, and hoped that this was turning Amy on as much as it was turning me on.

Alex looked right at Amy and I and hissed, “Oh fuck yes, fuck me Trina, my cunt is so wet for you.”

I let my hand slip up and over Amy’s small little tittie, playing with her stiff nipple through the thin fabric of her tank top. Her eyes were riveted on the couple making love only a few feet from us. When I pinched her nipple she closed her eyes and whimpered.

Alex used her reach to thrust her hand into Trina’s shorts and soon the two of them were fucking each other hard and fast.

Trina looked right at Amy, “Do you want to see us cum, you hot little bitch?”
I reached inside Amy’s top and pinched her nipple hard, “Yes!” she squealed loudly almost doubling over with the sock of pain and pleasure I had inflicted on her.

Both girls suddenly pushed their jeans down to their knees and continued to go at each other , only now Amy and I could see that Trina, had three fingers working furiously in and out of her taller friend’s cunt and Alex used two of her long thin fingers on her petite friend. They kissed each other passionately as they finger fucked and clit rubbed each other to the point of no return.

I stood behind Amy exposing both of her perky titties and played with her little stiff nipples. “Oh fuck, they are going to cum, Amy, look at how beautiful they are!”
As Trina, began to cum she pulled her friend’s fingers from her cunt and turned to us, flashing her fingers over her clit, she thrust her hips forward several times. Alex got down on the floor and kneeling beside her friend, opened her mouth as, Trina moan’s, “Take my cunt juice , you fucking bitch!”
A load of hot creamy cum spurted from the petite girl’s puffy pink cunt and hit Alex on the face. Both girls moaned as a second and third spurts of cum washed over Alex’s pretty face.
As Trina came I pinched Amy’s nipples hard. She buckled and moaned.

I pulled my sister up squeezing her little titties so she could see Trina go down on Alex, both of them sprawled on the now wet kitchen floor. Trina was sucking her firneds pink clit deep into her mouth as she began to finger bang her again.
Alex was nearly out of her mind but she looked over at Amy with lidded eyes and licked her lips, as if she wished that it was Amy between her legs. She groaned and squirted a load of their teen girl cum all over Trina’s face and the kitchen floor. Amy’s eyes were wild with excitement as she watched the girls feed each other with cum soaked fingers and licked cum from each other’s faces.

I had spread the word that my parent’s room and bed was fair game if couples wanted to use it and after straightening themselves out, that’s exactly where the hot couple went.

After watching the hot fucking scene Amy took another drink of punch, but this time in a single gulp. She extra hyper, no doubt filled with the sexual energy of watching to hot girls fuck each other silly. I wish I could say that I had arranged the whole thing, but it was just a happy coincidence.
I noticed that Amy had started to slur slur her words a bit. I invited my hot sister to dance. I loved the look of her sweet little titties, I had just played with, bouncing up and down under her tight tank top. Amy was stumbling a little with every dance step she took, even though she is an amazing dancer

Amy was wearing a pair of white short shorts that hugged her hips and tight ass and made a thin camel toe at the crotch. I no longer cared that my sister was so innocent, I wanted to fuck her and that was that. I knew incest was wrong but my conscience was on mute. Part of me knew that it was wrong and I shouldn't take advantage of my sweet little sister, but fuck that, I was horney and I wanted her, fuck I needed her. She looked so sexy wiggling her hot little ass as we danced, there was no question that she was very turned on by what she had just seen.

I slow song came on and Amy made a move for the punch bowl butI grabbed her shoulder and took my little sis into my arms. I am only a few inches taller than her and I pulled her hot body into mine. She looked up at me, a confused look in her eyes, as put my hands on her lower back. She smiled, her cute drunken smile and did the same. I just smiled looking down into her eyes for a while then I leaned over and spoke softly into her ear, “Would you like to fuck a girl like Alex or Trina, “ I said boldly.

Amy could only nod, and I pulled her closer, so our tittles were touching. My nipples were rock hard, I looked down and noticed her nipples were stiff too. Without warning I moved both hands from her back and cupped her firm little ass.

``I`ve wanted to grab your ass for so fucking long Amy,`` I said into her ear.

Amy`s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened, a slightly shocked look on her pretty face. My hands squeezed her perfect little ass hard. Without warning I leaned down and kissed my little sister, thrusting my tongue deep into her sweet mouth, running circles around her tongue. I could feel Amy`s thin body tense against mine, as I prolonged the kiss.

As I eased up on the kiss, I thrust my thigh between her firm legs and began to grind against her little pussy through her shorts. The look on Amy`s face was priceless as her surprise slowly transformed to an expression of drunken pleasure.

I looked around, everyone else was making out, either on the dance floor or on the couches. I couldn`t wait any longer, I had to have my little sister.

I grabbed Amy’s small warm hand and tugged it. She looked at me with a wide bubbly smile, I could tell she was just drunk enough and horney enough for me to seduce her. I led her upstairs and into her own bedroom.

I closed the door and we were kissing again, only now my little sister actively kissed me back, and whimpering as my hands found her ass and pulled her pussy against mine. I lifted my skirt up to my thighs and began to wildly grind my bare pussy into the already damp crotch of her shorts. The feel of her perfect dancer’s ass in my hands was making me moan.

