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a simple ride turns to fun
In Florida in the southwest area the sheriff allows you to ride your four wheelers on the canal access area which makes for some fun rides.
Even getting there they will allow you to ride on the main roads as long as you’re not holding up traffic or making a fool of yourself.
So when I am able to get out and ride I head for my favorite area which is along a 15 mile canal that spans thru two counties and is some seriously fun in the makings.
One such a day I started up my new ride, I’d just bought a new Honda 700 and I have been dying to get on this beast and see what it can do.
I called a few buddies and they were all tied up so I started mine up and rode around my yard until my neighbor across the street came over asking if I was going out or just riding around the yard.
I told her I wanted to go out but all my friends were busy, she smiled saying what, I’m not your friend?
I said well sure I just never thought of you getting wild on one of these things and she laughed saying give me ten minutes and I’ll be on mine and off she went.
When she came back she was dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a t shirt. She was wonderful to look at while we rode and when she hit a bump her perky tits would bounce and a few times I almost crashed watching her.
We did this all through the winter months and when summer came we rode when the rain wasn’t supposed to be coming.
Now I carried a plastic tarp to cover my new four wheeler just in case the rains caught us our rides would be ok.
One weekend she wanted to go out, I said sure, let me change into something else and I’ll be with you.
She waited at her place and when I came out with my ride she jumped on hers and we took off.
Now the skies didn’t look the best, but she assured me that it was ok and so even though the clouds were dark we took off and found a new place about three miles from our house to play at.
The trails were already made and the pits were wide and easy to maneuver in.
We played and then she said let’s see where this leads and looking at my gas gauge I agreed and off we went.
Well we hadn’t gotten a half mile when the rain started, softly at first but then harder and I saw a drainage area with some trees, we hadn’t heard any lightening so we hoped it wouldn’t come to that.
As soon as we pulled up to the drainage area the rain started coming down harder and soon it was hailing and that wasn’t good.
I pulled the tarp from the luggage area and covered the bikes, we headed for the drainage area but it was getting full of rain water so we went back to the bikes and got under the tarp.
We were both soaked to the bone and she was shivering.
I said come here and I pulled her close to try to make more body heat, it was ok but it was cold with our wet clothing.
We had found that the hail had stopped and I could see thru the heavy rains that there was a small what looked like an old train overpass and we decided to head for it.
We got on our bikes, started them up and as soon as we took off with the heavy rains it felt like we were being hit with rocks.
We slowed down and made it there.
We didn’t have to cover the bikes so we used the tarp for a wind break and with her lighter we started a small fire but had to sit in such a way that the wind wouldn’t blow it out.
With her wet clothing and mine we decided that throwing caution to the wind we would take off our outer clothing and snuggle next to each other with the fire and hopefully the warmth would be ok.
Our clothing we laid next to the fire so it could start to dry but with the wind the rain was coming right back over them.
Her upper body was cold, she left her jeans on as did I but her nipples were poking thru her bra.
As we sat there cold, wet and trying our best to stay warm between the two bikes I had an idea, why not take the 10x12 tarp I have over the bikes and make a lean too to hold in the heat and block the wind and rain so standing up and moving the bikes a bit to make sort of a “V” I placed the tarp over the back seats and tucked them under the strap of the seats and pulling it over the rest of the bikes made a perfect secluded spot with the engine warmth staying with us.
Her back was against my chest again but yet she was still shivering, I asked her why and she says oh I’ll warm up soon, don’t worry about it but I could tell she was lying to me.
It was no more than five minutes when the wind and rain came down in buckets and she got colder since the engines were cooling down.
She finally said I can’t take it anymore, ok, ok, it’s my wet bra, and it’s keeping me cold.
She said I need to take it off but I’m worried about what you’re going to do.
I smiled at her saying look Diane, I’ll hold you and try to keep you warm, nothing else ok, yes I’ll have my hands on your boobs but if I don’t get them warm you’ll still be cold, it’s your call.
She thought until a strong gust of wind came up from under the bikes and she says oh the hell with it, unclasp me please so as she leaned forward and with two fingers I unclipped her bra and it fell into her lap.
She giggled saying hum, had some practice I see.
I said a bit.
She leaned back against me and as I took a tit in each hand she gasped a bit then relaxed feeling the warmth of my bare hands against her wet skin.
The rain and winds kept up for a long time, when it did quit our shirts were still drenched and so were we.
We pulled them back over us shivering with the coldness of them and we got back onto the bikes and headed home knowing that the 45 minute trip back was going to be brutal.