I broke off our kiss and pushed my little sister onto the bed. I could taste the bitter taste of rum with her piña colada lip gloss mixed with the taste of pineapple punch. I could tell by the way she fell back that she was drunk, but she was so fucking hot too. It wasn't hard for me to lose all control. I had never lost control like this with any girl but this was my sister, this was taboo, and wrong. I realized thatto be fucking my sister, I had to be out of my mind but that was perfectly fine with me.

``Take off your tank, Amy,`` I ordered her.

Amy looked up and me, in her eyes was a mix of panic, confusion, and lust, ``But Lisa…we…we`re sisters… should we be doing this?`` she said slurring her words.

``We are going to do this, okay, just do what I say. Take it off!`` I said raising my voice.

I couldn`t take my eyes of my sister`s hot preteen body and I could tell that she was kind of enjoying the sexual attention her big sister was giving her.

Amy lifted the tank top off her head, revealing her perky titties and the pink puffy nipples I had already played with.

Amy made a feeble attempt to cover her breasts with her hands.

``Show them to me, squeeze your hot little titties. Pull on your nipples for me the way I did to you downstairs. Do it Amy…or I will, `` I said with a wicked smile on my face.

Amy`s face was flushed as she took her lovely breasts in her hands and gave them a firm squeeze, then another. Her mouth opened slightly and she sighed as her fingers first pinched and then pulled on both nipples in unison.

I could feel myself getting wet and my clit twitched as Amy’s finger-tips circled her nipples and she pulled them harder.

``Get out of those hot fucking shorts. Fuck look at how your little cunt grabs at the crotch. Now I want to see your pussy sis, I want you to spread your pink little lips right in front of me.`` I said with a moan, as my fingers reached down parted my own cunt lips. Amy looked up at my spread cunt lips and licked her parched lips.

Amy slowly unzipped her shorts and lifted her ass pushed them over her narrow hips and down her legs in one motion. As I had imagined, my little sister was not wearing panties. A small sexy smile came over Amy`s face as she spread her legs. She followed my example as she reached down and spread her puffy pink cunt lips for me.

Of course there was no hair on her hot little preteen cunt, but I detected the beginnings of blonde peach fuzz. I moaned as I saw the dampness among her pink folds of her pretty pussy and revealed the wet pearl of her clit.

I stripped quickly, and laid down beside my twelve-year-old sister. I ran my hands all over her warm smooth skin and made her shiver slightly, goose bumps rose on her arms and legs. I leaned forward and kissed Amy hard, both of us were passionate now, she thrust her thin tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hard before returning the favour.

I broke off the kiss and whispered, ``Let me do you sis. Let me taste you, eat your hot little cunt until you come all over my face, just the way Trina and Alex did.``

“Lisa, that sounds so dirty. Isn’t this wrong…” Amy, smiled and closed her eyes.

“If this is wrong, that why does it feel so fucking good, “ I told her as my lips licked and sucked on her neck.

I sucked hard, and left small red marks on her skin. Amy seemed willingly to let me take control, even though I was her sister. Her whole body wriggled involuntarily. I was going to make this the most memorable night of her life, and I was going to take my time enjoying it.

I took one of Amy’s firm round titties in my hand and squeezed it hard so her puffly little nipple popped up. I let the tip of my tongue trace the outside of the areola blowing warm air over her stiff little nipple, then I flicked the nipple back in forth, quickly on my tongue. Amy was breathing more heavily and arched her body, as if begging me to take her nipple into my mouth.

Instead I moved my tongue to her other breast, the skin was so firm and soft I licked it all over from the underside to the top, avoiding the nipple all together. Again, Amy, pushed her chest upward and I slowly circled the areola lightly again, until Amy was whimpering.

Suddenly, I grabbed both of Amy’s titties and pushed them together and sucked one hard nipple deep into my mouth and rapidly moved to the other sucking it even harder into my mouth, letting the tender nipple scrape against my teeth. I repeated this several times until Amy`s hot little body was thrashing all over the bed. I sucked each nipple hard, letting it ‘pop’ from my eager lips. I kissed Amy again, sucking her tongue into my mouth and fucking it in and out of my mouth while she moaned softly

Amy was whimpering as I kissed my way down her body. She immediately began playing with her titties, pinching and pulling on her nipples wet with my saliva.

My sister’s young tanned body was a garden of delights. I ran my tongue along her ribs and down into her navel, an outie, which I sucked into my mouth like a little nipple. Amy moaned and arched her back so I could take her belly button deeper into my mouth. I licked and sucked on her delicate hip bones, and the sides of her buttocks. I wanted a different perspective.

``Amy, get on your knees now, I want to see your hot ass and cunt spread out for me,`` I groaned.

Surprisingly quickly, Amy got on her hands and knees. Her lovely ass was now inches from my nose. I grabbed it and spread her cheeks.

``Fuck, baby sis you had the hottest ass I have ever seen. I have to lick your adorable ass,`` I said with a grin.

``Oh Lisa, that`s so nasty…`` Amy finished her sentence in a groan as my tongue tip entered her tight little ass and then rimmed the wrinkled hole.

With my second tongue thrust I pushed my wet tongue deeper into my sister’s ass and a tremor ran through Amy`s little body. She spread her legs wider and I pulled her firm cheeks wider apart plunging most of my tongue into her tight asshole.

The sensation and taste of my tongue entering my little sister’s ass was amazing and I groaned with each thrust. Amy began pushing back gently sending my tongue deeper into her hole as she gasped for air and whimpered each time my tongue entered her anus.

My lips touched her entrance. I licked, sucked, and tasted the wrinkled ass hole. Amy’s moans and giggles only made me lose myself even more. I spit on her ass and plunged my stiff tongue in as far as I could as Amy pushed back until my tongue was buried deep inside her. I tongue fucked her over and over and she groaned with each thrust. I felt a tremor run through my sister’s body and I pulled my tongue out. I didn’t want her to cum, not quite yet.

With my right hand I parted Amy’s soft slick cunt lips. Such a pretty pussy and it was all mine. I pushed her lips wider apart and her little clit popped into view.

“Oh fuck, Amy, I want to eat your little cunt all night long, it’s so wet, so fucking hot. Tell me you want me to eat you, beg me to fuck this perfect little pussy,” I teased her.

“Oh Lisa, what are you doing to me…this is so wrong. Yes, I want it, I need it…its so dirty…but I want it…oh fuck me sis, eat out my little cunt!” Amy squealed as she humped her little cunt back against my fingers.

I slipped my middle finger into her pussy to the knuckle and Amy moaned loudly. I slowly pumped my finger in and out. Her cunt was hot, wet and smelled so fucking good. I didn’t even feeling guilty that I was taking my sister’s innocence away. Amy screamed my name and I lost myself even more while I pushed my finger deep into my hot little sister’s pussy. Her whole body responded, as each thrust of my finger sent a ripple of pleasure through her.

I exchanged my finger for my thicker but shorter thumb. The inside of Amy’s cunt was so tight she groaned as I twisted the thumb into her pussy to the hilt.

“Gee, sis don’t you finger fuck yourself, I’ve never seen such a tight cunny?” I smiled.

“No, Lisa, I have never fucked myself like this…Oh, but don’t stop Lisa, please don’t stop,” Amy panted.

Amy was so tight I rotated my thumb fast and hard in an attempt to loosen her cunt. She began groaning incoherently, pushing back on my thumb. I leaned forward and began to lick and suck on her stiff little clit.

My sister’s cunt flesh tasted so fresh and sweet I groaned, overwhelmed by the honeyed flavor of her pusy. I was surprised by how much juice flowed from her tight little cunt.

“Oh Lisa, fuck my ass too…I’m so bad, but I want it, oh fuck I need it!” she screamed.

I moved my mouth from her cunt to her ass and let a long gob of spit land on her little ass. I took the middle finger of my left hand and gently twisted it in all the way to the first knuckle. Amy’s whole body began to shake, and I quickly ducked my head and latched my mouth onto her throbbing little clit .
My fingers were entering my sister’s tight little cunt and ass like clockwork, and the rhythm of my thrusts were driving her crazy. Ass, cunt, ass, cunt…filling the air with the sloppy sounds of her cunt and ass while my mouth devoured her clit.
“Oh fuck! Oh Fuckl Oh Fuck…I am going to…” she screamed.
At that instant I sucked Amy’s throbbing clit against my teeth, then through my teeth letting the sharp edges scrape against her tender, vulnerable flesh.
Amy was gone, over the edge, her lithe body was convulsing like nothing I had ever seen, she thrust her cunt so hard and fast upward, my thumb and finger were buried in her ass and cunt and my teeth dug deep into her clit flesh. A hot creamy spurt of her cum washed around my thum and sprayed all over my face and titties.
Amy’s trembling ass remained in the air. I removed my fingers from her cunt and ass and grabbed that incredible little ass and clamped my mouth over her convulsing cunt as a second and third wave of cum washed down my throat and over my lips and down my chin.
I continued to suck and lick my little sister’s cunt, sucking her sweet creamy juices, realizing I could never be sated of this taste, this pleasure.
Finally, I was able to get my little sister settled back onto the bed and nestled in my arms. I noticed her body was still jerking. Amy, was weeping, tears were falling from her cheeks and onto my chest.

“Shhhh, Shhhh,” I said soothingly, as I kissed her wet eyelids and cheeks. But I could see by the radiant look on my sister’s beautiful face that these were not tears of remorse, but tears of joy.

When my sister could speak, she said softly, as she began to grind her cum soaked cunt on my thigh, “That was the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I love you Lisa, you are my sister, and I love you, and I never want to stop fucking you.”

It was now my turn to cry as I was overcome with the emotion I felt at that moment. I moved my sister’s delicate graceful hand to the folds of my wet cunt and smiled down on her, “I love you to Amy, I’ve wanted you so bad, and now you are mine…” I groaned as Amy thrust two fingers deep into my cunt.

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