We got about half way when I thought of a way to take off maybe a few minutes and so pointing to her to follow me we cut thru some palmetto plants and thru a couple of puddles making up five or so minutes of our trip.
We did this several times and instead of 45 minutes we cut it down to 30.
When we separated to go to our own homes and cleanup she smiled thanking me for being a gentleman out there, I said I’d hate to lose our friendship over a freak happening.
She smiled going into her house and me going across the street to mine.
I called her about an hour later and asked if she felt better, she says much thanks but again, thanks.
I said my pleasure indeed and she giggled saying hum, ok as she hung up.
The next day I was out doing some yard work when she came over asking if I wanted to go back out again.
I laughed saying are you going to bring some dry clothes or risk it?
She says with a smile I’m going to risk it, why?
I smiled saying just curious, give me thirty minutes to finish and I’ll be right with you, she says great, I’ll hear your bike start up and join you then.
When I got ready this time I put an extra little piece of a tarp in my luggage compartment so we wouldn’t have to sit on the wet sand.
Also I thought about putting some dry clothes in there but then remembered how she worded her sentence about risking it.
I started my bike up, looked at the gas and filled it up, went over to her house and she was sitting there waiting on me.
We took off but this time we rode towards the lakes that are at the far end of our town, it is secluded but every nice and we can swim in the lakes.
It took us a while to get there since we had to stay to the back roads so the sheriff wouldn’t hassle us.
When we got there we stopped and got off stretching and she says I have a surprise for you.
I said oh.
She smiled saying yep and she opened her luggage compartment and in there she had a small picnic lunch with a bottle of wine.
I smiled saying perfect, thanks.
She says well you did make a difficult time easier so this is my way of thanking you.
I pulled out the little piece of tarp I had and we set up the lunch, she says the only thing I forgot was a suit, the water looks scrumptious.
I chuckled saying and what, risk getting cold again?
She says well I have my heater with me, so I should be ok.
I smiled at her saying well we are alone, do we need suits with a evil grin on my face.
She says hum, you’re really trying to get me naked aren’t you?
I said am I that obvious with a chuckle.
She says just a bit.
I said so?
She says hum, I need to think on that one, it’s quite a bit different than letting you feel my boobs after all.
We sat there sipping the wine, after we emptied the bottle she looks at the lake, stands up saying ok, you’re going to get your wish and with that she pulled off her top, then unclasped her bra and dropping her shorts and panties all in one struck a pose for me and headed for the lake jumping in and screaming that it was cold in here with me laughing at her as she shivered in the water.
I started stripping and when I dropped my jean shorts she looked at my cock seeing it for the first time smiling as I walked over and jumped in yelping damn you’re right as she laughed at me this time.
We splashed each other and never really got close to one another, I didn’t want to push her to fast.
When she says ok, I’m done, let’s get out she climbs out with me right behind her.
She walks over to her bike opening the compartment and pulling out two towels tossing one at me.
She doesn’t cover herself up with hers.
She starts slowly drying herself off looking at my body as I’m looking at hers.
When she’s done she tosses the wet towel over her seat and taking her shorts starts to put them on but I stop her.
She looks at me with a question in them, I pulled her close and kissing her she returned the kiss and that’s all the signal I needed and with that I pulled her to the tarp and we made love right there in the woods next to the lake.
After I came inside her she says hope I don’t regret this moment?
I said oh, and why would you do that?
She says because you came inside me, I haven’t been on the pill for some time now.
I chuckled saying well you’re totally safe with me, I’ve been fixed for a long time now.
She smiled saying well in that case, let’s do that again then and we lay back down and made love once more.
She looks at me saying ok, here’s the thing, yes I really wanted this to happen and yes I love my husband but damn it he’s gone so much.
I touched her lips with my fingers silencing her.
I smiled saying ok, here’s my deal.
Whenever you want a repeat you know where I’m at, I will not come to you, understand?
She looks at me strangely then smiles saying thank you Jack, I’ll remember that.
She says but for now, I’m guessing for the next few days I’ll be at your house a lot.
I said no need to knock, just come on in, she giggled saying what if you have company?
I said well then I’m hoping you’re both Bi and he busted out laughing saying hum, really?
We got dressed and headed home, when we got there she left her bike in my driveway and we went into my house where I made love to her twice more before we went to get dinner.
She stayed the night and we made love all we could.
True to her word for that entire week she was over there and we had sex.
After that it was like once in a while she’d come over sometimes twice a month.
We are still great friends and her husband as far as I know doesn’t have a clue or if he does he hasn’t said anything about it and I’m surely not going to say anything either.


2013-06-09 00:25:19
I agree with spacing, but still a great story


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spacing would make it easier to read

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